Friday, December 28, 2018

'Argumentative Essay: Sin Taxes Are Positive for Society\r'

'Governments Should app stick out depravity Products Higher In our country, the government has traditionally levyed well-nigh goods at a high rate or at an additional rate. They do this to products called goofe products, exchangeable cigarettes and alcohol. The government does this as a stylus to admonish the convolute or over put on of these products. Recently, governments pull in move to raise revenuees on other products resembling large, sugar-filled soft drinks and junk foods. There has been showdown to raise taxes on soft drinks and insect bite foods, but it is a good idea.There is examine that these taxes burn reduce the number of nation who purchase these items. Therefore, the added speak to can foster mass be defy ameliorate choices and be fitter. Sin taxes are any(prenominal)whatthing that governments have been doing for hundreds of years. They have existed since the 1600’s in England and started in the United States during colonial time s. The government taxes products ilk alcohol and cigarettes to increase the price and strike demand. The confide is that the increased address impart stop muckle from purchasing the products or cause them to buy less(prenominal) of the product.Governments specially hope that it exit stop kids from buying these products because they are too pricy. If prices are embossed on junk foods and seltzers, it would cause muckle to buy less of them. This would be especially true of kids because they have less silver to mishandle. Kids have to rely on their allowances to make purchases and they would think double before utilize it to buy expensive snacks. The healthier, lower-priced snacks would be to a greater extent than affordable and throw out kids to make break up choices.The higher greet of cigarettes and alcohol discourage younger population to start use these products and can even cause nigh existing users to quit. Governments hope that change magnitude taxes on junk foods will have the self akin(prenominal) number. Sin taxes can cause heathlandland care make ups to change magnitude because they depict people to stop doing things that hurt their bodies. The tax is a way for the government to move on us to be healthier people. Sin taxes have evermore existed in club as a way to discourage magnanimous habits and behaviors. It is logical for the government to wish to expand sin taxes rom cigarettes and alcohol to new health threats in our lives, like soft drinks and junk foods. By increasing the cost of these products, governments can cause some current users to stop or diminish the amount of these products that they use. The added tax can in addition discourage some people from showtime to use the products. This can really move young people because they have a limited disposable income and the higher cost would discourage children from purchasing them. Governments also hope that by reproduction the be on certain products that are not healthy, they would be promoting healthier products.Sin taxes can encourage healthier lifestyles in people and cause health check costs to go down. They have a positive effect on society. Tyler Kelly#17 ASD1/13/13 Outline Governments Should Tax Sin Products Higher split 1: Introduction: * government traditionally taxed some goods at higher rate * do it to sin products, like cigarettes and alcohol. * does it to discourage abuse or over use * raise taxes on soft drinks and junk foods * opposition to taxes on soft drinks and snack foods, but good idea. evidence taxes reduce people who purchase * added cost help people make better choices and be healthier. split 2: Body: * something governments doing for hundreds of years * 1600’s in England and started in US in colonial times * government tax alcohol and cigarettes to increase price and decrease demand * hope increased cost stop people from buying or buy less * hope it will stop kids from buying because too expensive * prices raised on junk foods and soda cause people to buy less * kids have less money to waste kids rely on allowances and would think twice before buying expensive snacks * healthier, lower-priced snacks more affordable and encourage better choices. Paragraph 3: Body: * higher cost of cigarettes and alcohol discourage young people start using * cause some existing users to quit * increasing tax on junk foods have same effect * sin taxes cause heath care costs to decrease because power people to stop doing things that hurt bodies. * way for government to encourage us to be healthierParagraph 4: Conclusion: * sin taxes always existed as way to discourage bad habits * logical for government to expand sin taxes to soft drinks and junk foods * increasing cost can cause users to stop or lessen use * tax can discourage people from starting to use * affect young because limited income and higher cost would discourage purchasing * raising the costs will promoting healthier products * enc ourage healthier lifestyles and cause medical costs to go down * positive effect on society\r\n'

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