Friday, April 26, 2019

Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry Assignment

Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry - Assignment ExampleAny bureau of hospitality industry such as theme parks, hotels regardless of its status and restaurants try to maximize the occur of visitors and the turnover of the business. Almost all businesses in this line use various avenues for increasing their business and sales. unrivalled of these waysiseWOM.The full form of eWOM is Electronic word of mtabooh and can be defined as the customer polish ups that are posted on Social Media as well as different websites. The market experts have studied the importance and relation of eWOM with existing and future paying customers and the relation between case ofeWOMand increase in sales volume.The main intermediates of eWOM include blogs, social media sites such as facebook, pintereste, Twitter and others. This medium also includes various popular travel websites where most of the people do their bookings, chat rooms and other user-generated websites in this field.It is a fact that the hospitality business in UK must pay attention to these online reviews, as most of the potential customers prefer to check the reviews before booking of the room in any UK Hotel (Melin-Gonzlez, Santiago, Bulchand- Gidumal,, Jacques and Gonzlez Lpez-Valcrcel, Beatriz (2013)). Due to this, the hospitality industry should keep thenegativereviews at minimum and positive reviews at the maximum. atomic number 53 way with which this can be done is to contact the person whohaspostednegativereviews and sort out the issue.These studies also consider some factors such as the role of volume and valence of eWOMforan increasein sales for future. The volume of reviews of any hotel affects the (RevPARrevenue per room.The valance refers to the ratio of positive review vs the negative review and hasa lot of effect over business of luxury hotels. The volume refers to the number of reviews posted on relevant websites, blogs and other social media (Melin-Gonzlez, Santiago, Bulchand- Gidumal,, J acques and Gonzlez Lpez-Valcrcel,

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