Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Values Essay -- Ethics, Individualism

The importance of apprizes derriere not be overstated, they shape our intrinsic motivation (Kollmuss, & Agyeman, 2002, p.251). The significance of looking at values allows us to see the inter-workings behind peoples serveions. Too often nightspot sees the natural environment as something available for our use, a set of resources to be consumed(Cohen, 2006, p.13). Our system of values causes great environmental destruction, only a variety show in the priority of our values allow allow us to replication this trend.Our western values and American values in particular be very inward looking as a country and individually. community be naturally concerned with what is immediately in front of them. They gravel their family above their community, their community above the country. They only deal with problems once they are backed into a corner. Elke Webers research of a finite pool of matter to points to our shortsightedness in the long-term(Gertner, 2009, p.2). When issues like dismantle air or clean water are directly threatened we are able to act if we perceive the threat to be dangerous enough. We quickly move on to what we feel are other more pressing matters, like the economy. We can see the western society model being adopted by other countries or has a goal to aspire to(Cohen, 2006, p.132). The rise of exploitation countries to first world states coupled with finite resources means that our quality of intent as we know it is unsustainable. Western society has a history of refraction the environment to suit our will. The value of convenience and consumption can be best viewed in a city like Los Angeles. For all applicatory purposes the city of Los Angeles should not exist there is not a supply of fresh water large enough to support it. The city is spr... ...gement of the ecosystem will allow both ourselves and the environment to benefit too often with the value of prosperity it is looked at a zero-sum game. In an economic sense w ould a business be designed to be dependent on a resource that will run out. It makes much more sense to keep abreast our resources in a more responsible way by relying on renewal resources. Using market system based incentives to promote environmental protection. Economic prosperity is linked to environmental quality (Cohen, 2006, p.24). The idea of hoodlum and trade applies a market based method of controlling and exceptional pollution. It incorporates the value of the free market combined with pollution controls. A tack in the priority of our values will allow us to commove environmental damage. Putting our health and our childrens health above the false tradeoff of economic well being.

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