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Interpretaion Of A Poem

[name][professor][date of submission][course]Interpretation of the Poem We squ ar Cool by Catherine BrooksFrom the title of the poesy , the readers were given a hint of what could be the intone of the poesy when after reading , could be categorized as deal out in . Slang wordings are often incorporated in conversations by mostly young people . The rhythm of the rhythm fashion sounds overly slang it even sounds hep-hop , or or so language that is prevalently used in the streets . Even the choice of lyric verse same gin and jazz connote that this is the language of the younkerfulness - the abandoned kind of young person . Using popular haggling or phrases are often employed by parents to name much to their teenagers . They think this would help their relations hip joint , but they are irrational . If the y would use popular words , they would sound create by mental act As for the youth , that seems that their parents are up to something that has something to do with them knowledge base themselves - being kids , licensed to commit mistakes . This is the same case for the numbers We Real Cool The message is . cute and noble in intentions akin its message about the importance of education We true nerveless . We / Left school But stillness , the poem sounds the likes of a strict parent pretending to sound hip to trick youths to listen to what it indispensabilitys to preachThe first forms of the poem mention to us that the author could have observed seven individuals playing carry on at some place called The Golden Shovel That shot could be supported by the fact that those first lines seems to be detached to the bulk of the poem - the lines ending in We Those lines could be interpreted in two different ways . first exercise is that the lineament is placing herself in the shoes of the youths - that she belon! gs to their purification or the case was also a youth but from another(prenominal) culture and observing from that vantage point . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The second definition would suggest that the persona is criticizing delinquent youths in a perspicacious and pungent way . It could also be pointed out that the persona is utilise or mimicking their language as a form of mockeryThis poem is clearly a criticism of the delinquency of youths . I had recognise that neither of the interpretations that I had come up is reason the youth in this case . The first interpretation would still be anti-youth . This would be best described in th e sustain line of the poem : we / die soon It seems that the author also has a problem with the youth being aggressive that is displayed in the lines : We loll late . We / Strike straight Isn t what professionals are told to do in their jobs : be aggressive ! Grab the outlook ! take the prospect Parents seem to always contradict themselvesThere is definitely no chance in hell that a delinquent youth had indite this poem . This poem is definitely in the tone of worldly-minded people in the guise of the language of the youth . This reminds...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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