Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Personal Essay

Student s nameProfessor s nameClass nameDate assignment is dueAdmission EssayIt is a known fact that til now in modern Islamic societies the role of women is unfairly humiliated . For example , in my arena , Saudi-Arabian Arabia m some(prenominal) population are calm convinced that pedagogics is unneeded for women It is a real lower , because our Holy Book , the Qur an , teaches us that all in all in all the believers puzzle to seek and point to knowledge which would bring us closer to Allah and His creationFortunately , current favorable tendencies demonstrate whatever imperative changes regarding these issues . Nowadays , women start having much rights and opportunities in Muslim communities , oddly in business . therefrom receiving a strong pedagogics and gaining necessary experience became separate factors for professional advancement of any(prenominal) womanI was drawy to be raised by the parents who considered command as an important and crucial cistron in a somebody s look , which is absolutely inborn for proper private pus and future prosperity . They were ever more encouraging me to reach a great success in my school times and were luck me to gain knowledge rough e very(prenominal) affaire around me . They were accompaniment me in all the occupations and interests of mineGrowing up in this ambitious and fortunate family do me privation to turn over very high goals in my life . I am endlessly thankful to my parents for all(prenominal) diminutive thing they have done for me , and all their hopes they sit in me make me have in mind about my future more earnestly and with huge responsibilityNow I am a second gear family educatee assumeing Computer discipline Systems in the university which is considered to be among the exceed educational establishments in Saudi Arabia . I roll in the hay my study a lot and receive good grades , exclusively I tang that this is non really enough for me .
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My necessitate is to transfer to the United States , because education there is much let on than it is in my landed estate . And the most important thing is : my university does not offer the major(ip) in Finance , which I necessitate to study as a minor tooFurthermore , I chose to study in the US because of some other emf benefits . I think that poring over abroad alone leave behind back up me concentrate on my studies better , as salubrious as to conduct more about myself and , mayhap reconsider some of my personal values or beliefs . to a fault , it will be a perfect chance for me to scat out of my academic affair and expand my viewpoints greatlyI want to achieve many diverse goals , to discover myself and graduate with honors . I am a very self-motivated and energetic personality . Besides be a multilingual student , I am well aware of European and American cultures and modern life-styles in the terra firma s most positive countries It would be great to live in a freshly hearty environment , and when I travel along back to Saudi Arabia , I will be overfilled with data on dissimilar aspects of lifeUndoubtedly , sustainment and studying in other country is a tough...If you want to get a integral essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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