Thursday, March 28, 2019

Corellis Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres Essay examples -- Corellis M

Corellis Mandolin by Louis de BernieresCarlo was fighting for Italy, while Mandras was in the Hellenic army. twain of the characters experienced a lot during the war. Nevertheless everythingMandras and Carlo fought on diametrical sides. What does it say close to thenovels righteous scheme, that the sufferings of ordinary people on twosides are recounted in detail? Consider these two characters but in like mannerother moral issues raised in the novel so far.Mandras and Carlo fought on opposite sides. Their experiences andfeelings through out the war are recounted to the readers in a lot ofdetails. And even though they were enemies, their stories are very same, as if the indite is talking about the same man. This style ofnarration tells us something about the moral scheme of the novel. DeBernieres is trying to show the readers that there is no balancebetween human beings. That they all in all share similar feelings and havesimilar ideas about life. However similarity between people is not the tho moral issue that is being raised, the author also raises thequestion about religion, education, sufferings and of course of love.In this essay I will primarily dispute the similarities betweenpeople, concentrating mostly on the two main characters Carlo andMandras. And then I will talk about the other moral issues raised inthe novel so far.Carlo was fighting for Italy, while Mandras was in the Greek army.Both of the characters experienced a lot during the war. Neverthelesseverything that has happened to them is very similar. First of all, twain of the characters had a completely wrong impression of what waris like. They both believed that it was something glorious, somethingworthwhile. Carlo wa... ...vive if a psyche doesnt have a soul,however the souls of soldiers diminished to a tiny point of greylight. They no longer believed as they saw all the sufferings of thepeople, which in the end were useless. Instead of praying to God, theystarted praying to the people they loved, as they believed that unlikeGod their beloved ones wouldnt forget them. I had you preferably of theVirgin, I even prayed to you. (p.157). During the war, the soldierscompletely lost their faith and hope. So as we can see the role ofreligion in peoples lives is also an important moral issue that israised in the novel. all in all of these factors tell us that there are several different moralschemes in the novel. And the development of each issue depends on thesituation that the person is in, and not on the person himself, as inthe end all the humans are very similar.

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