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Womens History

Running Head : ingrained American Women in the 1890sConsolidation of the send out jacket , Mass Immigration and the innate American Women in the 1890sSchool /College /UniversityAuthor s NameSubjectConsolidation of the atomic number 74 , Mass Immigration and the innate American Women in the 1890sIn the tardily 19th century , cardinal important historical processes reshaped American guild . First , the unite States experienced an unprecedented pluck of immigration . Second , the westerly part of the continent was integrating into the American nation . slice both developments were geared towards break up lives , greater successfulness and increased personal freedom , they in like mood led to the marginalization of Native Americans (Dubios Dumeni , 2005 , 341White migrants believed that Indians have to make come apart for the new settlers , for their economic ambitions and for what they regarded to be a superior nette (Dubios Dumeni , 2005 , 342 . Hence , the years after 1865 were characterized by a serial publication of armed conflict between Native Americans and smock federal official forces that wore away at the natives unity and resources . Native American women united the armed resistance against the white invasion of their transmissible bolt d have . And for a good reason - the burnish of the whites opposed the mobile role a adult female played in Native American companyNative American women were to a greater extent liberated compared to their white counterparts . In Native American society , matters pertaining to women were the considered as business of women . whole decisions concerning women s reproductive health were left(a) up to the women as an man-to-man and her decision was respected , and was final . Oftentimes , Indian women would crouch to other women within he r society for advice , mentoring , and assis! tance concerning reproductive health . Native American women as well free to own their own homes , participate in decisions slightlywhat their government and have reserve of their bodiesGovernment-run boarding directs were used to forcibly educate little Indian boys and girls about the values and ways of dominant American culture . This proved to be a negative experience for Native American women , as by the 1890s , several gram Native American children were forcibly removed from their parents and were sent to school where they were made to stop impregnation , speaking , thinking and believe like Indians Boys and girls who refused to give up their Indian ways were subjected to recurrent and harsh physical penalty . To make matters worse , as soon as they move on these boarding schools , their assimilation into American society consisted only of be servants and menial laborers for white families (Dubios Dumeni , 2005 , 343Some women support Americanization attempts bec ause they were able to acquire English literacy and other useful skills in the boarding school musical arrangement . Some worked in military reserve agencies and became teachers . Others became public advocates for their pack , such as the Yankton Sioux writer Gertrude Simmons Bonnin and the Omaha sisters Susan and Susette La Flesche . However , some women resisted Americanization attempts , as they believed that Americanization reinforced the whites oppression of Native Americans . For instance , white culture dictated that women are suppose to be qualified on men for their survival . This...If you wish to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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