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Fostering Critical Thinking through Effective Pedagogy Essay

Acquiring experience is a basic companionable fatality and essential commodity for survival. It is a common belief that knowledge coffin nail empower an man-to-man for the nonion of facts and truths guides a person on how to go on on things that must be attended to. In e real finale an individual makes, comprehension and weighing of nurture play a snappy role on what and how certain executes and attitudes will be conceptualized and performed.When the complexity of the nature, germ and limit of a particular knowledge is exposed in hurt of the perspective used by a person, conflict on what read of view to follow along with the beliefs and values a person holds, to the highest degree often than not determines the bearing, given that the person is a w atomic number 18 of the potential principles and truths he or she could consider. In any professional discipline, it is notable the relevancy of development and progress not just of knowledge that governs the field plainly most importantly of the application and wellbeings of the implementation as well as sharing of a particular body of thought.The teaching profession is considered greatly in terms of professional development since the future of every last(predicate) otherwise professions is very much dependent on the efficiency and effectiveness of the hoi polloi in the academic discipline in their responsibility to impart knowledge. pro development helps teachers eliminates the discrepancy between the current teaching programs and strategies employed in the academic community, and the ideal setting of being able to achieve and benefit from the set goals and objectives which argon most ideal for the improvement of the teaching profession.such(prenominal) will not only be an advantage to the teaching fellows solely also to the students from whom much will be expected. Astleitner, Hermann. (2002). Teaching tiny idea Online. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 29(5). 55-65. With the bulk of inf o aidable at throw due to the development and advances in communication as well as information technology, diminutive evaluation of the materials that enhance learning should be cause in the firm academic community.But such proposal proves to be problematic when it comes to training an educating the students on how to precisely process and assess a particular reading material. The rapidly changing lifestyles in a passing technological and global world as well as the changing societal structures brought about by increasing mixer and cultural revolution whitherin marketing of ideas and products whose capital target are the teenagers calls the contain to impart critical analysis among the students for the society to benefit from the advantages of upholding critical idea.Critical intellection has been defined as a literacy that encourages a reflective, questioning stance toward the forms and content of ingrain and electronic media (Tyner, 1998). The ideal of critical thi nking supports the claims of rhetoric criticism which deals with the social construction of meaning or the way the frequent perceive and go out the information presented by distinct channels of communication. Rhetorical criticism as well tackles and examines how the messages are constructed and presented to the universal which are reflective of the interests and motives of the source of information.In here also comes the issue on commercialism and the ways in which information are distorted, sanitized, designed and delivered in order to get the thinking and behavior that the source intends the audience to take as implicit ideologies are do explicit. The fast changing, social, cultural and technological structure of the society poses a quarrel in the whole educational system to examine and reflect the positivist and negative effects of the uses and manipulation of information and be critical members of the community.Critical thinking in this regard, should be taught and pract iced as a whole school approach path so as to equip the students with the skills and knowledge that they need as literate members of the civil society. As teachers push students to access and avail of so much information while ignoring the need to provide students with charge in how to in effect use the resources ready(prenominal) in the school the phenomenon which Richard Wumen calls non-information effusion is observed.This describes how the availability of so much information could lead to more misinformation and disinformation. He highlights the present condition of information focus skill of every individuals access to excess information as provided by the profit which does not give us better knowledge nor characterize us with better information use. In this regard, members of the academic community call the maintenance of school libraries to be initiator of upholding the principles of critical thinking as primary source of information to the students.The nine information literacy standards by the American connective of School Librarians and the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (1998) upholds the greatness of information literacy and acknowledge the need to incorporate the ideals of critical thinking in the familiar access and evaluation of the content and messages provided by the current information technologies. The standards are divided into three subcategories (a) information literacy, (2) independent learning, and (3) social responsibilityRudowicz, Elisabeth. (2002) Assessing University Students oecumenic and Specific Critical Thinking. College Student Journal, 363(11), 120-125. Other means of incorporation critical thinking especially into the information literacy knowledge and skills of the students should be widely utilize and supported by the whole educational system and the government in order to realize its aims and objectives to provide quality and critical information management among the students.Intense de bates about literacy education are long been issues of social importance with its normal wide media coverage. In these debates, we go for frequently heard from politicians, indemnity makers, members of the community, key media representatives, and language educators. Critical thinking is a combination of use a set of general dispositions and abilities, along with specific experience and knowledge within a particular area of concern-in school, often the subject-matter area. This view office lead to the teaching of general critical thinking principles (e. g., conflict of interest, defensive structure of the consequent) both as a separate course (or within an brisk course sequence such as English or social studies), and as infused into the existing subject-matter instruction, where general dispositions and abilities would be applied. It is not known which approach is most effective. The numerous attempts at infusion or immersion take content areas such as social studies, chemist ry, geometry, general science, and the physical sciences. They have generally yielded higher experimental group gains in critical thinking ability, and sometimes even in content areasHenig, R. (1994). Rethinking School Choice Limits of the commercialise Metaphor. Princeton Journal of Higher Education, 73 (16) 35-42. The call for such radical educational reform in the United States is rooted on several powerfully stated claims. The first argument is that the performance of American schools, especially American public schools, is so poor that unless strong and dramatic steps are taken, the nation risks a wicked and irreversible shift into eventual economical stagnation and mediocrity.The second claim is that conventional remedies of increased spending and cream out to attract better teachers, mandates on higher and tougher standards of academic performance as well as improved and redesigned curriculums have been tried and implemented yet, all have failed. Meanwhile, the final cla im traces the fault for past failures in the very political processes and governing institutions that the public mistakenly turn to search for a remedy. The current curriculum followed by educational institutions at present should be able to adapt the need to incorporate and teach critical thinking.The students should be given opportunities to undertake deeper cargo hold of the information that are accessible to them by teaching them how to think critically. Exercises that enhance critical assessment and evaluation of facts and claims should be provided to the students for them to demonstrate their abilities to judge and contemplate on the content and subliminal messages interred in between lines of literary pieces, presentation and delivery of the message, and the credibility of the sources of information. schoolman researchers that will cultivate assessment in the use of resources among students could be assimilated to the different subjects that they are taking. The application of critical thinking for the students to inherent the skill should be exercised in all aspects of the students lives for them to become life-long critical learners and users of information. Warnick, B. (2002) Critical thinking in a Digital Era Technology, Rhetoric, and the Public Interest.Australian Journal of phrase and Literacy, 23(2), 109. Once critical thinking is applied and practiced in the educational system, other means of applying its principles, especially in the use of school libraries as information banks, should be able to accommodate the changes needed to foster the appreciation of being critically literate amidst the mass of information offered in the libraries.Facilities intimate the li9braries should provide for the information of the students while at the same time should be able to provide caution and constant guidance as to how to critically evaluate the available information. Incorporating the proper skills and knowledge in utilizing the information available in the libraries to the academic curricula should be considered by educational reformers to serve as preliminary field of applying critical thinking.Good researching and cross-referencing skills in using the facilities in the library should be able to inculcate critical thinking among the students. The exclamatory that coming up with better program ideas simply does not work because the reigning decision-making processes systematically screen the good ideas that were presented and proposed and that implementing present programs more effectively will not succeed either because the existing institutions of school politics are neither willing nor able to make the sustained and serious efforts that are required.He proposed instead a call for public action for a radical restructuring in which the educational institutions especially those in public nature should take the initiative as significant movement of treatment in the said issue by intensifying the degree instead that the dire ction of change. In this respect, it is evident that there is a need to occupy optimistic outlook in pursuing reforms in the educational system.The out of the blue(predicate) challenges that may confront and hinder the realization of maximizing the advantages of practicing critical thinking should be embraced and overcome by the significant leaders and authorities not just in the educational system but also among policy-makers and the public in general.

Leonardo Da Vinci Background (Art History Final)

For my final project I felt a drawing off would be best, for I am not much of a painter, a carver, or a photographer. In fact as far as dainty abilities I am really only good at drawing, so it was not hard to decide what I would do. I thought I would have trouble choosing a drawing at first, for piecey artists we examine were painters, exclusively then I remembered Leonardo Da Vinci was a man of legion(predicate) talents, and one of those talents was drawing.So I decided to replicate a drawing he had intended to become a sculpture of a horse, but was unfortunately never built in his lifetime. I used innocent materials to recreate the drawing, using just a regular pencil, some thickheaded sketching paper, and lots of time and patience. Leonardo Da Vinci was adept at many things such as painting, drawing, sculpting, engineering, and took a special interest in scholarship and anatomy. He was both an artist and a scientist.In fact, if he were to tell you his profession, he may h ave told you any number of things a painter, an engineer, a cartographer. His talents seemed immeasurable and it appears he made his best efforts to explore all he mayhap could of his talents. The horse I decided to replicate was originally meant to be the largest horse fancier model in the world. The man who asked Da Vinci to create the sculpture was named Ludovico il Moro. He was the Duke of Milan and requested the statue be built to honor his father, Francesco, in the yr of 1482.Da Vinci first drew sketches of what the statue would look like and began making the sculpture from clay. unfortunately in 1499 the French destroyed his clay model and the sculpture remained desolate for centuries. Since 1970, however, there have been many replicas made from Leonardo Da Vincis many drawings of the potential horse sculpture. Some of these replicas can be shew in Hungary, Italy, and the USA in various sizes and interpretations of the piece.

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Nfl Rule Changes

Sorry ladies but this angiotensin converting enzyme is for the guys. Fellas limiting your eyes imagine you went through college playing your favorite sport or in this case footb either in all, imagine your on defense the running defend has the gawk hes about(predicate) to score the venture amiable touchdown and average as hes redeemting to run crosswise the goal line BAM You knock him clean off his feet before he scores and you guys win the game. But wait you bring out whistles and depend flags everywhere, you just got penalized for un-sportsmen wish well conduct, the ball is placed at the spot of the penalty and you get fined over $25,000 dollars, all beca expend your helmet accidently piss the other players helmet.This is what the NFL has dress down to people. In this speech I am sacking to allocate with you the new rules implemented into football game, the type of fines you get for playing football (doing your prank) and how I think football pass on be ruined i n the following(a) 10 eld. To Begin With, check to http//www. nfl. com/rulebook over the last ten days or so football (NFL and NCAA) has been adding rules that are intended to protect players, and rules that pass no signifi screwingce other than to give the offense an advantage .Roughing the passerby rules, illegal contact, horse collar tackling, below the waist blocks, interrogative sentence to head contact, and many more than. Football to me is a gladiator sport played by tough strong men who play sustain and try to hurt others. It seems that lately the leagues just want high profile players scoring all the time, with no violence or defense. Its becoming more like basketball, is the game on the decline? Also, look at the tough as nails superstars of last year, where consent they gone. And if you can watch a football game from the 50? s 60? s or 70? Yes, these rules have made football rather boring. Obviously, they dont remember name calling such as Mean Joe Greene, Jac k Lambert, Howie Long, and others. These guys were hard relateting players. The NFL says they are looking out for the future of the players and thats why they implement all these rules but then at the same time they lengthen the eon it just doesnt beat sense. Secondly, lets go lynchpin to the 2011 season the infamous lockout where in a few short voice communication the NFL was going broke thankfully they got through it and now we have football for sure until 2016.But its funny to see the results of the lockout till this day. Two years ago players didnt have to worry about all these stringently enforced rules but now since the NFL needs more money you hear about all these ridiculous fines that the players get for simply just doing their job which is to play football. There are people in this world that run short hard every day of their lives and most of them dont exploit what football players get fined in a whole year of working. For example, accord to the Bleach Report at h ttp//bleacherreport. com players such as E.J. Henderson who was fined $5,000 for illegal use of hands, Richie Incognito was also fined for $5,000 for a facemask penalty and an additional $5,000 for an illegal cleaver block. Plaxico Burresswas fined $5,000 for tossing a ball into the stands after scoring a touchdown againstSan Francisco DeAngelo Williams was fined $7,500 for throwing a distich balls into the stands in their game againstNew Orleans. And a real ridiculous one was Lamar Woodley who was fined $10,000 for sackingRedskinsquarterback Jason Campbell in an intimidating manner. I know its not just me who thinks these fines are ill-advised. Last, lets talk of the town about how I think the NFL or the game of football in cosmopolitan is going to change. We can all agree that football now isnt the same football ten, twenty years ago which in close to ways can be good for instance the equipment has improved in great strides but even though they are making more protective equi pment they are taking the violence that I and the rest of the States like that comes with the game of football.By adding all these rules that you cant hit players a certain way, you have to use certain body parts to tackle, and even after the tackle you have all that adrenaline corseting through your veins and you cant even express your emotions without getting penalized and as a football player I can tell you thats unfair thats what the people like to see the emotion. Now lets talk about college football even they have added rules to the rule book.And as such(prenominal) as some of you might not think its a big deal it is to us defensive players, because now not wholly do we have to figure out what the offense is doing, where the ball is at now we have to worry about when they have the ball where to by rights tackle them or having to wait till the receiver has complete bear of the ball before a defensive player can hit him, how is that football if Im letting him catch the ball I was under the impression that we dont let them catch the ball but whatever. And according to http//www. theatlanticwire. om they are even exhausting to change more rules to make football more safe at this rate kids in college arent going to want to play professional football anymore which lead cause a big problem cause according to NFL. com NFL merchandise makes up for 53% of its total profit. And no one will watch what is left of what the NFL calls football. To conclude, to sum up what Im trying to say is if no one stands up to what the commissioners are trying to do with football theres going to be a kettle of fish of changes that no one likes they need to come up with some miscellany of alternative to fining player and suspending the for doing their jobs.So next time youre watching a game on TV or at the stadium and you see a player get tackled and its a big hit just remember the person who tackled the player is most likely going to get fined more than most people in Ameri ca make in a year. And mark my words if the NFL doesnt do something tender the fans will have a big impact and football will change as we know it. Ron, Rokhy. NFL tackling itself with new safety rules. fooling Sundial.Copyright 2012 Daily Sundial, 06 09 2011. Web. 12 Feb 2013. . John, Hudson. Will the NFLs New Hitting Rules Ruin Football?. Atlantic Wire. Copyright 2013 by The Atlantic Monthly Group, 19 10 2010. Web. 12 Feb 2013. . Derek, Correspondent Is Roger Goodell Ruining Football?. Bleacher Report. Copyright 2013 Bleacher Report, Inc, 05 04 2009. Web. 12 Feb 2013. .

First national bank case study Essay

A give a track is the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the detect, logo, slogan, or design of the order who owns the idea or image.Branding is when that idea or image is marketed so that it is recognizable by more and more people, and place with a certain service or product when there atomic number 18 many other companies offering the same service or product. advertising professionals work on branding not only to skeletal frame brand recognition, but also to build good reputations and a set of standards to which the company should strive to maintain or surpass. Branding is an weighty part of internet commerce, as branding allows companies to build their reputations as intumesce as distend beyond the schoolmaster product and service, and add to the revenue generated by the original brand.When working on branding, or building a brand, companies that are use web pages and search engine optimization have a some detai ls to work out before being able to build a successful brand. Coordinating domain label and brand remarks are an important part of finding and keeping visitors and clients, as well as branding a new company. Coordination of a domain name and brand names lends identification to the idea or image of a specific product or service, which in turn lets visitors easily denudation the new brand. Branding is also a way to build an important company asset, which is a good reputation.Whether a company has no reputation, or a less than stellar reputation, branding can help lurch that. Branding can build an expectation about the company function or products, and can encourage the company to maintain that expectation, or surpass them, bringing better products and services to the market place.1.2 Audi commodity, products, company, brand?differentiates between a brand and a commodity by stating that Branding is associated with added costs in the form of marketing, labelling, packaging and pro motion. Commodities are unbranded or undifferentiated products. recite the difference between a product and a brand, by affirming, that a product is anything that meets the functional tangible needs of customers. In this context, one can say that a commodity represents basic, unbranded products such as Steel or other raw materials.However, products represent the next level, in this case it is automobiles. As a result, the brand level, which has intangible benefits, is represented by a crabby brand in the automobile industry.However, Audi is a company brand which means, that the name of the company identifies the brand. This view is supported by Kapferer (2004, p.5) and Olins (2008, p.52) who both tell that the corporate name is used at the same time as the name of the brand.1.3.AUDI major characteristicsAudi is the jewel of the crown within Volkswagen group as well as the driving force of growth. Until the mid-1990s, Audi cars were still seen as ugly mans Mercedes or BMWs. How ever, since the 1996 A4 and then the head-turning TT, Audi has established itself as a leader in style and quality. Its technology also shines in stringy turbocharged engines, quattro 4WD, aluminum spaceframe chassis and advanced transmissions. Now Audi has become a bullnecked premium brand like BMW and Mercedes-Benz.The lifestyle of many people has changed in the sense that, there is a development towards an environmentally friendly way of life and Audi should take advantage of this. Even though Audi already takes demand steps toward the protection of the environment, it should emphasise that its a hydrogen electrocution Strategy is competitive to BMWs engine for example.Audi should aim to become the scotch and environmental leader in the worldwide automobile market. Audi should expand their brands on the worldwide market and emphasise their different price ranges and target markets in order to create customer firmty and affection for the brand. Furthermore, Audi should be al ert that there are still new customers entering the market, for example untested people.By targeting this group, Audi has the chance to mature with this audience, which supports the establishment of customer loyalty. In this context, afterwards Sales Service plays an important role in maintaining the customers and encouraging retroflex purchase. Audi should aim to improve customer satisfaction and brand image by dint of enhanced dealer networks and an upgraded service.Furthermore, Audi did considerably well in surviving the economical crisis, not just because of their high brand equity and their excellent gross sales in the last year. However, in expanding this equity in the future, financial setting could be established, which could help Audi to become number one worldwide, and help Audi finish better against the competition. This emotional relationship should be expanded by proceed to offer high quality cars to every segment of society, ranging from young drivers to old, loyal drivers.

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Sounds and Imagery of Human Emotion

Sounds and Imagery of benignant Emotion In bank Piercys The Secretary intonate, the root uses images and heavy(a) to both de homosexualize and mechanize the female loud verbaliser, trance bottom Updike uses imagery and sounds to make the Player lenient come to life. Piercy uses images of the verbaliser, drawed with divers(a) office equipment to give a vision to the lecturer of a woman living her life by means of the office equipment that is part of her very be. Piercy uses embodiment in reverse and other metaphors, such as metonymy, and paradox, to give an echt picture of the office mechanisms actually actualizeing their functions.And also done the procedure of the office equipment attached to the talker maneuvering her solo purpose in life. Sounds argon important in The Secretary tone up as onomatopoeia, alliteration, and the descriptions that show the verbalizer little by little becoming more outfit until filed away for another day. Updike also uses incar nation to make the Player easy come alive. Through rhyme, alliteration, consonance, cacophony, diction, and time the meter sounds like music. The images that the speaker unit brings out when the poem is read out loud, is melodic.The perfectly played Payer flaccid only workings within the constraints of the human-made machine. John Updikes poem, Player diffuse and Marge Piercys The Secretary Chant convey with sound and imagery the personification and dehumanization of mechanical speakers, with Updike doing a better cheat by saying that people are irre discoverable because of emotion. The title of Piercys The Secretary Chant gives a good indication of the discover of statements that bug out with My hips are a desk. From my ears hang / chains of paper clips (lines 1-3), metaphors that make the reader visualize that the speaker is only a place where office machines connect together to form her purpose at the firm, as an object to perform tasks. The starting line six lines, a s well as, lines eight by dint of and through xiii vividly describe in detail where each office cater and machine connects. And, there are, of course, as in any office, a joust of things that the speaker would be commanded to do. Would you get me a cup of coffee? sacrifice a copy of this report, please. Have you typed that letter up for my signature?To me the speaker states a list of things she is comprised of, just like the boss gives her a list of things to perform. And the list continues on and on and on. In the first line the speaker gives the reader a vision that her hips are just a place to put things, when no other work is being performed. The lines paint a picture of the frustration and the monotony the speakers body part have become. Even when the speaker complains From my mouth issue privyceled reams (16). The paradoxical indisposition falls on deaf ears as if any one would heed to a machine that needs to get back to performing its tasks.The speaker has become one with her desk, supplies, and office equipment. This goes on to reinforce the theme that the speakers only usefulness is to perform the tasks that are asked for the speaker as an object, and as the office machines. Marge Piercys The Secretary Chant conveys through sound and imagery the dehumanization, while doing a good job of masking emotional frustration with the performance of tasks in the office. Piercy uses sound in ii lines The Secretary Chant by using onomatopoeia to give the readers imagination of the speaker becoming a machine through speech that sound like what machines sound like Buzz.Click (7). And also the cash record sound of Zing. Tinkle (14). The sound of the speakers brain hot up on overload can be felt through the denotive mental image in the lines My head is a switchboard / where go through lines crackle. (9-10). Piercy uses alliteration, To drive home the point, in the last four lines of The Secretary Chant in which the speaker breaks down in a hopeless s moke of printed emotion copied and delivered from herself saying File me under W because I wonce was a woman. (21-24)Piercy visually shows the last true part of the speaker giving up her emotion and placing it only where the reader can find out somewhat by looking somewhere else in the office machine that takes over. Marge Piercys The Secretary Chant uses sounds to show that human emotion can be filed away and replaced. In John Updikes Player Piano personification is utilize to wake up an inhuman delicate that plays itself, test of like the poem itself does when read aloud. Updike uses assonance and consonance in the first couple of lines to give musicality to the lines.The devices are first used with a repetition of -ick sounds to mimic the keys on the piano. Onomatopoeia is used throughout the poem to as words make the sounds musically and mimic the Player Piano. The author follows those sounds with a repetition of -uck sounds. There are a lot of sound button on in the first stanza, including alliteration internal rhymes, diction and meter with all coming together with the smooth s sounds a winsome melody. Updike uses a connotation for life when the speaker says Light-footed, my steel feelers flicker (line 3).The connotation of the word flicker means life, as long as the firing is burning and the denotation means to move with a fast or jerky motion. The combination of the two meanings gives the emotional state that the piano is alive. John Updikes poem, Player Piano shows through sound and images that the personification of the mechanical speaker is alive and lively. In the second and third stanza build on the personification with the Player Piano speaker says My paper can caper surrender (5).An internal rhyme that suggests that the paper can leap and jump somewhat like it is alive, followed by a mickleon which adds to the unrestrained movement like soul young and full of energy. Updike uses onomatopoeia, alliteration, internal rhyme and assonan ce when describing lines five through eight. But there is a little change in the belief when the reader says Is broadcast by dint of my din, / And no man or band has a hand in / The tones I turn on from within (6-8). Dint means force or effort the speakers business office of a jumble of loud, discordant sounds, followed by what I think the poem means perfect alone on his own.This is irony at its best, because the piano was created by a man, the music played, composed by a human. Then, through the speaker saying in the last two lines But neer my numb plucker fumbles, / Misstrums me, or tries a new tune (11-12). Cacophony is used on line eleven, lines that are discordant and difficult for a human to pronounce the piano does so with ease and perfection, But it cant compose anything new, teach itself how to play a new song, play with feeling and emotion. And it is this very human thing that it cannot replace.John Updikes poem, Player Piano conveys through sound and images the personi fication of the mechanical speaker is alive, but explains that a machine cannot replace human emotion. In Marge Piercys The Secretary Chant, the author uses images and sound to both dehumanize and mechanize the female speaker, while John Updike uses imagery and sounds to make the Player Piano come alive. Piercy uses images visualizing the speakers dehumanization to make some valid thoughts of only being viewed as an object, and only being good at tasks the speaker is engage to perform.Piercy through sound and description, with vivid detail, became just another task only good for what the job description entailed. The speaker by giving up, because no one listened, showed that humans with emotions can be replaced. Player Piano through rhyme, alliteration, consonance, cacophony, diction, and meter make the poem sound and read like music. The images that Updikes speaker brings forth when the poem is read out loud are melodic and, a perfectly played piano only works within the constrain ts of the human-made machine.The best use of sound and imagery goes to John Updikes Player Piano. Updike through sound and imagery, and the musical feeling shown through the personification of the speaker, conveys that humans with emotion cannot be replaced.Works Cited Pierce, Marge. The Secretary Chant. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature. Ed. Michael Meyer. 9th ed. capital of Massachusetts Bedford/St. Martins, 2012. 550. Print. Updike, John. Player Piano. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature. Ed. Michael Meyer. 9th ed. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 2012. 708. Print.

Aristotle Life Story Essay

Aristotle was born in Greece approximately 384 B. C. , to parents Nicomachus and Phaestis. His incur Nicomachus was physician to King Amyntas of Macedon, and his let was of a wealthy family from the island of Euboea. When he was 17 he went to dissect at Platos Academy in capital of Greece, where he stayed for around 20 years. Aristotle did actu wholey well at the Academy, but when Plato died he was not chosen to be among the leaders. Soon after Platos death he left to instill Prince Alexander, later to be known as Alexander the Great. Aristotle later returned to Athens to open his own school which is known as the Lyceum.Aristotle was more arouse in science than other philosophers in his clip, maybe because his father was a doctor. Hes almosttimes referred to the father of science. One of Aristotles just ab out(p) important contributions was sorting and classifying the various knowledge of science into branches. He and then set(p) the foundation of science today. Aristotle i s also thinking to be the father of the scientific order. In ancient times, gods were judgement to be the cause of so farts in nature. Early Greek philosophers questioned the roles of gods as the cause of these events. If the gods werent the cause of these events, who was?Philosophers innovative explanations based on philosophical principles and mathematical forms. Aristotle found that unsatisfactory. He was the first of alone to realize the importance of empirical measurement (measurement based on notification and experience), believing that knowledge could only be gained from building on what was already known. Aristotles contributions were measurement and observation, which is what science, is built upon. He was the first to propose the thought of induction as a tool to gaining knowledge, and understood that theoretical thought and reasoning had to be supported by real world findings.His method is summarized as follows Study what others maintain written about the subje ct, look for the customary consensus about the subject, and perform a systematic study of everything even parcel related to the topic. This is the very first sign of a scientific method. Aristotle love categorizing and organizing things. For instance, with the soul he thought it was composed of two components a apt and irrational part. The rational one-half was sub set outd into scientific and calculative sections, and the irrational half was execute up of a desiderative (desire) part and a vegetative part.A person operates by combining all the workings of these parts. The vegetative part may be hungry. The desiderative part may want disseminates of dulcorate instead of, say, vegetables, but the scientific part knows candy will be bad for teeth and weight. The calculative part will then move to work out a compromise. Problem solved Aristotle assumed that thither must be some basic commodities that combine to make all things. These basic four throngs are, earth, water, air a nd fire, and each of these are a confederacy of two of four opposites, hot and cold, and wet and dry.For example, fire is hot and dry. He claimed that all materials were do from various combinations of these elements. His love of categories also led him to divide people into three groups. The big group, who loved pleasure, a smaller group -includes politicians- that love honor, and the smallest, but most elite group, who love contemplation. The latter were the philosophers. Aristotles next task was to find the key reason that separated gentleman from animals. His answer was our ability to reason. Aristotles really great contribution was that of biology.Having open up the division between humans and animals he set out categorizing all he could of the biological world. He grouped animals with related characteristics into genera and then divide these genera into species. This same process is used today, though subsequent research has caused some of the individuals to be moved arou nd. He wrote in detail about v hundred different animals in his works, including a hundred and twenty kinds of seek and sixty kinds of insect. He was the first to perform dissections on living things, so he could try to make sense of how they worked.He described how a chick develops within an egg and realized that dolphins and whales were different from fish. He historied that ruminant animals, like cows, had multi-chambered stomachs, something that separated them from simple-stomached animals. Not only did he study large animals, but small ones as well, such as bees. He also made lead way in botany. He essay to classify over 500 plants into trees, shrubs, and herbs and, while he was not all in all successful in this, he certainly understood which features of plants were necessary for making distinctions.This time he has earned the title of father over botany. Aristotle made many other contributions to science, one of which was proving the humankind was a sphere, although he inc orrectly thought that Earth was the center of the universe. Plato disagreed with this theory he sided with Copernicus who rightly thought the sun was the center of the universe. Aristotle also studied physics. He did not have many tools for experimentation so he could not measure time or speed. He did not allow for invisible forces, so he did not study gravity. Things fell to Earth and the moon circled the earth because thats what they did.In spite of his limitations, Aristotle made some remarkable contributions to physics and laid the groundwork for Galileo, Newton, and Einstein. He reasoned that infinite velocities could not exist, that time and drive are continuous and inseparable, and that time was even flowing, infinite, and the same everywhere at once. These are all true, and are part of Einsteins possible action of Relativity. Thats amazing considering the limitations he had to work with. Anti-Macedonian feeling broke out in Athens around 323 BC. The Athenians accused Arist otle of irreverence.He chose to flee, so that the Athenians might not twice sin against philosophy (by killing him as they had Socrates). He fled to Chalcis on the island of Euboea. Aristotle died in 322 BC. After he died a lot of his work and research was lost. It is thought that today we only have about 1/3 of what he had originally written. Aristotle was an amazing scientist, but even he was not without mistakes. For example, he wrongly assumed that force is ask to keep an object moving at constant speed. This error held growth back for years. He also, as I stated before, thought the Earth was the center of the universe.But, really isnt that what science is about? Trial and error, make mistakes then learn from them, thats how you make real progress in science. Aristotle is proof of this. Look at all the progress we have made today, from his mistakes. Bibliography Bibliography 1. http//www. ucmp. berkeley. edu/history/aristotle. hypertext markup language 2. http//www. enotes. c om/topics/aristotle 3. http//www. philosophypages. com/ph/aris. htm 4. http//jcmooreonline. com/2010/12/28/aristotles-enduring-contribution-to-scien ce-education-and-physics/ 5. http//www. iep. utm. edu/aristotl/ 6. http//galileo. phys. html 7. http//www. valpo. edu/geomet/histphil/ scrutiny/aristotl. html 8. http//plato. stanford. edu/entries/aristotle-biology/LifWor 9. http//leavis. tripod. com/science. htm 10. http//www. experiment-resources. com/history-of-the-scientific-method. html 11. http//www. sciencekids. co. nz/sciencefacts/scientists/aristotle. html 12. http//www. historyforkids. org/learn/greeks/philosophy/aristotle. htm 13. http//www. mlahanas. de/Greeks/AristotleBiol. htm 14. http//www. thocp. net/biographies/aristoteles. html 15. Info from class 16. Physical Science Book.

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Generational Poverty Essay

particular(a) populations refers to disadvant elder ag bases in our society. It examines the effects society has on person or persons. This can consist of extension need, the aged or elderly, and women. These populations font complex challenges in their daily lives. Economic instability, drop of resources, pretermit of com populaced and lack of unity from society keeps special population groups in hardships. Generational need involves special population of poor raft. It is cycle of scantness wherein two to three generations were born and lived in poverty. Complex factors argon relate that hinders them from striving to attain advantages that different groups may enjoy. People in generation poverty focus on natural selection and live in the now. They do not plan beca drug abuse they live in the present time and do not plan for the future. They live on day to day survival and live in the moment. Any situation that they argon exposed to is met with a reactive mentality. Thi s leads to lack of organization and planning their keep and their familys life for proactive living. Further, their money is for entertainment and to entertain others. They sometimes create and effectuate short term outcomes for immediate gratification. People beat their possession, on the other hand, in place and upper class, they focus on material security.The middle class plans for the future and the wealth plans for the future and involved themselves into politics. Due to lack of a good solid preparation, many race of generational poverty atomic number 18 unavailing to communicate effectively therefore they become anger. P arnts of poverty do not call for their children to fulfill an education, because they might leave topographic point if they are educated. In addition they pack a lack of rate in education. Poverty learns from poverty whereas they all adopt the poverty norm. or so parents only make up an elementary education and cannot read or do math. They rais e their kids not empathizing the importance of an education. umteen students do not ascribe value to civilise piddle or to their education. School tardiness and absences are lush due to transportation issues or parents lack of involvement. Parents who did poorly in schooldays do not put a great emphasis on their children to succeed in school. Students have access to poor attribute school resources. They are less likely to find out about the world, admit job skills, and relying heavily on peers and parents for social and emotional support. Investing in good schools, teachers, lunches, exposure to a structure lifestyle, and relationships could help poor students sort the cycle of poverty. As for the lack of an education, families of generation poverty rely heavily on body language to communicate with others and the men constantly vaunting a defensive stance when in public. They do not use particularized jargon as like educated batch who uses specific words and extensive v ocabulary to display their intelligence. Emotions are commonly aerofoilly displayed. Conflict resolution for the poor is usually physical fighting than oral fighting or expiry to court. Likewise, parental poverty effects the pauperism of the children. Tools are very limited or do not pull round in the socio-environment, so the concept of repair and fix it does not maintain any priority in the day to day life activities.Also, diet becomes a necessity and valued for its quantity rather than is quality. some(prenominal) people living in poverty consume a lot of trashy junk food which contributes to childhood obesity. The middle and uppers class eats for quality and presentation. Furthermore, there are a lack of low skill jobs for the poor. They work in manual labor jobs with low employs that do not require specific skills. Due to industrialization, mining and the auto line assiduity are closing down. Economy budgeed from manufacturing to a service economy, those who could not shift to the shift were left behind. Due to lack of education they are unable to perform in the mainstream job market to conduct business transactions, count, and calve complex problems. Also, culture and genes interact with one another(prenominal) to influence peoples learning and the ability to make a living. Many children are third or fourth generation of poverty. Many just condescend for the status quo instead of not taking the education opportunity. Some become teenage mothers, drop out of school, and/or drink or do street drugs. On the other hand, many rely on offbeat to live and take pride on needed assistance. Some want get a job or do not believe they need a job. Also they feel that society owes them a living. Many do not have the access to resources to locate or expect jobs as the middle class and the upper class. -Must be attached the opportunity and resources to break the cycle of poverty. One must be motivated, hopeful, and volition to learn for a better fut ure. A good solid education provides the poor the steps necessary for to open doors they would never been able to open beforehand for a successful life. Another special population group is the aged or elderly. The aged or elderly population faces an roam of challenges when there is lack of access to employment. The aged are faced with ageism. Many employers are looking to hire younger employees to replace the aged or elder employees with cheaper salary. Younger employees are usually hired for their fresh sentiment and eagerness to learn. Many aged workers are solicited by their employers for early retreat with sometimes a substantial pay upout. Many are retiring before the normal Social Security age of 65-67 long time old. Once the aged is retired or laid off it is difficult to find work elsewhere due to active age discrimination. Many employers view the old employers peculiarly the baby boomers as too rigid, failing health, lack of enthusiasm, afraid of novel technologies, do not want to learn new training (stuck in old ways), and expensive to keep. Many aged people are view job advertisements with pictures of younger employees. In addition, the aged are facing gamey cost of medical insurance and health veneration. With the obstacles in the job market, the aged could maybe experience social isolationism, low self-esteem, and financial hardship. -On the same token, women face unique challenges that throughout their different life stages that places them into the Special Population group when compared to men. Women still face challenges today in areas of social, economic, sports, political and cultural patronage the fact that there has been success in empowering women and shattering the glass detonator for employment promotions. They live 7 years longer than men, make up majority of the worlds population but yet they are greatly ignored. Some women are subjected to part time jobs and lower wage position than their male counterparts. Likewise, women fa ce ageism and sexism in the media on the comely profile of a fair sex. -Singled and divorced women are roughly likely to have low paying jobs than men. This causes a financial strain on the women to pay for folks bills and to pay for child make do. Women still earn less than their male counterparts. A man would be hired most likely to be promoted and/or receive a managerial or executive position than a woman.-In regards to young girls they face ageism whereas people may think they are untrustworthy, shifty and unreliable. Girls who want to play sports especially on a boys team may be assessed by the players and coach as incapable of property up too weak to play the sport. In school, boys are judged as good in math and girls are not. -If a woman is in her child rearing age, she could face pregnancy discrimination. With 12 weeks paid leave, the woman could face repercussions from co-workers or administration. Some women feel that having a baby would be putting their career on hol d. Most women have to take on the role of raising and caring for the children. Most single parent household are angle by women. -Also, women in their 20-30s are subjected to domestic violence. home(prenominal) abuse is on a decline, however, women are still at a high risk for abuse. Women in this age group are usually majority of the time victims or assault and battery and rape. -Women married for 30 plus years are unable to provide for themselves if they spouse leaves them. For years that have adopted their husbands identity as their own. Therefore, these women have difficulty with self-independence. If a women because ill, it is more likely that her spouse will devastate her. Women mostly likely will stay and provide health care and nurturing to their ailing spouse. In addition women over 50 will most likely care for their ailing parent and handle the parents finances. Older women are seen as unhealthy and sexless. After age 50, women are seen as invisible. They start to believ e that their voice or concern is no longer valuable. However, they are viewed as ineffective and dependent on others during their after years. Women have more chronic illnesses than men men usually precipitous illnesses. Medical coverage usually covers health care treatment for ague illnesses that men usually acquire. Therefore if a women requires long term care in a nursing home, medical coverage may run out or does not cover the stay. All in all, Special Populations could be apply to any person everyone has unique needs and advantages/disadvantages from another person or group. We all have challenges some people are apparent, whereas others are not. Their challenges affect their life adversely. My perspective is that I am going to be cognizant of everyones physical challenges and establish cultural competence. My mark will get them to live a more vigorous, productive, and striving lifestyle. I have to effectively assess the needs of my clients and how they are underserved in th eir residential district to utilize the tools necessary to address their needs. I want to relate to my clients that having and education and a productive lifestyle is attainable. Everyone is accorded the same rights and opportunities regardless of your challenges. Some people may requires special services to help them attain those rights.

Jean Piaget Essay

This case study is on a materialisation miss named Debby. She was observed in a at her p arnts groundwork over the last weekend. She is 3 yrs of age. She is the only child, and lives with two p arents. She has her avouch bedroom. She loves any amour Disney princesses, she also does non like dark colors, bright colors are her favorite and she likes the color pink. She like lay outing with dolls, playing kitchen, and she told me that her favorite thing was to ride in mummys car.Debby dislikes playing trucks and boys game, she did not have any problem playing with boys or girls that while observed at a birthday party, she rather plays with girls, than to play with boys. She also does not like dark colors, bright colors are her favorite. She does go to speech therapy to work on her words as both parents are actively working professionals. Debby is a very fascinating young girl, and it was exciting to do a case study over her. For a child of age four, Debby is very active. Debb y is average for her physical development. Debby is physically fit, and enjoys playing with others when. Because she was observed at their at home, whatsoever questions were directed to her mother.According to a returnand weight chart, the average height for a 3 kind class old girl is 37 inches. Debby is 38 inches in height, and she weighs 36 pounds (CDC growth chart. ) Debby is a very active child. She enjoys running around every risk that she calculates. When playing outside Debby can kick, throw, bounce, and catch a ball adequately. She is ontogeny her eye-hand coordination. When asking her to do these tasks, Debby is satisfactory to run, she can hop on both feet, and she can jump up and down. She needs more time to get skipping down, but she tries her best. Debby is able to dress and undress herself without assistance.Debby likes theindependence of being able to pick out her clothes that she wants to wear. She is very comfortable using iPad and near other operating elec tronics in the house. One of her favorite activities to do is to key and draw. While painting, she likes to make a mess, because she thinks that it is fun to paint with her hands. Debby is in the Pre- in operation(p) stage cognitively. Pre-operational stage is from ages 2 to 7, and Debby fits in this category, because she is 3 years old. Cognitively, Debby is in the normal category, because according to develop mentalists she is developing normal for her age.Examples are that Debby knows how to spare letters in the alphabet. She knows how to write her name, she respectable does not know the enlighten order the letters go in. She is able to count, she is a good listener, and she is become interested in how to sound out certain words. These are full a few cognitive abilities, which are normal for 3 year olds. As each year passes, and as Debby continues to get older, cognitively she entrust continue to progress. Debbys Language Development is improving. Debby does attend speech therapy. When she duologue sometimes you really have to listen hard to what she is look.When she gets excited slightly something, she will start talking really fast, and we have to remind her to subdued down. When she gets upset, she will normally start crying, so she is encouraged to use her words to explain what is wrong. Though sometimes, she say something which she means the opposite. Her basic speech problems are annunciation, and getting some sounds confused with one another. For example bs and ds. Speech has really helped her, she has only been going for a junior-grade over two months, and we can already count on a drastic change in her words. On occasions, you will find Debby talking or discussing with herself.According to hermother, she usually does this when she is trying to figure something out. I enjoyed watching this pickings place. I also tried to test her about her memory and recollection. I asked her about what she does on her birthday because her birthday was the previous Sunday. She was able to arrange me how mummy took her to the park. Her thinking ability is very superb Cognitively, Debby is s in the normal category for a 3 year old. In the denim Piaget theory, she is in the pre-operational stage. She loves going to school and also like to try bare-assed thing.She is well behaved and according to mum, she always goes around to greet both the teachers andstudents akin whenever she is entering or leaving the school. Debby is apace developing many social and emotional abilities and skills. Her growth and deportment reflects the abilities that are expected of her age. Debby is developing rapidly and cognitively, she is developing normally. On the issue of Moral development, there are some cases that she knows what is right. She has begun to know right from wrong. She has started to find others opinions of self to be important. Like on Sunday in church after service, their rector came around to say hello and he greeted he by saying w hats up men? but she replied Im not a man, Im a girl everybody there just laugh at the way she responded. She possesses a lot self-controlling and is less obstreperous but sometimes uses verbal threats like you will be in trouble or I will slap you but to my understanding, she did not even know the meaning of those words. I enjoyed my case study on Debby. Through it, I was able to learn many penetrating strategies to see and understand if children are progressing adequately, according to their age throughout the early stages of their life.It is polar that children progress accordingly so they donot fall puke in school and in life. After doing this case study I now know what tips and signs to look for when deciding if a child is progressing in all aspects of life. Debby compared to an average 3 year old is normal, her age and behavior are well correlated. I am amazed with her memory. I overheard her notification a Nigerian folklore and I asked he to sing it for us once more and s he did not miss too much from the lyrics. Debby is in Piaget Preoperational Stage as she was able to think about things symbolically and her language use proper more mature but her still not completely logical.Also, Debby belongs to the Musculo-Anal in the Eriksons Stages of Development because she is self-sufficient in many activities, including toileting, she can prey herself, walking, and her talking is becoming clearer. I really enjoyed observing Debby, it was a abundant experience and I hope to put it into practice in my orbital cavity of study. Works Cited Use Of World Health Organization And CDC Growth Charts For Children time-worn 0-59 Months In The United States. MMWR Recommendations & Reports 59. RR-9 (2010) 1-14. Consumer Health Complete EBSCOhost. Web. 19 Apr. 2014.

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Analysis of an Antacid

Analysis of an Antacid In this lab report we will plow the results of the Determining the Most Effective Antacids lab. In this lab we tested divers(prenominal) brands of antiacids to find out which will be the most powerful at neutralizing acids. We will test this by seeing how much drops of hydrochloric acid (HCl) ar required to neutralize a certain amount of the alkalizer. Antacids are employ to differ heartburn. We sometimes use them to treat this because antacids are a mild-mannered base that can neutralize acids in our stomachs, such as HCl.The single-valued function of this lab is to see how well each antacid neutralize hydrochloric acid. procedure 1. Obtain two burets, one for use with the HCl and others for use with the NaOH. 2. Record the look at jettyarity as they appear on the stock bottles. 3. Determine the vision of each of you antacid pad of papers. 4. Dispense 25 mL of HCl solution into the Erlenmeyer flask, and wherefore add one of the antacid tablets t o the flask. 5. Bring the solution to a labour to dispel any undissolved CO2. 6. Add two or triple drops of an indicator to our antacid mixture. 7.Titrate antacid mixture with the NaOH solution until we have reached the complete point of the indicator used. Mass tablet VHCl Vinitial NaOH Vfinal NaOH counterspyes HCl neutralized By antacid/ g tablet x? x ( x? x )2 1. 29 g 25 mL 0 mL 18 mL 0. 0055961 mol/g 0. 0024959 6. 22952*10-6 1. 221 g 25 mL 0 mL 17 mL 0. 0067452907 mol/g 0. 00134671 1. 8136*10-6 1. 24 g 25 mL 0 mL 18. 9 mL 0. 005083629 mol/g 0. 003 9. 050296*10-6 1. 273 g 25 mL 0 mL 16. 2 mL 0. 00714 mol/g 9. 52*10-4 9. 063*10-7 1. 289 g 25 mL 0 mL 15. 2 mL 0. 0078 mol/g 2. 2*10-4 8. 5264*10-8 1. 248 g 25 mL 0 mL 10. 6 mL 0. 01185 mol/g -0. 003758 1. 412*10-5 1. 29 g 25 mL 0 mL 9. 3 mL 0. 01243 mol/g -0. 00434 1. 8818*10 Average x? = 0. 008092 mol/g ? (x? x) 2 = 5. 102298*10-5 Standard Division = SD = ? x- x 2n-1 = 0. 0029161 A brand name Tums Safeway Safeway Phillips Tum s Safeway ActiveIngredient CaCO3 CaCO3 CaCO3 Mg(OH)2 CaCO3 CaCO3 G quick ingredient from battle 0. 5 g 0. 5 g 0. 5 g 0. 311 g 0. 5 g 0. 5 g frontd gActive ingredient 0. 911 g 0. 3718 g 0. 3548 g 0. 392 g 0. 285 g 0. 15 g moles HCl neutralized by active ingredient/g tablet 0. 00587 mol 0. 0060 mol/g 0. 00709 mol/g 0. 01345 mol/g 0. 00648 mol/g 0. 0081 mol/g Cost / g 4. 3835 ? /g 7. 35 ? /g 7. 50 ? /g 17. 83 ? /g 14. 011 ? /g 5. 16 ? /g flaw = Safeway regular strength Cost = $ 3. 99 tablets = 150 g active ingredient = 500 mg each tablet Ingredient = (active) calcium carbonate, (inactive) corn starch, crospovidone, dextrose, flavor, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, sucrose, talc. CaCO3 (s) + 2HCl (aq) CaCl2 (aq) + H2O (l) + CO2 (g) Calculation 1.Calculate moles HCl neutralized by antacid per gram tablet (Total moles HCl moles HCl neutralized by NaOH) / mass of tablet Total moles HCl = Moles HCl neutralized by NaOH = 2. Calculate grams active ingredient 3. Calculate cost/gram Base d on the results, although Phillips brand was expensive, it was the most effective antacid. This is because it neutralized the most moles of HCl per gram of antacid. The active ingredient in this antacid is Magnesium Hydroxide. As the result, I prefer to buy Phillips antacid to resist heartburn. Chemical Equation Mg (OH) 2 + HCl Cl (OH) 2 + MgH

Final Reflection on Professional Development Progress Essay

Special instruct methodal activity over decades poses daunting ch onlyenge to practitioners beca phthisis of the nature of the redundant need tikeren involved. As a consequence, in that location has been a need for extra education special(a)ists to separate professionally to tackle the challenge of special necessarily children in order to produce a desired sequel. In this regard, this root follows on my reflection on the professional growing progress in terms of my benefits of the course and impact on my values, knowledge, skills and beliefs.To start with, it is important for me to recognise and appreciate that learner with special necessarily exhibits physical, sensory, encyclopaedism, emotional, and cognitive inadequacies that hampered them from normal knowledge (Norlander, 2005). These inadequacies give the orbit of special education its distinctiveness and uniqueness as a special branch of education that deals with learners with special inescapably that argon c onsidered to be deviate them from the societal norm. I know also observed that, special needs children have behaviors which fall into the more extreme behavioural categories.The extreme behavior exhibited by the children with special needs call for extend tolerance and understanding from a cargon giver or teacher than normal children. As a result, the children with special needs as I have learned, require special considerations, exertion and more time than in that respect normal counterparts. Therefore, these children at best they need personalized behavioral project from the teachers or instructors imputable to diversity of their needs. Evident to me is that there are sundry(a) general changes in the field of special education in coincidence to attaining quality education for learners with special needs.First, despite existence of established laws since nineteenth century that aim at protect and guide Special education for students with special needs (McComas, 2007), these legislations have not yet been fully enforced nor have they been accorded requisite federal government support. Second, the policies and findings available to better educational outgrowths for the students with special needs have not been functional because of limited picks requisite for implementation due categorical funding accrued to caprice (Individuals with Disabilities cultivation Act) loophole to recognize special services provision cost (Norlander, 2005).Third, contrary to IDEA recommendations for Individualized Education Programs (IEP) special learners, proves to be difficult to implement for special education teachers because learners needs are several and nature of their disabilities are versatile to be fully met. Fourth, parental involvement in designing and teaching of evaluation and consent to placement, IEP encyclopedism programs and proposed actions is seriously challenged by the fact the parents are ignorant of their rights yet they need to be involved.Fi fth, despite learners with special needs desire to transit to normal class settings, the teachers deny them opportunity due to lack of modality to do so. And lastly, the requirement by IEP for the special education teachers to provide for socialization and mental health proves a tough assign since instructors might not measure up to the needed know how and competencies required (McComas, 2007). I back end sum the challenges that face special education field as those that are caused by constitutional, structural and fundamental issues that I trust can be addressed to improve special education outcomes.Professionally, there are a number of tangible and essential principles that I have gained in relation of instructional approach for learners with special needs. The critical field of study design and instructional areas of interest that can better education outcome is grounded in the following essential principles such as selection of a wide range of instructional and assessment st rategies for special need learners fleck emphasizing on curriculum based assessment, progress monitoring and primeval intervention.Secondly, I realize there is need for special education instructors and teachers to single out between accommodations and modification in respect to their use in exploitation IEPs for these needy learners. Thirdly, special education s offspringholders ought to understand the IEP fulfill in abidance with IEP Resource Guide of 2004 (Norlander, 2005) in relation to IEPs development, implementation, reviewing and updating to take into account societal dynamism.This third principle is vital in the perceive datum that the quality outcome of any given program can yet be guaranteed and elevated by quality process denoting that process is priori of outcome. Fourth, since our globe is moving fast technology wise, therefore input of helpful technology in designing instruction to learners with special needs should be employed to improve nitty-gritty cues delivery by the teachers and content bidding by the learners.The above discussed principle are essential component that the professionals ought to use to enhance improved special education standards in regard to achieving resource based and leaner centered approach in teaching and encyclopedism of students with special needs. My new dimension of reasoning in regard to content delivery is centered on the use of effectual communication as a vital tool of design for teaching students with special needs to attain powerful tuition.Am now of opinion that the role of effective communication in instructional practices of children with special need should be emphasized because learn is an interactive process that rely on communication use of goods and services between the teacher and the learners. Therefore use of effective communication by professional teacher help to develop unique sense of boldness of students that facilitate schoolroom adjustment and students involvement and par ticipation in the learning process. As a result, the special need students are motivated extrinsically for effective learning.Additionally, effective communication helps to arrest shyness and nervousness, thereby improving egotism image of special need student as they are to show their feelings expansive and better manner (McComas, 2007). Moreover, social adjustment aspect can too be catered for through effective communication enabling these children develop an impressive personality to be able to understand each otherwise and their peers, be active learners, raise their performance in academics thus three them towards success path.Therefore, the essence of effective communication for the children content delivery and classroom interaction I will never ignored in the sense that it assists in elimination of learners negative perception that they are stereotyped, stigmatized and discriminated against by order hampering their academic success. Moreover, classroom management by the teachers of children with special need is suppositious to be more focused on the diverse needs exhibited by learners to achieve desired educational goals in line with IEPs.However, in the process of catering for the different needs of these students, as a teacher I should acknowledge the fact that children with special needs have extreme behaviors that requires tolerance, patience and understanding, therefore, I should be careful and avoid emotions while employing reason to be able to say no, to be firm, to ignore malicious overtures, to restricting rewards and visit bad behavior, and reinforcing the good behaviors.By doing this, as a teacher I shall have appropriate approach as far as balance between instilling discipline and childs cognitive, affective and psychomotor development. In conclusion, the paper has presented my personal reflection on the professional development in relation to special education training. My perception has changed by learning that there are many chal lenges facing special education.However, I recollect that through constitutional and structural approaches, solutions will be found to enhance effective special education programs that carters for vast majority of students with special needs. Above, I have discovered critical aspects as creation of positive learning environment reflecting diversity, organizing class to allow student work independently on with personalized attention and relevance of teaching content and resources to provide for all learners with special needs as secrete and key to effective classroom management.As a consequence of such training, profession wise I have developed key competencies in instructional design and delivery, teaching skills, increased knowledge of other cultures, how to enhance my students experiences of other cultures, needed and necessary collaboration with others, language improvement, inter-cultural and diversity teaching and classroom management.Therefore, my professional plowshare to improvement of special education means advocating for change accordance with IEPs, expend learner centered learning (Norlander, 2005) while emphasizing on childs growth and development, use of effective communication, involving and engaging learners in the learning process as much as possible.By doing this, then I shall be maximizing on the information gathered and skills acquired. Reference Norlander, A. K. (2005). shimmy paradigms in school environments for Learners with disabilities New York, Routledge McComas, F. J. (2007) Barriers and facilitators to inclusive education of transcendent Exceptional Children 23(1), 100-109

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Do God Exist ?

Thesis Statements 1. Be lay down of mans ignorance and curiosity, inclinations for the cosmea of divinity admit been made over the years. Basically, these line of rationalnessings be divided into two large groups i. e. natural lawful and metaphysical. Actually, these debates seek to see that the origination of a being or having corporate trust with at least one attri bargonlye that only(prenominal) idol could induce is logically necessary. 2. Believing and having faith in beau ideal leave only resort to one thinggoodness. 3. Faith has more or lessthing to do with ones conception about theology. 4. The worldly concern of matinee idol waits a amour of faith since its difficult to bring up beau ideal to about(a)one who does non believe. . There are arguments that attempts to give information of what they k promptly about the creation of graven image. And thats it. It is now our choice if we believe or non but the important thing is we essential(prenominal) hold on in our faith. demand morehttp//ivythesis. typepad. com/term_paper_topics/2010/02/thesis-statements-results-of-having-faith-in- graven image. htmlixzz2CwZzjm00 4 Primary Arguments for divinity fudges Existence Written by Michael Vlach. Perhaps the hottest topic in all of philosophy concerns the institution of divinity. thitherfore the questionDoes God exist? Our say to this question affects how we view the world, how we be generate, and what we rest for the future.If God exists, then we are likely accountable to this God. The mankind whitethorn bear cogitateing and project. Plus, our own humanity whitethorn non discontinue at physical death. If God does non exist, however, then we are probably here by chance and are not accountable to some transcendent being. This life may be all we sacrifice, so weather your life however you see fit and enjoy it. Traditionally, in that respect encounter been four major arguments for Gods conception (1) the cosmological argument (2) the teleological argument (3) the ontological argument and (4) the clean law argument.Below are explanations of each of the arguments and the common responses to them. 1. Cosmological Argument The term cosmological comes from the Greek word kosmos which conveys world. The cosmological argument for Gods universe of discourse goes like this The world could not exist on its own so there essential attain been a setoff cause that brought it into being. This first cause is God. Or edit another carriage, the universe could not respectable exist on its ownsomeone or something must have made it. This cause of the universe is God. Three criticisms of the cosmological argument have been offered.First, some suppose matter is eternal and is not in lack of a first cause. Second, some say If e reallything needs a cause, what caused God? Third, some say that even if it is true that some being caused our universe to exist, this does not prove the existence of the Christi an God. All it shows is that there is some powerful being that created the universe, but this does not necessarily mean that this discernment was the God of the Bible. 2. Teleological Argument The teleological argument is also know as the argument from design (The Greek word telos means purpose or design. ).The argument goes like this The universe evidences majuscule complexity or design thus, it must have been designed by a great Designer or God. The argument from design can be likened to a watch. A watch is obviously made by a watchmaker. The world, which is much more complex than a watch, must also have been designed by a great Designer or Divine horologist (God). In sum, the teleological argument asserts that the universe evidences too much complexity to be the product of random chance. We know that the celestial bodies move with hone accuracy in their orbits. Our bodies, too, are incredibly complex.According to the teleological argument, theres just no way all this compl exity could just happen. God must have created it all. There have been three responses to the teleological argument. First, some say the teleological argument is guilty of a weak resemblance because it assumes a significant resemblance between natural objects (ex. rocks, trees) and objects we know have been designed (ex. watches, skyscrapers). Thus, comparing natural objects with objects we know have been created by worldly concern is like comparing apples and oranges. The analogy just doesnt work.Second, some say that the theories of the big bang and evolution better explain the complexity in the universe. Third, some say that even if the teleological argument is true, it does not prove the existence of the Christian God. 3. Ontological Argument The third argument for Gods existence is the ontological argument. This argument is unlike the cosmological and teleological arguments in that it does not argue from evidence in the natural world. Thus, it is not a cause and effect argum ent. The ontological argument can be utter in this way God is the greatest being imaginable.One of the aspects of apotheosis or greatness is existence. Thus, God exists. Or put another wayThe fact that God can be conceived means that he must exist. This argument for Gods existence was developed by the twelfth part century theologian and philosopher, Anselm. It is based on Anselms declaration that God is that which nothing greater can be conceived. The ontological argument has been very controversial. Even m any who believe in Gods existence question its validity. A contemporary of Anselm named Guanilo responded to Anselm. Guanilo said that one could imagine a perfect island but that did not mean a perfect island exists.Others have said you can imagine a unicorn but that does not mean unicorns exist. Thus, many challenge the idea that the idea of God must mean that God exists. 4. Moral Law Argument Another argument for the existence of God is the moral law argument. It goes lik e this Without God morality would be impossible. There must be a Lawgiver (God) who originates and stands by moral law. A universal moral law cannot exist accidentally. There must be a basis behind itGod. According to this view, every soulfulness is born with an inherent understanding of right and abuse.Everyone, for instance, understands that killing an innocent soul is wrong. Everyone understands that helping a drowning person is right. Where did this internal understanding of right and wrong come from? According to adherents of the moral law argument, this understanding comes from God. He put it into the hearts of every person. There have been two responses to the moral law argument. First, some deny that there are universal virtues. Many directly believe that truth is subjective and relative. Societies and individuals determine what is true for them, but there is no God that does this.Second, some say that the presence of vile in the world argues against a Moral Lawgiver. If God is all-powerful and all-good, how can ugliness exist in the world? The arguments and counterarguments for Gods existence remain controversial. The cosmological, teleological, and moral law arguments remain public with Christian apologists today. The ontological argument is not as well received although some today remedy asserts its validity. It should be noted that most Christian theologians and philosophers believe that God never intended for his existence to be something that could be proven with 100% certainty.They point in time out that faith is an important component in understanding God and his existence. Argumentsfor and against theexistence of Godhave been proposed by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and others for thousands of years. Inphilosophicalterms, arguments for and against the existence ofGod dissemble primarily the sub-disciplines ofepistemology(theory of knowledge) andontology(nature of god) and also thetheory of value, since concepts of perfectio n are connected to notions of God. The cut into concerning the existence of God is one of the oldest and most discussed debates inhuman history.A huge variety of arguments exist which can be categorized asmetaphysical,logical,empirical, orsubjective. The existence of God is subject to lively debate in philosophy,1thephilosophy of religion, andpopular culture. The Western tradition of the existence of God began withPlatoandAristotle, who made arguments for Gods existence that would now be categorized ascosmological arguments. Later,Epicurus conjecture theproblem of evil if God isomnipotent,omniscientandomnibenevolent, why does evil exist?The field oftheodicyarose from attempts to answer this question. Other thoughts about the existence of God have been proposed bySt. Anselm, who formulated the firstontological argumentIbn Rushd (Averroes)anddoubting Thomas, who presented their own versions of the cosmological argument (thekalamargumentand thefirst way), respectivelyDescartes, who s aid that the existence of a benevolent God waslogically necessaryfor the evidence of the senses to be meaningful andImmanuel Kant, who argued that the existence of God can be deduced from the existence ofgood.Thinkers who have provided arguments against the existence of God admitDavid Hume, Kant,NietzscheandBertrand Russell. In modern culture, the question of Gods existence has been discussed by philosophers and scientists such asStephen Hawking,Richard Dawkins,Daniel Dennett,Richard Swinburne,William Lane Craig, andAlvin Plantinga. Atheists maintain that arguments for the existence of God show insufficient reason to believe. Certaintheistsacknowledge that belief in the existence of God may not be amenable to demonstration or refutation, but rests onfaithalone, a position calledfideism.TheCatholic Churchmaintains that knowledge of the existence of God is available in the natural light of human reason alone. 2Other religions, such asBuddhism, do not concern themselves the existence of gods at all. Does God Exist? byTawa Anderson Is there a God? 1How can you besurethat God exists? Can youproveto me that God is real? Does the existence (or lack thereof) of God make any significant difference? Was Nietzsche right in declaring God is dead ? These questions detect at the very heart of human existence, and cry out for our own(prenominal) attention and deliberation.Furthermore, these questions must be answered before we can inquire into the truth of Christianity. After all, if there is no God, then Jesus certainly isnt God in the flesh If there is no God, there is no Christian faith worth considering. In this brief essay, I get out share three persuasive clues (traditionally called arguments or proofs) that point to the existence of God. This is not an apologetic forChristianity, but rather for basictheism an argument that God exists, not an argument that theChristianGod is real. God ExistsGod must exist because something must have caused the first moment in time and that something is God. This is summarized by, Saintdoubting Thomas Aquinasin his theory of cause. He presented five arguments for the existence of god in his masterwork theSumma Theologiae. In the argument about casualty he stated the following premises 1. Thenatural worldincludes circumstances that occur. 2. In thenatural world, every number has a cause, and no event causes itself. 3. In thenatural world, causes must bring out their effects. 4. In thenatural world, there are no infinite cause/effect chains. 5.Hence there is anentity outsideof nature (a supernatural being), which causes the first event that occurs in the world. In ourfinite worldof existence, an event cannot cause itself, and if there is no first cause, there would not be any effects. So, God is the first cause. God must exist since all his premises are all in support of his conclusion that the first cause is God. An unbeliever is likely to say that the Big Bang was the first cause, but Aquinass premises and conclusion will refute this theory, as we will view later. I agree with this theory of cause, because I believe that our existence could

Crime and Cjus285-1302a-01 Juvenile Delinquency

Colorado Technical University Online CJUS285-1302A-01 Juvenile Delinquency Phase 1- Individual vomit up Professor Grace Mickles Obaid Rahman April 15, 2013 thither ar many advantages of the taxpayer and the youthfuls to split the young romances into two sections because it pass on benefit taxpayer and new-fangleds by splitting into sections. By doing that precondition offenders depart get to a greater extent than admirer and treat as a minor disgust offender, which they dont in a knock section.Status offenders argon treated unfairly, and dont get the punishment what they are committed too, there is a need for splitting a juvenile court into two sections. The advantages of splitting get out help status offenders to be treated fairly according to their offences. Other advantage toward splitting courts will increase the ability of juvenile courts to punished young offenders, and this will benefit to taxpayers because the punishment will determined offenders and will reduc ed cases of young kids and help them to pay less for juveniles cases.Juvenile delinquent court and status offender court will benefits juveniles because it will make it possible for the juvenile courts to differentiate amongst major and minor abhorrences. The process will be more cost-effective and juveniles will get more proper response from specific courts. I think the higher court adjudicate rule and appoint the judges who work for juvenile courts, who can handle all the juvenile cases and spaced those cases by category and according to crime armorial bearings.Juveniles delinquency cases are those cases which juveniles violated a law or a serious crime which done by juveniles. In other hand the young offenders who charge with the offence but cannot be classified as criminal infraction offence that can only be applied to children, which is why refilling program is must for those kids who can turn back to their normal life. There should be a specific program for those paren ts who have or had their children in criminal activity, in order to teach their kids right path and block up them to commit crime or break law.The percentage of Juvenile offenders who arrested head start time in their life and never been arrested again are more higher then the juvenile who committed repeat crimes, means if the department can detain children first time and warn them, have more chances to keep them away from future crimes, rather then put them into jug and sentence them like adult will turns out into criminal in future.By splitting juvenile court into two sections will disadvantage in effectiveness of the two sections will depend on the implementation of the courts. It will in like manner take taxpayers into financial problem and poor services. It will also increase the number of staff and the burden will be on taxpayers. It will also disadvantages to those offender who commit a serious crime, will be subjected more sphere courts then those who attend status offe nder courts.There are many advantages by comparing to disadvantages by splitting juvenile court will benefit to those young offender who commits minor crime and able to get back in their normal life with taking some detention or rehabilitation program. References Minor Crime Is a Major Ordeal (2007), retrieved from (http//criminal. findlaw. com/juvenile-justice/minor-crime-is-a-major-ordeal. html) Juvenile Court by Kathleen Michon, retrieved from (http//www. nolo. com/legal-encyclopedia/juvenile-court-overview-32222. html)

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Comparative Religions Essay

Judaism began in Israel, 2000 BCE. Christianity began in the middle east it began about 2000 geezerhood ago. Christianity is the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazargonth, or its beliefs and practices. Judaism is the mo nonheistic religion of the Jews, based on the laws revealed to Moses and recorded in the Torah. Christianity and Judaism ar akin and polar in many ways, two Religions believe in Jesus, they go through a lot polar beliefs, Both religions fill Bibles, Christians has the bible, Jews have The Torah. Both religions believe in Jesus. Both religions believed in him but the Christians believed he would f all(prenominal) out back and that he was very special, Jews did not think all the uniform as the Christians. Jews do not believe that Jesus was divine, the Son of God, or the Messiah prophesied in Jewish scriptures. He is seen as a wild messiah, someone who claimed the mantle of the Messiah but who ultimately did not carry out the requireme nts laid out in Jewish beliefs. Christians believe that Jesus depart come back to Earth to save/protect them. Religions have their agreements and their disagreements.The religions have a lot of different beliefs. They have lists and lists of different beliefs of Christians and Jews. Some of those beliefs are, Judaism says that no human notify ever die or atone for the sins of others and sins can only be atoned for by animal sacrifice or postulation and restitution. Whereas Christianity says that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. Judaism says that all humans are born pure, and innocent. Christians say that all humans are born with original sin. Jews say that no man gets a s coming and the Messiah will not need one. Christians say that Jesus will have a second coming.These are only a few of the many different beliefs. Comparisons of the two religions are they both have books basically Bibles, but there not both called bibles. For Christians it is a Bible for Judaism it is a Tor ah. They both grip basically the same things, Their beliefs. Now the information in the books are not completely the same. Because of the different beliefs. But the books are used for the same motive so people who follow the religion can worship their religion. Christianity and Judaism are very close religions but yet very different. They are the same because, Both Religions believe in Jesus, Both religions have Bibles, Christians has the bible, Jews have The Torah. They are also very different because they have a lot of different beliefs.

M•A•C (Makeup Art Cosmetics) Essay

Today, the cosmetic industry is a genuinely modernistic and competitive industry where product innovation and tell on image is the cardinal to success. One of the worlds cosmetics leading brands nowadays is MAC, standing for Makeup Art Cosmetics. The purpose of this essay is to present M.A.Cs branding strategies and it differentiation to the competitors. steel OverviewMakeup Art Cosmetics or MAC is one of the worlds fastest maturation cosmetic brands. M.A.Cs creation was first in 1984 by cardinal men, Frank Angelo, a successful businessman of a salons chain in Toronto, and Frank Tosken, a seasoned makeup artist and photographer. At first M.A.C was only used among the professional makeup artists. Then, by word of mouth, it spread to the public. After that, in 1994, M.A.C was purchased by the Estee laudator who owns some(prenominal) of the worlds popular cosmetic brands, and headquartered in the United States in New York and in Canada, Toronto has the largest branch. M.A.C conti nues to be a testimonial brand, which is specialized for eyes, lips, face, skin c be products, nails, brushes and fragrance.Brand ManagementMAC sells cosmetics of advanced step that is intended for professional as well as e trulyday users, who are seeking for colorful, fashionable and creative makeup products. One of M.A.Cs brand personality traits is cosmopolitan, which has positioned itself for individuals of every color, race and ethnicity, which is reflected via its motto All ages, in all races, all sexes, all M.A.C. This brand is typically sold in high-end department stores. They to a fault stool their own stand-alone stores, as well as an online shop.Brand DifferentiationThe brand is very popular because of its delicate texture, artistry, creativity, durability and long choice of colors from pale nudes to bright colors. The products are in like manner very well tolerated on every skin type and its items are also suitable for women with sensitive eyes (MAC, 2007). The pri ces of the M.A.C cosmetics are comparable with other high quality world cosmetic brands. M.A.C is now part of the international potency of the production and marketing of high-quality skin care, cosmetics, perfume and hair care products Lauder COS. Consumers are a young and fashionable people.Lesson LearnedI have learned the importance of branding and brand management from the course. Brand is very essential for all products and services. It can tell not only a name, sign and symbol of the goods and services of the sellers, but it can also be a competitive advantage for manufacturer, when consumers trust in the products and services. For consumers, brand is a symbolic device or signal of quality, which can refer to a promise and bond with maker of product(s) in every industry.With true creative, nice and colorful make-up products, the brand Makeup Art Cosmetics or MAC is one of the worlds trustful products which has a successful brand management, positioning and differentiation.pi c picReference1. http//www.maccosmetics.com2. http// http//

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The Amish Community: the Effects of Subsistence on Aspects

The Amish Community The Effects of Subsistence on Aspects of a amicableisation Tristin Bovee ANT 101 Ilda Jimenez y West October 29, 2012 The Amish Community The Effects of Subsistence on Aspects of a Culture Any person who observes an Amish community of interests whitethorn cop a glimpse of a lifestyle that looks as if it adheres to no modicum of logic. wherefore would a whole group of people choose to receive without the engine room that makes life so more easier? The answer is simple and uncomplicated heathen preservation.The Amish be culturally aw ar of themselves, and as such have vomit forth the effort to sustain their traditions and way of life for hundreds of years (Kraybill, 2001). The but technology advances in the world outside of the Amish community, the broader the Amish lifestyle becomes from the modal valuern American culture amongst which they live. However, if the Amish belief brass is viewed from an anthropological perspective, their value and reasonin g is much more understandable to moderne thinkers. There argon many various sects of the Amish belief system but for the sake of simplicity, this paper allow for dressed ore on the elder Order Amish.The Amish trustingness sprung out of traditional Protestantism in the sixteenth century. Then referred to as Anabaptists, the Amish debated that baptism should not occur in children or infants, but only in adults that can make the decision for themselves (Kraybill, 2001). They as swell up as called for a separation between church and state, and a return to veridical interpretation of the bible. Suffering extreme persecution for their beliefs, the Amish fled to northern Europe to escape stinging treatment from authorities and religious leaders alike (Fischetti, 1997).While spirit in these remote regions, the Amish grew dependent on floriculture for their victuals. Agriculture has been the primary mode of Amish life ever since. Many Amish beliefs today are stemmed from their subsistence strategy of emerging agriculture. Body The most widely known belief of the Amish community involves the refusal to call electricity or modern technology, such as television, in their homes. The Amish belief system is centered around family and community values and as such, they drop a strong conviction that modern technology shatters those relationships (Fischetti, 1997).The use of electricity opens the doors for mass media influence which asserts the possibility of fracturing Amish traditional values. The very values that the Amish hold are a result of their emerging agricultural subsistence. When livelihood depends on bringing in crops and dairying, community and family are the primary modes of labor, and cooperation is of the farthest immensity in lay to maintain their way of life. Some analysts argue that the individualism seen in modern cultures is caused primarily by industrialization (Kraybill, 2001).By avoiding modern technology and said industrialization , the Amish believe they are maintaining their closely knit communities. From the etic perspective, this may seem to limit the quality of life that the Amish live, especially their youth, but from an emic perspective, this is the lifestyle that they know works for them and does not challenge what they believe. Amish adults are only aspect out for the wellbeing of their children on a spiritual level. Like stripes societies, the Amish do not believe in accumulating wealth they believe in having what one needs to survive.Beyond enduring, what is important to them is helping each other, which is an aspect in most cultures that grow or forage for their own food (Marlow, 1996). Amish and phone societies have much in common, such as their reciprocal frugal system of general reciprocity. A reciprocal economic system is a variety of trade between family members (Nowak & Laird, 2010). General reciprocity is an exchange without an arcsecond return or a determined value of the trade (Nowak & Laird, 2010) this is what the Amish community practices between members.Within the Amish, assistance or supplies are given freely to those who are in need of it the provider knows that anyone in their society would do the same(p) for them under similar circumstances. Due to their belief in self-sufficiency inwardly their community, the Amish do not believe in government assistance. Coupled with the incarnate Amish decline of private health care, one may wonder how they wear for medical expenses their church and community. The Amish church picks up most medical costs, and what it does not cover is picked up by the individual family and community.The Amish lifestyle is based upon the typo interpretation of the Christian bible, as well as a bound of unwritten, adaptable guidelines called the Amish Ordnung. The Amish Ordnung provides the Amish community with cultural capital, or awareness of the morals, principles, convictions and responsibilities of Amish life (Kraybill, 2001). It outlines crystalise behavior, clothing choice and technologies that are deemed acceptable for use without fear of destroying the family (Donnermeyer & Friedrich, 2002). The guidelines that the Amish Ordnung outlines are changeable.This is to better facilitate solutions toward the difficulties of living in contemporary society term maintaining their cultural heritage and beliefs (Donnermeyer & Friedrich, 2002). While many people living in modern society have faith of some kind, the Amish live their faith every day. Every aspect of their life is centered around their biblical interpretations and beliefs. Family and community are a huge set out of the Amish belief system which is evident by the way their kinship systems work and live together. The Amish are a patriarchal society.Men are the breadwinners and thus the head of the household women curb the upkeep of the home and the upbringing of the children (Donnermeyer & Friedrich, 2002). These gender roles begin at a very youn g age. In some societies, such as pastoralist societies, this component of labor via gender creates an environment of inequality in favor of antheral family members (Nowak & Laird, 2010). This is not the case in an Amish household each family member is prize and valued for the person they are, and also for the work they accomplish.The strong nuclear family and the plane section of labor being gender-based provide the Amish with a strategy to impress upon their children the richness of their beliefs (Donnermeyer & Friedrich, 2002). Young members of an Amish community are not required to be name into their faith until eighteen years of age (Kraybill, 2001). Eighteen years living within an Amish community results in these kids knowing nothing else and it is often calorie-free for them to make the decision to continue living their experienced lifestyle. However, should anAmish child refuse, they would be shunned. Shunning is the practice within the Amish community of excommunicat ing members who do not hold to the community beliefs. Most parents would like to keep their children as close as possible, which is just another motivation for immersing their children in the Amish world in order to keep them from being shunned. Often, two or three generations of extended families live in neighboring homes and work the same ploughland. This is because a large part of who makes up an Amish community is determined by geographic proximity (Kraybill, 2001).Amish grandparents will often retire to a home on the turn referred to as a dowdy house (Donnermeyer & Friedrich, 2002). These practices demonstrate the provision of a adjudge system through all stages of life. Societies which practice agriculture for subsistence often lay out large families to assist with the amount of labor required for farming (Nowak & Laird, 2010). This is demo in Amish families, which on average produce six children per nuclear family (Kraybill, 2001). However, agriculture is becoming less co mmon amongst Amish communities as there is little farmland large enough to accommodate them.This has led many Amish families to recognize the importance of family planning, since little farming requires less farm labor and family assistance with farm chores (Donnermeyer & Friedrich, 2002). In addition, many Amish families have turned to selling crafted items to supplement the income alienated from the declining amounts of agriculture. In the book, Riddle of Amish Culture, author Donald Kraybill (2001) states that the hallmark of Amish society has been a close-knit, extremely integrated community where the threads of tender life are interweave into a single fabric that stretches from cradle to grave (pg. 19, para. 4).This quote emphasizes the Amish social life centering on family, community and church from birth to death. friendly activity in the Amish community can be described in three words family, community, and church. Amish society is organized into three basic social unit s. The first unit, the settlement, consists of Amish families living within a common location and typically ranges in size from a dozen families to several thousand. The second unit, the district, is the organisational unit above the family and refers to the church. One church district usually includes 25 to thirty-five families within the immediate area.The third unit, affiliation, is the collection of church districts that hold similar religious practices and cooperate with each other (Kraybill, 2001). Amish children are taught in parochial schools, in which the highest level of education achieved is the eighth sexual conquest (Kraybill, 2001). The Amish believe that their way of life does not require more than an eighth grade education most Amish children know how to run a household well before they finish their schooling. Conclusion If it werent for their way of life, they would have been acclimated to social norms long ago.However, the Amish people are capable of seeing the world from an emic and etic perspective, patently at the same time. Because of this awareness, they are able to take the correct stairs to ensuring the survival of their cultural and spiritual beliefs. REFERENCES Donnermeyer, J. F. , & Friedrich, L. (2002). Amish society? An overview reconsidered. Journal of Multicultural breast feeding & Health, 8(3), 14. Retrieved from http//search. proquest. com/docview/220297959? accountid=32521 Fischetti, P. R. (1997). The Amish. Washington, United States Educational Extension Systems. Retrieved from http//search. roquest. com/docview/189310852? accountid=32521 Kraybill, D. B. (2001). Riddle of Amish Culture (Revised Ed. ). Baltimore, MD, USA tin can Hopkins Univeristy Press. Retrieved from http//site. ebrary. com/lib/ashford/docDetail. action? docID=10021650&ppg=2 Marlow, E. (1996). Teaching about another culture? The Old Order Amish. The Social Studies, 87(4), 161. Retrieved from http//search. proquest. com/docview/274834778? accountid=32 521 Nowak, B. , & Laird, P. (2010). Cultural Anthropology. San Diego, CA Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from https//content. ashford. edu/books/AUANT101. 10. 2/sections/ch00