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Placement Experience Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Placement Experience Report - Assignment prototypeIt is a voluntary non-profit making school. The schools mission statement is ensuring that all kids learn in the best ways possible and grow with confidence and dignity. According to the Ofsted surveys, of 2008 the school was graded as an outstanding one with qualified staff. The main aim of the placement is to provide some go across to work in a special school, for a chance to learn some of the best professions in my studies, and learn more about teaching skills and advance my communication skills (John, McGrath, and Mathur, 2008). The following section discusses the two documentals slew out, their strengths and weakness in the course of their realisation. Objective One The first objective aims at engaging the little children in communication while in small working groups. The objective was realized with ease in communication with the children, teaching and other the staff members. The tactic of realizing the objective was via placing the children in small groups to effectively enhance one on one conversation among them and enhance my personal fundamental interaction with the pupils. This can be support by Mauros work (2012, p. 16-20) that working in small groups enhances communication. The level of interaction among pupils and the staff was prove in the playground. This was critical as supported by Gargiulo and Kilgo (2005, p. 283) Plattner (1997) that play is logical and natural activity for incorporating skills of pupils with disabilities. My supervisor gave a positive feedback on this objective after discussing my action plan with her this proved it was relevant, workable and super crucial. Communication enhances actions by turning information into ideas (Barker, 2006, p. 7). Thus, the objective enhanced achievements via coming up with new ideas. The interaction enhanced the use of self-attributes to enhance the pupils understanding like humor. This can be supported by Plattner (1997, p. 10) who u nderstandably states that capitalizing on humor enhances attracting attention of the audience. Further, English not being a first language, my placement gave me the probability to interact and improve my communication skills. Strengths and weaknesses in the course of realizing objective one The objective was not without a strong point of it being achieved. The high level of interaction experienced was crucial in this go of catering for the special pupils. High level of organization in setting out roles and working on is another fact that was confirmed in my placement. Good listening skills were confirmed during the placement most of the things learnt were through with(predicate) listening. With immense help of the teacher while working with the pupils, my communication was greatly enhanced. This was favored by the ageless communication fostered by the constant interactions made with the class. Fast understanding of things helped so much in realizing this objective because it wou ld in serving the pupils needs immediately. The main challenge to this objective is the clock factor the placement time was limited and thus realizing the full intensity of the objective was a great challenge. Achieving this objective and delivering the set concepts in a lesson requires more time than the set one. This is due to the time taken to interact with virtually either pupil. Fear to enquire from the teachers about the pupils conditions was another challenge encountered. This called for time to identify

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