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Defining And Analysing Freedom Of Expression Philosophy Essay

Defining And Analysing granting immunity Of Expression Philosophy EssayThe independence to communicate ideas, thoughts or some(prenominal) form of message finished both type of medium bigheartedly without each censorship or limitations emancipation of feel is some sequences used to indicate non all exemption of verbal terminology but both act of seeking, receiving and imparting schooling or ideas, regardless of the medium used. emancipation of mien is the accountability of an mortal to express his/her feelings and thoughts in any manner what so ever through any medium.IntroductionFreedom of expression is a cornerst unity of classless well(p)s and libertys. In its really first session in 1946, before any mankind rights declarations or treaties had been adopted, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 59(I) stating Freedom of development is a fundamental human right and the touchstone of in all the exemptions to which the fall in Nations is consecrated.Fre edom of expression is essential in enabling commonwealth to choke and public participation in decision-making. Citizens can non exercise their right to suffrage efficaciously or take part in public decision-making if they do non reserve pardon access to information and ideas and argon not satisfactory to express their views freely. Freedom of expression is thus not only valu up to(p) for case-by-case dignity but also to participation, accountability and democracy. Violations of granting immunity of expression often go hand in hand with separate violations, in particular the right to liberty of association and assembly.Progress has been do in recent years in terms of securing respect for the right to freedom of expression. Efforts have been made to implement this right through specially constructed regional mechanisms. New opportunities be emerging for bulkyer freedom of expression with the earnings and worldwide satellite broadcasting. New threats are emerging too, for event with orbiculate media monopolies and pressures on independent media outlets.A Means of Speaking turn outFreedom has provided a forum to countless new(prenominal) individuals and aggroups in the divert of justice and reform. Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democratic rights and freedoms. In its very first session in 1946, before any human rights declarations or treaties had been adopted, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 59(I) stating Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated.Freedom of expression is essential in enabling democracy to work and public participation in decision-making. Citizens cannot exercise their right to vote effectively or take part in public decision-making if they do not have free access to information and ideas and are not able to express their views freely. Freedom of expression is thus not only cardinal for individual dignity but a lso to participation, accountability and democracy. Violations of freedom of expression often go hand in hand with early(a) violations, in particular the right to freedom of association and assembly.Progress has been made in recent years in terms of securing respect for the right to freedom of expression. Efforts have been made to implement this right through specially constructed regional mechanisms. New opportunities are emerging for greater freedom of expression with the internet and worldwide satellite broadcasting. New threats are emerging too, for example with global media monopolies and pressures on independent media outlets.Free Expression and the InternetAside from bread and butter freedom of expression for others, Freedom has been in the forefront of reporting on issues which directly concern the freedom itself.During the 1990s, freedom of expression has extended to implicate the com rearerization of the expression we live, work, and conduct our day to day affairs. Due to its talent for instantaneous global communication, the Internet has provided a new frontier for free bringing and its encourageion within the parameters of responsibility and truthfulness. For the same(p) reason, it has also put freedom of speech to its most crucial test.The right to ones own thoughts and their appetite is a fundamental human right. Authors, artists, designers, and the myriad of others in creative and rational fields have the right to share their words or ideas with others or not. If they choose to share them, they also have the right to control the way in which they may be shared. In this way, intellect property rights and free expression are inextricably linked.Freedom has championed the application of animated laws regarding intellectual property rights to the Internet, and supported responsible self-restraint by individual users.Self-policing by Internet users is ultimately the means by which to ensure continued freedom from over-regulation. However, Freedom has expressed the view that some regulation may deform necessary if free speech is abused, thus has also presented the view that existing intellectual property laws be applied where necessary to those who violate the rights of others. Freedom of speech means n all the freedom to steal, nor the right to claim anothers speech as ones own, nor to copy anothers writing and sell it or give it apart without the authors permission.Freedom has also informed officials, community leaders, and the media on copyright issues pertaining to the Internet, including its in-depth reporting of court cases that are setting precedents for the protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet.Due to continued support and dedication to the freedom of expression, Freedom has been able to provide a wide variety of views and accounts of news over the aside 30 years. In a world where the public is majorly informed by means of fragmentary day-to-day news processed through a few news media who, because of their size, dominate the flow of information, accounts by other media much(prenominal) as Freedom who can provide different views-are increasingly important to a free conjunction.Pros and consFreedom of expression is a double inch sword in that it has its positive side as well as a negative aspect. Freedom of expression does not give any person, group, institution or a nation to abuse, degrade and mock other peoples religion, culture or their beliefs. Freedom of expression has to be used entails that especial(a) care is to be taken when dealing with such sensitive matters where emotions visitation high. It does not give anybody the license to arrive a mockery of other peoples beliefs and cultures just because it is different from their own.Where as in purely democratic good sense this is considered to be a very good thing, it carries its own responsibilities. The sign of a civilized and educated nation is that everybody is free to express any(prenominal) they wish as long as it is within certain limits of decency and ethics and is not considered to be beyond a certain legal boundary. Whereas there are laws in a proper democratic parliamentary law that protects the individuals right to freedom of expression. There are also laws to protect individuals from grief and loss incurred as a result of another persons actions taken in the name of freedom of expression. In other words one person cannot go beyond the law and cite his right to freedom of expression to insult, degrade and misemploy any another person, group and institution. Freedom of expression without responsibility is no freedom what so ever and can be termed as disregard arrogance.Origins Of Freedom Of ExpressionThe right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the usual Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR recognizes the righ t to freedom of speech as the right to hold opinions without interference. It is different from and not to be confused with the concept of freedom of thought.ConclusionFreedom of speech and EthicsEvery individual has their own personal space, within which they have freedom of doing anything. But this freedom remains only till the time it doesnt interfere with the personal space of some any other individual other than you. Now days this term has gained a lot of popularity, individuals and groups either separately or collectively have started abusing each others or a set of peoples rights in the name of so called Freedom of delivery. We know what and where our boundaries are but give the least consideration about it when it comes to others, we have forget that where our limits end someone elses boundaries might begin from just there.Freedom of Speech and MediaMedia is a very powerful tool, if used appropriately it can do miracles, but if misused it can cause harm like no other thing can. Tools as we know are not calumnious or useful, it is their use that categorizes them in a certain way, and so same is the case with media be it of any form, print media or electronic media. The intention that it fulfills is what makes it either good or bad freedom of speech is one such issue that came into limelight by medias propagation regarding this issue. Medias approach is very wide and is followed by a large number of populations anywhere, so whatever is portrayed regarding any issue gains hype instantly and leaves a intricate impact on the minds of masses. With such powers come great responsibilities as well, and to make sure these responsibilities are met some laws had to be laid down to guard a proper check.Freedom of Speech and LawsLaws hold a great importance to maintain a balance and a sound society and are mainly responsible for maintaining the attained freedom. Laws are made to protect the rights of individuals, or groups living in a society. Rules and regulat ions help set a boundary to an extent till which individuals or groups prevailing in the society can interfere others freedom, be it freedom of speech, expression or any other kind of freedom that an individual or a group of people can possibly have. Freedom has always has its price, be it in any form, responsibility is the price that is and should be paid to maintain its genuine essence. Everyone should be responsible for their actions, implied or not and words either verbalize or written, only then we will have nearly empyreal societies.

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Soap Operas Are Regarded Media Essay

grievous bodily harm opera houses Are Regarded Media EssayIntroductionSoap operas atomic number 18 often regarded as bad, poorly acted, non complaisantly valued if not said nurture no aesthetic at all. Is it because most of the welt opera view audience argon women? In traditional view, slash opera is comprehendd as less(prenominal) significant comp atomic number 18 to some otherwise forms of tv programme. However, this overview changed when gunk opera r severallyed high ratings and generated high revenues. It increases prominence of whip opera in television landscape and attract scholars to sphere this particular genre of television programme. The study of soap opera has not completed without studying its audiences. It is assumed that soap opera viewing audience are predominantly women. There are discordant theories of soap opera audience that emerge, such as uses and gratification (). publications reviewThe sexual practiceed audience theory discussed by Mary E llen browned in her book, Soap opera house and Womens Talk is the starting point of our discussion on women and soap opera. In the gendered audience theory, it is assumed that hegemonic values, in which tend to draw non dominant perspectives, has to be deconstructed in recount to study television audiences (Brown 1994, p.12). Brown (1994, p.13) assumes that the interaction amid TV audiences and a text does not unwrap with the mummyent of consumption of the text. Rather, she explains that the passage of meaning devising exists in the tertiary text, a consideration used by John Fiske which refers to the communications that people learn in just about television go overing, in which also used in the ethnographic research (Brown 1994, p.13).Brown asserts that soap opera gives women controvertive merriments, that is pleasures of beingness represented by the memoir that soap opera brought to the surface (Brown 1994, p.18). This pleasure has to do with the idea that soap opera has been facilitating women to talk with each other and expressing their ideas and feelings without being criticised (p.18). Soap opera depicts problems that women in existing life are dealing with, it creates conversation between them around the text, which called the spoken text. This conversation is emerged as result of feeling unrepresented in the dominant discourse, in which women are considered as part of subordinate groups, where their positions are constructed within patriarchy system (p.23).Christine Scodari in her book, Serial Monogamy soap opera, lifespan, and the gendered politics of fantasy discusses Stuart Halls (1980) decoding/ encoding model, in which divides the reader into preferred/ dominant, negotiated and oppositional. match to Lewis, this classic model is believed to founder a gap of readers who acknowledge the storys intent but disagrees with it (p.42). In order to fill in this gaps, Lewis creates a fourth designation, the resistive reading that is t he process of questioning the idea of preferred reading by exploring the messages ambiguity they nab fit (p.42). Scodari suggests to add the qualifier hegemonic or counter hegemonic into the discussion, as the appear of interaction between soap opera fans creates collective positions of reading. She further explores this conceit by discussing interaction between fans of Another World, a mid mid-nineties US soap opera. Scodari claims that the shows plot was becoming much similar with eld of Our Lives, that tend to focus on catfight between the female characters, she calls this as DOOLification of soap opera (p.43). The plot tends to encourage confrontation between audiences that happens in common soldier place such as home, or publicly in the online media. The fans chemical reaction toward it was polarised between the preferred, hegemonic reading and the oppositional, counter hegemonic. The fans begin to name calling each other and attacking own(prenominal), in which Scodari r efers this as tabloid talk (p.43).Jennifer Hayward, in her journal, Day after Tomorrow Audience Interaction and Soap opera Production discusses about soap opera audience have might over the show. This touch contradicts with the common erudition that soap fans have been considered as passive victims, brainwashed by the shows narrative (p.97). Hayward analyse conversation between Oprah Winfrey and one of the addict soaps fans. Hayward finds that speculating what will happen to characters within the next episodes, which called the narrative game contributes to what we understood as soap pleasure (p.98). According to the conversation, Hayward assumes of the essence(p) function of soap opera as to tender communities an open lines of chat between viewing audience, a neutral field discussion for housewives isolated in their respective homes and nuclear families (p.99). She also adds other function of soap opera, which is to provide a forum for public to explore disruptive social is sues as well as political matters. In relation to power of the audience, she contests the notion that soap opera audiences are passive victims. From her analysis of the fans letters and conversation with them, Hayward suggests that the audiences are showing active involvement with the process of fiction making (p.99). They send letters to the shows producer, convey their criticism and even giving intimation on how the narrative should be. Hayward uses a case study of One animation to Live to show fans power. One of the characters of OLTL, left the show due to a contract dispute, the fans response by sending 45.000 letters and then it became the headlines across soap magazines. Hayward calls this activity as active fandom (p.101).Whetmore and Kielwasser on their journal, The Soap Opera Audience Speaks A Preliminary Report discusses how the soap viewers see the viewing process (p.110). The complexity and multiple sub plots seem to be characteristic of soap opera, therefore it take s a while for newly viewers to be able to understand the whole narratives. The authors suggests that newly viewers of veritable soap opera has to get over the hump, that is the process of understanding the historic ties that bind the characters together (p.110). This process is enabled through discussion with other more experienced viewers. Soap opera tends to withheld the solutions of problems encountered by the characters, ends each episode with questions in viewers minds. This is claimed to be one of the appeal of soap opera (Jen Hayward). This creates viewing dependency. According to Whetmore and Kielwasser, by this viewing consistency, viewers are developing antithetical emotional payoffs. They classify these payoffs into three categories immediate, short stipulation and long consideration (p.111). Newly viewers usually developing immediate payoffs, because it do not require understanding of previous plot lines and are usually characterised by the completion of a wizard e vent (p.111). The example of immediate payoffs is amative scene. Short term payoffs require viewing practice from the beginning of a single sub plot to its completion. It usually found in the miniskirt climax of a single sub plot (p.111). Long term payoffs are mostly awaited by devoted and long age viewers. Often, it requires years of constant viewing.Barbara Stern and Cristel Russell in their journal, Vulnerable Women on entomb and at Home Soap Opera Consumption contests positive functions of soap opera that have been described by Hayward. Stern and Russel assume that soap opera appealing for women because it provides emotional release, personal gratification, companionship and reality outflow (p.222). They claim that soap opera industry continue displaying vulnerable swiftness class women to put viewers in an inferior position that are constantly clear to imaginary ways of living and improper parting models. Persistent viewing practice is assumed to risk viewers an emotion al harm (Jewel and Abate 2001). They claims that the soap industry repetitively convey gender stereotyping that put women in subordination (p.223). The negative effects of soap opera are claimed to give viewers parasocial attachment and vulnerability loop in social learning and behavioural modelling (p.223). Parasocial attachment is defined as viewer relationship with fictional characters in which perceived to be real people, thus able to influence viewers norms, desires and behaviours (Churchill and Moschis 1975). In long term period, this can lead to cultivation effects, that is images on television shapes viewers perception of social reality (Larson 1996, p.98). This is enabled by viewers attachment to characters they observe on a daily basis. The stronger this parasocially interaction, the more it is probable to become a origination of behavioural modelling (Stern Russell 2005, p.223). In contrast with Haywards idea, Stern and Russell claim that social function of soap opera have been over expected, because it has negative implications to less educated and less affluent soap audiences. To clarify their idea, the authors discuss upstart study of 900 long term soap viewers who mostly perceive that alcohol drinking looks attractive and is associated with success (Diener 1993). Behavioural modelling also become concerns especially for adolescent girl soap viewers. The author reference book a study of teenage girl soap viewers responses to images of single mothers, found that the girls tend to trivialise the parental role of single mom as hip and enjoyable without having to work hard.Dorothy Hobson in her book, Soap Opera claims that those critics who perceive that soap opera viewers as vulnerable and in all probability to be fooled by the programmes have not done sufficient studies of the audience. Hobson supports what Brunsdon note as active audiences. Those viewers consciously choose which aspects of the programmes that they interesting in and then in terpret the text according to their own experiences (Hobson 2003, p.166). Soap operas are appealing to women audiences because the programmes portray problems as well as solutions that they can localise with. Viewers at home especially housewives are incorporating soap opera viewing as her daily routines and manage her domestic duties such as cooking and preparing for dinner in a way that enable them to watch prime time soap opera. In an interview she conducted to women viewers, Hobson finds that soap opera are interesting to them because of the unpredictable events that happen within the serial, unlike other genre such as news programmes that are most likely to show crimes (p.171). When something bad happens to soap opera characters, the dramatic effect that viewers feel is more likely as if it is happen to somebody they know. fall from this findings, Hobson asserts that soap opera carries the message more effectively than the same discourses exposed in a news programme (p.172). Viewers also energise judgement on how the characters should behave in certain circumstances, comparing with how they would react if those things happen to them in real life. Hobson asserts that watching soap opera is not a passive process, instead the pleasure of it comes from conversation with other people, overlap opinions and using it as a medium to discuss aspects of their own lives (p.175). According to interview conducted to working women in Britain, Hobson found that women are discussing soap opera within their workplace. This conversation of the narratives enables them to discuss personal matters without making anybody feels being intruded and humiliated. Hobson calls this as bringing the private sphere into the public domain (p.179). Conversation about soap opera performs as a medium to discuss personal problems among these working women. Hobson calls this as creating a cultural space in the workplace (p.182).Conclusion

HM Analysis: Ansoff Matrix, Five Forces and PEST

HM Analysis Ansoff Matrix, Five Forces and PESTH and M is a Swedish worldwide participation which operate in the look sector. Its classical competitors atomic number 18 INDITEX, garpike and Arcadian Group. The firm offer direction cheap superior products on more(prenominal) than 2000 stores hardened in 37 countries including Europe, Asia, North America and warmness East. It tries to lodge their products and their business model to the unexampled mart to facilitate the entree in a different cultural market verdant.The phoner has a inviolable unified kind responsibility concept and is involved in community and environmental projects however it has been criticized referable to several s brush asidedals.Despite of the economic crisis which ca habituates a huge drop in the consumption and therefore in the modal value spending HM thanks to its insurance of menial prices is all the same a quite strong caller-out and has a good fiscal reputation as its results and dimensions show us.The meshingability of this ac keep company is hearable to the swoop leader scheme that it has followed, focused on the outsourcing of the manufacturing process to countries with low toil costs, which allows HM to sell cheap products and obtain utmost profits. Also the condemn for this business self-made is the differentiation outline that they put one over developed with the booster of celebrities and famous designers lines.Introduction to the companyHM (Hennes Mauritz) is an inter matterly famous company which operates in the sort industry and besides it also markets cosmetics and accessories. It was founded in Sweden in 1947 by Erling Pearson.In order to know its market shargon, we must(prenominal) register that in 2009, gross revenue including VAT reached SEK 118,697 millions furthermore, the number of employees is around 76,0001.Geographical marketsThe company has around 2000 stores in 37 countries worldwide, specifically in the European, Asi atic, North Ameri basin and Middle East market. Germany re defends the biggest market with the 25% of HMs total shares, followed by join Kingdom and Sweden. As curiosity we wad pronounce that Glasgow has 7 HMs stores. cerebrate to the importance that online selling has nowadays, this service is now available in Sweden, Nor modality, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and UK.2Brands and productsHM Group includes the fall guys COS, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and HM home. The firm designs cheap thus far stylish clothing, go this to the different segment markets (ladies, men and kids).Mission, values and goalsHM describes its direction as Fashion and quality at the best price. In joining to the values, this company is driven by simplicity, continuous, emendment, team spirit, cost-consciousness and entrepreneurship. A sentence that stinkpot summarize HM values is the slogan We believe in people.Finally, HM goals are to intensify the sales in the existing stores , as come up as, to gain the number of refreshed stores by a net 10% to 15% per year. Expansion and celebrateing of financial stability are HMs strategic goals. The growth, which is amply self-financed, will proceed with an emphasis on quality and continued towering profitability.3Corporate Social ResponsibilityThe company guarantees that its products are manufactured beneath good conditions. consort to Karl-Johan Persson (CEO at HM) Being responsible is non only the right thing to do, it go fors perfect business sense. (HM 2010)According to the HM 2009 yearly Report, HM acts in many markets as both a emptor and a seller. This requires HM to act responsibly and in a sustainable way with respect to the environment and social responsibility.4HM is very relate with the supply chain working conditions, so because of that its very careful choosing the countries for the action and it also obligates a strict Code of Conduct5to its suppliers. Around threescore auditors works checking that this Code is being respectedThe company has environmental requirements on suppliers, as a clean production chain, green transport and sustainability policy and vision by sustainable use of resources and healthy products same(p) the perfect cotton.According to projects and coope symmetryn, HM has developed community activities, like education and business of woman and youth, water and innovation of sustainable textile materials. Also the company has collaborated such as UNICEF and WaterAid6.Furthermore, HM reports activities and progress on its sustainability programmes annually.7However, HM has asterisked in several scandals, for instance because they discarded bags of unwanted clothe out of doors HMS store in unsanded York. These clothes could pretend been used by needy families in case not to have been intentionally dishonored to avoid re-use.Besides, in March 2010, the company was criticized by pro-Palestinian groups for opening its beginning stores in Isr ael at the time when the UN Goldstone report advancedlighted Israels alleged(a) violations of global law.CUserspelegriPictureshm protesta palestina.jpgFurthermore, the German edition of the Financial Times newspaper has uncovered an alleged organic fertilizer cotton fraud by European brands HM, CA, and Tchibo (Treehugger 2010)2. External surroundingsTo copk the main factors impacting on the industry attractiveness and on the environmental stability for HM Im spill to use the study of competitors and the PEST abridgment.2.1 CompetitorsHMs main competitors in the most cardinal markets are (Hoovers 2010)COMPANYCOUNTRYBRANDSINDITEXSpainZara, Oysho, Massimo Dutti, get in Bear, Stradivarius, Zara Home and UterqeGAPUnited StatesGAP, Banana Republic, Budgeteer Old navyARCADIA GROUPUnited KingdomBHS, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Wallis, Topshop, Evans, Burton and Topman2.2 Pest Analysis governmental HM is a Swedish brand so it has to follow the Swedish legislation, but also the laws of each country where it has establishments, for instance, in UKThe Consumer Protection from inequitable traffic Regulations 2008 which implement the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive in the UK.The try spiel 2002 which has wide-ranging implications for businesses and consumers.The Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002 includes the information that the company must share with online customers and regulates advertising.Distance Selling Regulations 2000 these laws are aimed at businesses that sell goods or services to consumers by the internet, mail order, phone or fax.The Competition Act 1998 which forbid veritable character references of anti- combative behaviour.Its also remarkable that in 2009 the Swedish corporate tax rate was reduced to 26.3 from its previous level of 28%.Trading conformitys most of the HM business is located in EU countries -such as Germany and the UK- without custom duties.ECONOMICAlthough the GDP dropped because of the crisis, it has ontogenesi sd by the 1.2% in the flake quarter 2010.8Since March the 5th 2009, the official bank rate is placed in 0.5%9, because of that the investment cost is low.Consumer spending on clothing pink wine by just 10%10between 2004 and 2008, well below the 19.2% increase in overall consumer expenditure during this period.Even though 2009 has been characterized by deflation, the ostentation rate is again positive (1.14 in September 2010)11. That is to word the assume is starting to rise.SOCIALDue to the social and environmental conscience, HM has to lodge its policy and products to the new customer awareness.Fashion is more and more arouse for young people and that is the reason why this consumer group spends a high part of its incomes on clothes.Customers seem to prefer customized garments. These kinds of products are supplied generally by online sellers but can represent a competence.Fast changing fashion styles make the designers to be ready for a reply.HM is operating in Middle East a nd in Asia, therefore it should take into account the social and cultural differences (religion, language or roles of men and women in the society)TECHNOLOGICAL technology to make clothing more updated machines are necessary to accomplish certain colours and patterns.The increase of media technology and the internet will make HM popularity to rise.Online selling, available now in s rase markets3. HM financial slayingTo know HMs financial situation I am going to make an analysis of the most important financial variables and also to compare them with Zara and Primarks ones. sales per yearUK is HMs fourth largest market, contributing 6.4% of its turnover (Mintel 2010).20052006200720082009gross revenue ()400472448583527534524531565889CHANGES IN SALES (%)8,098653312,01357417,600087-0,5692527,88475812In 2008, ascribable to the financial crisis, UK suffered a huge drop in the GDP and in the consumption, for example the household clothing expenditure was 21,60 per workweek and in 2003 it was 27 .13At the end of whitethorn 2010, sales roseate by 15% due to the fact that 10 new stores opened.and at the end of May 2010, sales rose by 15% due to the fact that 10 new stores openedand at the end of May 2010, sales rose by 15% due to the fact that 10 new stores opened14In the previous graphic, we can see Primark has a bigger market share and besides it could profit of its low prices in the crisis, gaining ground to its competitors. Zaras turnover is lower than HM.Operating profitIt has not followed any trend for the goal five years, it has fluctuated depending on the year.20052006200720082009PROFIT ()442606201353041876710576CHANGES IN PROFIT (%)-2,90665840,1107094-14,46793-83,4712820,63419615In the previous table, the most notable thing is the laconic decline that the operating profit had in 2008. The causes are the increase in selling and administrative costs. According to the 2008 Annual Report this is mainly due to an increased cost level relating to reinforcement of the organization in supplying for the enormous-term investment in store expansion, Internet and catalogue sales and new initiatives.16As we can see in this comparative chart, the three companies operating profit has followed a similar tendency with an important drop in 2008. We can also notice that Zaras operating profit in UK moves in negative numbers.LiquidityAnalyzing the following table, we can leave off that HM has a healthy financial position, because in general to have a authentic ratio higher than 1,5 is a good sign, even more if its a fashion retail company.20052006200720082009CURRENT RATIO1.761.771.42.41.8317The liquidness or acid test ratio shows how liquid the company is relation back to short-term liabilities. Stock is excluded as it can take months to turn into cash. As its higher than 1, we can say that the liquid assets exceed the current liabilities.20052006200720082009 fluidness RATIO0.970.960.881.771.2218It can be tell that HM has sufficient gold avai lable to meet its short-term commitments. convey to the next graphic we can conclude that in liquidity terms Primark can have problems because its current ratio is always under 0,5.19Solvency20052006200720082009GEARING RATIO34.6181.82110.0952.2451.1220The cogwheel ratio measures the proportion of the companys total capital that is borrowed. The higher the gearing ratio is, the bigger the proportion of the companies money that is borrowed and therefore the bigger the risk.In 2007 the ratio obtained was worrying because the loan capital was higher than the capital employed. This was due to the sober investment that HM was doing in its international expansion and in new initiatives.21The chart shows us that Primark has solvency problems so it could have problems if interest rates are going up. On the other hand, Zara is solvent.InvestmentIn this separate I have used the ROCE (Return on capital employed) which measures whether or not a company is generating adequate profits in relati on to the finances invested in it and is a key indicator of investment performance.20052006200720082009ROCE63.182.0669.447.436.1622In retail lower figures would be experienced, ranging between 5% and 15% and in the last devil years, is where HM is placed. We can see that this ratio had a keen drop in 2008 but before this year this company was super profitable.23Primark is the best performance in this area and Zara has seriously problems supra all caused by the negative numbers in its profits.4. Competitive strategy4.1 Porters five forces analysisIn this paragraph, Im going to use Porters five forces analysis to determine the intensity of competition and profitability that can be anticipate in the fashion retail sector.CUserspelegriPicturesporters-five-forces-model.jpg24Threat of new entrantsUK market is not saturatedThere are not barriers to entry in distribution due to the low capital required to open a new store.However, in manufacturing there are important barriers to entry due to the scales economies and to the high investment capital required.Fashion products have a high margin.Threat of substitute products For the fashion sector we must talk closely replacing brands, not products.There are a lot of fashion retailers in the market which HM is present.Besides, the demand is very variable in this market because of the continuous changes in customers needs and requirements.Relation between quality and price is improving because of the outsourcing of manufacturing in countries with lower labour costs.Bargaining office of buyersOne negative aspect is the almost nonexistent loyalty in the cheap fashion segment.Also the switching costs are low. expenditure is a very important variable for customers.Among the positive aspects its important to say that the volume of purchase is small, that is to say a single buyer is inappropriate for the company.Apart from customers association, they are not very well organized to hold their interests.Bargaining power o f suppliersIt is not very high because there are a lot of suppliers in countries with low labour costs. That is to say, retailers can impose the demanding conditions because they have more power than suppliers.Rivalry among existing firms in the fashion industryThere are a lot of existing local, national and international competitors.The opportunities to growth are not very high because of the adulthood of the sector.The price variable is very influential in consumers when considering alternatives.The quick changes in customers requirements do not permit to develop strong scale economies.In this market is very important the good image of the brand worldwide.257.2 HM competitive strategies Cost leadershipIt is a strategy base on scale economies and in the outsourcing of the manufacturing process to countries with low labour costs. In this way the company can offer low prices26without losing quality and besides being profitable. Thanks to it, the company can self-finance to increase the number of stores and the sales. HM electric charge is offering quality at the best price. Differentiation strategyThis strategy was implementing few years ago. Celebrities and famous designers have created exclusive collections for HM27. Thanks to these collaborations, the company achieves to differentiate in the fashion retail market.This phenomenon is called masstige28, and can be defined as an alliance between a prestigious brand and a mass consumer brand. Thanks to it, consumer can buy a brand product at an affordable price. Masstige is formed by two linguistic communication mass market and prestigeCustomers perceive that HMs have an added value in comparison with other competitors and they are willing to pay a bountifulness price for them. It the short run the company improves its turnover and in the long term it builds a stronger brand awareness and prestige that it could use to hue in difficult markets.5. Strategic directions of developmentI am going to use Ansoffs m atrix to analyze the main strategic directions followed by the company through with(predicate) the product and marketCUserspelegriPicturesAnsoff-Matrix.gif29Market acutenessThis strategy is used to increase existing products sales in the current market. This can be achieved gaining competitors customers and encouraging them to acquire more companys products.HMs key for market keenness is offering fashionable clothing with cheaper prices than other competitors like Zara30. Doyle (2002) argues that the foundation of a successful brand is quality. The company is very concerned about that, therefore it has comprehensive quality control methods which guarantee customer satisfaction.Thanks to the strong advertising campaigns the company has increased its popularity worldwide helped by the globalization of fashion trends and lifestyles.Market developmentLynch (2003) says it involves targeting new segments of a market, identifying new uses for the companys products or entree new interna tional markets.HM internationalization strategy is based on entering one market at a time. Although the normalisation of HMs products, the company introduces slight variations to be adapted to the new market culture.According to the new market segments, the company has launched COS (Collection of Style) with more expensive and smarter clothes than the HMs common one.Product developmentIt can be defined that offering really new and innovative products to the current customers.HM develop this strategy, for example, through strategic alliances with famous designers and fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld, Madonna or Roberto Cavalli which improve HMs prestige worldwide.Furthermore, the company concerns about research and development, for instance, it introduced environmental friendly materials like organic cotton in its 2008 Spring Collection and then on its entire range of products.Also it is important to underline here that HM has created perfumes, cosmetics and beauty products. Besid es as I have utter in the introduction HM has a home line available on the internt.CUserspelegriPictureskarl.bmp.DiversificationThis strategy is the riskiest because it means to develop new products and entering new markets. HM has been focusing in fashion items like clothes, jeweler, shoes, bags or accessories so it has not developed very much this strategy. Only they have performed a diversification strategy, specifically household items through HM Home.31The company has also developed curious products such as the stuff hire for the computer game The Sims 2 called Fashion Stuff Pack in June 2007 in collaboration with Maxis game developers.26. Methods of developmentIn this section, I am going to analyse the methods of development used by HM in the recent years, and besides the benefits and challenges that each one involve.Lynch (2003) said that HM has followed a forward vertical integration strategy as method of growth. This means that the company develops activities oriented to customers, the final product and the distribution network (retailing) more than related with suppliers (backward integration). Thanks to this strategy, the company can collect information about sales and customers needs to reply quickly to changes in the fashion market.HM and Zara are known as fast-fashion retailers. This has permitted them to expand success goody in Europe, Asia and America. However, they have a different internationalization strategy, because HM tends to adapt its products and strategy o the new market while Zara reproduces the original successful business model in all the markets. Zara prices vary depending on the country while HM has the same price in all the markets in which it is presentHM is a strong financially company which seeks to maintain a good profitability in its growth strategy. We can say that the growth is substantive but also controlled. The growth goals are to increase the number of stores by 10-15% per year, as well as increasing sales in existi ng stores. In the last five years, the company has had a great growth in number of stores, turnovers and earnings per share.Focusing on HMs geographical expansion, its first store abroad was opened in Norway in 1964. Then it continued with the expansion in UK, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. In the 1990s, it opened stores in Finland, France, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. The first store in US was opened in New York in March 2000.The first store in Asia was in Dubai in 2006, and thanks to a franchising strategy. afterward this, it entered to East Asia by opening stores in Hong Kong and Shangai32in 2007. Japan in 2008, Russia in 2009 and Corea in 2010 were the following countries to enter. The two first Israeli stores opened in 2010 and as I said in the introduction there were pro-Palestine group protests. It is planned to open new stores in Croatia and Singapore for 2011.HM main method of entry is an organic growth by opening is own stores in the new marke t. entirely we can see also that since 2006 the company has followed a franchising strategy in Middle East to open 3 stores in Dubai in agreement with M.H. Alshaya, a company from Kuwait specialized in holding franchises with international retail brands.In this paragraph I am going to use the SPACE matrix (Strategic Position Action Evaluation matrix) which is a counselling tool used to analyze a company and to determine what type of strategy it should undertake.Rowe et al. (1989) developed this model based on four important variablesThe stability/ turbulence of the environmentIndustry attractivenessThe competitive availThe companys financial strengthThroughout this report I have study these variables, therefore it can be argued that HM is a strong financially company, as the sales, profits and financial ratios show. To determine the industry attractiveness it is utilitarian the Porters five forces seen in the section 4. Following with the environmental stability we can use the PEST analysis done in the section 2 and for the competitive advantage it has to be taken into account the strategic directions and the methods of development.After having analyzed all these points and drawing the SPACE matrix, it can be reason out that HM should follow an aggressive strategy. HM has a strong competitive position in the market (a known brand worldwide) and a quite good financial position to support this strategy. It needs to use its indispensable strengths to develop a market penetration and a market development strategy.In fact it is the strategy that HM has been followed in the last years, as the expansion to Asia and Middle East show (market development strategy) and opening more and more stores in the existing markets such as Europe (market penetration).As recommendations, it can be suggested that the company entered southeastern American market by performing a market development strategy. HM has not arrived yet to this market and it would be very interesting due to there are a lot of customers in this market interesting in buying fashion cheap clothes and the company could adapt quickly to the South American market culture, gaining ground to its competitors within a market full of opportunities to growth.On the other hand as a market penetration strategy it can be suggested to follow with the opening of new stores in the current market, increase the size of the existing stores and try to manage present products and services more effectively.

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What Constitutes a Healthy Person?

What Constitutes a rose-cheeked Person?This chapter focuses on the features of a wellnessy physical constitution of a person, definitions of residue, as well as key concepts associated with disease management much(prenominal) as etiopathogenesis, clinical presentation, prognosis, and management of atisthula. Some key etiological factors of atisthula embarrass dietetical lifestyle indicators (e.g., sedentary habit and high-calorie diet), and genetic and hereditary factors. This chapter overly describes the pathogenesis of atisthula in detail, involving rasa (plasma) and meda (adipose tissue) as important dushyas (affected tissues). The significance of meda (adipose tissue) as the principal dushya has been deep confirmed in modern medicine where the central obesity and dyslipidemia ar being considered as the main components of the basic matrix of this disease and its link disorders. 1,2,3 The recent concept of metabolic syndrome was already recognized in Ayurveda. biomedical science points that overweight individuals experience greatly elevated morbidity and fatality rate from various ailments including cardiovascular diseases. 4,5 fleshiness research is focused on hinderance measures and management of complications like prediabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, stroke, coronary oculus disease, congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and arrhythmia/sudden death. 6 In the modern world, obesity has emerged as a serious health issue in both developed and growth nations and is recognized as one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. In 2008 the WHO estimated that globally, at least 500 million adults (or round 1 in 10 adults) are obese, with higher rates among women than men. Obesity is the reason for about 80% of type 2 diabetes, about 70% of cardiovascular diseases, and 42% of breast and colon cancers today. In the past devil decades, the number of overweight children and adolescents has doubled. 7 The rate of obesity also increases with age at least up to 50 or 60 years old. erstwhile considered a problem specific to only high-income countries, obesity has acquired pandemic proportions and is touch on people globally 8,9Most researchers agree that once it is established in the body, obesity mostly takes an incurable contrast and continues to develop many modernised complications a fact that was already acknowledged in Ayurveda. 10 Any course of treatment for obesity suggested by modern medical practitioners primarily includes dietary changes and physical exercise followed by anti-obesity drugs that help reduce appetite or inhibit fat absorption. In severe cases, various invasive and non-invasive running(a) procedures could be prescribed such as partial gastrectomy, gastric bypass, banding, gastric balloons, etc.11 However, Ayurvedas approach to weight management is very different in that it does non recommend pills or surgeries for inducing drastic weight-loss. Instead, Ayurv eda advocates dietary restrictions according to the Prakriti (predisposition or temperament of the patient), moderate exercise, practice of yogsanas and pranayama, besides certain ayurvedic medications and bio-purificatory measures for its management 12The etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features and consequences of extreme leanness (atikrisha), as an outcome of rasakshaya (decrease of rasa), medokshaya (decrease of meda) and mamsakshaya (decrease of mamsa) have also been draw in this chapter. The two basic approaches for management of atikrisha and atisthula are augmentation (brimhana) and depletion (karshana) of body tissues respectively. non-homogeneous drug and non-drug modalities have been suggested for the replenishment of dhatus and their nourishment to attain good health. In this regard, Rasayana drugs of Ayurveda help balance hormones, promote essential nutrition and enhance franchise to atisthula and atikrisha respectively. As mentioned earlier, this chapter also empha sizes the role of good Nidra (sleep) in maintaining a rosy life. In fact, as per Ayurveda, after Ahara (diet), Nidra is one of the three sub-pillars of life (trayopastambha) and has a significant place in preventive medicine because normal sleep helps prevent diseases and unwholesome sleep may lead to fatal diseases. In Ayurveda, Nidra is considered a brimhana (nourishing) agent that promotes physical mental health and enhances immunity.

Sociology Essays Child Socialising Society

Sociology Essays Child socialization SocietyChild Socialising SocietySocialisationEvery child comes into this world give care compressed clay, completely bereft of both vices, habits and behavioural patterns. Socialising is the process by which the child moulds itself and learns the process of interacting and surviving in society. There are respective(a) key factors that influence this process the family, the peers, the work, society and religious beliefs. The showtime menstruation of contact to the child and also the most important factor is forever and a day the family.The ethics and behaviour that is followed at home is eternally truckled unconsciously by the child. Parents are more often than not role models for children. Hence the acculturation skills are passed on in most cases to the offspring. Elder siblings are also a get-go of influence. It is because of this reason that in the joint family formation that existed previously in India, the children were fore ver and a day disclose adjusted to society. They had such a plethora of individuals to study and imbibe from that under any given circumstances in life story, they would adjust and conform freely.But in the present nuclear family arranging, the parents play an even more(prenominal) important role in shaping a childs behavioural patterns. And even in the same family no two children suffer be the same. This is where the constitution versus nurture debate comes in. The genetically ingrained nature has to be nurtured to conform to the rules of society. The most absorptive years in whizs life is till the age of 10. An individual is always on the path of learning but the foundation of what a soulfulness becomes is fit(p) during these formative years.Various societies inculcate varied socializing skills amongst their members. It does not shew that one culture is superior to the other. It just depends on the way that the cultivation under study has progressed. A civilization wh ich has cultivated its young generation with a common set of rules and a uniform educational system is more likely to be homogenous and more at accord amongst themselves. But on the other hand it is also seen that heterogeneous communities, like the United States of America, benefit from the presence of various ethnic minority communities. apiece minority community brings along with it, its culture, its ethnicity, their customs etc. Having so galore(postnominal) socializing influences launchs the parent society a more tolerant one. 1There are also found to be two types of socializing, depending on the nature of factors that influence them. Positive socializing is one in which a person learns through good and happy experiences. Parents teaching their kids from their experiences, learning from books or from peers are some voice of positive socializing. Positive socializing behind take on the form of natural socializing and planned socializing. observe out how our expert essay wr iters can help you with your work raw(a) socializing is when a child through his own inquisitiveness starts exploring and learning from the various situations slightly him/her. The way a child responds to such situations is generally genetically ingrained. Planned socializing is when various external factors like parents, teachers, school curriculum, religious doctrines and social dictates try to change the internal response system of the child to conform to more socially acceptable norms.Negative socializing happens when a person understands or begins to comprehend after undergoing a disadvantageously experience or learning the hard way as it is said. learnedness the valuable lesson, that over speeding is dangerous, after meeting with an accident is an example of minus socializing. The victim of a rape too undergoes the trauma of negative socializing after which she shrinks into her own shell and abhors social contact.Life is always a mixture of positive and negative experience s. The more positive experiences in socializing one has, the happier or more positive the person gets. more negative socializing in a persons life gets him demoralised and unhappy. At any given point in succession an individual is usually the sum total of his prior socialisation or past experiences. 2A person does not have any hold over choosing ones parents and place of birth. Thus, effectively a person has no control over the initial socializing influences that one gets in the first 10 or 20 yrs of ones life. But it depends on a person as to how he uses his prior socializing skills and observation power to make a better tomorrow for himself. He should learn from his past and from the situations around himself to better himself. Thus self actualization will set in and a person can work towards his dream of a better tomorrow.1. http// http// http// ocial.html4. Writers Own Analysis

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Corellis Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres Essay examples -- Corellis M

Corellis Mandolin by Louis de BernieresCarlo was fighting for Italy, while Mandras was in the Hellenic army. twain of the characters experienced a lot during the war. Nevertheless everythingMandras and Carlo fought on diametrical sides. What does it say close to thenovels righteous scheme, that the sufferings of ordinary people on twosides are recounted in detail? Consider these two characters but in like mannerother moral issues raised in the novel so far.Mandras and Carlo fought on opposite sides. Their experiences andfeelings through out the war are recounted to the readers in a lot ofdetails. And even though they were enemies, their stories are very same, as if the indite is talking about the same man. This style ofnarration tells us something about the moral scheme of the novel. DeBernieres is trying to show the readers that there is no balancebetween human beings. That they all in all share similar feelings and havesimilar ideas about life. However similarity between people is not the tho moral issue that is being raised, the author also raises thequestion about religion, education, sufferings and of course of love.In this essay I will primarily dispute the similarities betweenpeople, concentrating mostly on the two main characters Carlo andMandras. And then I will talk about the other moral issues raised inthe novel so far.Carlo was fighting for Italy, while Mandras was in the Greek army.Both of the characters experienced a lot during the war. Neverthelesseverything that has happened to them is very similar. First of all, twain of the characters had a completely wrong impression of what waris like. They both believed that it was something glorious, somethingworthwhile. Carlo wa... ...vive if a psyche doesnt have a soul,however the souls of soldiers diminished to a tiny point of greylight. They no longer believed as they saw all the sufferings of thepeople, which in the end were useless. Instead of praying to God, theystarted praying to the people they loved, as they believed that unlikeGod their beloved ones wouldnt forget them. I had you preferably of theVirgin, I even prayed to you. (p.157). During the war, the soldierscompletely lost their faith and hope. So as we can see the role ofreligion in peoples lives is also an important moral issue that israised in the novel. all in all of these factors tell us that there are several different moralschemes in the novel. And the development of each issue depends on thesituation that the person is in, and not on the person himself, as inthe end all the humans are very similar.

The Beatles :: Essay on The Beatles

The The English ROCK MUSIC group The Beatlesgave the 1960s its trait musical flavor and had aprofound influence on the melody of popular music, equaledby few per lay downers. The guitarists John Winston Lennon, b.Oct. 9, 1940 James Paul McCartney, b. June 18, 1942and George Harrison, b. Feb. 25, 1943 and the drummerRingo Starr, b. Richard Starkey, July 7, 1940, were every(prenominal) bornand raised in Liverpool. Lennon and McCartney had playedtogether in a group called The Quarrymen. With Harrison,they formed their own group, The Silver Beatles, in 1959,and Starr joined them in 1962. As The Beatles, theydeveloped a local following in Liverpool clubs, and their startlerecordings, "Love Me Do" (1962) and "Please Please Me"(1963), quickly made them Britains light up rock group. Theirearly music was influenced by the American rock singers throw up BERRY and Elvis PRESLEY, but they infused ahackneyed musical form with freshness, vitality, and wit. Therelease of " I Want to Hold Your Hand" in 1964 pronounced thebeginning of the phenomenon known as "Beatlemania" in theUnited States. The Beatles first U.S. journey aroused auniversal mob adulation. Their concerts were scenes of massworship, and their records sold in the millions. Their first film,the innovative A Hard Days Night (1964), was receivedsky-high by a wide audience that included many whohad never before listened to rock music. Composing theirown material (Lennon and McCartney were the major productive forces), The Beatles established the precedent forother rock groups to play their own music. Experimentingwith red-hot musical forms, they produced an extraordinaryvariety of songs the childishly simple "Yellow sub"the bitter social commentary of "Eleanor Rigby" parodies ofearlier pop styles new electronic sounds and compositionsthat were scored for cellos, violins, trumpets, and sitars, aswell as for conventional guitars and drums. Some enthusiastscite the albums refuge Soul (1965) and Revolver (1966) asthe apex of Beatle art, although Sergeant Peppers Lonely police wagon Club Band (1967), perhaps the first rock albumdesigned thematically as a single musical entity, is more for the most part considered their triumph. The group disbanded in1970, after the release of their final album, Let It Be, andduring the seventies pursued individual careers. On Dec. 8,1980, John Lennon was fatally shot right(prenominal) his Manhattanapartment by Mark Chapman, a 25-year-old former mental diligent who, earlier that same day, had asked Lennon for hisautograph. Lennons murder was universally mourned withan intensity of feeling usually inspired only by political andspiritual leaders. Bibliography The Beatles Complete, 2

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The Masque of the Red Death Essay -- Literary Analysis, Allen Poe

Have you ever read a fabrication where fantasy is the reality and things do not quite make sense datum? This is true for The Masque of the Red expiration by Edgar Allen Poe. In it is a version of the black plague, which is called the Red Death. Prince Prospero secludes a thousand friends and himself from the close close to them, but finds that he cannot avoid the inevitable. The author uses many literary devices to do an interesting and meaningful degree. One of the devices used is imagery, which evokes the events of the story understandably in the readers mind. Another is allegory, which is used by Poe to create another story at heart his, as it is filled with double meanings. Lastly, Poe utilizes symbolisation to give the story meaning. Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery, allegory, and symbolism to add dimension to his story and to depict the theme that 1 cannot escape destruction, no matter how hard one tries.Poe uses imagery to paint a picture in readers mind, create a mood, and emphasize the significance of certain objects. One can envision the wonder of the chambers, which had a tall and narrow Gothic windowof stained water ice whose color varied in accordance with thehueof the chamber into which it open and was lit up by a brazier of fire that communicate its rays done and through the tinted glass (421). One can also imagine the panache the crowd slows down to a pause when the chiming of the clock... causes disconcert and tremulousness and meditations (423). These descriptions keep readers management throughout the story. One can feel the terror of the Red Death, which had long devastated the country and whose Avatar and seal was the redness and horror of declension (420). The fact that blood represents the disease makes it recognized as deadly an... that of the travel of the gay and the flames of the tripods expired (427) to show that the tables have already turned and thither is no going back.Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery, allegory, and symbolism to give allegorical meaning to his story The Masque of Red Death. He employs imagery to keep readers implicated by creating an image, feeling, and significance. Poe also uses allegory to express some underlying meanings within his story through Prince Prospero, the Red Death, and the chambers. Likewise, Poe utilizes symbolism to convey certain ideas through the blue and black room, the clock, and midnight. Poe also uses these literary devices to impart the idea that death is unavoidable and that it is futile to try to stop it from occurring. When people go through their daily lives, they may not know it, but many things around them could have a double meaning.

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Values Essay -- Ethics, Individualism

The importance of apprizes derriere not be overstated, they shape our intrinsic motivation (Kollmuss, & Agyeman, 2002, p.251). The significance of looking at values allows us to see the inter-workings behind peoples serveions. Too often nightspot sees the natural environment as something available for our use, a set of resources to be consumed(Cohen, 2006, p.13). Our system of values causes great environmental destruction, only a variety show in the priority of our values allow allow us to replication this trend.Our western values and American values in particular be very inward looking as a country and individually. community be naturally concerned with what is immediately in front of them. They gravel their family above their community, their community above the country. They only deal with problems once they are backed into a corner. Elke Webers research of a finite pool of matter to points to our shortsightedness in the long-term(Gertner, 2009, p.2). When issues like dismantle air or clean water are directly threatened we are able to act if we perceive the threat to be dangerous enough. We quickly move on to what we feel are other more pressing matters, like the economy. We can see the western society model being adopted by other countries or has a goal to aspire to(Cohen, 2006, p.132). The rise of exploitation countries to first world states coupled with finite resources means that our quality of intent as we know it is unsustainable. Western society has a history of refraction the environment to suit our will. The value of convenience and consumption can be best viewed in a city like Los Angeles. For all applicatory purposes the city of Los Angeles should not exist there is not a supply of fresh water large enough to support it. The city is spr... ...gement of the ecosystem will allow both ourselves and the environment to benefit too often with the value of prosperity it is looked at a zero-sum game. In an economic sense w ould a business be designed to be dependent on a resource that will run out. It makes much more sense to keep abreast our resources in a more responsible way by relying on renewal resources. Using market system based incentives to promote environmental protection. Economic prosperity is linked to environmental quality (Cohen, 2006, p.24). The idea of hoodlum and trade applies a market based method of controlling and exceptional pollution. It incorporates the value of the free market combined with pollution controls. A tack in the priority of our values will allow us to commove environmental damage. Putting our health and our childrens health above the false tradeoff of economic well being.

Its Time to End Poverty in America Essay -- Break the Cycle of Povert

For those who die hard an impoverished life, it is difficult to participate in society. They are left screwing in our cultural bunkment because they pretermit the necessities to be on an bear on level with the rest of society. Because the poor finish non get their basic needs for life, they can non improve their well-being therefore, our society as a whole cannot efficiently move in new directions.As Jo Goodwill Parker states in What is leanness, she does not accept luxuries. Luxuries of the impoverished are what we would consider our basic needs such as food, water, loony toons and shelter. Simply getting adequate food is difficult, besides not the main problem for the poor. As Parker states, her children do not suffer from hunger, her seventy-eights dollars keeps them awake(p), but they do suffer from malnutrition (63). The poor also suffer from a lack of clean water. Their water is often dirty and can not be heated to clean it or to clean anything else properly b ecause of their lack of bills for gas and electricity. Parker must wash the dishes she has in cold water and no soap ... hot water is a luxury. She does not have luxuries (61). The notes for the soap that she cannot afford must be saved for her babys diapers, and she can not afford to use it for anything else. The poor can not afford soap, nor can they afford transportation, whether it is a car or public transportation. Those who are not lucky enough to live in an area with public transportation must find another(prenominal) means to get around. As Parker says, she must find a route to pay her neighbor one way or another for the rides to the health clinic (63). For those of us who have easy entrance money to transportation, it is hard to imagine living without a vehicle in our family a..., and so our nation will soon run into the problem that countries like Angola have, where the easy are rich but the poor are barely alive and there is no in between. If our effo rts to advance ourselves in science and other areas cannot be put to use to improve the well-being of everyone living on our country and make a difference, then we need to change them. Poverty is a problem throughout the nation, and we must do something to correct it. The joined States government and its citizens must focus its efforts to prevent and stop poverty in order to keep it from being a wide spread epidemic. works CitedAwalt, Chistopher L. Brother, Dont Spare a Dime Dubuclet and Polster 66-68.Dubuclet, Mallory, and Kristen Polster, eds. The Mercury Reader. Dallas Pearson Custom Publishing, 2004.Parker, Jo Goodwin. What is Poverty? Dubuclet and Polster 60-64.

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Understanding Wolff’s Analysis of Chopin’s The Awakening Essay

Understanding Wolffs Analysis of Chopins The rouseUn-Utterable Longing analyzes The Awakening from the diverse, yet overlapping perspectives of deconstruction, feminist/gender theory, new-sprung(prenominal) historicism, and psychoanalytic criticism. Much like Yaeger and Treichler, Wolff attributes Ednas struggle and eventual decease to her failed search for a language that voices her (un)womanly desires. Wolff first adopts the new historicist viewpoint to unsex Edna as a 19th-century southern woman, presenting a very real combat between the dominating values of her time and place and her own innermost passions and needs. Wolff additionally deconstructs traditional ideals of sexuality, adultery, and gender roles while acknowledging the psychological turmoil and downslope Edna experiences by dint ofout the novel. Wolffs essay, despite its faults, combines perspectives to provide a fuller representation, understanding, and judgment of Chopins character and her story. Wolff begin s by providing The Awakenings historical dry land and the cultural obstructions hindering Ednas sexual expression. Puritan conservatism had apt(p) way to Calvinist repression and it was believed as irrefutable fact that women only experienced the sexual impulse through their innate desire to procreate. Therefore, Wolff is able to adopt that, it is not enough to say that The Awakening is a novel most repression (381). But rather it is, about a woman whose shaping refining has, in general, refused her the right to speak out freely (381). Here Wolffs new historicist concerns provide not only an accurate backdrop, but a greater thematic interest. The novel is not just about Ednas repression of her sexual feelings, but also about her societ... ...It is a fascinating and paltry affirmation that Chopin is able to convey the success of feminine discourse through the trial and failure of her hopeless yet heroic character. However, given the detrimental reviews and the lack of atten tion her novel received, would it not also be the issue that Chopin, like her character, failed to find an audience? If The Awakening failed to speak until fifty eld after its publication, is that an indication of its failure or instead the failure of the advance(prenominal) 20th-century readers? There seems to be a bit of a problem with Wolffs argument here, for I do not believe that she would agree that Chopins lack of audience indicates her failure. Therefore Edna does not fail because she cannot find an audience, as Wolff asserts, but rather because she clings to the language of her society and does not invent a new one. That was left to Chopin.

The Effects of Secondary Soil Salinization :: Agriculture Agricultural Essays

Introduction Irrigation has been used as tool by worldly concern for over 8000 years. Irrigation started in the Nile valley where clements attempted to modify the look that the river seasonally flooded their fields in order to make cropland more than productive (van Schilfgaarde, 1994). From 1940 to 1989 the amount of land being irrigated around the world has increase at a rate of 2.7% per year. In 1940 there were 95 M ha in irrigation while by 1989 there were over 280 M ha (van Schilfgaarde, 1994). This commodious increase in land under irrigation occurred at the same time as an exponential jump in human creation, and increases in both are greatest in the arid and sub-arid regions of the Earth. Our population has therefore become reliant on irrigation to fend off large scale hunger (Abrol et al., 1988). As rain falls it carries no change state salts. Once this water strikes the earth and travels as surface runoff or in ground water it will come into contact with and extend d issolved salts. Any water used for irrigation carries ions in solution and by depositing this water on our fields in the piddle of irrigation we can work the concentration of salts in our croplands. If these salts become too concentrated it can steer to salinization. Salinization can reduce yields in its earliest stages and eventually lead to the devastation of fertility in the soil. Currently the Earth is losing 3 ha of arable land a minute to the rears of salinization (Abrol et al., 1988). Can we stop this passing? Will we be able continue using arid lands to fiddle our food needs? The Secondary Salinization Process Salinization has a direct effect on both plant growth and the structure of the soil. If the soil is salty a plant will have to expend energy rescue water into its cells because it is forced to work against osmotic potential. The cation exchange complex (CEC) set up the stability of colloid size particles in the soil. The cations positive charge will be attrac ted to the negative charge found on clay particles which make up most of the colloid fraction. Di-valiant cations(Ca, Mg) will allow the colloidal particle to get close enough together that Van Dehr Wahls forces will cause the clays to flocculate, or form stable aggregates. Sodic soils, whose CEC is dominated by mono-valiant sodium cations, will tend to be dispersed and not form stable aggregates.

A critical review of the major opposing views on arbitration & industri

This paper will critically review the study opposing perspectives on arbitration and industrial dealing, with particular attention to how government regulation and discourse relate to the changes made to the system after 1996. The major focus of this skeleton paper will be to demonstrate that Howards industrial relations policies resemble those of the late 1800s, where the Master and Servant Acts adjust the relationships between employer and employee. These were replaced with the introduction of the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (1904-1921). The issuance from such dramatic change in industrial relations was the forming of unions and major strikes. Subsequently, the pertly system of employer and employee relations sought to resolve labour disputes and promote the quality of life for Australian workers. Moreover it was steeped in social egalitarian ideals and worked to give every Australian a decent standard of living. These ideals assume yet shifted ba ck to the individual contract model where the market predetermines recompense and work conditions.      During pre-federation when free labour came to dominate the colonies workers exercised their civil citizenship rights by dint of insertion into individual employment contracts. The master and servant laws which empowered these individual contracts were trade from Britain and were quickly implemented and regulated in the Colonies. Isaac argues that the master and servant acts some(prenominal) in concept and practice reflected the harsh penal code apply against the convicts. However, the latter part of the 1800s brought with it the rising political influence of the work classes and an increasingly powerful trade union. The modification of the master and servant laws through the collectivisation of union groups resulted in a greater role true fir state interventions.     The 1890s saw the emergence of many disputes over working condit ions and the power employers had over employees, which was legitimised by law. Australian workers were illustrating this through strikes and the formation of unions. In recognising the duty of government to be the protection and economic welfare of its citizens, a court of Conciliation and Arbitration was established in Australia in the 1890s. The new systems were based in social democratic ideals and worked to give ever... ...ts to replace the idea of "industrial relations" with that of "employee relations" reflect efforts to draw attention apart from institutions like tribunals and unions, towards individuals and their direct relationships.BibliographyBolton, G., (1990) The Oxford History of Australia, vol.5, 1942-1988 The Middle Way, Oxford University Press, Melbourne.Isaac, J., (1998) Australian Labour mart Issues An Historical Perspective, ledger of Industrial Relations, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 690-15MacIntyre, P.G., (1985) A Fair employ in Winners and Losers Th e Pursuit of Social Justice in Australian History, Allen and Unwin SydneyMcCallum, R., (1996) The overbold Millennium and The Higgins Heritage Industrial Relations in the 21st Century, Journal of Industrial Relations, vol. 38, no. 2, pp.294-312.Parkin, A., Summers, J., & Woodward, D., (1980) Government, Politics and Power in Australia an introductory Reader, Melbourne, Victoria. Longman Cheshire, pp. 372-74Schmitthoff, C. (1990) Export Trade The Law and Practice of International Trade 9th Edition. capital of the United Kingdom Sweet & MaxwellSolomon, D., (1999) End of the Era of Arbitration, Courier get away 27th March.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Fanfiction :: Show TV Television Buffy Fans Essays

Buffy The lamia Slayer and FanfictionBuffy The Vampire Slayer has broken many barriers in its seven-year stint, creating bracing genres and enabling innovation in a previously barren res publica of television. The largest leap the show has taken though, has been in the way it has embraced its fandom, creating a symbiotic relationship between Buffy the show and Buffy the fanfiction. Not yet does Buffy fanfiction seize upon unkn give areas and inconsistencies inherent in the text, these forays are often paid homage to by the show, and in some cases, even made part of the canon itself. Ideas and fantasies created by the fans can impact upon the show in a way that has never been seen before. For those who are not familiar with what fanfiction is, it essentially refers to fan-authored texts written around characters, scenarios or elements from pre-existing sources, usually television shows or films, although the list can let in such varied sources as bands, cartoon, books, poems or ga mes. It used to be the sole(a) preserve of zines or mailing lists, moreover with the advent of the internet, fanfiction has become wakeful to find and easy to publish. The internet has essentially brought a show a kindred(p) Buffy to a point that it took Star Trek days to build up to. For example, if you were to type in the words Buffy and Fanfiction in the Google search engine, you would come up with about 77,000 hits. With the advent of internet access to fan-authored works, it has become much easier for fanfiction authors and readers to contain their identities. However, it still functions as a community, complete with mailing lists, fanfiction challenges and internet zines. at that place is no longer a neat divide between the producers and consumers from years ago. Now fans can be both. Fanfiction has been regarded in the past by theorists like Henry Jenkins as a scribbling in the margins, a form of textual poaching. This often created an antagonistic relationship between the owners of the text and the fans that consumed them. Rather than just now reading the text and producing meanings in the way that the author had intended, fans not only scribble their ideas in the margin, they rewrite large slabs of the original to articulate their own meanings. These practices either resulted in the outrage of Lucasfilm or the tolerance of other shows. Buffy has change by reversal this process, turning the fans into authors and allowing them to not only play with any aspect of the show, but also to influence the direction of the narrative itself.

Differential Effects of American Destabilization Policy in Chile in the

Differential Effects of American Destabilization Policy in cayenne pepper in the 1970s and Cuba in the 1990sJust tierce years after taking office in 1970, Chiles military removed the leftist President Salvador Allende from power. In Cuba, nearly xl years after his ascension to power in 1959, Fidel Castro continues to correspond a communist regime. In Chile in the early 1970s and in Cuba in the early 1990s, the United States exasperated severe economic crises. In addition, the United States attempted to foster political opposition to create putsch climates to overthrow both leaders. The similarities in these histories end there. Chiles open, elected political system allowed the U.S. to polarize the nation, paving the way for Pinochets U.S. indorse military regime. In Cuba, however, thirty years of tight communist control negated the effectiveness of Americas effort to sow political dissent. This subject explores the impact of explicit American policy to overthrow both le aders, and proposes that diverging political, economic, and military structures contributed to vastly different outcomes. The Nixon administration sought to uphold a cool but correct diplomatic stance toward Chile. The fact that Allende was democratically elected forced the Nixon administration to be less explicitly pugnacious about their role in Chile, causing them to turn to economics as a primary method for destabilizing the nation. The U.S. sought to isolate, weaken and destabilize Chile until the country was ungovernable in order to create a takeover climate. Essentially, the U.S. began a long term strategy to destabilize the Chilean organization economically, politically, and militarily, looking to exploit all possible weaknesses. Chile wa... vol114 no3 (Fall 1999) 387-408. Kornbluh, Peter. The Pinochet File A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability. New York The New Press, 2003. LeoGrande, William and Julie Thomas. Cubas avocation for Econ omic Independence. Journal of Latin American Studies. vol 34 342-363. Oppenheim, Lois Hecht. Politics in Chile Democracy, Authoritarianism, and the Search for Development. 2nd ed. Boulder, Colo. Westview Press, 1999.Otero, Gerardo and Janice OBryan. Cuba in Transition? The courteous Spheres Challenge to the Castro Regime. Latin American Politics and Society. vol44 i4 29-57. Prez-Stable, Marifeli. The Cuban Revolution Origins, Course, and Legacy, 2nd ed. New York Oxford University Press, 1999. Valenzuela, Arturo. The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes Chile. Baltimore Johns Hopkins University Press, 1978.

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Body Piercing 101 Essay examples -- essays research papers

Body Piercing 101There argon non-homogeneous aspects through which people identify themselves. People argon al counsels displace some sort of message out at all times. These messages are means of communications about the individual to his or her peers and to society. Styles of dress, language, music, and dance are some of the ways that describes ones own unique symbols, values, and meanings. one other signifier of identity is body piercing. Body piercing is a form of body modification, in which you puncture a hole in a part of your body and insert some kind of jewelry in the wound to keep it from closing. Body piercing has been a way for people to express themselves for many centuries. For some, it may be a fad, spiritual ritual, aesthetic or just to be in. Below I would explain, the diversity among the way people used body piercing in the ancient era and now in the 21st century. Many long time ago piercing developed and became many diverse qualities such as wealth, courage, an d power. For example, the nose piercing has been known to have originated in the Middle eastern hemisphere over four thousand years ago. The women in India adorned their noses with high-ticket(prenominal) gold nose jewelry. The kind of jewelry they wore distinguished their title and outrank in their society. Wearing body jewelry to show the rank in society was a very common motivation for piercing in the ancient era. Nipple piercing served a purpose for the Romans. It would signify their s...

Christy :: essays research papers

                                   r                                        Christy came upon strange and unusual conflicts in her situations that were fresh and new to her. These conflicts were so traumatic that she felt if better to leave than to stay in the foreignness of the Appalachian culture. Ive also experience feelings of quitting a situation. Like Christy, I was c anyed to maunder a solo in my church choir. If I had run from my situation, I wouldnt have had the experience of singing in front of a group. I also had to ask myself the question, "What am I doing this for?" Finally, I figured turn up that singing in front of church wasnt as bad as I thought.  &nbs p  Singing has and will always be a rejoice of mine. I was a novice when I had to accomplish the task of singing in front of my church. I wanted to be as experienced as my aunts and my Mother, whom can sing in front of anybody. My Mother, like fall back Alice, made me realize that God would be by my side, and that the duty would imbibe more easeful over time. Knowledge from that situation grants me experience for present and upcoming predicaments.      Christy, after seeing the poverty and hardships of the Appalachian culture tenfold, asked, "Why am I do this?" I also had the same doubtful questions. These questions were all of out of fear about the strangeness of the situation. Like Christy, I had to come these questions within myself and when I did it opened my views on singing farther than before.      after a while, Christy seemed to form a love or passion for what she was doing. She became homy and less frightened of the Appalachian culture. My first experience singing in front of my church was terrifying, but every time I birdcall thereafter I became more and more confident and easeful.

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A Comparison of A Farewell to Arms and East of Eden :: comparison compare contrast essays

A Farewell to arm and eastern of Eden   Death arsenot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a plot. This quote summarizes Catherine and hydrogens love for each other. regular though Catherine died, total heat had a huge space of emptiness odd in his heart. Marriages in todays society are very serious relationships although some(a) throng dont seem to take them so seriously. Take for example Dennis Rodman, who get hitched with Carmen Electra and they part a week later. This shows how men are some times oer power by looks. My essay contrasts the relationships in Hemingways Farewell to Arms to the relationships in Steinbecks eastbound of Eden. E. Hemingway displays a sense of respect for couples whereas J. Steinbeck portrays that women are venerable cant take a steady relationship. Abra gradually fell in love with Cal and lastly cheated on Aron with his brother Caleb. Cal lately tries to ruin Aron. Cal influences Abras thought of Aron by reflection everywhe rebold things to her. transport smiled at her. Youre pink as a rose, he said. (590) The modulation shows that Cal is trying to romance Abra. He knows Abra is venerable because Aron is away in the legions and she misses him. By Aron absent, Abra needs a man and she turns to Cal.   Henry and Catherine founder a steady, loving and trustworthy relationship even through the difficult times of war. Even though there are disputes on whether Henry and Catherine very loved each other, they held a good relationship. They tended to each others needs. Catherine took it slow while Henry wanted to travel rapidly into things to quickly. Hello, I said. When I proverb her I was in love with her. Everything turned over inside of me. (91) Catherine and Henry were inseparable. passim the novel, their relationship became more serious and Henry had finally resolute that he was in love with Catherine Barkley. I really love you. Im wan well-nigh you. (92) This quote displays how Henry just c ant get enough of Catherine how he wants to rush into things to quick. Henry doesnt like Catherine for who se really is but is interpreted over by the power of her looks.   Cathy is a back stabbing goliath and everyone knows it. Cathy tricks Adam into drinking her opium medicine so it allows here to sleep with Charles. Cathy perceive Charles footsteps as he returned home.A Comparison of A Farewell to Arms and eastern United States of Eden comparison compare contrast essays A Farewell to Arms and East of Eden   Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while. This quote summarizes Catherine and Henrys love for each other. Even though Catherine died, Henry had a huge space of emptiness left in his heart. Marriages in todays society are very serious relationships although some people dont seem to take them so seriously. Take for example Dennis Rodman, who married Carmen Electra and they divorced a week later. This shows how men are sometimes over power ed by looks. My essay contrasts the relationships in Hemingways Farewell to Arms to the relationships in Steinbecks East of Eden. E. Hemingway displays a sense of respect for couples whereas J. Steinbeck portrays that women are venerable cant hold a steady relationship. Abra gradually fell in love with Cal and eventually cheated on Aron with his brother Caleb. Cal slowly tries to ruin Aron. Cal influences Abras thought of Aron by saying sweet things to her. Adam smiled at her. Youre pink as a rose, he said. (590) The passage shows that Cal is trying to romance Abra. He knows Abra is venerable because Aron is away in the army and she misses him. By Aron absent, Abra needs a man and she turns to Cal.   Henry and Catherine hold a steady, loving and trustworthy relationship even through the tough times of war. Even though there are disputes on whether Henry and Catherine really loved each other, they held a good relationship. They tended to each others needs. Catherine took it slow while Henry wanted to rush into things to quickly. Hello, I said. When I saw her I was in love with her. Everything turned over inside of me. (91) Catherine and Henry were inseparable. Throughout the novel, their relationship became more serious and Henry had finally decided that he was in love with Catherine Barkley. I really love you. Im crazy about you. (92) This quote displays how Henry just cant get enough of Catherine how he wants to rush into things to quick. Henry doesnt like Catherine for who se really is but is taken over by the power of her looks.   Cathy is a back stabbing devil and everyone knows it. Cathy tricks Adam into drinking her opium medicine so it allows here to sleep with Charles. Cathy heard Charles footsteps as he returned home.

The Search for Wisdom Essay -- essays research papers

The Search for Wisdom     Wisdom, as defined in the dictionary, is "the sum of learning through the ages companionship". Platos Socrates indicates that soundness is the acknowledgement of ignorance. This statement may be hard to prove as true. If a deaf and dumb man came to realize that he knew nothing, because he is not able to learn it, does this make him judicious? I do not believe so. Then, if a prominent professor who has studied for geezerhood and has learned many things, comes to believe that he is ignorant to the true ways of the world, does that make him wise? Possibly so. So, what is the difference here? The difference is knowledge. I believe, and the dictionary points to the fact that, one must contain a gigantic deal of knowledge to be wise.      In Apology, Socrates says that "What is probable, gentlemen, is the fact that the god is wise and that his oracular response meant that human cognizance is worth criti cal or nothing..." This statement comes from Socrates after he has searched Athens for a person that was wise. It may be true that his god was wise, as gods are usually omniscient beings. But what makes a god wise? It must be his knowledge of all earthly things. Then, why is human wiseness worth little or nothing? It may seem like human lore is worth little or nothing in comparison with the wisdom of the gods, though in comparison to other humans, why should human wisdom be worth little or nothing? I believe...

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Women changing From Hellenistic to Late Antiquity Essay -- essays rese

The world is constantly changing and evolving. In every cabaret across the world, men and women have specific roles that they each carry out. During antediluvian patriarch clock times, in most western cultures, women were inferior to men. Womens status seemed to turn in a pattern that repeated it self from one time period to another. Gradu all in ally, the status of women did change from political standpoints of the societies. From political power to having the repair last name, women have transformed and became a huge part of westerly Civilization. During times of Hellenic Greece, women were considered naturally weaker than men, squeamish, and unable to perform work requiring fibrous or intellectual development. In most Hellenic societies, for example, domestic chores were delegated to women, passing heavier labors, such as war and hunting, to men. Women also have generally had few legal rights and career opportunities than men. From the text from Kilshansky, The Spartan Co nstitution, Lycurgus believed that motherhood is the most classic function of freeborn cleaning woman. Lycurgus then insisted on physical training of the females along with the males. Lycurgus also believed that to have future success is to have a vehement youth. The Hellenic times were like this for the sole reason that few elite group men ruled. With these men in control, it was made possible that no woman could ever have a say in the government of Sparta or the democracy of Athens.When the Hellenistic Kingdoms started to spur, new opportunities for women appeared. Levack stated that, Greek women in Egypt, as well as many other Hellenized land, enjoyed full citizenship and held religious offices. This exclusively shows that the women of the middle class had new privileges, but what about the women... ...though the wives or daughters of crocked and powerful families could work with other women of society. For example Melania the Younger, the daughter of a rich roman senatori al family, decided to dispose her property. The senate, who, I might add, was all male, objected to the conk outing up of Melanies family estates. Melania then appealed to the empress, a female leader, and the senate was overruled, allowing Melania to break up her estates. This is just one example of how political power butt end change the status of women dramatically. Based on these facts on how women gradually promoted themselves into freedom, most factors clearly changed the way people viewed women in their societies. From having political power in the family to being persuasive in other areas of life, women came from being a lady of the house to a possible empress during the civilization of the west.

Love Gone Wrong in Brontes Wuthering Heights Essay -- Literary Critici

In the novel Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte talks about two cities combining by a forced marriage. She talks about how these characters atomic number 18 in star big savor triangle. These characters atomic number 18 Catherine, Edger, Cathy, Heathcliff, Isabella, Linton, Hareton, and many more. The novel starts off with these characters that are in rage with each(prenominal) other. They end up getting dislocated by an event that will change relations not provided between them but the entire city. So the novel starts off with Catherine who is fiendishly in love with Heathcliff who owns Thrushcross Grange. Heathcliff and Catherine w here(predicate) the best of friends when they where children. When they got older that friendship turned into love. Heathcliff and Catherine where caught catching on Edgers party. When they ran off Heathcliff got away but Catherine didnt. She twisted her ankle trying to escape. He sends his love, mama Catherine, and his wishes for your ha ppiness (107). Heathcliff hopes that Catherine forgives him for all the rue she went through. He feels bad and hopes that everything goes back to the way it was when she gets back. Edger got his people on her to support her and he had her stay with him as he nursed her back to help. This is when Catherine starts to depend she is falling in love with Edger. She sees how life is being in the swiftness class and having money. She realizes that is what she wants. I could fancy a love for life here almost possible and I was a fixed unbeliever in any love of a year standing (62). She is willing to humbug love for her want to be in the upper class and to brace money. She is even willing to sacrifice her love for Heathcliff for it. When Catherine comes back from the grange, Edger and Isabella are advent over to visit. Cat... ...s and popularity. So Catherine and Heathcliff had a long and very bumpy relationship. They are soul mates but codt realize it coin bank they are dead and end up happily in love in Heaven because it was to late to realize there love for each other. Catherine was too stubborn and to in love of her life of money and cordial standing to realize who her true love was. She realizes that she is not in love with Edger but with the money and social standing they adopt together. So the cities are finally combined when Cathy marries Linton (forcefully) and Linton dies leaving Wuthering Heights to his father in his will. So then Cathy is finally able to marry somebody that she wants to marry quite of being forced to. She marries Hareton at the end of the novel so we dont really know how the marriage went but to assume that they have a family and live happily ever after.

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The Genocide of the Chiricahua Indian Tribe Essay -- Apache Indians Na

The Genocide of the Chiricahua Indian TribeUnited States history is taught in public schools from the time we ar able to clear its importance. Teachings of honorable plights by our forefathers to establish this great nation ar common. However, specific details of this composition seem to slip through the cracks of our educational curriculum. Genocide by exposition is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or heathenish group. The Chiricahua Indian Tribe of the American s come outh atomic number 74 and northern Mexico suffered al intimately discharge annihilation at the hands of the American policy makers of the late ordinal century, policy makers that chose to justify their means by ignoring their own tyrannical ways. It has been observed that Apaches in the late 1800s were reported to exist in four intermit bands, or clusters of rancherias, although how far back in time the division occurs is unacknowledged (Griffen 5). The native name for the easternmost band was the Chihene, or red multicoloured people they were also known as Victorio, Mangas Coloradas, and Loco Apaches after the Spanish names of important leaders. To the south and west were the Chokonen or Rising sunniness People. These people were often called Central Chiricahua, True Chiricahua, and Cochise Apaches. North and west of the Chokonen were the Bedonkohe, In Front at the End People sometimes called the Geronimo Apaches. The southmost Chiricahua band was the Ndeinda, enemy people. They were also called the Nedni and Nednai, Southern Chiricahua, Pinery, and Bronco Apaches (Cole 10). These names differ among some scholars, but the majority of them can agree systematically on at least four bands, dismantle if the names are different.Apache history is rich in custom, tradition, and worship of an all powerful transmundane force known as The Power. Although accounts are different, after the innovation of the world, White Painted Woman was create d by Ussen. This supernatural female was the most important figure in Chiricahua religious belief. She was at once the primogenitor of the Chiricahua people, the symbol of female activity and life, and the sponsor of all that was peaceful and mollify in human relationships. According to Chiricahuas, it was White Painted Woman who befriended the Gan, thus winning the sponsorship of the Apaches in a world filled with treacherous forces. ... ...ught more widely in American public schools to better understand how the southwest was and how it became to be. Tyranny in American history would be withal controversial for the majority of the population easier dealt with by not addressing it. It is also professedly that accounts of what actually happened differ among many scholars. Since the Apaches do not like to say of the dead, their side of the story is difficult to obtain, and many American officers of the Army are too quick to gain recognition for things they did concerning the Chiricahuas. Finally, it is important to point out that it was the white man that invaded the Indian territory. The pride of the Chiricahuas would not allow this to happen, even though they knew their defeat was inevitable it was Apache way.Works CitedCole, D.C. The Chiricahua Apache 1846-1876 From War to Reservation. overbold Mexico University of New Mexico Press,1988. Griffen, William B. Apaches at War and Peace The Janos Presidio 1750-1858.New Mexico University of New Mexico Press, 1988.Sweeney, Edwin R. Cochise Chiricahua Apache Chief. Norman University ofokeh Press, Publishing Division of the University, 1991.