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Marketing Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 15000 words

Marketing - oratory ExampleThe other section of the literature review concerns cosmetic companies, their practices regarding living organism testing, and the history of protests against these companies, which has led to the European Union instituting a marketing ban of companies who animal test and has also led large companies to plateful back their animal testing procedures, if not eliminate them altogether. The methodology section explains the different types of research qualitative, numerical and secondary and why secondary research was chosen. In the data analysis portion, the sales of six companies atomic number 18 examined, along with the results of a Google search on these companies. The Google search result determine if the overall roll for severally company is negative or arrogant, with regards to their animal testing practices. Then, the impact of the positive or negative buzz for each company is determined through the use of Facebook pages, and the fans of pages that are either negative or positive for each companys animal testing practices. ... On the one hand are the researchers, who song that the tests are necessary so that the cosmetics do not harm human skin or eye (Takamatsu, 2000, p. 129). On the other hand are the activists who claim that animals have the same slumps as humans to be free of pain and fear, and that the tests are unnecessarily cruel(Leslie &Sunstein, 2006, p. 3). Many citizenry undoubtedly fall into some grade of grey area between these positions, recognizing that what is done to animals in these laboratory settings is heinous and wrong, yet also realizing that the potential drop for humans to suffer permanent damage because of the cosmetics that they wear would also be heinous and wrong. Many people assume that there is a better alternative to animal testing, and, if there is not, one must be found. At any rate, when these types of tests began to be publicized, there was an outcry that prompted many cosmetic gi ants to fold and promise to apprehend animal testing(Nye, 2006, p. 1). This study seeks to understand the negative impact of cosmetic testing on these companies. The study will not just determine what the possible negative impact will be for the companies who continue to animal test, but will determine what has been the past negative impact for other companies who have animal tested. In general, the study will seek to quantify, in terms of dollars, cents and lost reputation, the damage done to cosmetic companies who were disgrace into stopping animal testing in the years past. Further, the attitude of consumers is another factor that will be quantified. Some of the literature indicates that having a positive social message is not necessarily enough for a company to capitalize they also must have a quality product at the right price(Li & Tang, 2010, p. 27). Might this

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