Monday, July 29, 2019

A Few Good Man Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

A Few Good Man - Movie Review Example ges to prove the presence of Code Red, â€Å"an extrajudicial punishment† for dissenting officers, but there is a setback when it is proved that Dawson was absent when the code red order was made. As the movie ends, Colonel Jessup contradicts his testimony and angrily justifies his actions that led to the death of Santiago. Jessup is arrested, while Downey and Dawson are found guilty of unbecoming conduct of a marine and discharged dishonorably. A Few Good Men touches on military justice and demonstrates how military honor and competence is suborned by authorities. Dawson and Downey were treated fairly in A Few Good Men as they were cleared of murder and Jessup was arrested for giving the code red order on Santiago. Dawson and Downey were following orders dictated by their code on abiding to a unit, corps, God, and country in the course of duty (Sorkin, 1990, p. 32). However, they followed orders from their superiors, including Colonel Jessup, but did not regard their duty to protect those not in a position to protect themselves leading to their dishonorable discharge. There was unfairness by the justice system in choice of attorney, willingness to make plea, and choice of prosecutor. Instances exist where the judicial system treated the accused differently as they were going against the word of powerful people. The first instance is assigning the Santiago case to Kaffee and Moore despite their proven inexperience in courtrooms and Kaffee best known for settling cases regardless of guilt, innocence, or the opinion of accused. The other instance is that Downey and Dawson were investigated by military that set up the justice system through appointing the attorneys and presided over the prosecution, which is a violation of their right to fair treatment. The other difference was through instructing Kaffee to plea on behalf of the accused to avoid getting the case to trial. This is evidenced by the prosecutor cautioning him that not pleading was a risk to his

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