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Crafting and Executing Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Crafting and death penalty Strategy - Essay ExampleThe new CEO of the company formulated a strategical scheme as per the need of the time. He formulated that there was an immediate need for the introduction of some scheme that needed to refresh their market condition. For that, he incorporate the strategy of markets drifts existing electronic devices with revised and to a greater extent easy-to-handle in lesser space. He worked on the new corporate philosophy of recognizable products and simple design, that did not exist right then (Sebastian Desbidt, 2006). Pertaining to the successful and in time execution of strategic cookery, apple presently is the bench mark of excellent pocket electronics and a status symbol in electronic market, jumper cable to have dropped the word Computer from its name. Now, it widely operates with high sales, premium profits and big market administer as Apple Incorporation (Bread, 2011). Simply put, the strategic planning has helped Apple gain com petitive payoff in the market. It gains the company a road map to pay back its strategies and seethe future road. The plan predicts the representation to companys future, and where is it going over a event period of time and how is it going. As in the case of Apple, it is clearly evident that strategic plan is a management tool, which is for the management persons and business owners who naughtily aim for the business growth. Strategic planning is one of the very important components of business plan. A true business plan only lays out the purpose of the business, whereas strategic planning shows how it can be make successfully operational business plan sheds light on the fund seeking, strategic planning drafts prioritization of pecuniary needs and the effective sources to get them business plan focuses on planning human resource, whereas strategic planning breaks down the duties and responsibilities and works on smoothing the communication between all the levels of the organ ization and finally, business plan structures the ideas, whereas strategic planning draws direction to move from plan to action. 2. Anticipated explosive charge Statement for Apple Incorporation Apple Incorporations mission is to provide its customers with convenient to use, all applications centered one single and skilled user friendly electronic device that can even be easily used by the people who are not technology literate. We are constantly working on bringing in new and innovative technological devices that can add further ease and be suitable to be used for all ages. Our products meet the highest quality standards and come with high level usage assurance. Importance of Mission Statement Effective mission statements focus on the purpose of the formation of businesses. They highlight their fundamental and unusual purposes. It puts light on its unique formation and it proclaims the corporate purpose of the organization. Additionally, the mission statement tackles what a part icular firm intends to accomplish and guides the philosophical premises that guides their actions (Dermol, 2012). If once the mission statement has been successfully set, it becomes basis for construction other intended actions. For instance, the Apple Incorporations mission statement makes it clear that their primary causality is to focus on the production of user friendly devices. Once cleared, the company can easily define the line of its operations and it can make its way from the monotonous market approaches towards a single and outlined method

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Key Issues in Customer Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Key Issues in Customer Service - canvas ExampleApart from a point-by-point analysis, the research intends to warn the practitioner of the m both pitfall(a)s of customer service as hale as the rewards that exist for its correct implementation. In todays increasingly competitive transaction environment, seemingly few techniques help differentiate one firm from another. For years, the study of business has focused on the Four Ps Price, Place, Promotion, and Product however, as each and every firm has become acutely sure of the power to differentiate their products ground upon this rubric, it has become increasingly difficult to edge out the competition based on these factors. As such, companies and firms all over the world have turned to redefining and perfecting customer service as a expression to endear current customers as well as work to win over new ones because of superior attitudes, trends, ethics, and values related to customer service. This brief paper will analyze some what of the basic customer service tools that businesses/firms employ to boost their standing with their customers and a few examples of how each of these talent be employed in any given company. As is easily noticed by paseo into any of a handful of local retail stores in the United States, a greeting by a sales clerk or associate has become a standard practice. These are performed for a couple of reasons, the first and the most important reason being to instantly remind the customer that the uphold he or she sets foot into the retail outlet he or she is in an establishment that puts a focus on personal interaction and is willing and able to help the customer fulfill his or her take aims. Although this is a subliminal understanding, it has a powerful effect on shopping and buying habits, which has been verified through and through a number of marketing studies which analyzed it. Interestingly, a secondary reason for the smile/acknowledgment that customers hear when entering a store is that it has been determined that shoplifting rates are massively reduced when employees experience individuals whose intent might be less than honorable. Thieves usually want to be unnoticed, faceless, and non-recognizable entities. When they are greeted with a reliable day and a question concerning if they can be assisted in any way, they realize that they must(prenominal) respond to this question and that their face is more likely to be remembered should they decide to proceed with their shoplifting. Therefore, the most popular and easiest practice of customer service the greeting serves multiple purposes it increases sales and customer satisfaction, helps the customer verbalize any questions he or she may otherwise have not asked, and discourages would-be shoplifters. Many firms struggle with the way through which to make sure that the customers get what they are seeking. Some firms assume that a carefully displayed and well thought out store design will ensure pa inless customer navigation without the need to have employees answer any little questions the customers might have. Still others assume that the customers do not favour to do shopping undisturbed, and hover over the customers, asking continuously if they can assist them in determination something. Unfortunately, neither of these approaches utilizes the right mixture of technique and tact. While the customers may not want to figure it all out for themselves, they are equally disinterested in having an associate breathing down their necks as they are trying to make informed decisions as to which product they should purchase. In many ways, the latter approach a lot works to drive customers away as they become so frustrated by the hovering tactics of

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Marketing Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 15000 words

Marketing - oratory ExampleThe other section of the literature review concerns cosmetic companies, their practices regarding living organism testing, and the history of protests against these companies, which has led to the European Union instituting a marketing ban of companies who animal test and has also led large companies to plateful back their animal testing procedures, if not eliminate them altogether. The methodology section explains the different types of research qualitative, numerical and secondary and why secondary research was chosen. In the data analysis portion, the sales of six companies atomic number 18 examined, along with the results of a Google search on these companies. The Google search result determine if the overall roll for severally company is negative or arrogant, with regards to their animal testing practices. Then, the impact of the positive or negative buzz for each company is determined through the use of Facebook pages, and the fans of pages that are either negative or positive for each companys animal testing practices. ... On the one hand are the researchers, who song that the tests are necessary so that the cosmetics do not harm human skin or eye (Takamatsu, 2000, p. 129). On the other hand are the activists who claim that animals have the same slumps as humans to be free of pain and fear, and that the tests are unnecessarily cruel(Leslie &Sunstein, 2006, p. 3). Many citizenry undoubtedly fall into some grade of grey area between these positions, recognizing that what is done to animals in these laboratory settings is heinous and wrong, yet also realizing that the potential drop for humans to suffer permanent damage because of the cosmetics that they wear would also be heinous and wrong. Many people assume that there is a better alternative to animal testing, and, if there is not, one must be found. At any rate, when these types of tests began to be publicized, there was an outcry that prompted many cosmetic gi ants to fold and promise to apprehend animal testing(Nye, 2006, p. 1). This study seeks to understand the negative impact of cosmetic testing on these companies. The study will not just determine what the possible negative impact will be for the companies who continue to animal test, but will determine what has been the past negative impact for other companies who have animal tested. In general, the study will seek to quantify, in terms of dollars, cents and lost reputation, the damage done to cosmetic companies who were disgrace into stopping animal testing in the years past. Further, the attitude of consumers is another factor that will be quantified. Some of the literature indicates that having a positive social message is not necessarily enough for a company to capitalize they also must have a quality product at the right price(Li & Tang, 2010, p. 27). Might this

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Summery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Summery - Essay theoretical accountThe goal should be to retain human capital within the organization and this responsibility rests with the HR plane section by ensuring understanding and acceptance of the companys policies by its employees. A case study cited in the article describes the HR system of banking industry in the UK using data that was collected from a crabby bank over a period of three intervals. The study noted that owing to changes in applied science and increased competition a drastic change was widely observed in the HR division within the banking sector. The study noted that retaining employees is based more on their performance rather than their wellbeing. These trends soon feed to headcount reduction, even though the company target remained the same. With these changes there was a world(a) feeling that employee welfare was sidelined. When the bank later entered into a merger with another bank, it resulted in a series of changes within the HR departments, l eaving the employees with a greater sense of job insecurity, lack of training support for employees, which hindered promotion, a general feeling of dissatisfaction with regard to salaries, and decreased communication between the HR department and non-managerial staff. With mounting pressure on the staff to perform, and with a large number of their employees dissatisfied with their work, the HR department finally brought about changes in the work environment with the aim of retaining the workforce. But this effort was not highly successful among the employees as static most people felt that the HR did not care about career management and scarce very few were satisfied with the training and payments. Comparing the study data of the bank with that of other companies it was set up that it was still lacking in certain areas. Thus in conclusion, the articles voices that in addition to devising HR strategies, implementing them in a manner that

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Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry Assignment

Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry - Assignment ExampleAny bureau of hospitality industry such as theme parks, hotels regardless of its status and restaurants try to maximize the occur of visitors and the turnover of the business. Almost all businesses in this line use various avenues for increasing their business and sales. unrivalled of these waysiseWOM.The full form of eWOM is Electronic word of mtabooh and can be defined as the customer polish ups that are posted on Social Media as well as different websites. The market experts have studied the importance and relation of eWOM with existing and future paying customers and the relation between case ofeWOMand increase in sales volume.The main intermediates of eWOM include blogs, social media sites such as facebook, pintereste, Twitter and others. This medium also includes various popular travel websites where most of the people do their bookings, chat rooms and other user-generated websites in this field.It is a fact that the hospitality business in UK must pay attention to these online reviews, as most of the potential customers prefer to check the reviews before booking of the room in any UK Hotel (Melin-Gonzlez, Santiago, Bulchand- Gidumal,, Jacques and Gonzlez Lpez-Valcrcel, Beatriz (2013)). Due to this, the hospitality industry should keep thenegativereviews at minimum and positive reviews at the maximum. atomic number 53 way with which this can be done is to contact the person whohaspostednegativereviews and sort out the issue.These studies also consider some factors such as the role of volume and valence of eWOMforan increasein sales for future. The volume of reviews of any hotel affects the (RevPARrevenue per room.The valance refers to the ratio of positive review vs the negative review and hasa lot of effect over business of luxury hotels. The volume refers to the number of reviews posted on relevant websites, blogs and other social media (Melin-Gonzlez, Santiago, Bulchand- Gidumal,, J acques and Gonzlez Lpez-Valcrcel,

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Neighborhood walk report and ecological analysis using your six senses Case Study

Neighborhood walk report and bionomic analysis using your six senses - Case Study ExampleFor that reason, walking in our neighborhood at around 6 PM, on a Saturday afternoon, when people are reveal for fun with families, the environment is even-tempered very serene and quite peaceful regardless of the fact that Brooklyn is merely peerless borough of one of the largest metropolitan areas within the United States. We live in an area that has trey residential blocks closely make beside to one another with some other blocks built close by. They blocks are of the typical brick red food colouring with small balconies opening at the front. The windows have black square frames. All the blocks have around three floors and are well equipped with both stairs and lifts. There foolingly are dresses hanging in the balconies, or even at times, brooms or dusters hanging down the railing. The face of the last block in the row is somewhat decayed because of frequent rain probably combining the affects of not having been painted with the massive term impact of acid rain. At around this time, people are moving in and out of their blocks. There are very few cars in the front area since the parking lot is built towards the back of the building. Children are coming off the blocks, returning to their homes for dinner. Some small boys are sitting in the block entrances fixing their helmets, putting on their knee pads one was even seen fixing his hair in the motorbike side mirror. Some grownups, mostly dressed up casually are seen heading towards the marge for walk. As we walk out of the block, the serenity seems to slowly and gradually disappear from the surroundings. The mental tranquility and environmental serenity often gets interrupted as the cars move closer to our blocks. The most cited traffic nuisance is unremarkably created by a garbage truck driver who visits our neighborhood around this part of the day. He a great deal appears to me as if he is an angry and bilk man seemingly suffering from some type of congenital depression. At the same time, people in cars and cabs are seen looking occasionally to their watches. They must be getting late for home or other plans they must have sequenced for Saturday evening. If we walk closer to the cars with their glasses worn downwards, we hear people in different languages mostly in a thick accent of one form or another cursing the other drivers. The cab passengers are seen with equally aggressive and frustrated expressions. Sometimes they are even cursing their driver or quarrelling to drive faster. Some people open for cell phones or quickly glance at the screen as if reading the text or punching a rapid succession of buttons on the screen in order to type an urgent nub to someone. Certain of them make calls and talk loudly, sounding as if they are explaining or apologizing for being late. In this invade hassle, some people are at times seen very calm. In fact, there seems to be an occasional da ting couple. The men usually sit calmly on the driving seat, with shades on and smiles, along with a lady, sitting adjacent generally as equally happy. The Three Blocks in a language Some Local Eastern Residents The Famous Neighborhood Gang The library Close to our Blocks 2. Analytical key out of Neighborhood The people in the neighboring areas are very busy with their own lives. In the gone 10 years or so, many different cultures have arrived in this area. New York has always been a melting pot of different religions, races, and ethnicities

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College Admission Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

College Admission - Essay warningIn addition to Spanish, I would also like to learn languages such as German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Arabic.The reason why I am so interested in furthering my education at the Saint Louis University-Madrid Campus is that I cast to become a fully-licensed nurse practitioner in the future. My hard work ethic will hopefully help me to achieve my career goals I have been working since I was 14. Currently, I am studying in conjunction with working as a bartender for almost 60 hours per week. Aside from this, I help an autistic child in the mornings. The reason why I feel so compelled to do this is that I love to help hatful of all ages and backgrounds I am use uping joining the Peace Corps. My hobbies hold hiking, caving, and exploring. I do not feel in awe of new challenges because I see them as exciting and a chance for me to prove myself. I work best under pressure because I get a thrill of being able to overcome any obstacles that fall my w ay.I consider that learning is a life-long process, and is one that should not be taken lightly. There is never a term in our lives where we can claim to know it all. I prefer to be humble and open to anything that may improve my understanding about the world. My experiences with other cultures can help me to better understand how other groups of people think and

The Zulu Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Zulu finishing - Research Paper ExampleThe Zulu culture is part of the Bantu society that hails from the south-west part of Africa. The Zulu arrive been evidenced to be in existence long before the advent of the 17th century. The culture is maven of the major traditions of the South African region. The Zulu culture is intense and rich in tradition, and has been the focus of study to many schools of thought. The Zulu people intensely believe in triple major factors of life. These factors include the importance of women in the society, the reign of the ancestors, and the rituals of pass get along with. These three factors deeply explain the Zulu culture, and their contribution to the cultural aspects of the modern world. To the Zulu, a womans guidance of life is completely different from that of the men. The womans special life starts right from birth and stop at death. The newly born girl child is washed only with warm water only, until she attains three months of age. Fema le toddlers, according to the Zulu culture, are handled very gently, and with abundant love, affection, patience, and gentleness. In addition, the culture demands that the girl baby is dominant to any other thing or task. When she attains about 1 year of age, and can finally go unaided, she is sung to by a circle of women dancers, while the elderly women clap for her. After reaching the age of three years, the women prick her ears to make six openings in her right ear, and seven in her left 1 (Patrick, 2008). During her child years, she is mandated to play two roles, both as a daughter, and as a sister.

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Field Experience report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Field Experience report - subsidization ExampleVisiting Smithsonian Air and spot Museum may be a profitable affair to aim boys and girls of different grades and in the process of studying a large number of subjects.In present long time Smithsonian Air and Space Museum preserves a big number of showpieces, what have been mentioned above. To the quantity of these artifacts we may hang in historic aircraft and space artifacts and also engines, rockets, uniforms, spacesuits, balloons, artwork, documents, manuscripts, and photographs (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, 2014). Any child while observing much(prenominal) variety of showpieces intended to visit this place one more time.It should be admitted that visiting Smithsonian Air and Space Museum will be rather useful and curious for the High School children that acquire the 8 layer in their schools. The matter is that pupils have 13-14 years old in that time, and in such case they be able to percept the information and represen ted artifacts in serious dimension. Museum under investigation introduce artifacts that take in serious information, and smaller children may not understand all significance of presented ideas. It is the fact that cannot be claimed closely pupils of the 8 Grade, as at that time they make first steps on the road of expectant life. That is why my position represents the concept that visiting such serious place will be provoke and useful for High School children.The subject that is chosen is considered to be History. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum contains artifacts and documents that may appropriate a helping hand for students in the space of historical evidences. This museum represents the collection of rare and historically square aircraft and spacecrafts that may seem to be useful and relevant materials for students who are interested in the history of ground forces (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, 2014). Moreover, for those students who

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Finding common ground Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Finding common ground - turn out ExampleBoth its proponents and opponents are very vocal about their respective points of view. Some headway has been do as regards this issue within specific states in America. However, the jury is still out on true contentious issues regarding this matter. These include matters such as who has the right to define what a marriage is, should a hazard decide on such matters, or should this ratiocination be left to the public through a popular vote.In the Newsweek member by Anna Quindlen, the author starts by recognizing the significance of the ruling in lovely v. Virginia which stated that interracial marriages were not illegal as had earlier been rule. Before this, it was considered a crime to be party to interracial marriage and Mr. Richard Loving and his wife Mildred Jeter were accused of miscegenation (Quindlen, 1). The Supreme Court ruled that marriage is one of the basic civil rights of man and cannot be denied on the basis of race. In thi s article the author who is a proponent of homogeneous sex marriage argues that in most cases the decision against same sex marriage are influenced by the financial factor and in most cases religion is barely used as a scapegoat for the rejection of same sex rights(Quindlen, 2). The author argues that by continuing to disavow to legally recognize unions between individuals of the same sex, there are benefits that are being forgone such as the ability of these couples to adopt children and give them a better chance of advancing in life. The author withal scoffs the notion that allowing homosexuals to adopt children will distort the image of marriage in the eyes of these children, arguing that heterosexuals pay back already done this on their own without much help from the gay community (Quindlen, 4).In the blurb article titled Interracial Marriage Slippery Slope? By La Shawn Barber, the author argues that the decision in Loving v Virginia was totally justified and cannot be com pared to gays demanding for the right to marriage (La

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Digital Media Report on Management of Innovation Essay

Digital Media Report on Management of Innovation - Essay showcaseThe company is co-owned by Amargi Investments and UK Safety Company with the former owning 90%, while the latter being in possession of the remaining shargon. The initial idea was first developed at the end of course of instruction 2002 by Leigh Dowie, while in Woodsides LNG IV Project. Being an engineer and experiencing complications in keeping the workplace throw free, he saw it as an opportunity to improve on the existing safety systems. In 2003, investigate was started on the existing safety systems and the problems realized in the systems prompted the embracing of technology in raw designs of the hostage systems. Leigh Dowie went on to design new safety systems, carrying out the planning excellently and executing IP strategy, which entrust be explained in details in the subsequent sections. In 2005, with the design ready, Dowie approached the authorities in order of magnitude to be handed a liberty and did promotion on the first prototype that was released in the descent of the year. Comprehensive prototyping then followed in the year 2006 with the final design being achieved in the following year. Additionally, license negotiation was carried out in 2007. Lots of efforts were put into the design in 2008 and 2009 with Dowie achieving to establish a license, test production being run and also validation testing being done and completed. In the year 2010 early commercials trials were done on the design and the design acquired standard certification in the kindred year. The systems were flat ready for the market by 2011 and commenced first distributor gross revenue with Exclusive Rights being cancelled the same year. In 2012 the company has now focused on raising the capital and initiating distributor networks and direct sales Establishing an environment for innovation IP Strategies IP is the abbreviation of Intellectual Property redresss, which are the rights accorded to an invent or of a design by the government so as to subjugate exploitation of the inventor and also avoid a situation in which someone else would use the design without consent from the design owner1. There are different kinds of IP rights, which chiefly depend on the kind of property being granted the right of ownership. In cases where a new design is developed or an existing design modified a patent is given to the inventor to prevent his/her work from being used by others without the inventor benefitting2. The surgical process of maturing and sustaining an efficient IP strategy is quite cumbersome, but is rattling necessary before a new product is taken to the market for sales. In order to mature an IP strategy the following locomote are used as guidelines study more on the IP strategies, find more intimately the freedom acquired when using IP strategies, approach relevant authorities and lastly develop an inclusive IP strategy and operation plan Leigh being so much aware of the risk his innovation face up developed a competitive IP strategy making a very smart move, which should be emulated by other innovators. He patented his design of the two independent spools joined by a locking mechanism hence put on clear line between his invention and those that preceded his design. naked as a jaybird Zealand, Canada and Australia all granted him safeguard for his invention from parties, which could take advantage and use the design for personal interests. Managing organisational knowledge and innovation strategies Leign is very innovative and creative, which is evident in him coming up with a very good design of a safety system

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GENETICS ASSISGNMENT (GENOGRAM) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

GENETICS ASSISGNMENT (GENOGRAM) - Essay ExampleBelow is a three-generation genogram demo age, death, marriage, illness, abuses, and divorce status of the family.Genes, made of DNA bases, are the blueprint of inheritance (Skirton et al., 2005). Each individual has thousands of genes, with separately individual inheriting a replica of the gene from their parents. The organization of genes is along string-like edifices called chromosomes and each individual receives 2-sets of 23 chromosomes one from their father and one from their mother (Tranin & Jenkins, 2003). Apparently, John has transmittable the alcoholic habit from his father and Lois has inherited asthma from her father who had it as a recessive trait that developed from Lois paternal grandmother. A well-rounded DNA screening can be done to ascertain the exact level of alcoholism in John and maneuver on techniques of circumventing further alcoholism in the family (Jenkins & Lea, 2005).Additionally, John, Lois, and Rick can b e subjected to uncomplaining education program where John will be taught on how to avoid alcohol, Lois on how to handle her wheezing condition, and Rick on how to avoid becoming alcoholic or ascertain whether he is likely to be alcoholic in the future. John and Lois should learn on how to manage their situations rather than blaming their families for their medical conditions. However, it is ostensible that if the randomness generation (father in particular) had been subjected into programs that would enable them to effectively handle his conditions, the risks of asthma and alcoholism would have significantly been reduced in the ternion generation.Additionally, genetic testing for innate genetic variants should be performed to determine genetic risks for the third generations (Rick, Lois and John) progeny, diagnose the symptoms in John and Lois, and shed light on the appropriate treatment for John and Loiss condition. Gene products, DNA, or chromosomes

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Weekly Discussionborad6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Weekly Discussionborad6 - Assignment ExampleIt is however observable that the elders avoided talking on matters of sexuality. This was mostly because they did not want the teenagers to ask questions that dwelled further into the matter (Kara 7). This however has consequences because the children set about to explore on their own hence face consequences at the end. The director brings this out by demonstrate how Moritz is disturbed by the dream he has been having at night (Kara 8). For the teenagers to understand what they ar facing, Melchior is in the blowout to make things easier for them. He is very knowledgeable from the books he has read and therefore tells them about the puberty changes they are experiencing. Martha who faces sexual abuses from her father decides to tell her friends about her ordeal. She however tells them not to tell anyone because even her mother cares less(prenominal) about her. This shows the position of the female gender in the society, they girl child is neglected and the father does as he pleases. Wendla then seeks to find out what her friend goes through when her father abuses her. In one suit where she meets Melchior, her costumes look very appealing and after talking about the time when they kissed, they end up having sex. This makes her secure pregnant and all relates to her ignorance. This is because her mother lied to her about where children came from. Her mother then tells her to have an abortion and she dies in the process (Kara 8).This shows that it was against the customs for young girls to get pregnant and her mother was afraid of what people will say.The popular setting made me have a personal touch with the play because it looked so real. The background of the playing area had black backdrops that seem to illustrate the sad happenings in the society. Such ordeals are like the death of Wendla as well as Moritz. Wendla dies due to abortion whereas Moritz shoots himself (Veit). The songs that they sung as the pla y unfolded related closely to what was

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American involvement in World War I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

American involvement in sphere War I - Essay Example1880 witnessed a wave of labor organization and at the inwardness was the Knights of labor which was the initial group to manage unskilled together with skilled workers, women and men. The group witnessed a coarse number of workers in 1886 in strike, boycotts, political action and educational as well as kind activities. In this period, labor reformers put forth a wide array of programs that included eight-hour day, public employment, cash reform, socialism and creation of vague cooperative commonwealth (Foner 667). All the ideas were brought by the conviction at the date that social conditions required drastic change hence the labor movement launched sustained assault base on the understanding of freedom and liberty of contract. Therefore, the remedy was to incorporate republican principles into the industrial system by assuring a basic set of economic rights to all Americans (Foner 667). After the civil war, the president at the time Lincoln signed the emancipation resolve that liberated some of the slaves at the time deep down the presidents authority. Although, the documented did not apply in loyal border slave states, the proclamation set off euphoria among the free slaves and abolitionists from the north and slaves in the south. Hence, the war that aimed at preserving the union resulted in abolition of slavery under government authorization (Foner 551). After the end of the civil war the united States became a new nation because for the first time the nation was wholly free after the demise of slavery (Foner 587). Instead of land distribution, reconstruction governments pinned their hopes in southern economic growth... American involvement in World War I The war appeared to develop the new nationalist nation that Roosevelt together with another(prenominal) progressives preferred (Foner 780). Abuse of civil liberties in early 1920 was severe that the events dealt a devastating setback to subje ct and labor organizations of every kind and initialized intense identification of patriotic Americanism with support of political and economic stead quo (Foner 803). The 1920s witnessed profound social tensions between rural and urban Americans participants in the burgeoning consumer culture and individuals who did not share the prevailing prosperity. In this period, conservatism dominated both the political system and consumerism because Americans seemed to dress alike and adore same larger than-life celebrities (Foner 819). The 1932 depression saw the countrys economy hit rock layer resulting high unemployment, few working hours and drastically low wages an indication that the not only did the industrial economy suffer, but the nation that led the prosperity in 1920s. The depression changed American life because it change by reversal the long-standing movement of individuals from farms to cities (Foner 850). Moreover, the long-standing division between the competing concepti ons of woman freedom crystallized in the debate regarding Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) because womanly liberation resurfaced as a lifestyle, stuff of advertising, devoid of connections to political and economic radicalism (Foner 826-827).

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Corporate Social Responsibility spread abroad - Essay ExampleThe effectiveness of the classical model of self-regulation is of particular concern in this paper.The Classical mannequin of corporate responsibility argues that general interests of society can be met by different organizations, each of which plays a distinct role in the system (Okpara, & Idowu, 2013). The basic role of corporate bodies should, therefore, revolve around scotch issues rather than social development. Rahim and Alam (2014) noted that the primary objective of the business entity should be to make the highest join of profit, which a great deal propels executives to act in the best interest of their company sh beholders, provided their actions are within the law.The basis of this concept is methodological individualism (Crane, & Matten, 2010). The belief implies that the entity is the most important asset in the system. Habisch (2005) noted that such parties pursue ship canal in which they can best meet th eir own interests and act logically to increase self-satisfaction. The classical possibleness requires that if a corporate body X has $10, 000 and it is badly in need of raw materials that would cost fractional the money to make a product for a period of one month, it would exchange $5,000 for the material. This implies that there are no grounds for the company to spend the entire money on the raw materials when half of the amount would meet the current demand. Such strategy makes the company and its shareholders happy, considering that they would easily access the remainder of the money and benefit from the profits made through the reasoned expenditure.According to Blowfield and Murray (2014), the invisible hand of parties working together in an environment where each party stands to gain mutually satisfying exchanges creates the platform for the most sustainable frugal system. As such, the classical theory requires that a corporate body that is keen on fulfilling its utilitari an institutional obligations to society

There are two questions. I need to analyze and give my opinion Research Paper

There are two questions. I need to analyze and give my perspective - Research Paper ExampleEconomic conjecture covers the four major fields of human lodge i.e. consumption together with aggregation, ho economic consumptionhold production and the choices concerning investments to be made over the time, uncertainties, the deflect of competitive balance wheel over crime, social interactions, economic growth, etc. and lastly the imperfect competitions like monopoly (Becker). Economic theory has a great significance in forming a sound social order. There is nothing eccentric and nameless about its place in the social life of humans. Rather it is highly applic adapted and provides solutions to many problems(Wellington 384-388). Considering the disposed(p) scenario in the light of economic theory, the basic commonalty that I have identifiedis that they both are the number of consumption and aggregation issues on the micro economic level. In both the situations Sam goo has utilise the victim.However, in the first scenario he has used the usual criminal tactics of robbing and therefore he got trap by the police but in the other situation he used the political influence so as to get hold of his hidden motives. As stated in the economic theory the constitutional force behind the criminal activities is the competitive equilibrium which indicates that the fluctuation in the market prices of essentially required commodities effected the overall consumption of Sam droppings.This enabled him to indulge into such criminal acts while on the other hand his social interactions withpoliticians helped him to achieve his evil desires. In the second situation he benefitted from the despicable political structure prevailing in the country. He just simply became a loyal ace of the politician who then imposed revenue over the victim so as to get $50 from him which was eventually given to Sam Slime.Research indicates that in a consumer-capitalist society prevalence of just ice is comparatively tough than other social systems. Irremediable acts such as the one committed by Sam Slime are a consequence of conventional economic theory and overall unethical practices(Trainer 7-23). Stealing property using any means is not only a criminal activity rather it is alike a highly unethical conduct. However, when such an act is committed using the laws and political influence than it causes great damage which is the most significant difference in both the situation. In the first case, Sam Slime robbed $50 though it was the only amount left with the victim.Yet it was not that detrimental for him as he was able to save his life by giving the money.But in the second case when he refused to pay the tax so as to play along safe his $50, he was caught up by the police and was convicted for law colza although his act was completely justified. This indicated that theft done on the national level or through the use of political influence as in the given scenario pro duces much more detrimental consequences. Is stealingthrough the political execute any less chastely reprehensible thanstealing done someonely? Ethics are the fundamental driving forces of human life whose absence might lead to irreparable consequences not only for the individual but also for the people around him. Ethics are responsible for the rational humanactivities and also to keep humans far away from offense (Bruno). Stealing is yet another criminal act which is condemned legally, morally and socially. However when it is correlated with the political process then it is slightly difficult to analyze its moral status. In

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Evaluation of a Gas Constant (Experiment 3) Essay Example for Free

Evaluation of a Gas ceaseless (Experiment 3) EssayExperiment 3 Evaluation of Gas ConstantPurposeThe purpose of this laboratory is to border the ideal gas law under ordinary conditions. In this lab, the variables in the ideal gas law are known or can be found aside from the continuous R. Thus, the R determine can be found and relatively determine the relevancy of the ideal gas law to the lab conditions. The ideal gas law was tested using the reactionMg (s) + 2HCl2 (aq) H2 (g)Procedure1. Ribbons of magnesium (5) were amputate to the approximate length of the teachers example and were weighed separately on scale 1. 2. HCl provided by the instructor was added to a eudiometer tube (8mL). The rest of the tube was filled with water. One of the magnesium tapes was wrapped around a piece of copper wire in the opening of the tube. 3. The eudiometer tube was then inverted over and into a 450 mL beaker with water. The initial slew was recorded. 4. While the reaction occurred, the te mperature was taken at 1 minute intervals for 3 minutes. 5. After the reaction occurred, the height difference from the solution within the eudiometer tube and the top of the liquid volume in the beaker was recorded. The final volume was also recorded.Summary TableMean of R= .0737Standard disagreement= .0298 relation Standard Deviation= 40.46%Summary TableMean of R= .0737Standard Deviation= .0298Relative Standard Deviation= 40.46%DiscussionThis lab was supposed to generate numbers close to the R constant by plugging in the values acquired in reaction Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid reaction. (The reaction results in H2 gas.) The base acquired from our data set was .0737 L-ATM/mol-K as opposed to the actual constant .08206 L-ATM/mol-K. The constant we acquired was much lower in value, potentially due to the outlier in our data set Trial Four. Trial Four resulted in the R value .0205 ATM-L/K-mol which skewed our relative mean, hackneyed deviation and relative standard deviation. By removing the quaternate outpouring from the data set, the new mean is .08705 L-ATM/mol-K, a closer but slightly higher R value. The standard deviation would be .00236 and the relative standard deviation would be 2.71%. These values have more preciseness than the 40.46% relative standard deviation and .0298 standard deviation acquired in the entire data set. I accept there must have been an error in the methodology to produce the outlier result in the fourth trial. Too much liquid could have been spilled during the process or perhaps the magnesium did not fully react because it was so tightly bound around the copper. The error in this lab could range from those listed supra and inaccurate measurements.

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The Seduction Of Unreason Essay Example for Free

The Seduction Of Unreason EssayPostmodernism suffers many critics, some arguing for its tariff in practically destroying the study of literature in America and Europe with a Leftist bent. Richard Wolin, professor of history and comparative literature at the City University of New York, disagrees and his own critique is that Postmodernisms launching fathers were fascinated almost obsessed with the far-Right fascism of 1920s and 1930s. Wolpin demonstrates in his book that basic tenants of postmodernist design considered politically Leftist in origin, come actually from the ultraconservative far-Right. At the same time, he does not consider Postmodernism a serious threat to literary study or societyConservatives hold postmodernists responsible for the latter-day decline of the West, accusing them of promoting relativism by undermining the traditional concepts of reason and truth. But they seriously overestimate postmodernisms impact and influence, which hashappilylargely bee n confined to the isolated and bloodless corridors of academe ( Wolin 2004, 313).However, he states that postmodernist estimate is a celebration of heterogeneity and radical difference risks abetting the neotribalist ethos that threatens to turn the post-communist populace order into a aggregate of warring, fratricidal ethnicities (Ibid.). In this, he believes these identities and related demand for political correctness will replace reason, to the detriment of society.Wolpin considers a few select thinkers, namely Bataille, Blanchard, and Jung comparing their ideologies to those of Heidegger, Nietzsche and a few others. He claims that the similarities between the two camps argon not coincidence and in fact, these philosophers are all conservatives. Bataille, Blanchard, Jung, and their followers simply repeated the antidemocratic ideals and reactionary teachings of Nietzsche and Heidegger to varying degrees.Many Leftists rejected French Enlightenment ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Postmodernist thought is currently dominant in academia, the media, literature, and world politics. Rejection of power in Postmodernism seems to be a distrust of politics in general and this rejection attempts to hide deep down a sense of special identities and political correctness. For example, European neo-fascism once spoke of white supremacy, but straightway promotes national and ethnic identities, or multiculturalism.Wolin shows that the current ideal of multiculturalism is merely political and anti-democratic. He sees associated secularism as example decay and societal downfall in a grand conspiracy of thought tracing hold up to the enemies of the French Enlightenment who felt reason and critical inquiry to be evil. Replacing a persuasion in reason and progress, there is now a Leftist obsession with political correctness and a cult of identity in cultural factions. In The Seduction of Unreason, Wolpin successfully demonstrates the seductive but patent an d radical element of thought that spurs the rejection of reason in Postmodernism, and it is fascism.ReferencesWolin, Richard. 2004. The Seduction of Unreason The Intellectual Romance With Fascism From Nietzsche to Postmodernism. Princeton University Press.

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Eukaryotic organelles Essay Example for Free

eucaryotic organelles EssayEukaryotic organelles Living things remove evolved into three categories of closely related organisms, called domains Archaea, B exerciseeria, and Eukaryota. Life as we see it each day including plants and animals belongs to the third domain, Eukaryota. Eukaryotic cubicles argon a more than Byzantine opposed to prokaryotes (simpler based cadres), and the desoxyribonucleic acid is linear and appoint inside a nucleus. Organelles argon small structures within cellular phones that perform specialized functions. They are found within the cytol (a semiliquid substance that composes the foundation of a cell) Just as the name indicates, you can think of organelles as small organs. There are a dozen different types of organelles commonly found in eukaryotic cells. Some structures of organelles are membrane jumpstart. The Plasma Membrane is a membrane boundary of a cell, and sorts cell jinx and is the turn outermost cell surface. It separates the cell from the external environment. The plasma membrane is made mostly of proteins and lipids, especially phospholipids. The lipids occur in deuce layers (a bilayer). Proteins embedded in the bilayer appear to float within the lipid, so the membrane is constantly in flux.The membrane is therefore referred to as a liquified mosaic structure. Within the fluid mosaic structure, proteins carry out most of the membranes functions (prokaryote and eukaryote cell structure, 2000. ). The nucleus of eukaryotic cells is composed primarily of protein and deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. The DNA is organized into linear units called chromosomes. Functional segments of the chromosomes are referred to as genes. Approximately 100,000 genes are hardened in the nucleus of all human cells. Within the nucleus are two or more dense organelles referred to as nucleoli.In nucleoli, submicroscopic particles known as ribosomes are put together before their public life out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is an organelle that is a series of membranes extending throughout the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. In some places, the ER is studded with submicroscopic bodies called ribosomes. The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) consists of two types the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the static endoplasmic reticulum. This type of ER is referred to as rough ER. In other places, there are no ribosomes.This type of ER is called smooth ER. The ER is the site of protein synthesis in a cell. Within the ribosomes, amino acids are actually bound together to form proteins. We can take a look at a nonher organelle called the Golgi system (also called the Golgi apparatus). The Golgi body is a series of flattened sacs, usually curled at the edges. In the Golgi body, the cells proteins and lipids are treat and packaged before being sent to their final destination (prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure, 2000. ). Lysosomes and vacuoles are membranous sacs.The lysosome is derived from the Golgi body. It is a drop like sac of enzymes in the cytoplasm. These enzymes are apply for digestion within the cell. They break blast particles of food taken into the cell and make the products available for use. In other words break mastered old worn-out cell parts within the cell. Vacuoles Eukaryotic cells have their own internal reason plant, called mitochondria. Mitochondria are organelles in eukaryotic cells where cellular respiration takes place. Mitochondria collar a short loop of DNA that is distinct from the DNA contained in the cells nucleus.These tiny organelles in the cell not only perplex chemical substance energy, but also hold the key to understanding the phylogeny of the eukaryotic cell. The mitochondria play a aboriginal role in making chemical energy available to the cell. Cells which require and expend a divide of energy typically have a lot of mitochondria (Muscle cells). Plastids are major organelles found in the cells of plants and al gae. They are the site of manufacture and storage of important chemical compounds used by the cell. Plastids often contain pigments used in photosynthesis and the types of pigments present can change or determine the cells color.They possess a double-stranded DNA molecule, which is circular. Microbodies are Membrane-bound organelle sacs that contain enzymes that manage many different metabolic reactions. One type of micro body, the peroxisome, regulates the revolution of fats to carbohydrates. Peroxisomes in the liver and kidney cells could also show important in the detoxifying of certain compounds such as grain alcohol in alcoholic beverages. Peroxisomes occur in both plant and animal cells. Organelles, which generally do not contain membranes, are ribosomes, cytoskeletal structures, centrioles, cilia, and flagella.Centrioles are small cylindrical-shaped structures that are found just outside of the nucleus. Their purpose is to produce microtubules that help move chromosomes duri ng cell division. The cytoskeleton gives strength and flexibility to the cell. It consists of four major components microfilaments, intermediate filaments, thick filaments, and microtubules. separately of these four components provides different functions related to the overall purpose of the cytoskeleton. Cilia, tiny hair-like structures are numerous and are found on the surface of the cell.Their purpose is to move fluids or solids across the cell membrane. The trachea and bronchi are run along with cilia to move mucous that is secreted by the cells lining the trachea up to the pharynx (throat) where the mucous is either coughed up or swallowed. A flagellum is a long hair-like structure that performs a whip-like movement. The male sperm cell is the only cell in humans that contains a flagellum, which helps the sperm cell swim up the womanish oviduct. Ribosomes are small granular structures that are either attached to the endoplasmic reticulum or are free, float in the cytoplasm .Proteins are produced on the surface of ribosomes (Unknown, 2012. ). Every part of the cell has a function. Membranes are immanent to the organization of living processes within cells because they separate the cell from the outside world. They also separate compartments inside the cell to protect the important processes and events that occur. Cellular membranes have many functions in the different regions and organelles of a cell. All membranes contain proteins and lipid. However, the amount of each may vary depending on the membrane. Cell membranes are made up of two layers of phospholipids.Phospholipids have hydrophilic (water-loving) heads and hydrophobic (water-repelling) white tie and tails. Water exists on both the exterior and interior sides of the membrane. The hydrophobic tails hide behind the hydrophilic heads on both sides of the membrane, forming a non-rigid boundary around the inside of the cell. This non-rigid membrane is held in its shape by microfilaments (thin an d solid tubes composed of protein) of cytoskeleton (Membrane structure and function, 2009. ). Proteins determine most of the membranes functions. One protein can have several functions.Integral proteins those that penetrate through the phospholipid bilayer regulate what comes in and out of a cell. Peripheral proteins are like appendages bound to the surface of the membrane. Peripheral proteins can also act as enzymes and transporters, but they only interact with different parts within the same cell. They help transport small hydrophobic molecules, toxins, and antimicrobial peptides. A cell membrane is a great example of a super molecular structure, where many molecules are ordered into a higher level of organization with rising properties beyond those of the individual molecules (Membrane structure and function, 2009.).As every part of the eukaryotic cell works together to perform a task and function it seems apparent that without the team work of these components, the world woul d lack mammals, birds, invertebrates, fish, plants, fungi, and complex single celled organisms. The capabilities of long term functionalities are in conjunction with the growth stemming from this wondrous cell called a eukaryote, a milestone in the evolution of life. of the eukaryotic cell was a milestone in the evolution of life.

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Charles Dickens and Curleys Wife Essay Example for Free

Charles demon and Curleys Wife EssayA comparison of Nancy from Oliver gubbins by Charles Dickens and Curleys Wife from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. In the devil deems both characters erect be comp ard with each rough other exactly in legion(predicate) ways they are different in looks, language and personality, but the agreements for which the authors created them is much the same. I believe that Steinbeck created Curleys wife, so that the lector feels sorry for her because most of the other characters in the book try to stay clear of her and do not get to know her, and in a sense, judge her by the way she dresses. On the other hand Steinbeck is trying to express to the reader that looks do not count for everything. The main basis for Curleys wifes creation in my personal opinion is because on the whole(a) of the characters in the book are misfits for example Lennie is not clever and acts like a child when he is with George by the riverbank and threatens to le ave because George becomes annoyed with him. Also Crooks the Negro is crippled and cannot move very well, but in his own way he is special and well educated.In the same way Dickens creates Nancy as the type of character that the reader feels sorry for but at the same time institutionalise her for the mistakes she has made, such as running away from Bill Sikes but returning to him because she chicanes him and cannot bring herself to leave. As the book progresses the reader begins to gain more respect for Nancy but I believe that there is a background for Nancys death, which is brought well-nigh by Oliver and this, is that doing the right thing does not always mean that it is not dangerous to yourself.The two characters have different opinions on their partners and are not treated in the same way, but incomplete of them is happy with her life. Curleys wife is unhappy with her life and this is most likely because Curly is over possessive of her and all he ever talks nigh is fight ing which makes her a little scared of what he may do to her if he is in a mood. She is always flirting with other men on the spreading like when she is al matchless with Lennie she says, What you got there sonny boy. We are also given the impression that she is a prostitute by the way Steinbeck describes what she wears, She wore her bright cotton dress and the mules with red ostrich feathers. Her face was made up and the little sausage curls were all in place. Curleys wife married Curley to get back at her find after her dreams had been broken because the letter, which she had been promised from Hollywood never, arrived. On the other hand the only reason Curley married her was for his theme and we know that he is vein due to the way he keeps one hand in a glove in order to keep it soft for her.Curley is also worried about what she may be up to when he is absent and therefore is always snooping around after her, which makes his wife feel trapped. Nancy in much the same way is n ot loved either but she does really care about Bill Sikes. Unlike Curleys wife, Nancy is assaulted by Bill on many different occasions and is eventually killed by him. The main difference between the two characters is that Sikes is not overprotective of Nancy in the same way Curley is and impart let her go out as long as he knows where she is going, the reason for this is that Sikes knows that Nancy is loyal to him.When Nancy meets up with Rose and helps to save Oliver she also offers Nancy a new start but the offer is declined because Nancy does not expect to leave Bill Sikes and she says, The main contrast between the two characters is that Nancy loves Bill, but Curleys wife does not love her husband but she cannot leave him because she lives on the ranch and has no other place to stay. The characters partners opinions compare because neither of them really care for their lover.Sikes treats Nancy like a punch bag and she is scared of Curley because he has hit many other people a nd she is suspense waiting to see if he will lash out at her. In Of Mice and Men Curleys wife is known to some of the other characters such as Crooks, George and Candy as a tart or a bitch and a good example of this is when she walks into the bunkhouse and George says, Jesus what a tramp, so thats what Curly picked for a wife. As George is saying this Lennie is admiringly staring at her saying Shes purty in response to Georges insult.Most of the men on the ranch try to stay clear of her and George warns Lennie about her too, beware to me you crazy bastard, dont you even take a look at that bitch. I dont care what she says and what she does. I seen em poison before, but I never seen no piece of jailbait worse than her. You leave her be. Lennie refuses not to attend and ends up not taking any real notice of what George has says to him. Oliver respects Nancy, like Lennie is fond of Curleys wife and both of them seem to have child like qualities that judge the characters for who th ey are and not how they dress or look.In the same way as Curleys wife is despised by the ranch workers, Nancy is looked down on by the upper class people of the nineteenth century. The main reason the upper class residents do not respect Nancy is because she is a prostitute and in the time of Dickens this occupation was the ruggedest of the low for a woman. When Nancy goes to visit Rose, who is the adopted daughter of the women whose house Oliver broke in to, she is looked down on by the servants and thrown out of the hotel because of the way she looks.Come said the man taking her to the door, None of this, take yourself off. The servants are not the only characters that look down on Nancy, Fagin and Sikes treat her badly and Dickens describes Sikes as victimisation Nancy as his punch bag. Bill Sikes persists this behaviour even though Nancy looks after him when she is ill and says that she would even walk around the jail if he was arrested, just to be with him, but Sikes replie s that she would be useless to him unless she brought a accommodate to help him escape.On the whole I feel that neither of the character are loved and they are judged by the way they look, not by the people they really are inside. Each of the characters is special to one person, in Curleys wifes case Lennie and in Nancys, Oliver. I feel that the biggest difference between the two books is the language and the reason for this difference is the time at which they were written.In John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men the language is simple but strong, the reason Steinbecks characters speak in this way is because thats the way 1930s Americans would have spoken, for example, when George, Crooks and Slim are talking about Lennie, George says, If that crazy bastard foolin around too much, jus kick him out, Slim. There is also a large pith of slang used between the characters, like when George and Curly are talking and George replies, He was gunna put some tar on a split roof.

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Fried Green Tomatoes Essay Example for Free

Fried Green Tomatoes screenI chose to critique the inject Fried Green Tomatoes. I wanted to show that this fool is near two friendships between four women that prove that when you find that person that is your go around friend, you find the best in yourself. This film was released in 1991. It was based on the book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop coffee shop by Fanny Flagg. Ms. Flagg was also the one and only(a) who wrote the screenplay as well.The impression is filmed in the present, which would birth been 1990-ish, where we lose Evelyn Couch who is visiting a nursing home with her husband, Ed. She meets a lonely old woman Cleo Threadgoode, whom ein truthone calls Ninny, and they range talking. Ninny sh atomic number 18s a story with Evelyn about Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison, taking place in the 1920s and the 1930s. We gather in dual storylines here. The prototypical in the present with Evelyn and Ninny and indeed the story of Idgie and Ruth in the past, both of them being told chronologically exactly at different intents of time.In the first, or establishing cam stroke, we hear a chain whistle and the camera pans over a ghost town and eventually stopping at a run-down building that says The Whistle Stop Cafe. Watching this movie, I found myself laughing, then crying and then laughing and feeling happy. I found myself relating to the characters, most of them in one way or some other which was a good feeling. I saw the insecurity in Evelyn, the way that she is so passive and shy. She is very naive. She is trying to drive her husband to pay attention to something other than sports on television.He comes home from work, picks up his dinner that has been qualify on the table, grabs a beer and then he sits in his chair and ignores her. The stubbornness of Idgie, she is one that does what she wants, when she wants and wont follow the rules, even if they are in her best interest. The quiet strength of Ruth, she hatful be the most kind and lady akin woman, exactly when it comes to her child or her best friend, she is willing to do anything to keep them safe. The carefree Ninny, who does not charmm to have ever met a stranger, may be old, entirely is very direct and lovable.I count that through the movie we see that within each set of friends, that in the beginning at that place is one that is shy and passive and then other is outspoken and extroverted. As their friendships grow, they balance each other out. Evelyn becomes more self-confident and assertive, with her husband for example. Ninny learns that you are never in like manner old to find your best friend. Idgie learns how to let people into her heart, and teaches Ruth how to think for herself and gives her courage to leave her abusive husband.Ruth tries to tame Idgies wild ways and Idgie discovers that she has someone that she can be herself with. All of these things are so very important. The protagonists in this film Evelyn, Ninny, Idgie, and Ruth each face their own form of opposite or antagonist. For Evelyn, it is her poor self-image. For Ninny, it is her longing to go home. Idgie in this grumpy point in time is veneer the court that is trying her for murder. Ruth faces her abusive husband. All of these things each threaten to hold each of these women back. This film falls into two different genres drama and comedy.There is no love story, no fight scenes, zilch explodes. It is the story of friendship and with that you have tears and laughter, like in real life. The film is set in the fictional town of Whistle Stop, Alabama and in Valdosta, Georgia. You can hear the southern twang in the accents of the characters that would suggest the southern descent. The score contains several southern gospel, blues, and then some soft pop ballads, but throughout the movie the sound of a train whistle is prevalent both in the movement of a train and without.The use of a train is vital to the film. The train is where Idgie and Ruth have their first adventure stowing away in a train car containing food and throwing that food to necessitous families along the track. The train is present during the important moments in the film when we first see Evelyn, Buddys death, the birth of Ruths son, Frank Bennetts murder, when we are told of Ruths cancer. There is illustration over from Ninny when we go from the present to the past. We hear her talk about the past and then there is a fade out and then in.These are often used at the beginning and/or end of a scene or sequence as a sort of punctuation mark, weaken into a shot from a black screen or fading to black at the end, like bringing the lights up or down during a stage play (Goodykoontz 2011). Other sounds in the movie are used to let audience be aware of the characters surroundings. For example, when Idgie goes to the stump to get the honey, we hear the buzzing of bees, or scenes from the cafe you can hear things sizzling and cooking. The four main actors i n this film are Kathy Bates/Evelyn, Jessica Tandy/Ninny, Mary Stuart Masterson/Idgie, and Mary Louise Parker/Ruth. Imdb1991) They are all wild card actors, which made this film enjoyable to watch. With no one typecast into any certain role, you could not predict how one was press release to act or do. It made it easier to picture these actors in the roles that they played here. Each actor was well chosen to play each role. The personalities of the actors fit with the personalities of the character of the story. When I read the book now, I see Kathy Bates when I read about Evelyn and Mary Louise Parker when I read about Ruth. It makes the story more enjoyable, I think when I can read it and watch along in my head.The clothing worn depicts the time period very well. We know that it is warm by the way that people are dressed light period dresses and simple pants and shirts with the sleeves rolled up. The hairstyles also compliment the time hair up and pinned or designate up softly so that some curls flow for the women and the men had very short and well kept hair. Those men who had hair kept it slicked back or in a traditional curl. Everyone in the past storyline seems to constantly wear a gleam of sweat if they appear outdoors. Only in the present-day storyline are we able to measure time, and that done here with holidays.In the beginning we see Evelyn bringing a basket of candy to her husbands aunt. Then we see different decorations in the nursing home, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day. The past is different because Ninny is telling the story so she says when things happen so we are not left to guess for ourselves. The lighting in this film is tied to the mood of the particular scene. The sun shines when things are good and happy. When Frank comes to take the baby away, it is a tense scene and is shown with begrimed lighting and lots of shadows. It gives a menacing tone.When there are deaths, the lighting is dull and sorrowful, and e ven the survive is a factor. During the more somber scenes, it is cloudy and rainy which gives a sense of sadness to the already black part of the storyline. A normal lens was used to shoot this movie as the scenes are shot as if one was seeing them with their own eyes. The effect that this film has on society is that it presents a down-to-earth and classic view of friendship that people can in some way relate to. It has a great deal of fiction in regards to the storyline. But there are some parts that have a human activity of truth to them.The matter of racism, given the time period, is portrayed as it has been documented in history books. The presence of the Ku Klux Klan is another piece of our nations history. Not a great one, but still a true one. The film is directed, produced, and written by Jon Avnet, who is credited with such films as The struggle and Up Close and Personal. Mr. Avnet worked with author Fannie Flagg to write the screenplay. This story may have chick flic k written all over it but one should not be fooled, there is more to this film than bonny four chicks laughing and crying together.There is, of course, the story of friendship, but there is mystery, there is a bit of our dark history, theres a murder and then there is food. Fried green tomatoes and the best barbeque you ever hadthe secrets in the sauce.

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Physics in the Past Essay Example for Free

Physics in the Past quizOne hundred days ago, in a poky apartment in Bern, Switzerland, Albert mind, then merely if a 26-year-old patent office clerk restrained working part-time towards his PhD, published five terra firma breaking scientific papers. Each of these papers, written during Einsteins annus mirabilis , has become a classic in the account statement of science On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light , which discusses optical photons and photoelectric effects. Molecular and New Measurement , which deduces the mathematical equation for calculating the speed of the diffusion of molecules. On the exercise of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids Required by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat , which provides proof for the beingness of pinchs. Does the Inertia of a Body Depend upon its Internal Energy, which proposes the idea for two-way transformation between survey and readiness according to the special syst em of theory of theory of relativity. On the Electrodynamics of pitiable Bodies , which proposes a sore theory on the race between time and space. This paper served as the foundation for the theory of relativity.The contemporary physics revolution, ground on the theory of relativity and quantum theory, has led science into a new era. Starting from this, human exploration has extended to the boundless universe, to the distant origin of the cosmos and to the microscopic structure of objects previously unknown to mankind. modern-day physics revolution has as well spurred revolution in life sciences and geosciences in the last years. All these collect changed mankinds outlook on matter, time, space, life and the universe.Moreover, this contemporary physics revolution has also given birth to scientific physics including nuclear zilch, semiconductors, laser, new materials much(prenominal) as with superconductivity, and fostered rapid knowledge of a wide grade of new technolo gies that have changed the methods of our industrial production and our ways of life part bringing the world to the new knowledge economics era. Founders of contemporary physics, Einstein the most outstanding among them, are undoubtedly epoch figures in the history of science and the history of mankind.It is in that heedfore both(prenominal)(prenominal) of signifi flockce and importance for us to commemorate them in our reflections on the development of physics in the last ace hundred years not exactly to express our gratitude that to draw inspiration from their achievements and build on their legacy to create a discover future for all humankind. 1. The inconsistency between experiments and theories gave birth to new science concepts At the end of the 19 th century, people were still intoxicated with the interpretations given by classical physics. Some even held that there was not much more to do in physics.It was under such a state that the denudation of some physical phe nomena revealed the limitations of interpretations given by classical physics. High-temperature measurement technology, called for by the rapid development of the metallurgical industry, led to explore in thermal radiation. In the mid 19 th century, Germ whatsoever emerged as the cradle for seek in this playing area. Thermal radiation refers to the electromagnetic wavers emitted by matter when heated and largely seems on the temperature of the matter itself. Maxwells electromagnetic business line theory regards light as an electromagnetic phenomenon.Although this informs the propagation of light, it does not explain the emission and reception of thermal radiation. G. R. Kirchhoff (18241887) advanced to use dark be as an ideal body for research on thermal radiation (1859). W. Wien (1864-1928) confirmed that it is possible to regard the thermal radiation achievement of a pored cavity as a black body (1896). A series of experiments demonstrated that the tautness of the vim emitted by such black body is related to its temperature and not to its shape or materials. metaphysical explanation of the energy spectrum curve of a black body became an essential issue in research on thermal radiation at the time. base on the general principle of thermal mechanics and some special assumptions, Wien certain a formula to determine the energy density associated with particular wavelengths for any given temperature of a radiating black body (1896). Max Plank joined research on heat radiation during the same period. To explain the energy distribution curve of the radiated light spectrum of a black body, Plank developed a formula.It was not until 1900 that scientists proved the veracity of the formula through experimentation. Plancks formula requires that the energy emitted or absorbed by black body is the energy quanta that determine its amount. This implies that energy, like a matter, has the properties of particles, i. e. , energy also has separability and discre teness. In 1905, Einstein extended the concept of quanta to the propagation of light and proposed the light quantum theory, successfully use it to explain photoelectric effect.In 1913, the Danish physicist N.Bohr (1885 1962) extended the concept of quanta to atoms, and established a quantum structural instance for atoms based on the discreteness hypothesis of the energy state of atoms. Dissatisfied with the lack of self- sufficiency of Bohrs atom theory, the German physicist Werner Karl Heisenberg (19011976) developed matrix mechanics in 1925 by offset directly from a priori info on the frequency and intensity of spectrum of visible light. The following year, the Austrian physicist E. Schr? dinger (18921961) improved the wave-particle duality matter wave theory of L. V. de Broglie (18921994), leading to wave mechanics.Subsequent research proved the mathematical equivalence of both matrix mechanics and wave mechanics. The American physicist R. P. Feynman (1918 1988) later devel oped the third equivalent path organic quantum mechanics. It is until this period of time that quantum theory was established to its robust architecture. The thermal radiation hypothesis became the logical starting point for the birth of quantum theory. The quantum of energy concept was developed in 1900. As a result of its development and extended application, quantum mechanics, which describes the motion of subatomic particles, took form in the 1920s.The combination of quantum mechanics with the special theory of relativity gave birth to quantum field theory, which describes the generation and annihilation of subatomic particles. Development of quantum field theory has experienced tierce stages classical quantum field theory (symmetrical), standard quantum field theory (non-symmetrical) and super-symmetrical quantum field theory. It has not only revealed the secrets of the subatomic world invisible to the naked eye, but deepened our understanding of the evolution of the univers e and revolutionized the way people discriminate the world.Quantum field theory, moreover, has set the stage for a series of notice technological breakthroughs. It has been demonstrated from the data-based research on a black body radiation to the advancement of the quantum theory that science is, after all, still a positivistic knowledge system. That is, as long as a theory is not agreeable with rigorous experimental results, a scientist has all the reasons to doubt the theory itself no matter how authoritative the theory it may be, no matter how many people have upheld it, and no matter how many years it has been embraced.At the same time, we should understand that the ultimate results of scientific research should give theoretical interpretation of raw(a) phenomena discovered while this requires not only rigorous and scientific attitude and rational challenging spirit, but also profound thinking ability and deliberate analysis ability and theoretical reasoning ability. 2. ma ke breakthroughs in science hinge upon distillation of scientific research psyches The theory of relativity advanced by Albert Einstein (1879 1955) is a brand new outlook on space and time. The key scientific question for the theory of relativity lies in simultaneous relativity.The theory of relativity has given justified interpretations about the relationship between time and space, the relationship between space and distribution of matters, and the relationship between matters and energy. In the process, it alter the knowledge system of classical physics dating back to Sir Isaac Newton(1642-1727). The theory of relativity, together with quantum theory, not only formed the foundation for development of physics in the 20 th century but also raised our understanding of the nature to an entirely new level, thus having a profound effect on the way of thinking and perceptions of the world.The founding of the theory of relativity originated from the crisis of ethyl ether, a hypothesi zed carrier for electromagnetic waves. The experiment subject On the Relative Motion between the Earth and Light Ether published by the American physicist A. A. Michelson (18521931), revealed that the theory of relativity, which is universally correct in the reference to Newtonian mechanics, is incorrect in Maxwells electromagnetic field theory. Both the Dutch physicist H. A. Lorentz (18531928) and the French physicist J. H. Poincare (18541912) attempted to solve this contradiction by maintaining the Ether hypothesis.Lorentz proved that the reason system and Ether follow the same law at the first-order approximation by incorporating length muscle contraction (1892), regional time (1895) and a new conversion relationship (1904) while the relativity principle developed by Poincare and the conversion group (1905) developed by Lorentz emphasized the universal validity of the relativity principle. Although both deviated from the framework of classical physics lay at the doorstep to th e theory of relativity,but it was left to Albert Einstein to uprise the key and push the door open.Einstein believed that the electromagnetic field had an in numerateent physical existence and held the Ether hypothesis to be superfluous. His most important contribution may reside inside in the accompaniment that he raised the critical scientific problem of simultaneous relativity. In On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies (1905), Einstein claimed that two events happening simultaneously in the same location do not depend on the observations of the observers yet two events happening simultaneously at two different locations do depend on their observations.It would be meaningful only if it is indicated clearly that the events are relative to which observer. We could hardly observe such relativity of simultaneity in our daily lives because this can be discovered only when the speed of an observer is close to the speed of light. Starting from the simultaneity of relativity concept, Einstein deducted the main conclusions for the theory of special relativity through two principles constancy of the speed of light and relativity.The general theory of relativity (1915) and the unified field theory are win developments of the theory of special relativity. Through his trilogy research on the theory of relativity, Einstein revealed to his physics colleagues his extraordinary creativity in scientific thinking. 3. Scientific imagination requires the support of rigorous experimental proof In the year following the publication of his general theory, Einstein publishedObservations Made on cosmology Based on the General Theory of Relativity (1917), which marked the birth of modern cosmology.Although Einsteins cosmological shape followed the static Newtonian view on the universe, its field theory lays the groundwork for the existence of dynamic solutions to cosmology. The Dutch astronomer W. de Sitter (1878-1933), the Russian mathematician A. Friedmann(1888-1925) and the Belgian physicist G. Lemaitre(18941966) published the expanding universe theory in 1917, 1922 and 1927, respectively. The red charge up effect observed by the American astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) offered strong support for the expanding universe theory.Drawing on the expanding universe theory, the Russian American physicist G. Gamov (19041968), formulated the idea of a hot explosion of matter and energy at the time of the origin of the universe by incorporating knowledge in nuclear physics. His student R. A. Alpher(1921-) and others further derived in 1948, that the man-sized bang explosion took place about 15 trillion to 20 billion years ago and hypothesized that remains from the big bang explosion may still be move in the universe, presenting 5K cosmological background radiation.In 1964, two American radio engineers, A.A. Penzias (1933-) and R. W. Wilson (1936-), discovered evenly distributed isotropous cosmic microwave background radiation while tracing the source of radio noise that was meddlesome with the development of a communications program involving satellites. This microwave radiation is coincidentally equivalent to 3. 5K blackbody radiation. This uncovering is regarded as a confirmation of the cosmic background radiation as a result of the big bang explosion. The latter years witnessed the rise of the big bang theory, which developed as the standard precedent for cosmology.In the early of 20 th century, Einstein listed the origin of a geomagnetic field as single of the five major challenges in physics. However, not until the 1960s, after the unstable wave method confirmed the forge structure of the earth, did scientists devise the self-exciting dynamo hypothesis, the full scientific endorsement of which awaited evidence from differential core-mantle movement obtained in 1995. Increased knowledge on the inner structure of the solid earth mainly relies on the seismic wave method.The concept of mold structure of the earth has gradu ally formed through analysis of magnetic variation of the seismic wave passing through the inner structure of the earth. The Croatian geophysicist, A. Mohorovi? ie (18571936), discovered the interface between the earths crust and mantle (1909) The German-American seismologist, B. Gutenberg (18891960), discovered the interface between the earths mantle and the core (1914) and the Dutch seismologist I. Lehmann discovered the interface between the earths liquid outer and solid inner core (1914).The New Zealander physicist K. E. Bullen proposed the layered model of the earth (1940). The differential core-mantle revolving movement, a hypothesis designed to explain the origin of the geomagnetic field, was later apply as a mechanism to explain the inversion of the polarity of geomagnetism. However, no direct scientific evidence had been found. Based on their analysis of recorded data for 38 earthquakes, which took place between 1967 to 1995 near the machinate Islands close to the South Pole in South America, Dawn (Xiaodong) Song and Paul G.Richards, Columbia University, in US, measured the speed of seismic wave transmitted from the earths inner core to a seismographic station in Alaska near the labor union Pole.They found that the time it took seismic wave to travel from the South Pole to the North Pole had been reduced by 0. 3 seconds over the previous years. This confirms that the earths inner core is revolving slightly fast than its crust and the mantleindeed the earths inner core will turn one extra luck in about 300 to 400 years. Dr.Su Weijia, another Chinese scholar residing in the US, and Dziewonski, an American seismologist, reached a similar conclusion based on analyses of seismic data from about 2000 seismographic stations around the globe. Based on their computation, the revolving speed of the earths inner core is even faster, 20 30 degrees just over the timeframe 1969 to 1973. It can be seen from the propositions and improvement of the theory of r elativity by Einstein, the big bang theory and the geomagnetic theory that while it is important to solve problems in development of science, it seems even more important to raise key questions in science.Raising questions is the prelude to scientific research. More importantly, raising key questions reveals the creativity associated with science. Sometimes a key question in science leads to new fields and new research directions. To ask the right questions, one must have a through understanding of existing knowledge, a love for truth that transcends respect for authority, and fine observational skills and creative thinking. At the same time, one must be rational boldface and confident.

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Dance Moms Essay Example for Free

Dance Moms EssayBefore decision making to do this assignment, other than the clips we watched in class I had never seen the show before. The episode of Dance Moms I watched was actually rattling entertaining. The episode I watched was in Season 3. In the episode there was a new girl who joined the competition dance team her mark was Nicaya. Of course, she came along with her mom whose name was Caya. Caya wasnt at all manage the rest of the moms. She didnt dress any(prenominal)where near as proper as the rest of the moms. Shockingly, she was also a lesbian, which truly surprised the rest of the moms.Caya felt like her daughter brought Divatude to the dance team, but I doubt the other parents felt the need for anything close to that. In the beginning, Nicaya didnt know any dance terminology, well at least how to spell them. Abby Miller, the owner of the studio, challenged Nicaya to get word them in the beginning of the episode, because she was impressed with her dancing abi lity she still wanted her to stick around. The main period of play in the episode was whether Nicaya would take Paiges spot in the group performance. Paige had been in a direction for her foot for 4 weeks and had but got cleared by her doctor to compete again.The hard decision amidst the two girls created conflict between their moms. Kelly, Paiges mom, seemed to overreact when Abby persistent to practice them both interchanging them in the spell to see who performed the best. Kelly stormed out of the studio and had several outburst of anger throughout the show. Caya didnt handle herself any better she constantly used foul language directed at the other moms. In the end, Abby decided to let all of them perform which lead to a first place performance. My impression of the moms was that they had to all been crazy.The feature that most of them quit their jobs to have their kids dance is ridiculous. Im pretty sure they dont have to go to every practice and sit in the upstairs of t he studio. I thought that was very weird and obsessive. Individually, I think Holly, Nias mom, has her head on the straightest of all the moms. She didnt really converse too much, but she wasnt too quiet. Kelly was definitely the most immature of all the moms with the way she couldnt control her anger. The rest of the moms were just equally as crazy as the rest of the cast. Those I mentioned just stuck out the most.I was probably the most impressed with Abby Miller, because she tries her best to get the most she can from her dancers. I like how she made sure to tell each dancer how important it was that they got the job done. She reminded of a really tough football coach and in my opinion those are the best coaches, because they motivate you to perform at your highest level. If I had a daughter who had dreams of being a dancer, I would love for Abby Miller to be her coach. I know she would turn my daughter into a great dancer. She teaches discipline and skill. It would also keep my daughter dynamical which would lead to a healthier life.

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Nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual Essay Example for Free

Nurture debate in relation to the sufferment of an individual EssayThe major debate concerning nature and nurture has been going on for decades and is still unresolved. Many people standardised to believe what we fork over genic and our elements atomic number 18 what conduct us unique (the way we ar and how we develop). Other people believe that the way we are raised and our experiences, that make us the way we are and how we grow. animal(prenominal)ly the way we are built and brass can be mainly due to nature. The factors that we inherit from our parents make the way of we scent. For example, people say Dont you look like your arrive? Genetic inheritance can define our eye colour (blue or hazel), whether we collect straight or curly hair or how small we index be. We could likewise inherit reliable genetic diseases which can seriously impact on our health. Though, we can still make decisions on how we look and how we change our appearance. There are multiple di fferent cosmetic procedures available to alter our look. How we choose to plump erupt our tone-time and the choices that we make can dupe an influence on how we look. For ex, constantly eating argufy food and non doing any exercising could lead to obesity. The environment that we are raised in and the experiences we go through can influence our health which contributes to physical growth. An ex of how nature and nurture can run into our physical growth is we might carry genes that could lead us to be in danger of exploitation type 2 diabetes, but if we were to eat a healthy diet and commove ample exercise, we might not develop the disease.Nature Jades mothers childhood was rattling unlike to what it is today, her deportment could have been called a difficult life, and her mother was bought up on her own by her own mother as her father died when she was 6 months old. As she grew up without a father figure in her life she unlikeable herself off emotionally from males in g eneral. Jades mother grew up around a lot of uncles and aunts so she was ceaselessly well looked by her family. Jade grew very close to her gran over the years as she wasnt getting the attention she wanted off her mother, as she had gotten remarried she had become very distant. When her gran died jades mother was very alone, she hardly ever spoke to her mother a serving from at meal times and by and by shed get in from being out with her friends. This got increasingly more(prenominal) than awkward as time went on as the new husband neer showed her any kindness so her mother stay oned outto fend off the arguments.Nurture Where jades mother spent a lot of time in hospital during her life she was as well as s gloomyer to develop as a person as she wasnt with her friends often enough to have developed personality traits. As she got older she started staying out overnight and going to parties where in that respect would be lot of alcohol, drugs and sex. She also began hanging o ut with the older boys and girls this meant that she was developing at a much faster order than what she would normally have done. The environment that the she was raised in was very tranquil, peaceful and gentle neighbourhood at that place was barely ever any trouble around where she grew up. Nevertheless as she got older she began to get more curious about the rough areas around where she lived later on during her life she lay out herself surround by people who lived in these rough areas. This altered the way she saw her own life and what she has been taking for granted. Evaluate how the nature and nurture debate in whitethorn affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and hearty development of two life peglegs of the development of your chosen family memberNatureAs each stall in the body contains 23 pairs of chromo slightlys, one chromosome from each pair is inherited from your mother and one is inherited from your father. These chromosomes contain the genes you inherit f rom your parents. There may be different forms of the same gene. These different forms are called alleles.For example, for the gene that determines eye colour, there may be an allele for green eyes and an allele for hazel eyes. You may inherit a hazel allele from your mother and a green allele from your father. In this instance, you go out end up with hazel eyes be clear hazel is the dominant allele. Those different forms of genes are caused by changes in the DNA coding. The same holds true for medical conditions, there may be a faulty gene that would result in a medical condition, and a normal version that might not cause any health anomalies. If your child ends up with a medical condition it will depend on certain biological factors including What genes they inherit, whether the gene for that condition is dominant or recessive, their environment, including any treatment they may bring a genetic disease ordisorder is the consequence of changes, or mutations, in an individuals DNA .A mutation is an alteration in the letters (DNA sequence) that makes up a gene. Its more ordinarily referred to as a spelling mistake. Gene codes for proteins, the molecules that carry out majority of the work, perform most life functions, and make up the majority of cellular structures. When a gene is mutated so that its protein product can no longer carry out its normal function, a disorder can result. Genetic diseases can be inherited because they are mutations in the germ cells in the body the cells involved in passing genetic information from parents to offspring. Genetic diseases can also result from changes in DNA in somatic cells, or cells in the body that are not germ cells.Some genetic diseases are called Mendelian disorders they are caused by mutations that occur in the DNA sequence of a single gene. These are normally elevated diseases such as Huntingtons disease and cystic fibrosis. Many genetic diseases are multifactorialthey are caused by mutations in several gen es compounded by environmental factors. Some examples of these are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.Adolescence carnal Social developmentNurture affected the physical and social development of Katherines mother Emma. During her adolescence leg Emma thought that shed have to change the way she looked to learn into society (as she was obese). Emma began to blame herself and others because of the way she looked, she has had to character a ton of criticism from her close family and some friends as they used to say stuff like youve got such a pretty face but if you lost a bit of weight youd be so much better off. Throughout this time Emma looked towards the rest of her friends for acceptance which meant that to discipline in with them she had to have the same stuff that everyone else had (clothes, technology etc.). This was obviously very difficult because of the fact she was sort of overweight she couldnt purchase the same type of clothes that her friends wore this made her sta nd out of the multitude which gave her that extraattention that she didnt want. Emma spent a lot of time trying to fit in during her teenage years but she found out being herself was more important than losing who she was just to fit in. Emma stayed up late chatting with her friends. A lack of sleep could also affect our body it would increase squanderer pressure and cholesterol level, increase stress hormones, etc. Sleep is really important, at this age as she should be having at least 7-9 hours of sleep.Intellectual developmentNature affected Emma intellectually throughout this flowing as Emma wasnt really sure on what type of career she wanted to do, however after some thought she decided she wanted to that pursue a career that would evolve helping the ancient. She cultured in getting a job whilst being at school as this would help her to develop some new skills and suspend her to make her own money, although she knew that wasnt the career route she wanted to stay in. Emma also began to volunteer at a care home this is what helped her to decide on what career path she wanted to go down.Emotional developmentNurture also affected Emma emotionally during her adolescence Emma had poor self-image and low self-esteem. She also began to resent her friends and her mother as they both wanted her to be someone that she was not, when it was clear that she was never going to be able to keep the act up forever. During adolescence Emma began to question her own self-worth as some friends were also making snide little comments whilst her back was turned. Emma began to hang around with men as she went into this life stage as she thought that they were a lot less cruel. The boys accepted her more as part of their group so she began to build up her self-image up again, giving her more confidence and self-belief.AdulthoodPhysical developmentEmma was affected by nature during her adulthood. During her adulthood she discovered that she was at risk of developing a variety of different genetic diseases (diabetes type one, lung cancer, breast cancer, asthma etc.). Emmaalso discovered that she may not be able to have children of her own because she has Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which sometimes genetic. If any relatives, such as your mother, sister or aunt, have PCOS then the risk of you developing it is often a greater chance than usual. As she began to get older her hair began to get darker and she began to get grey bits through her hair, she also has had more problems with her teeth as they are falling out or being damaged due to decay. As she got older she also began to put on weight as her metabolism started slowing down. During this life stage Emma became pregnant with Katherine and there were some complications during the birth as she had to have caesarean due to preeclampsia.Intellectual developmentEmma was less influenced by nature as an adult as she can make her own choices and decision. When she was deciding on what charge is she was going take after finishing secondary school, she knew what she wanted to do after volunteering in elderly care home. When she turned 20 Emma got her first job in a care home she was working double shifts because of the love that she had grown towards her job. After working in a care home for the terminally ill, my mother decided that she wanted a change her job outlook and she started working in a domestic pervert centre for women. When Emma became pregnant with me she started doing hairdressing from home. This was more of a hobby for my mother as she would only do family or close friends. She had had to give up her job at domestic abuse centre because it would have meant putting Katherine in danger and the people at the centre wouldnt allow it.Emotional development Social developmentEmma was both emotionally and socially affected by nurture. Emma was influenced by friends and new work colleagues in adulthood, as you grow more work connections as you get older. emotionally she be gan to ponder about life as a teenager, and recognized that the choices she made were the opera hat for her. When Emma reached this life stage she found love and spent 20 years with Katherines father which ended after attempting to assuage their relationship for 2 years. Their relationship had been very successful for 18 years, but after Emmas mother died he began to try to control her. Emma found it very difficult to deal with after her mother died as she had a fewregrets about the way their relationship ended. Emotionally Emma also found out that after her mother died that she could inherit a variety of genetic diseases. This made it hard for Emma to focus on the positives after splitting up with my father and her mother dying. Socially Emma relied on her friends a lot more as she got older as her family didnt really contact her after her mother had died. Emma had several best friends that were there to support after her relationship had ended and her mother had died.