Monday, April 29, 2019

Key Issues in Customer Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Key Issues in Customer Service - canvas ExampleApart from a point-by-point analysis, the research intends to warn the practitioner of the m both pitfall(a)s of customer service as hale as the rewards that exist for its correct implementation. In todays increasingly competitive transaction environment, seemingly few techniques help differentiate one firm from another. For years, the study of business has focused on the Four Ps Price, Place, Promotion, and Product however, as each and every firm has become acutely sure of the power to differentiate their products ground upon this rubric, it has become increasingly difficult to edge out the competition based on these factors. As such, companies and firms all over the world have turned to redefining and perfecting customer service as a expression to endear current customers as well as work to win over new ones because of superior attitudes, trends, ethics, and values related to customer service. This brief paper will analyze some what of the basic customer service tools that businesses/firms employ to boost their standing with their customers and a few examples of how each of these talent be employed in any given company. As is easily noticed by paseo into any of a handful of local retail stores in the United States, a greeting by a sales clerk or associate has become a standard practice. These are performed for a couple of reasons, the first and the most important reason being to instantly remind the customer that the uphold he or she sets foot into the retail outlet he or she is in an establishment that puts a focus on personal interaction and is willing and able to help the customer fulfill his or her take aims. Although this is a subliminal understanding, it has a powerful effect on shopping and buying habits, which has been verified through and through a number of marketing studies which analyzed it. Interestingly, a secondary reason for the smile/acknowledgment that customers hear when entering a store is that it has been determined that shoplifting rates are massively reduced when employees experience individuals whose intent might be less than honorable. Thieves usually want to be unnoticed, faceless, and non-recognizable entities. When they are greeted with a reliable day and a question concerning if they can be assisted in any way, they realize that they must(prenominal) respond to this question and that their face is more likely to be remembered should they decide to proceed with their shoplifting. Therefore, the most popular and easiest practice of customer service the greeting serves multiple purposes it increases sales and customer satisfaction, helps the customer verbalize any questions he or she may otherwise have not asked, and discourages would-be shoplifters. Many firms struggle with the way through which to make sure that the customers get what they are seeking. Some firms assume that a carefully displayed and well thought out store design will ensure pa inless customer navigation without the need to have employees answer any little questions the customers might have. Still others assume that the customers do not favour to do shopping undisturbed, and hover over the customers, asking continuously if they can assist them in determination something. Unfortunately, neither of these approaches utilizes the right mixture of technique and tact. While the customers may not want to figure it all out for themselves, they are equally disinterested in having an associate breathing down their necks as they are trying to make informed decisions as to which product they should purchase. In many ways, the latter approach a lot works to drive customers away as they become so frustrated by the hovering tactics of

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