Monday, February 25, 2019

Jean Piaget Essay

This case study is on a materialisation miss named Debby. She was observed in a at her p arnts groundwork over the last weekend. She is 3 yrs of age. She is the only child, and lives with two p arents. She has her avouch bedroom. She loves any amour Disney princesses, she also does non like dark colors, bright colors are her favorite and she likes the color pink. She like lay outing with dolls, playing kitchen, and she told me that her favorite thing was to ride in mummys car.Debby dislikes playing trucks and boys game, she did not have any problem playing with boys or girls that while observed at a birthday party, she rather plays with girls, than to play with boys. She also does not like dark colors, bright colors are her favorite. She does go to speech therapy to work on her words as both parents are actively working professionals. Debby is a very fascinating young girl, and it was exciting to do a case study over her. For a child of age four, Debby is very active. Debb y is average for her physical development. Debby is physically fit, and enjoys playing with others when. Because she was observed at their at home, whatsoever questions were directed to her mother.According to a returnand weight chart, the average height for a 3 kind class old girl is 37 inches. Debby is 38 inches in height, and she weighs 36 pounds (CDC growth chart. ) Debby is a very active child. She enjoys running around every risk that she calculates. When playing outside Debby can kick, throw, bounce, and catch a ball adequately. She is ontogeny her eye-hand coordination. When asking her to do these tasks, Debby is satisfactory to run, she can hop on both feet, and she can jump up and down. She needs more time to get skipping down, but she tries her best. Debby is able to dress and undress herself without assistance.Debby likes theindependence of being able to pick out her clothes that she wants to wear. She is very comfortable using iPad and near other operating elec tronics in the house. One of her favorite activities to do is to key and draw. While painting, she likes to make a mess, because she thinks that it is fun to paint with her hands. Debby is in the Pre- in operation(p) stage cognitively. Pre-operational stage is from ages 2 to 7, and Debby fits in this category, because she is 3 years old. Cognitively, Debby is in the normal category, because according to develop mentalists she is developing normal for her age.Examples are that Debby knows how to spare letters in the alphabet. She knows how to write her name, she respectable does not know the enlighten order the letters go in. She is able to count, she is a good listener, and she is become interested in how to sound out certain words. These are full a few cognitive abilities, which are normal for 3 year olds. As each year passes, and as Debby continues to get older, cognitively she entrust continue to progress. Debbys Language Development is improving. Debby does attend speech therapy. When she duologue sometimes you really have to listen hard to what she is look.When she gets excited slightly something, she will start talking really fast, and we have to remind her to subdued down. When she gets upset, she will normally start crying, so she is encouraged to use her words to explain what is wrong. Though sometimes, she say something which she means the opposite. Her basic speech problems are annunciation, and getting some sounds confused with one another. For example bs and ds. Speech has really helped her, she has only been going for a junior-grade over two months, and we can already count on a drastic change in her words. On occasions, you will find Debby talking or discussing with herself.According to hermother, she usually does this when she is trying to figure something out. I enjoyed watching this pickings place. I also tried to test her about her memory and recollection. I asked her about what she does on her birthday because her birthday was the previous Sunday. She was able to arrange me how mummy took her to the park. Her thinking ability is very superb Cognitively, Debby is s in the normal category for a 3 year old. In the denim Piaget theory, she is in the pre-operational stage. She loves going to school and also like to try bare-assed thing.She is well behaved and according to mum, she always goes around to greet both the teachers andstudents akin whenever she is entering or leaving the school. Debby is apace developing many social and emotional abilities and skills. Her growth and deportment reflects the abilities that are expected of her age. Debby is developing rapidly and cognitively, she is developing normally. On the issue of Moral development, there are some cases that she knows what is right. She has begun to know right from wrong. She has started to find others opinions of self to be important. Like on Sunday in church after service, their rector came around to say hello and he greeted he by saying w hats up men? but she replied Im not a man, Im a girl everybody there just laugh at the way she responded. She possesses a lot self-controlling and is less obstreperous but sometimes uses verbal threats like you will be in trouble or I will slap you but to my understanding, she did not even know the meaning of those words. I enjoyed my case study on Debby. Through it, I was able to learn many penetrating strategies to see and understand if children are progressing adequately, according to their age throughout the early stages of their life.It is polar that children progress accordingly so they donot fall puke in school and in life. After doing this case study I now know what tips and signs to look for when deciding if a child is progressing in all aspects of life. Debby compared to an average 3 year old is normal, her age and behavior are well correlated. I am amazed with her memory. I overheard her notification a Nigerian folklore and I asked he to sing it for us once more and s he did not miss too much from the lyrics. Debby is in Piaget Preoperational Stage as she was able to think about things symbolically and her language use proper more mature but her still not completely logical.Also, Debby belongs to the Musculo-Anal in the Eriksons Stages of Development because she is self-sufficient in many activities, including toileting, she can prey herself, walking, and her talking is becoming clearer. I really enjoyed observing Debby, it was a abundant experience and I hope to put it into practice in my orbital cavity of study. Works Cited Use Of World Health Organization And CDC Growth Charts For Children time-worn 0-59 Months In The United States. MMWR Recommendations & Reports 59. RR-9 (2010) 1-14. Consumer Health Complete EBSCOhost. Web. 19 Apr. 2014.

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