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The Genocide of the Chiricahua Indian Tribe Essay -- Apache Indians Na

The Genocide of the Chiricahua Indian TribeUnited States history is taught in public schools from the time we ar able to clear its importance. Teachings of honorable plights by our forefathers to establish this great nation ar common. However, specific details of this composition seem to slip through the cracks of our educational curriculum. Genocide by exposition is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or heathenish group. The Chiricahua Indian Tribe of the American s come outh atomic number 74 and northern Mexico suffered al intimately discharge annihilation at the hands of the American policy makers of the late ordinal century, policy makers that chose to justify their means by ignoring their own tyrannical ways. It has been observed that Apaches in the late 1800s were reported to exist in four intermit bands, or clusters of rancherias, although how far back in time the division occurs is unacknowledged (Griffen 5). The native name for the easternmost band was the Chihene, or red multicoloured people they were also known as Victorio, Mangas Coloradas, and Loco Apaches after the Spanish names of important leaders. To the south and west were the Chokonen or Rising sunniness People. These people were often called Central Chiricahua, True Chiricahua, and Cochise Apaches. North and west of the Chokonen were the Bedonkohe, In Front at the End People sometimes called the Geronimo Apaches. The southmost Chiricahua band was the Ndeinda, enemy people. They were also called the Nedni and Nednai, Southern Chiricahua, Pinery, and Bronco Apaches (Cole 10). These names differ among some scholars, but the majority of them can agree systematically on at least four bands, dismantle if the names are different.Apache history is rich in custom, tradition, and worship of an all powerful transmundane force known as The Power. Although accounts are different, after the innovation of the world, White Painted Woman was create d by Ussen. This supernatural female was the most important figure in Chiricahua religious belief. She was at once the primogenitor of the Chiricahua people, the symbol of female activity and life, and the sponsor of all that was peaceful and mollify in human relationships. According to Chiricahuas, it was White Painted Woman who befriended the Gan, thus winning the sponsorship of the Apaches in a world filled with treacherous forces. ... ...ught more widely in American public schools to better understand how the southwest was and how it became to be. Tyranny in American history would be withal controversial for the majority of the population easier dealt with by not addressing it. It is also professedly that accounts of what actually happened differ among many scholars. Since the Apaches do not like to say of the dead, their side of the story is difficult to obtain, and many American officers of the Army are too quick to gain recognition for things they did concerning the Chiricahuas. Finally, it is important to point out that it was the white man that invaded the Indian territory. The pride of the Chiricahuas would not allow this to happen, even though they knew their defeat was inevitable it was Apache way.Works CitedCole, D.C. The Chiricahua Apache 1846-1876 From War to Reservation. overbold Mexico University of New Mexico Press,1988. Griffen, William B. Apaches at War and Peace The Janos Presidio 1750-1858.New Mexico University of New Mexico Press, 1988.Sweeney, Edwin R. Cochise Chiricahua Apache Chief. Norman University ofokeh Press, Publishing Division of the University, 1991.

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