Friday, February 22, 2019

M•A•C (Makeup Art Cosmetics) Essay

Today, the cosmetic industry is a genuinely modernistic and competitive industry where product innovation and tell on image is the cardinal to success. One of the worlds cosmetics leading brands nowadays is MAC, standing for Makeup Art Cosmetics. The purpose of this essay is to present M.A.Cs branding strategies and it differentiation to the competitors. steel OverviewMakeup Art Cosmetics or MAC is one of the worlds fastest maturation cosmetic brands. M.A.Cs creation was first in 1984 by cardinal men, Frank Angelo, a successful businessman of a salons chain in Toronto, and Frank Tosken, a seasoned makeup artist and photographer. At first M.A.C was only used among the professional makeup artists. Then, by word of mouth, it spread to the public. After that, in 1994, M.A.C was purchased by the Estee laudator who owns some(prenominal) of the worlds popular cosmetic brands, and headquartered in the United States in New York and in Canada, Toronto has the largest branch. M.A.C conti nues to be a testimonial brand, which is specialized for eyes, lips, face, skin c be products, nails, brushes and fragrance.Brand ManagementMAC sells cosmetics of advanced step that is intended for professional as well as e trulyday users, who are seeking for colorful, fashionable and creative makeup products. One of M.A.Cs brand personality traits is cosmopolitan, which has positioned itself for individuals of every color, race and ethnicity, which is reflected via its motto All ages, in all races, all sexes, all M.A.C. This brand is typically sold in high-end department stores. They to a fault stool their own stand-alone stores, as well as an online shop.Brand DifferentiationThe brand is very popular because of its delicate texture, artistry, creativity, durability and long choice of colors from pale nudes to bright colors. The products are in like manner very well tolerated on every skin type and its items are also suitable for women with sensitive eyes (MAC, 2007). The pri ces of the M.A.C cosmetics are comparable with other high quality world cosmetic brands. M.A.C is now part of the international potency of the production and marketing of high-quality skin care, cosmetics, perfume and hair care products Lauder COS. Consumers are a young and fashionable people.Lesson LearnedI have learned the importance of branding and brand management from the course. Brand is very essential for all products and services. It can tell not only a name, sign and symbol of the goods and services of the sellers, but it can also be a competitive advantage for manufacturer, when consumers trust in the products and services. For consumers, brand is a symbolic device or signal of quality, which can refer to a promise and bond with maker of product(s) in every industry.With true creative, nice and colorful make-up products, the brand Makeup Art Cosmetics or MAC is one of the worlds trustful products which has a successful brand management, positioning and differentiation.pi c picReference1. http//www.maccosmetics.com2. http// http//

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