Saturday, April 27, 2019

Summery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Summery - Essay theoretical accountThe goal should be to retain human capital within the organization and this responsibility rests with the HR plane section by ensuring understanding and acceptance of the companys policies by its employees. A case study cited in the article describes the HR system of banking industry in the UK using data that was collected from a crabby bank over a period of three intervals. The study noted that owing to changes in applied science and increased competition a drastic change was widely observed in the HR division within the banking sector. The study noted that retaining employees is based more on their performance rather than their wellbeing. These trends soon feed to headcount reduction, even though the company target remained the same. With these changes there was a world(a) feeling that employee welfare was sidelined. When the bank later entered into a merger with another bank, it resulted in a series of changes within the HR departments, l eaving the employees with a greater sense of job insecurity, lack of training support for employees, which hindered promotion, a general feeling of dissatisfaction with regard to salaries, and decreased communication between the HR department and non-managerial staff. With mounting pressure on the staff to perform, and with a large number of their employees dissatisfied with their work, the HR department finally brought about changes in the work environment with the aim of retaining the workforce. But this effort was not highly successful among the employees as static most people felt that the HR did not care about career management and scarce very few were satisfied with the training and payments. Comparing the study data of the bank with that of other companies it was set up that it was still lacking in certain areas. Thus in conclusion, the articles voices that in addition to devising HR strategies, implementing them in a manner that

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