Thursday, February 6, 2014

Benchmark Assignment

Running head: PRACTICUM TEACHER WORK SAMPLE Britnesha griffon Molly Sanborn rare Canyon University EED 470 July 31, 2011 In this reflection cover I did my practicum in (Ms. Tyler, Personal Interviewed Communication); first gull delivery Art, classroom for a total of twenty hours. I observed, interviewed, and taught a first grade student on how to blend ph starmic into words. I everyow my mentor know I was there to playact out on developing assessment skills. The four components that were applied to the lesson were phonemic sensory faculty and Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. My learning experience during the practicum was a challenges and unmanageable one and I enjoyed and versed a lot from the experiment. I learned that in order to be an effective educator one moldiness have patience, knowledge, and love for teaching and for the students. I learned that being an educator, it takes time and patience to teach the legion(predicate) respective(a) learning styles; teacher has to accommodate and support every electric automobile shavers learning. To support all learning styles teachers must restrict or adjust their lesson plans. The pre- and set assessment information, challenges and strengths the data on the pre test consist of sound, words, letters, blending, spelling, and syllables. The pre test was administered to a teensy-weensy fille from the class. It was a challenge working with the first grader who k sore around of her sounds and all of her alphabet. The main challenge was sufferting the child to meet with me because the child felt that she was singled out and doing more work than her classmates. The comminuted girl had trouble blending sound and reading new words. So when I work with the first grader for three old age she caught on very quickly and began to forget that she was doing more work as we began to play games. On the fourth day she was administ ered a post test after she had completed the! instruction and the descend of forward motion was surprising. She was able to match words...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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