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Hackers Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hackers - Research Paper Example This research paper discusses the philosophy of justification of the end through its means. It highlights some of the laws that provide for the hacking process and explains their provisions on this process. The paper identifies the ethical aspect of hacking, whether the society considers it an ethical procedure or not. It also discusses the various perceptions people develop from various situations and how they handle them. It also explains how the society perceives hackers. It identifies the motivations hackers have when breaking into a computer system and relates their behavior to that of thieves in the society. It also describes the various defenses hackers use in order to justify their acts, such as claiming that information ought to be free. Finally, it discusses the negative impact of students hacking institutional systems in the name of acquiring cost-effective education. The hacking process in the society is a dangerous activity that the government should get rid of. This is because there are malicious hackers who break into an organization’s system in order to cause damage (Paul, p26). The crackers access, retrieve and interfere with a company’s data without any consent. The U.S has laws that forbid hacking, for example, the 18 U.S.C 1029, which prohibits any unauthorized access of secured systems. It however justifies the people who have the right cause of hacking, those whose intent is not of committing fraud. The 18 U.S.C 1030 prohibits any unauthorized access to the government systems. This law justifies authorized access but does not provide for people who have a moral intent (Legal Information Institute). There are however situations that may lead one to access systems without authorization in order to acquire essential data without committing fraud, for example in the literature work, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Larsson), Lisbeth broke some laws in order to retrieve information that would bring justice, which gave her credit f or the unlawful act. The society however has ethics that differentiate the right from the wrong. If the government made a law that justified the means through its end, there would be increased criminal levels in the society. Instances of theft would increase, as people would claim that they were carrying out the unlawful activity in order to feed his or her hungry family. The society, in all situations, should therefore justify the end through the means (Paul, p27). Although people have different perceptions of a situation, they tend to justify various acts that may have used the same means differently (Levy, p36). For example, if the government chose to eliminate theft by beheading thieves in public, the society would consider this as an immoral act. Even if the act would lower the theft cases, it would emphasis on the rights to life for any person irrespective of the acts. In this case, the means would justify the end. For the computer hackers, the society disregards the method th rough which they acquired information. The citizens regard them as intelligent people who safeguard the interest of the society. This is irrespective the law that provides for security in the computer systems of a company. This makes one law more important than the other and therefore, the society should formulate a uniform procedure of judging situations (Paul, p28). The society holds that the hackers develop the right judgment towards various issues in the society hence the geniuses can never base their perceptions and thoughts on the wrong facts and imagination (Levy, p38). However, not all perceptions that the hackers hold is always true. They may develop wrong judgment, which may lead to injustice in the world. In the movie Minority Report, the hackers access information that aids an agency in preventing the occurrence of a crime (Spielberg). If the society embraces this concept, the State would sentence many innocent people to prison. This is because the jury would pass judgme nt based on the thoughts the

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