Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Masque of the Red Death Essay -- Literary Analysis, Allen Poe

Have you ever read a fabrication where fantasy is the reality and things do not quite make sense datum? This is true for The Masque of the Red expiration by Edgar Allen Poe. In it is a version of the black plague, which is called the Red Death. Prince Prospero secludes a thousand friends and himself from the close close to them, but finds that he cannot avoid the inevitable. The author uses many literary devices to do an interesting and meaningful degree. One of the devices used is imagery, which evokes the events of the story understandably in the readers mind. Another is allegory, which is used by Poe to create another story at heart his, as it is filled with double meanings. Lastly, Poe utilizes symbolisation to give the story meaning. Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery, allegory, and symbolism to add dimension to his story and to depict the theme that 1 cannot escape destruction, no matter how hard one tries.Poe uses imagery to paint a picture in readers mind, create a mood, and emphasize the significance of certain objects. One can envision the wonder of the chambers, which had a tall and narrow Gothic windowof stained water ice whose color varied in accordance with thehueof the chamber into which it open and was lit up by a brazier of fire that communicate its rays done and through the tinted glass (421). One can also imagine the panache the crowd slows down to a pause when the chiming of the clock... causes disconcert and tremulousness and meditations (423). These descriptions keep readers management throughout the story. One can feel the terror of the Red Death, which had long devastated the country and whose Avatar and seal was the redness and horror of declension (420). The fact that blood represents the disease makes it recognized as deadly an... that of the travel of the gay and the flames of the tripods expired (427) to show that the tables have already turned and thither is no going back.Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery, allegory, and symbolism to give allegorical meaning to his story The Masque of Red Death. He employs imagery to keep readers implicated by creating an image, feeling, and significance. Poe also uses allegory to express some underlying meanings within his story through Prince Prospero, the Red Death, and the chambers. Likewise, Poe utilizes symbolism to convey certain ideas through the blue and black room, the clock, and midnight. Poe also uses these literary devices to impart the idea that death is unavoidable and that it is futile to try to stop it from occurring. When people go through their daily lives, they may not know it, but many things around them could have a double meaning.

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