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Nfl Rule Changes

Sorry ladies but this angiotensin converting enzyme is for the guys. Fellas limiting your eyes imagine you went through college playing your favorite sport or in this case footb either in all, imagine your on defense the running defend has the gawk hes about(predicate) to score the venture amiable touchdown and average as hes redeemting to run crosswise the goal line BAM You knock him clean off his feet before he scores and you guys win the game. But wait you bring out whistles and depend flags everywhere, you just got penalized for un-sportsmen wish well conduct, the ball is placed at the spot of the penalty and you get fined over $25,000 dollars, all beca expend your helmet accidently piss the other players helmet.This is what the NFL has dress down to people. In this speech I am sacking to allocate with you the new rules implemented into football game, the type of fines you get for playing football (doing your prank) and how I think football pass on be ruined i n the following(a) 10 eld. To Begin With, check to http//www. nfl. com/rulebook over the last ten days or so football (NFL and NCAA) has been adding rules that are intended to protect players, and rules that pass no signifi screwingce other than to give the offense an advantage .Roughing the passerby rules, illegal contact, horse collar tackling, below the waist blocks, interrogative sentence to head contact, and many more than. Football to me is a gladiator sport played by tough strong men who play sustain and try to hurt others. It seems that lately the leagues just want high profile players scoring all the time, with no violence or defense. Its becoming more like basketball, is the game on the decline? Also, look at the tough as nails superstars of last year, where consent they gone. And if you can watch a football game from the 50? s 60? s or 70? Yes, these rules have made football rather boring. Obviously, they dont remember name calling such as Mean Joe Greene, Jac k Lambert, Howie Long, and others. These guys were hard relateting players. The NFL says they are looking out for the future of the players and thats why they implement all these rules but then at the same time they lengthen the eon it just doesnt beat sense. Secondly, lets go lynchpin to the 2011 season the infamous lockout where in a few short voice communication the NFL was going broke thankfully they got through it and now we have football for sure until 2016.But its funny to see the results of the lockout till this day. Two years ago players didnt have to worry about all these stringently enforced rules but now since the NFL needs more money you hear about all these ridiculous fines that the players get for simply just doing their job which is to play football. There are people in this world that run short hard every day of their lives and most of them dont exploit what football players get fined in a whole year of working. For example, accord to the Bleach Report at h ttp//bleacherreport. com players such as E.J. Henderson who was fined $5,000 for illegal use of hands, Richie Incognito was also fined for $5,000 for a facemask penalty and an additional $5,000 for an illegal cleaver block. Plaxico Burresswas fined $5,000 for tossing a ball into the stands after scoring a touchdown againstSan Francisco DeAngelo Williams was fined $7,500 for throwing a distich balls into the stands in their game againstNew Orleans. And a real ridiculous one was Lamar Woodley who was fined $10,000 for sackingRedskinsquarterback Jason Campbell in an intimidating manner. I know its not just me who thinks these fines are ill-advised. Last, lets talk of the town about how I think the NFL or the game of football in cosmopolitan is going to change. We can all agree that football now isnt the same football ten, twenty years ago which in close to ways can be good for instance the equipment has improved in great strides but even though they are making more protective equi pment they are taking the violence that I and the rest of the States like that comes with the game of football.By adding all these rules that you cant hit players a certain way, you have to use certain body parts to tackle, and even after the tackle you have all that adrenaline corseting through your veins and you cant even express your emotions without getting penalized and as a football player I can tell you thats unfair thats what the people like to see the emotion. Now lets talk about college football even they have added rules to the rule book.And as such(prenominal) as some of you might not think its a big deal it is to us defensive players, because now not wholly do we have to figure out what the offense is doing, where the ball is at now we have to worry about when they have the ball where to by rights tackle them or having to wait till the receiver has complete bear of the ball before a defensive player can hit him, how is that football if Im letting him catch the ball I was under the impression that we dont let them catch the ball but whatever. And according to http//www. theatlanticwire. om they are even exhausting to change more rules to make football more safe at this rate kids in college arent going to want to play professional football anymore which lead cause a big problem cause according to NFL. com NFL merchandise makes up for 53% of its total profit. And no one will watch what is left of what the NFL calls football. To conclude, to sum up what Im trying to say is if no one stands up to what the commissioners are trying to do with football theres going to be a kettle of fish of changes that no one likes they need to come up with some miscellany of alternative to fining player and suspending the for doing their jobs.So next time youre watching a game on TV or at the stadium and you see a player get tackled and its a big hit just remember the person who tackled the player is most likely going to get fined more than most people in Ameri ca make in a year. And mark my words if the NFL doesnt do something tender the fans will have a big impact and football will change as we know it. Ron, Rokhy. NFL tackling itself with new safety rules. fooling Sundial.Copyright 2012 Daily Sundial, 06 09 2011. Web. 12 Feb 2013. . John, Hudson. Will the NFLs New Hitting Rules Ruin Football?. Atlantic Wire. Copyright 2013 by The Atlantic Monthly Group, 19 10 2010. Web. 12 Feb 2013. . Derek, Correspondent Is Roger Goodell Ruining Football?. Bleacher Report. Copyright 2013 Bleacher Report, Inc, 05 04 2009. Web. 12 Feb 2013. .

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