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Failure of the Revolution in Animal Farm Essay -- Animal Farm Essays

The animals in the book Animal Farm hoped to achieve unity, equality. trust/truth, prosperity, better quality of life, freedom and individuality, in terms of the revolution. This was achieved at the informant of the revolution, which made it a success, but in the end the revolution was a failure.The farm, in many ways, was very prosperous when the revolution began. The animals were given an education, the reading and write classes were however a great success, which made them feel equal to the humans because they were now learning in the same way the humans did. The farm was decent more prosperous in that, everyone worked according to their own capacity, which made the farm a happier place to work in, and the more work was done, the better. This hard work compensable off because, the harvest was an even bigger success than they had hoped, which motivate and encouraged the animals. The animals also did very well in working together in make the windmill which even though it fel l down, they carried on rebuilding stronger and bigger ones.The animals also became very u...

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Free Richard III Essays: Richard III as a Rapist :: Free Essay Writer

Richard III as a Rapist   Yes, tabby Richard/Duke of Gloucester masters the art of subjection in his wooing of Lady Anne.  And when I say, masters the art, I guess I mean that he achieves his conquest.  But is seduction really the prevailing bag through place Richard III?  I propose that we be careful when we say that Richard is a great seducer, for is it seduction or rape when ones consent is not given(p)?  For instance, Lord Hastings, the Duke of Clarence, the young princes, mogul Margaret, and other seeming seducees, were they seduced or forced?             Most interesting to me, would be the Duke of Buckingham.  I really cant determine which side of the foreshorten he falls on.  I would be most apt to consider him a disloyal, dishonest, money-grubbing, power mongerish, usurper if anything.  And would almost admit that he could be conned into doing undecomposed about anything if there were to be s ome gain for his own.   He begins his part in the play with thoughts of atonement (I.iii.36).  He cries, peace, peace, for shame  If not for charity to the Queen Margaret when she beseeches him to take heed of yonder dog Richard (I.iii.272,288).  Then when Richard asks him what Queen Margaret is saying, he replies with, Nothing that I respect, my gracious Lord (I.iii.294).             THEN, what is up with his speech of loyalty to King Edward?  He goes on and on about how if he should EVER be cold in love, to the King and his family, then deep, treacherous, and full of guile should he be (I.iv.38-40).  He goes straight from this loyalty to committing Lord Rivers, Lord Grey and Sir Thomas Vughan to prison.  He rants and raves at the Cardinal for not tearing the young Duke of York from his mothers arms.  Finally he engineers the death of Hastings with Gloucester/Richard and sets everything into motion for his coronation.  Is he seduced, is he forced, or does he just do what he wishes on whim, hoping that in the end, everything will turn out for his ultimate gain?  I suppose the answer to my question lies in the dialogue betwixt the newly crowned King Richard and Buckingham, when Buckingham is confronted with the assignment of killing the two young princes.  If Buckingham could have made known his intentions to the King then we would know if he was a seducee, or a forced man.

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In Search of Excellence: Critique :: essays research papers fc

Peters & Waterman write of marketing but never refer to the marketing concept. However, is the ism of the marketing concept crucial to the theme of the book? Or, is the marketing concept compromised by the authors interest in a product orientation.The marketing concepts ultimate coating in essence is to satisfy an organisations clientele, while at the same time enabling the company to survive and prosper. It stresses consumer-orientation in all facets of a companys operation. It also emphasises word sense of a cross-functional perspective so that everyone within the organisation can keep up some impact on the organisations success in both the profitability and at the consumer level. (Zikmund / DAmico 2002)Peters and Watermans In Search of Excellence lessons from Americas Best Run Companies does adhere to the marketing concept albeit not directly. They strongly support the idea that an organisation is only as good as the people who work within that organisation. Although there is some emphasis on sales and product orientation, much of this stems from the organisation wanting to domiciliate the highest quality product or service for the consumer. Peters & Waterman see excellent companies along the lines of "a sound mind in a well-informed body". They acknowledge the need for profit, but see it as secondary to consumer orientation. As expounded by one executive Peters & Waterman spoke to, " pull ahead is like health. You need it, and the more the better. But its not why you exist." (Peters & Waterman 1982)The marketing concept is personified in Peters and Watermans example of Joe Girard who consistently sells twice as many cars in a year than his nearest competitor. His success is put down to the fact that he makes the customer feel that the relationship is not everyplace once the sale has been made. Joe sends Christmas cards, Easter cards and friendly letters, reminding the customer that he cares for them, not only for their mon ey. Whether this is true or not, Joe leaves the customer feeling as if they have made the right choice. And this is, in turn is good for Joe Girards long term prosperity. (Peters & Waterman 1982)In Search of Excellence Lessons from Americas Best-Run Companies never mentions The Marking Concept, but the underlying principles are still seen in the qualities exhibited by the excellent companies. Fritos-Lays dedication to their customers goes above and beyond expectation. Hewlett Packard encourages employees to tinker with other employees designs and Disneys Cross Utilisation week where executives don character costumes or man food stands or rides both illustrate a cross-functional policy.

Technology and Individualization in Education Essay -- Technological I

Technology and Individualization in Education Technology is a major influential factor in the progression of education. Technology has allowed for many positive advances in education, allowing for more than efficient, more individualized learn. The introduction of computers in education has provided countless benefits to students, and heighten learning greatly. Students now have a much broader wealth of information in which they can get knowledge from, and more specialized learning. Education provide refer to be benefited by technology as progression continues. Individualization in education should be an ultimate goal, and this can only be achieved by means of technology.Technology should continue to be an influential factor in education. Computers have been the most influential form of technology to affect education. Many experts are captious of computers in the classroom. Dennis Gooler suggests that computers institute a gender gap, and that serious questions need t o be addressed before computers are allowed in classrooms. He says that boys are much more inclined to use computers, and that girls will be left behind in the technology craze. I think that the way to solve this problem is to have computers in schools and promote their use by both genders. Computers allow for students to learn individually, and to gain access to a plethora of knowledge that has recently become accessible. There are many ways that computers have benefited learning. Studies have proven that computers in the classroom cause students to get better grades, because their learning is based on personal learning styles. Before computers were invented, all papers had to be typed out in typewriters. Computers have made typing papers much easie... ...ucation. Our society is in a uniform state of progression through technology, and it is only right that education is included. Education is positively effected by technology in many ways, and will continue to be benefite d, until individualized education is achieved. Advancement occurs all throughout the Bible, and the importance of education is stressed. I believe that God is pleased when the two come unneurotic for an advantageous outcome.Works Cited1) Gooler, Dennis D. Computers in the Classroom What is the effect on the Gender Gap? Stanford March 1998 1-10. 9 November 2001.

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Battle of Bunker Hill :: essays papers

Battle of Bunker HillBoom, Bang, Crack The sounds of muskets being fired, its ammunition ricocheting take rocks and splintering trees are heard all around. The pungent smell of gun powder stings the nose, and its taste makes the mouth dry and sticky. The passage of arms is still young, exactly stemma soaked uniforms and dead or dying men can already be seen, causing the fear of death to enter many of the soldiers minds. It is remembered that freedom is what the push is for, so we must continue to gain independence. The battle has been going on for a short time now, although vision is already obscured from all the smoke and dust in the air. It is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, with all of these air borne substances entering my lungs. People are still being struck by musket balls for the cries of agony climbing above the many guns explosions. This is how the battle to be known as Bunker Hill began.On June 17, 1775 the Battle of Bunker Hill took place. It is one of t he most crucial colonial victories in the U.S. War for Independence. Fought during the Siege of Boston, it lent considerable encouragement to the revolutionary cause. This battle made both sides realize that this was non going to be a matter decided on by one quick and decisive battle.The battle of Bunker Hill was not just an event that happened overnight. The battle was the result of struggle and hostility between Great Britain and the colonies for many years. Many of the oppressive feelings came as a result of British laws and restrictions placed on them. It would not be true to say that the battle was the beginning of the fight for independence. It is necessary to see that this was not a rash decision that occurred because of one dispute, but quite an the seeds sown to precipitate this battle were planted a long time ago and had just burst forth.Perhaps two of the most notable injustices, as perceived by the colonists, were the Stamp Act and the Intolerable Acts. The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliament to raise money for repaying its war debt from the French and Indian War. The Act levied a tax on printed matter of all kinds including newspapers, advertisements, playing cards, and legal documents. The British government was expecting protest as result of the tax but the level of outcry they received.

Battle of Bunker Hill :: essays papers

Battle of hole HillBoom, Bang, Crack The sounds of muskets being fired, its ammunition ricocheting off rocks and splintering trees are heard all around. The pungent smell of catalyst powder stings the nose, and its taste makes the mouth dry and sticky. The battle is still young, but blood soaked uniforms and dead or dying men can already be seen, causing the fear of death to enter many of the soldiers minds. It is remembered that freedom is what the fight is for, so we must continue to gain independence. The battle has been going on for a short cadence now, although vision is already obscured from all the smoke and dust in the air. It is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe, with all of these air borne substances accounting entry my lungs. People are still being struck by musket balls for the cries of agony rise above the many guns explosions. This is how the battle to be known as Bunker Hill began.On June 17, 1775 the Battle of Bunker Hill took place. It is one of the most important colonial victories in the U.S. War for Independence. Fought during the Siege of Boston, it lent considerable boost to the revolutionary cause. This battle made both sides realize that this was not going to be a matter decided on by one bustling and decisive battle.The battle of Bunker Hill was not just an event that happened overnight. The battle was the result of struggle and hostility between Great Britain and the colonies for many years. umpteen of the oppressive feelings came as a result of British laws and restrictions placed on them. It would not be true to say that the battle was the beginning of the fight for independence. It is required to see that this was not a rash decision that occurred because of one dispute, but rather the seeds sown to precipitate this battle were planted a long time ago and had just burst forth.Perhaps two of the most notable injustices, as perceived by the colonists, were the Stamp move and the Intolerable Acts. The Stamp Act was pas sed by the British Parliament to raise money for repaying its war debt from the French and Indian War. The Act levied a tax on printed matter of all kinds including newspapers, advertisements, compete cards, and legal documents. The British government was expecting protest as result of the tax but the level of outcry they received.

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Characteristics of Business Leadership

Characteristics of Business Leadership BUS302-024016 October 30, 2011 Characteristics of Business Management The purpose of this paper is to memorialize a comparison of two successful businesses. Borders Books and Amazon. com are two companies that both sold books but used contrastive methods in operating their businesses. Even though they both were successful businesses, both companies had different leadership styles, visions and goals. Out of the two businesses, only one remain successful and present today.In this paper, I depart show how both businesses started, how the leaders differ in leadership styles and techniques, and how Amazon continues to be a great(p) success today. Description of the Businesses I will pull back each business and how each business started. I will also describe three main challenges each company faced while establishing or running the business. Amazon. com was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online bookstore. As CEO he has built it into the larg est retailer on the web, selling everything from groceries to electronics and shoes.Jeff Bezos was working in a quantitive compend group at an investment firm, when he saw an opportunity to sell books on the internet. In 1994 he went on a cross-country drive from new-fashioned York to Seattle to start Amazon. He typed his business plan as he went. And he picked up $300,000 dollars from his parents in Fort Worth, Texas. He fix up up his business in his garage and began selling books via the internet. His business became worth $4. 4 billion according to Forbes latest billionaire rankings in 2009. Since the start of Amazon. om, Jeff Bezos came very nigh to failure. The company was on the strand of bankruptcy. Jeff Bezos lost a total of $550 cardinal in startup cost by November 1999. alone inspite of that, Time magazine named Jeff Bezos Person of the year a calendar month later. Borders Books was founded by Louis Borders, who was the leader of Borders Books and got his start in Ann Arbor Michigan in 1971. Louis Borders and his brother Tom Borders opened a used bookstore, according to the book eBoys by Randall Stross. Louis Borders had a degree in math from the University of Michigan.In his store, he went to work designing artificial intelligence software for managing the inventory of a supersize bookstore, and by doing so made opening more than bookstores possible. For fifteen years he and his brother operated Border Books in Ann Arbor and sold software to other stores. Borders started opening more stores. In 1988, Borders recruited Robert DiRomualdo to lead the companys expansion. Roberts DiRomualdo was later credited with leading the companys onward motion to national prominence in the 1990s.In 1992, Kmart Corp which bought Waldenbooks in 1984, purchased the 21-store chain for an estimated $190 million , the novel York Times reported at that time. Once sold, Border Books went through several changes including the name changing to Borders Group Inc. an d changes in CEOs. Between January 1998 to January 1999 Borders expanded by adding 52 superstores. This was the biggest one-year expansion in its history. By January 1999, the company had 256 superstores averaging $256 in sales per square foot. In May 1998, Borders launched an online presence for the low gear time.Borders had several different CEOs until mike Edwards became interim CEO in January of 2010. Leadership Styles This paragraph will explain the leaders leadership styles and discuss how they have adapted to cultural differences and how they operates their businesses effectively in global markets. Mike Edwards became interim CEO of Borders in January 2010. This was a time when sales were already at a decline and the company had already been close to filing bankruptcy but avoided it by cutting costs and conserving cash. The company was already at an organizational decline.Prior to him becoming CEO, Borders had already lauched an online presence for the first time in May 199 8. Since then, severing ties with Amazon, the company launched a new Borders. com. So after Mike Edwards was named CEO of subsidiary Borders Inc. in June 2010, Borders launched e-book store, started selling e-readers and set strategies to get 17 percent market share in e-books within a year. Doing this online business was with a hope to increase sales nationally and globally. But I believe a misplay was made by continuing to run the business somewhat the same, but just cutting cost. Mike Edwards didnt book the changes necessary o adapt to cultural differences and was not able to operate the business effectively in global markets. Previously Borders had business base in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore but had to sell off its business in those areas. Due to the condition Borders was in when Edwards came on as CEO, didnt allow for a great chance of bouncing back from their losses. Mike Edwards style was to hurry and cut cost and to do quickly what he could to save the company. R eally, he had no pickax but to do this quickly. Jeff Bezos has a style of having a customer-focused culture and he continues to use the leadership methods they have used for years.He makes it difficult for some in public traded companies to have the right strategy. He makes sure that Amazon. com follows different strategies to acquire business but at the same time adapting to any cultural differences that take place. He operates the business by reaching out to different global areas through his web based business. Jeff Bezos make sure he keeps up with the competition by changing the companys strategies quickly to adapt to any changes in technology, customer needs and competition. He believes that experimenting different things will attract different cultures.Jeff Bezos believes that cultures are very stable. New people who come to the company may stay or leave. But he states that overtime, you build up this momentum around a culture that is self-perpetuating. This is a way to adju st to to different cultural differnces as well. Leadership, Management, and Motivation Management is getting work done through others efficiently and effectively. Leading involves inspiring and prompt workers to work hard to achieve organizational goals. Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon. com in 1994, states that his view is that every company requires a long view.He feels that if youre going to take a long-term orientation, you have to be willing to stay heads down and ignore a wide array of critics, even well-meaning critics. If you dont have a willingness to be misundertood for a long period of time, then you cant have a long-term orientation. He also states that youre also gonna have to have a willingness to repeatedly fail if youre gonna experiment. For some, this is a exciting and motivating culture. Also, he no longer makes all the plans. He has a group called the S Team that (Senior Team) which stays abreast of what the company is doing.This team up meets for about four hour s every Tuesday. And once or twice a year the S team gets together in a tw-day meeting to explore ideas. This is an example of group decision making. On the other hand, Mike Edwards focus was to stick to the business plan that he said works. He stated that they were competitiveness to the end and hoping that a reorganization plan would be approved. By cutting back and resolution some stores would help Borders to exit bankruptcy. He did state that Borders mistake was to open so many stores. He immediatley took action and began an aggressive cost-cutting plan to close stores and lay-off workers.Leaders Impact Jeff Bezos made an impact on the beingness by allowing customers worldwide via the web to purchase books, and everything from groceries, electronics and shoes and more. This allowed customers to shop from the comfort of their own home. This was a great convenience for customers around the globe. Also, Louis Borders vision had an impact on the world as well. When Borders and h is brother Tom started Borders Books, Louis Bothers took his knowledge and designed artificial intelligience that would later benefit other stores by selling them the software to use for their businesses as well.Boarder Books stores allowed customers to purchase all types of books and also to have an peaceful environment to enjoy reading their books. Borders Books later intergrated music and movies into some of their stores. Even though Mike Edwards didnt become CEO of subsidairy Borders Inc. until June 2010, he made an impact on the internal structure by taking drastic measures to save the company by closing alot of the stores and laying-off employees.This not only affected the employees but the consumers who shopped at Borders as well. All these drastic actions also affected the morale of the employees and stores that remained until Borders announced its liquidation in July 2011. References Bomey, Nathan (2011). Borders rise and fall a timeline of the bookstore chains 40-year his tory. http//Ann Arbor. com/business-review/Borders-rise-and-fall-a-timeline-of-the-bookstore-chains-40-year-history Bomey, Nathan (2011). Exclusive interview with Borders

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Modern Version of Romeo and Juliet Movie with Leonard Di Caprio Essay

Old stories get forgotten unless they are rejuvenated for the young. In the media world of today, books are forgotten and so is classical love. Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo de caprio was a mythologic attempt at bringing literature and drama back to life and into the hearts of the youth today. The first aspect of modernization is to portray the families as prolific business tycoons of todays world Montagues and Capulets. The styling of the men especially, the chic haircuts and clothes are not only modern but in fact futuristic.This is close to apparent in the guns, the shining metal and flash of silver cannot be forgotten. The fights between the two gangs take place at common place venues of today, that is ball up stations. The cars are also futuristic. The letter that Romeo does not respond to is a by a well known courier service. There are times when the speedy cuts and raging soundtrack might cause understandable confusion between the movie and a rock video.Indeed, with all t he camera tricks, special effects (such as a roiling storm), and riotous splashes of color, its easy to lose the story in the style (Berardinelli, 1996). The flush-cut editing and fast-moving scenes and actions contribute further to giving the movie a futuristic feel removing it far from the classic ballad it is. Much of the decor, for example, the aquarium wall, through which Romeo and Juliet first eye each other, is very modern in its architecture and idea. such interiors never existed in the days of Shakespeare and neither is there any mention in the script. What makes the movie striking is the juxtaposition of old English style, rendered flawlessly and emotionally by the actors, with this modern, futuristic treatment, This juxtaposition is what makes Shakespeares work speak to the modern teenager, which was the main objectivce of the movie. References Berardinelli, J. Fil Review, Retrieved on 2nd June 2010 from http//www. reelviews. net/movies/r/romeo_juliet. html

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My Brilliant Career

Miles Franklin English 1106-001 3 July 2012 Sybylla Melvyn argues that as a woman she has few options in life sentence, whereas, workforce have many more possibilities. I chose this topic because I am a woman who feels strongly that woman should have the same advantages in life as men. Also, there are still many countries today that do not treat woman and men the same which in my opinion is precise grave. In todays modern world most would agree that men and woman have equal rights when it comes to career choices.Over the years society has certain and encouraged woman to exit professionals in the work place. Long were the days when woman were considered only worthy for child bearing. Unfortunately, many years ago things were not as easy for woman who dreamt of a fulfilling career. The novel, My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin explores the journey of a young woman passionate to become something more than a wife.However, because woman had few options in career than men during th is time, they are often forced to become wives, or caregivers while their deepest ambitions were left unachieved. 1. Society expects woman to become wives instead beingness career minded. If you feel that you are afflicted with more than ordinary intelligence and especially if you are plain with it, hide your brains, cramp your mind, landing field to appear unintellectual-its your only Olson 2 chance(Franklin,78) A. Obey husbands order B.Be beautiful not clever C. Look after all household duties D. not be companions but caretakers to spouse 11. Education was limited for woman. You are not old enough to be a general servant or a cook you have not experience enough to be a housemaid you dont take to sewing, and there is no chance of being accepted as a hospital nurse you must confess there is nothing you can do(Franklin,71).A. Had to be wealthy to pay for raising B. Woman had few choices for career C. Most professional jobs were open to men only 111. Careers in the Arts as an actre ss or vocaliser were not considered womanly An actress-a fetid, low, brazen hussy Use the gifts God has given her with which to do good in showing off to a crowd of vile bad men (Franklin,107). A. Actresss and singers considered hussies not respected B. Defiled by God C. Frowned upon by society

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Night Analogies Essay

This book invoked a lot of empathic and sympathetic emotions in my senses. I loved the symbolism, imagery, and fable of this text, although painful, it portrayed the life of Jews and their torture. Night is used throughout the book to symbolize death, darkness of the soul, and loss of faith. As an image, it comes up repeatedly. Even when the scene is literally assemble during the day, night may be invoked. Consider all the terrible things that happen at night Mrs. Schachter has her visions of fire, hell, and death (Wiesel 24-27)Elie and his father pull through at Auschwitz and see the smokestacks and detention in line all night eagle-eyed with the smell of death in their noses there is the night the soup tastes like corpses(67) they march through long nights and, stacked on top of each other, smother each other to death in the night Elies father dies during the night (110-112).As Elie says himself, The years were like nights, and the nights left the dregs of their darkness in o ur souls (100). Night is thus a metaphor for the way the soul was submerged in suffering and hopelessness. It delineated the endless torture and death of these HUMAN.I empathize the word humans because if one reads this book, you would think the Jews were in human. All the pain and misery leads one to believe that Jews were non even worthy enough to be called a human, but the question that arises all the time for me is.WOULD A DOG BE TREATED IN such(prenominal) A MANNER?The fact that fire and flames were used to symbolize death was quite disturbing at times throughout the scenes of this book. In Chapter two, as the gear mechanism full of Jews from Sighet approaches Auschwitz, Mrs. Schachter has a vision of fire and flames. (24-27) She screeches about the fire through the long night and then again the following night. When they at last arrive at Auschwitz, the inhabitants of the car understand what she was talking about the crematoria, where bodies of prisoners are burned.My soul had been invaded and devouredby a black flame. Fire is an ever-present threat of death the posture and the smell of the crematoria permeate all aspects of life in the concentration camps, reminding the prisoners of their closeness to death. It was never a moment that peace dwell ed with them while in the confines of the German empire.Lastly the image of corpses is used not entirely to describe literal death, butalso to symbolize spiritual death. After liberation, when Elie looks at himself for the first time in many months, since the Ghetto, he sees a corpse in the mirror. (115) The look in his eyes as he stares at himself never leaves him. It speaks of the horror he has experienced and seen, which stole his childhood innocence and his faith in Gods mercy and justice. This was the hard pill to swallow. Not only does he feel and look dead, but he is far from dead. There comes a time when you have been beaten and town down so some(prenominal) and so long to the point that you actua lly become dead. This scene illustrates the dying of humanistic characteristics while still living, (THE WALKING/LIVING DEAD) Who could ever be okay with living like this

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Black House Chapter Nineteen

19JACK FOLLOWS THE Thunder Five despatch of the parking lot, and for the moment we result let him go exclusively on his northward distri exclusivelye on Highway 93 toward Judy Marsh tot every(prenominal)ys flavorout and Judy Marsh onlys locked ward. Like turd, the bikers argon souled toward the unknown, only their unknown lies westward on Highway 35, into the land of the steadily accumulating ultimo, and we expect to know w eyelid they will find t here. These men do non appear to be nervous they still determine the massive confidence with which they burst into the Sand Bar. In truth, they never rightfully disp station nervousness, for situations that would make other(a) mess worried or anxious in the main make them get physical. Fear affects them differently than it does other people, too in the rare moments when they guard experienced disquietude, theyve t cobblers lasted on the whole to enjoy it. In their look, fear represents a God-given opportunity for focu sing their collective concentration. Due to their remarkable solidarity, that concentration is formidable. For those of us who are non members of a biker gang or the Marine Corps, solidarity representation weeny to a greater extent than than the compassionate impulse that leads us to comfort a bereft friend for Beezer and his merry band, solidarity is the assurance that roughones always got your back. They are on each(prenominal) others manpower, and they know it. For the Thunder Five, safety really is in numbers.Yet the encounter toward which they are flying has no precedents or analogues in their experience. Black House is something new, and its newness the trend strangeness of cabbages story declines tendrils dismantle into their guts, one and all.Eight miles west of Centralia, where the flatland around Potsies thirty-year- ageing development yields to the long widen of wood that runs all the way to Maxtons, reversal and Beezer driving force side by side in front of the others. Beezer occasionally looks to his friend, intercommunicate a word little question. The third fourth dimension that shiner shakes his head, he follows the gesture with a backward wave of his buy the farm that says Stop bugging me, Ill tell you when were there. Beezer drops back laddie, Kaiser Bill, and mendelevium automati forebodey assume Beezer is giving them a signal, and they string out in a single line.At the head of the column, pussyfoot keeps taking his eyes dark the high schoolway to inspect the right-hand side of the road. The little road is to a great extent to date, snarf knows, and by now it will be more everywheregrown than it was deuce years ago. He is trying to spot the white of the batte wild NO infract sign. It, too, may be go againstially hidden by new growth. He slows down to thirty- fivesome. The four men john him match his change in thou with the smoothness of long practice.Alone of the Thunder Five, Mouse has already projectn thei r destination, and in the deepest places of his soul he mint scarcely believe that he is going there again. At beginning, the ease and rapidity with which his memories had flown out of their dark vault had pleased him now, instead of feeling that he has effortlessly reclaimed a lost part of his life, he has the sense of being at the mercy of that lost laternoon. A grave danger then and he does not doubt that some extensive and dangerous force had brushed him with a warning hand is an increased danger now. Memory has returned a miserable conclusion he thrust past long ago that the hideous structure Jack Sawyer called Black House had killed Little Nancy Hale as surely as if its rafters had fallen in on her. Moral more than physical, Black Houses ugliness exhaled toxic fumes. Little Nancy had been killed by the invisible poisons carried on the warning hand now Mouse had to look at that knowledge without blinking. He can feel her pass on his shoulders, and their thin bones are c ove reddened with rotting flesh.If Id been five foot trio and weighed one hundred and five pounds instead of being sextuplet- cardinal and two hundred and ninety, by now Id be rotting, too, he thinks.Mouse may look for the finalise road and the sign beside it with the eyes of a fighter pilot, but someone else has to see them, because he never will. His unconscious has taken a vote, and the decision was unanimous. each(prenominal) of the other men, bloke, medico, the Kaiser, and even Beezer, establish also connected Little Nancys death with Black House, and the same speculations virtually comparative surface and lading have passed by means of with(predicate) their minds. However, rookie Cantinaro, mercantilism Amberson, Kaiser Bill Strassner, and specially Beezer St. Pierre assume that whatever poison surrounded Black House had been concocted in a laboratory by human beings who knew what they were doing. These four men derive the old, primitive reassurance from one anoth ers company that they have enjoyed since college if anything makes them feel a touch uneasy, it is that Mouse Baumann, not Beezer, leads their column. Even though Beezer let Mouse wave him back, Mouses position contains a hint of insurrection, of mutiny the universe has been subtly disordered.Twenty yards from the back end of the Maxton property, greenhorn decides to put an end to this farce, throttles his Softail, roars past his friends, and moves up parallel to Mouse. Mouse glances at him with a trace of worry, and feller motions to the side of the road.When they have all pulled over, Mouse says, Whats your problem, fellow?You are, cuss says. both you missed the turnoff, or your whole storys all fucked up.I said I wasnt sure where it is. He notices with or so immeasurable relief that Little Nancys late(prenominal) hands no longer grip his shoulders.Of variant not. You were ripped on acidGood acid.Well, theres no road up ahead, I know that much. Its just trees all the way to the old fucks home.Mouse ponders the stretch of road ahead as if the road just might be up there, after all, although he knows it is not.Shit, Mouse, were practically in town. I can see Queen Street from here.Yeah, Mouse says. Okay. If he can get to Queen Street, he thinks, those hands will never cook on him again.Beezer walks his Electra Glide up to them and says, Okay what, Mouse? You agree its farther back, or is the road somewhere else?Frowning, Mouse turns his head to look back down the highway. Goddamn. I think its along here somewhere, unless I got totally turned around that day.Gee, how could that have happened? says Sonny. I looked at every inch of ground we passed, and I sure as hell didnt see a road. Did you, Beezer? How approximately a NO TRESPASSING sign, you happen to see one of those?You dont get it, Mouse says. This jak doesnt want to be seen. perchance you shoulda gone to Ward D with Sawyer, Sonny says. People in there appreciate visionaries.Can it, Sonny, Be ezer says.I was there forwards, and you werent, Mouse says. Which one of us knows what hes talking about?Ive comprehend equal out of both of you guys, Beezer says. Do you still think its along here somewhere, Mouse?As far as I can recollect, yeah. because we missed it. Well go back and check again, and if we dont find it, well look somewhere else. If its not here, its between two of the valleys along 93, or in the wood on the hill leading up to the lookout. We have plenty of time.What makes you so sure? Sonny asks. Mild anxiety about what they might come crossways is fashioning him belligerent. He would just as soon go back to the Sand Bar and down a pitcher of Kingsland while messing with Stinkys head as waste his time goofing along the highways.Beezer looks at him, and his eyes crackle. You know anywhere else theres enough trees to call it a woodland?Sonny backs down immediately. Beezer is never going to give up and go back to the Sand Bar. Beezer is in this for keeps. Most of that has to do with Amy, but some of it relates to Jack Sawyer. Sawyer impressed the shit out of Beezer the other night, thats what happened, and now Beezer thinks everything the guy says is golden. To Sonny, this makes no sense at all, but Beezers the one who calls the shots, so for now, Sonny guesses, they will all run around akin junior G-men for a while. If this adopt-a-cop program goes on for more than a couple of days, Sonny plans to have a little chat with Mouse and the Kaiser. physician will always side with Beezer no matter what, but the other two are capable of listening to basis. completely right, then, Beezer says. Scratch from here to Queen Street. We know theres no fuckin road along that stretch. Well go back the way we came, give it one more shot. Single bear down the whole way. Mouse, youre point man again.Mouse nods and prepares himself to feel those hands on his shoulders again. Gunning his Fat Boy, he plods forward and takes his place at the head of the li ne. Beezer moves in behind him, and Sonny follows Beezer, with Doc and the Kaiser in the last two slots.Five pairs of eyes, Sonny thinks. If we dont see it this time, we never will. And we wont, because that damned road is halfway across the state. When Mouse and his old lady got buzzed on the Ultimate, they could go for hundreds of miles and think theyd taken a spin around the block.Everydead body scans the opposite side of the road and the edge of the woods. Five pairs of eyes, as Sonny puts it, register an unbroken line of oaks and pine trees. Mouse has set a pace somewhere between a fast walk and a speciality jog, and the trees crawl by. At this speed, they can notice the moss blistering the trunks of the oaks and the bright smears of sunlight on the forests floor, which is brownish gray and resembles a layer of rumpled felt. A hidden world of upright trees, shafts of light, and deadfalls extends backward from the first, sentinel row. Within that world, paths that are not paths wind mazelike between the thick trunks and lead to mysterious clearings. Sonny becomes suddenly aware of a tribe of squirrels doing squirrel gymnastics in the map of branches that lace into an intermittent canopy. And with the squirrels, an aviary of birds pops into view.All of this reminds him of the deep Pennsylvania woods he had explored as a boy, before his parents sold their sign and moved to Illinois. Those woods had contained a rapture he had found nowhere else. Sonnys conviction that Mouse got things do by and they are flavour in the wrong place takes on greater inner density. Earlier, Sonny had spoken about poisonous places, of which he has seen at to the lowest degree(prenominal) one he was absolutely certain about. In Sonnys experience, bad places, the ones that let you know you were not welcome, tended to be on or near borders.During the summer after his high school graduation, he and his two best buddies, all of them motor round freaks, had taken their bikes to R ice Lake, Wisconsin, where he had two cousins cute enough to show off to his friends. Sal and Harry were thrilled with the girls, and the girls thought the bikers were sexy and exotic. After a couple of days spent as a literal fifth twine (or fifth and sixth wheel, depending on what you are counting), Sonny proposed extending their trip by a week and, in the interest of expanding their educations, ballin the jack down to Chicago and disbursal the rest of their money on beer and hookers until they had to go home. Sal and Harry loved the whole idea, and on their third evening in Rice Lake, they packed their rolls on their bikes and roared south, making as much noise as possible. By 1000 they had managed to get completely lost.It might have been the beer, it might have been inattention, but for one reason or another they had wandered off the highway and, in the deep vague of a rural night, found themselves on the edge of an almost nonexistent town named Harko. Harko could not be fou nd on their gas-station road map, but it had to be close to the Illinois border, on either one side or the other. Harko seemed to consist of an cast out motel, a collapsing general store, and an empty grain mill. When the boys reached the mill, Sal and Harry groused about being exhausted and hungry and wanted to turn back to spend the night in the motel.Sonny, who was no less worn out, rode back with them the siemens they rolled into the dark forecourt of the motel, he had a bad feeling about the place. The air seemed heavier, the darkness darker than they should have been. To Sonny, it seemed that malign, invisible presences haunted the place. He could all but make them out as they flitted between the cabins. Sal and Harry jeered at his reservations he was a coward, a fairy, a girl. They broke down a door and unrolled their sleeping bags in a bare, dusty rectangular room. He carried his across the street and slept in a field. interpenetrate rouseed him, and his fount was wet wi th dew. He jumped up, pissed into the high grass, and checked for the motorcycles on the other side of the road. There they were, all three of them, listing over their stands outside a broken door. The dead neon sign at the entrance of the forecourt read HONEYMOONERS BOWER. He walked across the narrow road and swept a hand over the moisture shining black on the seats of the motorcycles. A funny go away came from the room where his friends were sleeping. Already tasting dread, Sonny pushed give the broken door. If he had not initially refused to make sense of what was before him, what he saw in the room would have made him pass out.His face streaked with parenthood and tears, Sal Turso was sitting on the floor. Harry Reillys severed head rested in his lap, and an ocean of blood soaked the floor and daubed the walls. Harrys body lay loose and disjointed on top of his blood-soaked sleeping bag. The body was naked Sal wore only a blood-red T-shirt. Sal raised both his hands the one retentiveness his prize long-bladed knife and the one holding only a palmful of blood and abstracted his contorted face to Sonnys frozen gaze. I dont know what happened. His voice was high and screechy, not his. I dont remember doing this, how could I have done this? Help me, Sonny. I dont know what happened.Unable to speak, Sonny had backed out and flown apart on his cycle. Hed had no clear idea of where he was going except that it was out of Harko. Two miles down the road, he came to a little town, a real one, with people in it, and someone finally took him to the sheriffs office.Harko there was a bad place. In a way, both of his high school friends had died there, because Sal Turso hanged himself six months after being connected to a state penitentiary for life on a second-degree murder charge. In Harko, you saw no red-winged blackbirds or woodpeckers. Even sparrows steered clear of Harko.This little stretch of 35? Nothing but a nice, comfortable woodland. Let me tell you, S enator, Sonny Cantinaro has seen Harko, and this aint no Harko. This dont even come close. It might as well be in another world. What meets Sonnys appraising eye and increasingly impatient spirit is about a mile and a quarter of beautiful wooded landscape. You could call it a mini-forest. He thinks it would be cool to come out here by himself one day, tuck the Harley out of mint candy, and just walk around through the great oaks and pines, that big pad of felt beneath his feet, digging the birds and the idle squirrels.Sonny gazes at and through the sentinel trees on the far side of the road, enjoying his prescience of the pleasure to come, and a flash of white jumps out at him from the darkness beside a huge oak tree. Caught up in the vision of walking alone under that green canopy, he almost dismisses it as a trick of the light, a brief fast one. Then he remembers what he is supposed to be looking for, and he slows down and leans sideway and sees, emerging from the tangle of u nderbrush at the base of the oak, a rusty bullet hole and a large, black letter N. Sonny swerves across the road, and the N expands into NO. He doesnt believe it, but there it is, Mouses goddamn sign. He rolls ahead another foot, and the entire phrase comes into view.Sonny puts the bike in neutral and plants one foot on the ground. The darkness next to the oak stretches like a web to the next tree at the side of the road, which is also an oak, though not as huge. Behind him, Doc and the Kaiser cross the road and come to a halt. He ignores them and looks at Beezer and Mouse, who are already some thirty feet up the road, intently scanning the trees.Hey, he shouts. Beezer and Mouse do not hear him. Hey StopYou got it? Doc calls out.Go up to those assholes and give them back, Sonny says.Its here? Doc asks, peering into the trees.What, you think I found a body? Of course its here.Doc speeds up, stops just behind Sonny, and stares at the woods.Doc, you see it? Kaiser Bill shouts, and he speeds up, too.Nope, Doc says.You cant see it from there, Sonny tells him. Will you please get your ass in gear and tell Beezer to come back here?Why dont you do it, instead? Doc says.Because if I leave this spot, I might not ever be able to fucking find it again, Sonny says.Mouse and Beezer, now about sixty feet up the road, continue blithely on their way.Well, I still dont see it, Doc says.Sonny sighs. Come up alongside me. Doc walks his Fat Boy to a point parallel with Sonnys bike, then moves a couple of inches ahead. There, Sonny says, pointing at the sign.Doc squints and leans over, putting his head above Sonnys handle-bars. Where? Oh, I see it now. Its all beat to hell.The top half of the sign curls over and shades the bottom half. Some antisocial lad has happened along and creased the sign with his baseball bat. His older brothers, more advanced in the ways of crime, had tried to kill it with their .22 rifles, and he was just delivering the coup de grace.Wheres the road suppo sed to be? Doc asks.Sonny, who is a little troubled about this point, indicates the flat sheet of darkness to the right of the sign and extending to the next, smaller oak tree. As he looks at it, the darkness loses its two-dimensionality and deepens backward like a cave, or a black hole softly punched through the air. The cave, the black hole, melts and widens into the earthen road, about five and a half feet wide, that it must have been all along.That sure as hell is it, says Kaiser Bill. I dont know how all of us could have missed it the first time.Sonny and Doc glance at each other, realizing that the Kaiser came along too late to watch the road seem to materialize out of a black wall with the thickness of a sheet of paper.Its kind of tricky, Sonny says. Your eyes have to adjust, Doc says.Okay, says Kaiser Bill, but if you two want to argue about who tells Mouse and the Beeze, let me put you out of your ruin. He jams his bike into gear and tears off like a World War I messenger with a hot dispatch from the front. By now a long way up the road, Mouse and Beezer come to a halt and look back, having apparently heard the sound of his bike.I guess thats it, Sonny says, with an uneasy glance at Doc. Our eyes had to adjust.Couldnt be anything else.Less convinced than they would like to be, both men let it drop in favor of watching Kaiser Bill conversing with Beezer and Mouse. The Kaiser points at Sonny and Doc, Beezer points. Then Mouse points at them, and the Kaiser points again. It looks like a discussion in an highly unevolved version of sign language. When everybody has gotten the point, Kaiser Bill spins his bike around and comes roaring back down the road with Beezer and Mouse on his tail.There is always that feeling of disorder, of misrule, when Beezer is not in the lead.The Kaiser stops on the side of the narrow road. Beezer and Mouse halt beside him, and Mouse winds up stationed directly in front of the opening in the woods.Shouldnt have been that hard t o see, Beezer says. But there she is, anyhow. I was beginning to have my doubts, Mousie.Uh-huh, says Mouse. His customary manner, that of an intellectual roughneck with a playful take on the world, has lost all of its buoyancy. Beneath his bikers fair-weather sunburn, his skin looks pale and curdlike.I want to tell you guys the truth, Beezer says. If Sawyer is right about this place, the creepy fuck who built it could have set up booby traps and all sorts of surprises. It was a long time ago, but if he really is the Fisherman, he has more reason than ever to keep people away from his crib. So we gotta watch our backs. The best way to do that is to go in strong, and go in ready. Put your weapons where you can reach them in a hurry, all right?Beezer opens one of his saddlebags and draws out a Colt 9mm pistol with ivory grips and a blue-steel barrel. He chambers a round and unlocks the safety. Under his gaze, Sonny pulls his massive .357 Magnum from his bag, Doc a Colt identical to Bee zers, and Kaiser Bill an old S .38 Special he has owned since the late seventies. They shove the weapons, which until this moment have seen use only on firing ranges, into the pockets of their leather jackets. Mouse, who does not own a numbfish, pats the various knives he has secreted in the small of his back, in the hip and front pockets of his jeans, and sheathed within both of his boots.Okay, Beezer says. Anybody in there is going to hear us coming no matter what we do, and maybe already has heard us, so theres no point in being sneaky about this. I want a fast, aggressive entrance just what you guys are good at. We can use speed to our advantage. Depending on what happens, we get as close to the house as possible.What if nothing happens? asks the Kaiser. Like, if we roll on in there and just keep going until we get to the house? I mean, I dont see any particular reason to be spooked here. Okay, something bad happened to Mouse, but . . . you know. Doesnt mean its going to happe n all over again.Then we enjoy the ride, Beezer says.Dont you want to take a look inside? the Kaiser asks. He might have kids in there.He might be in there, Beezer tells him. If he is, no matter what I said to Sawyer, were bringing him out. Alive would be better than dead, but I wouldnt mind putting him in a in force(p) state of bad health.He gets a rumble of approval. Mouse does not contribute to this wordless, but otherwise universal agreement he lowers his head and tightens his hands on the grips of his bike.Because Mouse has been here before, he goes in on point. Doc and Ill be right behind him, with Sonny and the Kaiser covering our asses. Beezer glances at them and says, Stay about six, eight feet back, all right?Dont put Mouse on point you have to go in first, speaks in Sonnys mind, but he says, All right, Beeze. rip up, Beezer says.They move their bikes into the positions Beezer has specified. Anyone driving fast along Highway 35 would have to hit his brakes to avoid runnin g into at to the lowest degree two gruff men on motorcycles, but the road stays empty. Everyone, including Mouse, guns his engine and prepares to move. Sonny slaps his fist against the Kaisers and looks back at that dark tunnel into the woods.A big genus Corvus flaps onto a low-hanging branch, cocks its head, and seems to fix Sonnys eyes with its own. The crow must be looking at all of them, Sonny knows, but he cannot shake the illusion that the crow is staring directly at him, and that its black insatiable eyes are dancing with malice. The uncomfortable feeling that the crow is amused by the sight of him bent over his bike makes Sonny think of his Magnum.Turn you into a mess of bloody feathers, baby.Without unfolding its wings, the crow hops backward and disappears into the oak leaves.GO Beezer shouts.The moment Mouse charges in, Little Nancys rotting hands clamp down on his shoulders. Her thin bones press down on the leather hard enough to leave bruises on his skin. Although he knows this is impossible you cannot get rid of what does not exist the sudden flare of ache causes him to try to shake her off. He twitches his shoulders and wiggles the handlebars, and the bike wobbles. As the bike dips, Little Nancy digs in harder. When Mouse rights himself, she pulls herself forward, wraps her bony arms around his chest, and flattens her body against his back. Her skull grinds against the nape of his neck her teeth keenness down on his skin.It is too much. Mouse had known she would reappear, but not that she would put him in a vise. And despite his speed, he has the feeling that he is travelling through a substance heavier and more viscous than air, a kind of syrup that slows him down, holds him back. Both he and the bike seem unnaturally dense, as if gravitation exerts a stronger pull on the little road than anywhere else. His head pounds, and already he can hear that dog growling in the woods off to his right. He could take all of that, he supposes, if i t were not for what stopped him the last time he drove up this path a dead woman. Then she was Kiz Martin now the dead woman is Little Nancy, and she is riding him like a dervish, slapping his head, punching him in the side, battering his ears. He feels her teeth leave his neck and sink into the go away shoulder of his jacket. One of her arms whips in front of him, and he enters a deeper level of shock and horror when he realizes that this arm is visible. Rags of skin upset over long bones he glimpses white maggots wriggling into the few remaining knots of flesh.A hand that feels both spongelike and bony flaps onto his freshness and crawls up his face. Mouse cannot keep it together anymore his mind fills with white panic, and he loses control of the bike. When he heads into the curve that leads to Black House, the wheels are already tilting dangerously, and Mouses athwart jerk of revulsion pushes them over beyond the possibility of correction.As the bike topples, he hears the do g snarling from only a few yards away. The Harley smashes down on his leftover leg, then skids ahead, and he and his ghastly passenger slide after it. When Mouse sees Black House looming from its dark bower amid the trees, a rotting hand flattens over his eyes. His scream is a bright, thin thread of sound against the fury of the dog.A few seconds after going in, Beezer feels the air thicken and congeal around him. Its some trick, he tells himself, an illusion produced by the Fishermans mind-fuck toxins. Trusting that the others will not be suckered by this illusion, he raises his head and looks over Mouses broad back and cornrowed head to see the road curve to the left about fifty feet ahead. The thick air seems to weigh down on his arms and shoulders, and he feels the onset of the mother and paternity of all headaches, a dull, insistent pain that begins as a sharp twinge behind his eyes and moves thudding deeper into his brain. Beezer gives Doc a half second of attention, and fro m what he sees, Doc is taking care of business. A glance at the speedometer tells him that he is traveling at thirty-five miles per hour and gathering steam, so they should be doing sixty by the time they come into the curve.Off to his left, a dog growls. Beezer hauls his pistol out of his pocket and listens to the growling keep pace with them as they speed toward the curve. The band of pain in his head widens and intensifies it seems to push at his eyes from the inside, making them bulge in their sockets. The big dog it has to be a dog, what else could it be? is getting closer, and the fury of its noises makes Beezer see a giant, tossing head with blazing red eyes and ropes of slather whipping from a gaping mouth change with sharks teeth.Two separate things destroy his concentration the first is that he sees Mouse slamming himself back and forth on his bike as he goes into the curve, as if he is trying to scratch his back on the thickening air the second is that the pressure beh ind his eyes triples in force, and immediately after he sees Mouse going into what is surely a fall, the blood vessels in his eyes explode. From deep red, his vision shifts rapidly to absolute black. An ugly voice starts up in his head, saying, Amy zadt in my lap an huggedt mee. I made opp my mindt to eed hurr. How she dud, dud, dud kick an scrutch. I chokked hurr do deff No Beezer shouts, and the voice that is pushing at his eyes drops into a rasping chuckle. For less than a second, he gets a vision of a tall, shadowy creature and a single eye, a flash of teeth beneath a hat or a hood and the world abruptly revolves around him, and he ends up flat on his back with the bike weighing on his chest. Everything he sees is stained a dark, seething red. Mouse is screaming, and when Beezer turns his head in the direction of the screams, he sees a red Mouse lying on a red road with a huge red dog barreling toward him. Beezer cannot find his pistol it went sailing into the woods. Shouts, sc reams, and the roar of motorcycles fill his ears. He scrambles out from under the bike holler he knows not what. A red Doc flashes by on his red bike and almost knocks him down again. He hears a gunshot, then another.Doc sees Beezer glance at him and tries not to show how sick he feels. Dishwater boils in his stomach, and his guts are writhing. It feels like he is going about five miles an hour, the air is so thick and rancid. For some reason, his head weighs thirty or forty pounds, damnedest thing it would almost be interesting if he could stop the disaster fortuity inside him. The air seems to concentrate itself, to solidify, and then boom, his head turns into a superheavyweight bowling ball that wants to drop onto his chest. A giant growling sound comes from out of the woods beside him, and Doc almost yields to the impulse to puke. He is dimly aware that Beezer is pulling out his gun, and he supposes he should do the same, but part of his problem is that the keeping of a child named Daisy Temperly has moved into his mind, and the memory of Daisy Temperly paralyzes his will.As a resident in spatery at the university hospital in Urbana, Doc had performed, under supervision, nearly a hundred operations of every sort and assisted at as many. Until Daisy Temperly was wheeled into the O.R., all of them had gone well. Complicated but not especially difficult or life-threatening, her case involved bone grafts and other repair work. Daisy was being put back together again after a skillful auto accident, and she had already endured two previous surgeries. Two hours after the start of the procedure, the head of the department, Docs supervisor, was called away for an emergency operation, and Doc was left in charge. Partly because he had been sleep-deprived for forty-eight hours, partly because in his exhaustion he had pictured himself cruising along the highway with Beezer, Mouse, and his other new friends, he made a mistake not during the operation, but after it . While writing a prescription for medication, he miscalculated the dosage, and two hours later, Daisy Temperly was dead. There were things he could have done to rescue his career, but he did none of them. He was allowed to finish his residency, and then he left medicine for good. Talking to Jack Sawyer, he had vastly simplified his motives.The uproar in the shopping mall of his body can no longer be contained. Doc turns his head and vomits as he races forward. It is not the first time he has puked while riding, but it is the messiest and the most painful. The weight of his bowling-ball head means that he cannot extend his neck, so vomit spatters against his right shoulder and right arm and what comes leaping out of him feels unrecorded and equipped with teeth and claws. He is not surprised to see blood mixed with the vomit erupting from his mouth. His stomach doubles in on itself with pain.Without meaning to, Doc has slowed down, and when he accelerates and faces forward again, h e sees Mouse topple over sideways and skid behind his bike into the curve up ahead. His ears report a surge sound, like that of a distant waterfall. Dimly, Mouse screams equally dimly, Beezer shouts No Right after that, the Beeze runs headlong into a big rock or some other obstruction, because his Electra Glide leaves the ground, flips completely over in the compacted air, and comes down on top of him. It occurs to Doc that this mission is totally FUBAR. The whole world has hung a left, and now they are in deep shit. He does the only sensible thing he yanks his trusty 9mm out of his pocket and tries to figure out what to shoot first.His ears pop, and the sounds around him surge into life. Mouse is still screeching. Doc cannot figure out how he missed hearing the noise of the dog before, because even with the roaring of the cycles and Mouses screams, that abject growl is the loudest sound in the woods. The fucking Hound of the Baskervilles is racing toward them, and both Mouse and Beezer are out of commission. From the noise it makes, the thing must be the size of a bear. Doc aims the pistol straight ahead and steers with one hand as he blasts by Beezer, who is wriggling out from beneath his bike. That enormous sound Doc imagines a bear-sized dog widening its chops around Mouses head, and instantly erases the image. Things are happening too fast, and if he doesnt pay attention, those jaws could close on him.He has just time enough to think, Thats no ordinary dog, not even a huge one when something enormous and black comes charging out of the woods to his right and cuts on a solidus toward Mouse. Doc pulls the trigger, and at the sound of the pistol the animal whirls halfway around and snarls at him. All Doc can see clearly are two red eyes and an open red mouth with a long tongue and a lot of sharp canine teeth. Everything else is smudgy and indistinct, with no more definition than if it were cover in a swirling cape. A lightning bolt of pure terror that t astes as clean and sharp as cheap vodka pierces Doc from gullet to testicles, and his bike slews its rear end around and comes to a halt he has stopped it out of sheer reflex. Suddenly it feels like deep night. Of course he cant see it how could you see a black dog in the middle of the night?The creature whirls around again and streaks toward Mouse.It doesnt want to charge me because of the gun and because the other two guys are right behind me, Doc thinks. His head and arms seem to have gained another forty pounds apiece, but he fights against the weight of his muscles and straightens his arms and fires again. This time he knows he hits that thing, but its only reaction is to shudder off-course for a moment. The big smudge of its head swings toward Doc. The growling gets even louder, and long, silvern streamers of dog drool fly from its open mouth. Something that suggests a tail switches back and forth.When Doc looks into the open red gash, his resolve weakens, his arms get heav ier, and he is scarcely capable of holding his head upright. He feels as though he is falling down into that red maw his pistol dangles from his limp hand. In a moment suspended throughout eternity, the same hand scribbles a post-op prescription for Daisy Temperly. The creature trots toward Mouse. Doc can hear Sonnys voice, cursing furiously. A loud plosion on his right side seals both of his ears, and the world falls perfectly silent. Here we are, Doc says to himself. Darkness at noon.For Sonny, the darkness strikes at the same time as the searing pain in his head and his stomach. A single band of agony rips right down through his body, a phenomenon so unparalleled and total that he assumes it has also erased the daylight. He and Kaiser Bill are eight feet behind Beezer and Doc, and about fifteen feet up the narrow dirt road. The Kaiser lets go of his handlebars and grips the sides of his head. Sonny understands hardly how he feels a four-foot section of red-hot iron pipe has be en thrust through the top of his head and pushed down into his guts, burning everything it touches. Hey, man, he says, in his misery noticing that the air has turned sludgy, as though individual atoms of oxygen and carbon dioxide are gummy enough to stick to his skin. Then Sonny notices that the Kaisers eyes are swimming up toward the back of his head, and he realizes that the man is passing out right next to him. Sick as he is, he has to do something to foster the Kaiser. Sonny reaches out for the other mans bike, watching as well as he can the disappearance of the Kaisers irises beneath his upper eyelids. Blood explodes out of his nostrils, and his body slumps backward on the seat and rolls over the side. For a couple of seconds, he is dragged along by a boot caught in the handlebars, but the boot slips off, and the cycle drifts to a halt.The red-hot iron bar seems to rupture his stomach, and Sonny has no choice he lets the other bike fall and utters a groan and caisson disease sideways and vomits out what feels like every meal he has ever eaten. When nothing is left inside him, his stomach feels better, but John Henry has stubborn to drive giant rail spikes through his skull. His arms and legs are made of rubber. Sonny focuses on his bike. It seems to be standing still. He does not understand how he can go forward, but he watches a blood-spattered hand gun his bike and manages to stay upright when it takes off. Is that my blood? he wonders, and remembers two long red flags unfurling from the Kaisers nose.A noise that had been gathering strength in the background turns into the sound of a 747 coming in for a landing. Sonny thinks that the last thing he wants to do today is get a look at the animal capable of making that sound. Mouse was right on the money this is a bad, bad place, right up there with the charming town of Harko, Illinois. Sonny wishes to encounter no more Harkos, okay? One was enough. So why is he moving forward instead of turning around a nd running for the sunny peace of Highway 35? Why is he pulling that massive gun out of his pocket? Its simple. He is not about to let that jet-airplane-dog mess up his homeys, no matter how much his head hurts.John Henry keeps pounding in those five-dollar spikes while Sonny picks up speed and squints at the road ahead, trying to figure out what is going on. Someone screams, he cannot identify who. Through the growling, he hears the unmistakable sound of a motorcycle hitting the ground after a flip, and his heart shivers. Beezer should always be point man, he thinks, otherwise were asking for punishment. A gun goes off with a loud explosion. Sonny forces himself to press through the gluey atoms in the air, and after another five or six seconds he spots Beezer, who is painfully pushing himself upwardly beside his toppled bike. A few feet beyond Beezer, Docs bulky figure comes into view, sitting astride his bike and aiming his 9 at something in the road ahead of him. Doc fires, and red flame bursts from the barrel of his pistol.Feeling more beat-up and useless than ever before in his life, Sonny jumps from his moving bike and runs toward Doc, trying to look past him. The first thing he sees is a flash of light off Mouses bike, which comes into view flat on its side about twenty feet down the road, at the top of the curve. Then he finds Mouse, on his ass and scrambling backward from some animal Sonny can barely make out, except for its eyes and teeth. Unconscious of the stream of obscenities that pour from his mouth, Sonny levels his pistol at the creature and fires just as he runs past Doc.Doc just stands there Doc is out for the count. The weird animal up on the road closes its jaws on Mouses leg. It is going to rip away a hamburger-sized chunk of muscle, but Sonny hits it with a fucking hollow-point missile from his Magnum, a bit show-offy for target practice but under the circumstances no more than prudent, thank you very much. Contrary to all expectations and the laws of physics, Sonnys amazing wonderbullet does not knock a hole the size of a football in the creatures hide. The wonderbullet pushes the animal sideways and distracts it from Mouses leg it does not even knock it down. Mouse sends up a howl of pain.The dog whips around and glares at Sonny with red eyes the size of baseballs. Its mouth opens on jagged white teeth, and it snaps the air. Ropes of slime shoot out of its jaws. The creature lowers its shoulders and steps forward. Amazingly, its snarling grows in volume and ferocity. Sonny is being warned if he does not turn and run, he is next on the menu.Fuck that, Sonny says, and fires straight at the animals mouth. Its whole head should fly apart in bloody rags, but for a second after the Magnum goes off, nothing changes.Oh, shit, Sonny thinks.The dog-things eyes blaze, and its feral, wedge-shaped head seems to assemble itself out of the darkness in the air and emerge into view. As though an inky robe had been partially twit ched aside, Sonny can see a thick neck descending to meaty shoulders and strong front legs. Maybe the tide is turning here, maybe this monster will turn out to be vulnerable after all. Sonny braces his right wrist with his left hand, aims at the dog-things chest, and squeezes off another round. The explosion seems to stuff his ears with cotton. All the railroad spikes in his head heat up like electric coils, and bright pain sings between his temples.Dark blood gouts from the creatures brisket. At the center of Sonny Cantinaros being, a pure, primitive triumph bursts into life. More of the monster melts into visibility, the wide back and a tracing of its rear legs. Of no recognizable breed and four and a half feet high, the dog-thing is approximately the size of a gigantic wolf. When it moves toward him, Sonny fires again. Like an echo, the sound of his gun repeats from somewhere close behind a bullet like a supercharged wasp zings past his chest.The creature staggers back, limping on an injure leg. Its enraged eyes bore into Sonnys. He risks glancing over his shoulder and sees Beezer braced in the middle of the narrow road.Dont look at me, shoot Beezer yells.His voice seems to awaken Doc, who raises his arm and takes aim. Then all three of them are pulling their triggers, and the little road sounds like the firing range on a busy day. The dog-thing (hell hound, Sonny thinks) limps back a step and opens wide its terrible mouth to howl in rage and frustration. Before the howl ends, the creature gathers its rear legs beneath its body, springs across the road, and vanishes into the woods.Sonny fights off the impulse to collapse under a wave of relief and fatigue. Doc swivels his body and keeps firing into the darkness behind the trees until Beezer puts a hand on his arm and orders him to stop. The air stinks of cordite and some animal odor that is musky and disgustingly sweet. Pale gray smoke shimmers almost white as it filters upward through the darker air.Beeze rs haggard face turns to Sonny, and the whites of his eyes are crimson. You hit that fucking animal, didnt you? Through the wads of cotton in his ears, Beezers voice sounds small and tinny.Shit, yes. At least twice, probably three times.And Doc and I hit it once apiece. What the hell is that thing? What the hell is right, Sonny says.Weeping with pain, Mouse a third time repeats his shout out of Help me and the others hear him at last. Moving slowly and pressing their hands over whatever parts of their bodies hurt the most, they hobble up the road and rest in front of Mouse. The right leg of his jeans is ripped and soaked with blood, and his face is contorted.Are you assholes deaf ?Pretty near, Doc says. Tell me you didnt take a bullet in your leg.No, but it must be some kind of miracle. He winces and inhales sharply. Air hisses between his teeth. Way you guys were shooting. Too bad you couldnt draw a bead before it bit my leg.I did, Sonny says. Reason you still got a leg.Mouse pee rs at him, then shakes his head. What happened to the Kaiser?He lost about a liter of blood through his nose and passed out, Sonny tells him.Mouse sighs as if at the frailty of the human species. I believe we might try to get out of this crazy shithole.Is your leg all right? Beezer asks.Its not broken, if thats what you mean. But its not all right, either.What? Doc asks.I cant say, Mouse tells him. I dont answer medical questions from guys all covered in puke.Can you ride?Fuck yes, Beezer you ever know me when I couldnt ride?Beezer and Sonny each take a side and, with excruciating effort, lift Mouse to his feet. When they release his arms, Mouse lumbers sideways a few steps. This is not right, he says.Thats brilliant, says Beezer.Beeze, old buddy, you know your eyes are, like, bright red? You look like fuckin Dracula.To the extent that hurry is possible, they are hurrying. Doc wants to get a look at Mouses leg Beezer wants to make sure that Kaiser Bill is still alive and all of the m want to get out of this place and back into normal air and sunlight. Their heads pound, and their muscles ache from strain. None of them can be sure that the dog-thing is not preparing for another charge.As they speak, Sonny has been picking up Mouses Fat Boy and rolling it toward its owner. Mouse takes the handles and pushes his machine forward, wincing as he goes. Beezer and Doc rescue their bikes, and six feet along Sonny pulls his upright out of a snarl of weeds.Beezer realizes that when he was at the curve in the road, he failed to look for Black House. He remembers Mouse saying, This shit doesnt want to be seen, and he thinks Mouse got it just about right the Fisherman did not want them there, and the Fisherman did not want his house to be seen. Everything else was spin around in his head the way his Electra Glide had spun over after that ugly voice spoke up in his mind. Beezer is certain of one thing, withal Jack Sawyer is not going to hold out on him any longer.Then a ter rible thought strikes him, and he asks, Did anything funny anything really strange happen to you guys before the dog from hell jumped out of the woods? Besides the physical stuff, I mean.He looks at Doc, and Doc blushes. Hello? Beezer thinks.Mouse says, Go fuck yourself. Im not gonna talk about that.Im with Mouse, Sonny says.I guess the answer is yes, Beezer says.Kaiser Bill is lying by the side of the road with his eyes closed and the front of his body wet with blood from mouth to waist. The air is still gray and sticky their bodies seem to weigh a thousand pounds, the bikes to roll on leaden wheels. Sonny walks his bike up beside the Kaisers supine body and kicks him, not all that gently, in the ribs.The Kaiser opens his eyes and groans. Fuck, Sonny, he says. You kicked me. His eyelids flutter, and he lifts his head off the ground and notices the blood soaking into his clothing. What happened? Am I shot?You conducted yourself like a hero, Sonny says. How do you feel?Lousy. Where was I hit?How am I supposed to know? Sonny says. Come on, were getting out of here.The others file past. Kaiser Bill manages to get to his feet and, after another epic struggle, hauls his bike upright beside him. He pushes it down the track after the others, marveling at the pain in his head and the quantity of blood on his body. When he comes out through the last of the trees and joins his friends on Highway 35, the sudden brightness stabs his eyes, his body feels light enough to float away, and he nearly passes out all over again. I dont think I did get shot, he says.No one pays any attention to the Kaiser. Doc is asking Mouse if he wants to go to the hospital.No hospital, man. Hospitals kill people.At least let me take a look at your leg.Fine, look.Doc kneels at the side of the road and tugs the cuff of Mouses jeans up to the bottom of his knee. He probes with surprisingly slender fingers, and Mouse winces.Mouse, he says, Ive never seen a dog bite like this before.Never saw a d og like that before, either.The Kaiser says, What dog?Theres something funny about this wound, Doc says. You need antibiotics, and you need them right away.Dont you have antibiotics?Sure, I do.Then lets go back to Beezers place, and you can stick me full of needles.Whatever you say, says Doc.

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Carrie Chapter Sixteen

Some of the fights puffed out. There was a dazzling flash somewhere as a go through power cord bash a puddle of water. There were dull thumps in her mind as circuit breakers went into hopeless operation. The boy who had been holding the mike stand leave out over on one of his amps and there was an explosion of purple sparks and and then the crepe bunting that slipd the stage was burning.Just below the thrones, a live 220-volt electricity cable was crackling on the floor and beside it Rhonda Simard was doing a crazed puppet dance in her green tulle formal. Its full skirt suddenly blazed into kindle and she fell forward, legato jerking.It might have been at that moment that Carrie went over the edge. She leaned against the doors, her heart pumping wildly, yet her body as cold as ice cubes. Her introduce was livid, retributive now dull red fever spots stood on each cheek. Her head throbbed thickly, and conscious thought was lost.She reeled away from the doors, still holding t hem shut, doing it without thought or plan. Inside the combust was brightening and she realized dimly that the mural must have caught on fire.She collapsed on the top step and put her head down on her knees, trying to slow her breathing. They were trying to get out the doors again, but she held them shut easilythat alone was no strain. Some obscure sense told her that a few were get out the fire doors, but let them. She would get them later. She would get all of them. Every last one.She went down the stairs slowly and out the face doors, still holding the gymnasium doors closed. It was easy. All you had to do was see them in your mind.The townsfolk whistle went off suddenly, making her scream and put her hands in front of her face(the whistle its just the fire whistle)for a moment. Her minds nitty-gritty lost sight of the gymnasium doors and some of them almost got out. No, no. Naughty. She slammed them shut again, catching somebodys fingers-it matte like Dale Norbert in the jamb and severing one of them.She requirean to reel across the lawn again, a scarecrow fig= with bulging eyes, toward Main Street. On her right was dowtown the department store, the Kelly Fruit, the beauty parlour and barbershop, petrol stations, police station, fire station(theyll put out my fire)But they wouldnt. She began to giggle and it was an insane sound triumphant, lost, victorious, terrified. She came to the first hydrant and tried to move around the huge painted lug nut on the side.(ohuh)It was heavy. It was very heavy. Metal twisted fight to balk here. Didnt matter.She twisted harder and felt it give. and so the other side. Then the top. Then she twisted all trey at once, standing back, and they unscrewed in a flash. Water exploded outward and upward, one of the lug nuts short five feet in front of her at suicidal speed, It hit the street, caromed high into the air, and was gone. Water gushed with white pres reliable in a cruciform pattern.Smiling, staggering, he r heart whacking at over two hundred per minute, she began to to walk down toward Grass Plaza. She was unaware that she was scrubbing her bloodied hands against her dress like Lady Macbeth, or that she was tearful even as she laughed, or that one hidden part of her mind was keening over her final and utter ruin.Bemuse she was loss to take them with her, and there was deprivation to be a great burning, until the land was full of its stink.She opened the hydrant at Grass Plaza, and then began to walk down to Teddys Amoco. It happened to be the first gas station she came to, but it was not the lastFrom the sworn testimony of Sheriff Otis Doyle, taken before The State Investigatory Board of Maine (from The White Commission Report), pp. 29-31Q. Sheriff, where were you on the night of May twentyseventh?A. I was on Route 179, known as Old Bentown Road, investigating an automobile accident. This was actually over the Chamberlain town line and into Durham, but I was assisting Mel Crager, who is the Durham constable.Q. When were you first informed that trouble had broken out at Ewen High School?A. I received a intercommunicate transmittance from Officer Jacob Plessy at 1021.Q. What was the nature of the radio call?A. Officer Plessy said there was trouble at the school, but he didnt know if it was in effect(p) or not. There was a lot of shouting going on, he said, and someone had pulled a couple of fire alarms. he said He was going over to try and determine the nature of the trouble.Q. Did he say the school was on fire?A. No, sir.Q. Did you ask him to cogitation back to you?A. I did.Q. Did Officer Plessy report back?A. No. He was killed in the subsequent explosion of Teddys Amoco gas station on the corner of Main and Summer.Q. When did you next have a radio communication concerning Chamberlain?A. At 1042. I was at that m returning to Chamberlain with a suspect in the back of my car a drunk driver. As I have said, the case was actually in Mel Cragers town, but Dur ham has no jail. When I got him to Chamberlain, we didnt have much of one, either.Q. What communication did you receive at 10.42?A. I got a call from the State police that had been relayed from the Motton Fire Department The State Police dispatcher said there was a fire and an apparent anarchy at Ewen High School, and a probable explosion. No one was sure of anything at that time. Remember, it all happened in a space of forty minutes.Q. We understand that Sheriff. What happened then?A. I drove back to Chamberlain with siren and flasher. I was trying to raise Jake Plessy and not having any luck. Thats when Tom Quillan came on and started to babble about the whole town going up in flames and no water.Q. Do you know what time that was?A. Yes, sir. I was keeping a record by then. It was 10.58.Q. Quillan, claims the Amoco station exploded at 1100.A. Id take the average, sir. Call it 1059.Q. At what time did you arrive in Chamberlain?A. At 11 10 P.M.Q. What was your immediate impression upon arriving, Sheriff Doyle?A. I was stunned. I couldnt believe what I was seeing.Q. What exactly were you seeing?A. The entire upper half of the towns railway line section was burning. The Amoco station was gone. Woolworths was nothing but a blazing frame. The fire had spread to three wooden store fronts next to that Duffys Bar and Grille, The Kelly Fruit Company, and the billiard parlour. The heat was ferocious. Sparks were flying on to the roofs of The Maitland Real Estate Agency and Doug Branns western sandwich Auto Store. Fire trucks were coming in, but they could do very little. Every fire hydrant on that side of the street was stripped. The only tracks doing any business at all were two old volunteer fire department pumpers from Westover. and about all they could do was wet the roofs of the surrounding buildings. And of course the high school. It was just gone. Of course its fairly isolated-nothing close enough to it to burn but my God, all those kids inside all those k ids Q. Did you meet Susan Snell upon entering town?A. Yes, sir. She flagged me down.Q. What time was this?A. Just as I entered 1112, no later.Q. What did she say?A. She was distraught. Shed been in a minor car accident skidding and she was barely making sense. She asked me if Tommy was dead. I asked her who Tommy was, but she didnt answer. She asked me if we had caught Carrie yet.Q. The Commission is passing interested in this part of your testimony, Sheriff Doyle.A. Yes, sir, I know that.Q. How did you respond to her question?A. Well, theres only one Carrie in town as far as I know, and thats Margaret Whites daughter. I asked her if Carrie had something to do with the fires. Miss Snell told me Carrie had done it. Those were her words. Carrie did it. Carrie did it. She said it twice.Q. Did she say anything else?A. Yes, sir. She said Theyve hurt Carrie for the last time.Q. Sheriff, are you sure she didnt say Weve hurt Carrie for the last time?A. I am quite sure.Q. Are you positiv e? One hundred per cent?A. Sir, the town was burning around our heads. IQ. Had she been drinking?A. I beg pardon?Q. Had she been drinking? You said she had been involved in a car smash.A. I believe I said a minor skidding accident.Q. And you cant be sure she didnt say we instead Of they?A. I guess she might have, butQ. What did Miss Snell do then?A. She burst into tears. I slapped her.Q. Why did you do that?A. She seemed hysterical.Q. Did she quiet at last?A. Yes, sir. She quieted down and got control of herself pretty well, in light of the fact that her boy friend was probably dead.Q. Did you interrogate her?A. Well, not the way youd interrogate a criminal, if thats what you mean. I asked her if she knew anything about what had happened. She repeated what she had already said, but in a calmer way. I asked her where she had been when the trouble began, and she told me that she had been at home.Q. Did you interrogate her further?A. No, sir.Q. Did she say anything else to you?A. Yes, sir. She asked me begged me to find Carrie White.Q. What was your reaction to that?A. I told her to go home.Q. Thank you, Sheriff Doyle.Vic Mooney lurched out of the shadows near the Bankers Trust drive-in office with a grin on his face. It was a huge and awful grin, a Cheshire cat grin, floating dreamily in the fireshot darkness like a trace memory of lunacy. His hair, carefully slicked down for this emcee duties, was now sticking up in a crows nest. Tiny drops of blood were branded across his forehead from some unremembered fall in his mad flight from the Spring Ball. One eye was swelled purple and screwed shut. He walked into Sheriff Doyles squad car, bounced back like a pool ball, and grinned in at the drunk driver dozing in the back, then he turned to Doyle, who had just finished with Sue Snell. The fire cast wavering shadows of light across everything, turning the world into the maroon tones of dried blood.As Doyle turned, Vic Mooney clutched him. He clutched Doyle as an am orous swam might clutch his lady in a hug dance. He clutched Doyle with both arms and squeezed him, all the while goggling upward into Doyles face with his great crazed grin.Vic- Doyle began.She pulled all the plugs, Vic said lightly,Pulled all the plugs and turned on the water and buzz, buzz, buzz.Vic-We cant let em. Oh no. NoNoNo. We cant. Carrie pulled all the plugs. Rhonda Simard burnt up. Oh Jeeeeeeeeeesuuuuuuuuusss-Doyle slapped him twice, calloused palm walkover flatly on the boys face. The scream died with shocking suddenness, but the grin remained, like an echo of evil. It was loose and terrible.What happened? Doyle said roughly. What happened at the school?Carrie, Vic Muttered. Carrie happened at the school. She. . .He trailed of and grinned at the ground.Doyle gave him three brisk shakes. Vics teeth clicked together like castanets.What about Carrie?Queen of the Prom, Vic muttered. They dumped blood on her and Tommy.What-It was 11 15. Tonys Citgo on Summer Street suddenly exploded with a great, coughing roar. The street went daylight that made them both stagger back against the police car and shield their eyes. A huge, oily cloud of fire climbed over the elms in Courthouse Park, lighting the duck pond and the Little League diamond in scarlet. Amid the hungry crackling roar that followed Doyle could hear glass and wood and hunks of gas-station cinderblock merry back to earth. A secondary explosion followed, making them wince again. He still couldnt get it straight(my town this is happening in my town)

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Media influence in Vietnam

Media influence in Vietnam BY jetports In the sasss the US was pushed Into a large scale Involve custodyt In the crisis in Vietnam. This crisis called for thousands of men to be called to duty for the greater good of democracy. While the war was taking place nearly 8,000 miles off the US shores, it was also unfolding in expect of the eyes of the US citizen on national television. For the first time in warfare, the outcome of what unfolded on television instead of what unfolded on the battlefield played a larger role in determining the victor than the opposing force.This is the first but in no way the last time that media ill make believe a determining effect on the outcome of the war. Many people question the true effect that the US media had on the outcome of the war because they dont visualise how much of the war the American public was truly seeing. As the war was beginning to unfold, the average American family was centered around the television. Families back home could beat in front of the TV at any time they desired and see a whole days worth of fighting.At the height of escalation, Robert Elegant served as foreign correspondent for Newsweek. War has always been beastly, but the Vietnam war was the first war exposed to television cameras and seen in rustically every home, often In Miming color. non surprisingly this close-up view of devastation and suffering, repeated daily, strengthened the growing desire for peacel. Through his own personal experience, Robert saw firsthand the effects of media on the war. By seeing this daily occurrence of media coverage, him and some others can agree that it is to blame for US defeat.At the beginning of the war United States reporters and correspondents set out on relaying American progress in Vietnam back to the homegrown. As the war continued, attempting to send good news home showed to be nearly Impossible. Even with the Increase of media coverage, the U. S. Reporters werent heretofore able to accomplish wha t they had originally set out to do in the first place, instead they practically diminished what little corroborate remained. If anything what they accomplished was the slender opposite of what they set out to do.As Robert Elegances corresponding continued, much of what he and other reporters captured stayed the same. The best of their reporting accurately conveyed the horror of war. The news that would reach the living retinue of Americans everywhere would be the news of passing and tragedy In the Jungles of Vietnam. In a time when President Johnson needed public support the most he lost it, thus creating a war on two fronts, one against the Vietnamese, and the other against his own people.With a war for public support beginning, President Johnson and many other prominent United States political figures were beginning to worry. Johnson knew that if he was to lose all of his public support then he would surely lose the war. George Moss, a professor at City college, has a much di fferent viewpoint on the effect of media. Moss believes that the media had no effect on the outcome, the main cause for the loss was distrust n Johnson. During the Et offensive, much of US public support declined. Many Americans had turned against the war and had distrusted Johnson long before Etal.Before the Et offensive had occurred, public support was earlier high but once the war had heightened in the late sasss Johnson had begin to see his lack of support. Moss theory that distrust In Johnson had caused the US defeat In Vietnam Is quickly which is simply the misinterpretation of facts and use of devastating footage. Wars have been badly reported in the past. Facts have been MIS-stated, and their interpretation has been biased. Emotions have been deliberately inflamed, and the reporters have ridden to fame on waves of misinterpretation.But never before war coming from the media, the loss of public support can be directly related to the coverage from reporters and correspondents . Many people whitethorn say that the reason that Vietnam was lost was because of poor military or political planning when entering Vietnam, without the media however the people would have never seen how much of a devastating impact these flaws caused. The United States lost the Vietnam War because flawed political and military strategic thinking had trapped it in a instant tie-up that would never have sustained popular support. This may have been the case, however without the coverage of the media citizens would have had no way of being informed of these flaws and public support may have never diminished because of it. At any given moment, a million images were available to the cameras lens. When Americans were able to see what was actually happening in Vietnam because of their half hearted politics and military strategy. You may be able to argue that the military and political set ups of the war were flawed but they will in the end trace back to being brought to light by media coverage.

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America and the World

The the Statesn power has been well-recognized in all parts of the military man. The series of state of war that be participated by the States namely World War II and the Cold War bring on given the image of a country which has power oer other countries. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has been the sole superpower in the world. Since then, the States has been part of almost all world(prenominal) gatherings and endeavors to bear on the concept of ball-shapedization making the world a single place for all the citizens of the world.During these times, America has been adequate to prove that their superpower is not still premised on their political capabilities but to a fault on unequivocal economic status. Being one of the First World Countries, America is really an economically well-off country. And it has turn out its economic supremacy in the global economy. In effect, most countries, especially those that are developing and underdevelop countries, are seeking support from the American government to pursue their own economic progress. In addition, the cosmetic surgery of the American culture has also break down one of the most controversial international issues in the certain global scenario.People from around the world are trying to be like their Hollywood idols. The McDonalds and the Coca-Cola syndrome are also affecting the mess from all over the world. In situation, the two are always present in almost all nation-states in the world (Sloan). These are honorable few of the things that promote the American culture. The popularity that America has since then and up to the present is undeniably a sign of how great its power is. However, other countries grasp this thing as a tactic or strategy of America to dominate the world.There are countries that do not patronize America. Therefore not all countries or people stick faith in American influence or power. They view the acts of America as ways to Americanize the world. They claim that America only wanted to expand and amplify its power all over the world such that it has been rattling active in particular international issues (Sloan). Nevertheless, as Alkman Granitsas said in his column in YaleGlobal Online, America has been, in fact, tuning out the world. This implies that America has been trying to move away from the global village.Instead America has just wanted to focus its dwellings on its domestic affairs. The first reason that is raised by Granitsas is that America has become conceited by the fact that almost one-third of the worlds population wants to get in their country. Secondly, America has realized that if almost all people in the world want to be in America, and more countries look upon America for economic assistance and other political purposes, then what is there in the outside of America that the Americans should pursue? If all wants to be in America then why should they take and go to other places in the world?As presented in the column of Granitsas, American schools, colleges, and university have a high rate of decline in terms of students who take up foreign languages courses. The record shows that Americans have started to become disinterested in going outside America. The perceived attitude of the Americans are indeed lawful in the sense that why should they aspire to make themselves proficient in foreign languages when in fact most of the people in the world want to be expert in speaking position? In addition, significant changes have been reported which demonstrate how America has started to decrease their interest in global issues.Their newspapers have minimized the inclusion of international or global news. Before, the front page of the American newspapers had 27 percent of international news. But as shown in the report, there is only 21 percent of international news that are being included in the front page of the American newspaper (Granitsas). It was only when the September 11 bombing that the American had faced once again the global village (Granitsas). Since then, the American government has been trying to fight against terrorism that tends to inflict disturbance in America and its people.It is now playing for the sake of its government and people and not for the whole world. It is doing its job for the sake of its government subsistence and for the safety of its people and not really to dominate the world. America, labeled as the New World, does not really want the world to kneel down before it. It does not really want to conquer the whole of the world. Its recent actions and policies are not really to gain more power and to rule the world but only to cheer the interest of the state and its people.The dilemma in this topic is directed towards the perceived dominance of the America over the last centuries in the international scene and the more current attitude of America of closing its melodic theme on global participation. Either the latter is true or the forme r is true is not substantiate yet. But it is true that both could make the global order complicated. Works Cited Granitsas, Alkman. Americans are Tuning bulge the World. 24 November 2005. YaleGlobal Online. 10 October 2007 . Sloan, Kim. A New World Englands First View of America. The University of North Carolina Press , 2007.