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Nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual Essay Example for Free

Nurture debate in relation to the sufferment of an individual EssayThe major debate concerning nature and nurture has been going on for decades and is still unresolved. Many people standardised to believe what we fork over genic and our elements atomic number 18 what conduct us unique (the way we ar and how we develop). Other people believe that the way we are raised and our experiences, that make us the way we are and how we grow. animal(prenominal)ly the way we are built and brass can be mainly due to nature. The factors that we inherit from our parents make the way of we scent. For example, people say Dont you look like your arrive? Genetic inheritance can define our eye colour (blue or hazel), whether we collect straight or curly hair or how small we index be. We could likewise inherit reliable genetic diseases which can seriously impact on our health. Though, we can still make decisions on how we look and how we change our appearance. There are multiple di fferent cosmetic procedures available to alter our look. How we choose to plump erupt our tone-time and the choices that we make can dupe an influence on how we look. For ex, constantly eating argufy food and non doing any exercising could lead to obesity. The environment that we are raised in and the experiences we go through can influence our health which contributes to physical growth. An ex of how nature and nurture can run into our physical growth is we might carry genes that could lead us to be in danger of exploitation type 2 diabetes, but if we were to eat a healthy diet and commove ample exercise, we might not develop the disease.Nature Jades mothers childhood was rattling unlike to what it is today, her deportment could have been called a difficult life, and her mother was bought up on her own by her own mother as her father died when she was 6 months old. As she grew up without a father figure in her life she unlikeable herself off emotionally from males in g eneral. Jades mother grew up around a lot of uncles and aunts so she was ceaselessly well looked by her family. Jade grew very close to her gran over the years as she wasnt getting the attention she wanted off her mother, as she had gotten remarried she had become very distant. When her gran died jades mother was very alone, she hardly ever spoke to her mother a serving from at meal times and by and by shed get in from being out with her friends. This got increasingly more(prenominal) than awkward as time went on as the new husband neer showed her any kindness so her mother stay oned outto fend off the arguments.Nurture Where jades mother spent a lot of time in hospital during her life she was as well as s gloomyer to develop as a person as she wasnt with her friends often enough to have developed personality traits. As she got older she started staying out overnight and going to parties where in that respect would be lot of alcohol, drugs and sex. She also began hanging o ut with the older boys and girls this meant that she was developing at a much faster order than what she would normally have done. The environment that the she was raised in was very tranquil, peaceful and gentle neighbourhood at that place was barely ever any trouble around where she grew up. Nevertheless as she got older she began to get more curious about the rough areas around where she lived later on during her life she lay out herself surround by people who lived in these rough areas. This altered the way she saw her own life and what she has been taking for granted. Evaluate how the nature and nurture debate in whitethorn affect the physical, intellectual, emotional and hearty development of two life peglegs of the development of your chosen family memberNatureAs each stall in the body contains 23 pairs of chromo slightlys, one chromosome from each pair is inherited from your mother and one is inherited from your father. These chromosomes contain the genes you inherit f rom your parents. There may be different forms of the same gene. These different forms are called alleles.For example, for the gene that determines eye colour, there may be an allele for green eyes and an allele for hazel eyes. You may inherit a hazel allele from your mother and a green allele from your father. In this instance, you go out end up with hazel eyes be clear hazel is the dominant allele. Those different forms of genes are caused by changes in the DNA coding. The same holds true for medical conditions, there may be a faulty gene that would result in a medical condition, and a normal version that might not cause any health anomalies. If your child ends up with a medical condition it will depend on certain biological factors including What genes they inherit, whether the gene for that condition is dominant or recessive, their environment, including any treatment they may bring a genetic disease ordisorder is the consequence of changes, or mutations, in an individuals DNA .A mutation is an alteration in the letters (DNA sequence) that makes up a gene. Its more ordinarily referred to as a spelling mistake. Gene codes for proteins, the molecules that carry out majority of the work, perform most life functions, and make up the majority of cellular structures. When a gene is mutated so that its protein product can no longer carry out its normal function, a disorder can result. Genetic diseases can be inherited because they are mutations in the germ cells in the body the cells involved in passing genetic information from parents to offspring. Genetic diseases can also result from changes in DNA in somatic cells, or cells in the body that are not germ cells.Some genetic diseases are called Mendelian disorders they are caused by mutations that occur in the DNA sequence of a single gene. These are normally elevated diseases such as Huntingtons disease and cystic fibrosis. Many genetic diseases are multifactorialthey are caused by mutations in several gen es compounded by environmental factors. Some examples of these are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.Adolescence carnal Social developmentNurture affected the physical and social development of Katherines mother Emma. During her adolescence leg Emma thought that shed have to change the way she looked to learn into society (as she was obese). Emma began to blame herself and others because of the way she looked, she has had to character a ton of criticism from her close family and some friends as they used to say stuff like youve got such a pretty face but if you lost a bit of weight youd be so much better off. Throughout this time Emma looked towards the rest of her friends for acceptance which meant that to discipline in with them she had to have the same stuff that everyone else had (clothes, technology etc.). This was obviously very difficult because of the fact she was sort of overweight she couldnt purchase the same type of clothes that her friends wore this made her sta nd out of the multitude which gave her that extraattention that she didnt want. Emma spent a lot of time trying to fit in during her teenage years but she found out being herself was more important than losing who she was just to fit in. Emma stayed up late chatting with her friends. A lack of sleep could also affect our body it would increase squanderer pressure and cholesterol level, increase stress hormones, etc. Sleep is really important, at this age as she should be having at least 7-9 hours of sleep.Intellectual developmentNature affected Emma intellectually throughout this flowing as Emma wasnt really sure on what type of career she wanted to do, however after some thought she decided she wanted to that pursue a career that would evolve helping the ancient. She cultured in getting a job whilst being at school as this would help her to develop some new skills and suspend her to make her own money, although she knew that wasnt the career route she wanted to stay in. Emma also began to volunteer at a care home this is what helped her to decide on what career path she wanted to go down.Emotional developmentNurture also affected Emma emotionally during her adolescence Emma had poor self-image and low self-esteem. She also began to resent her friends and her mother as they both wanted her to be someone that she was not, when it was clear that she was never going to be able to keep the act up forever. During adolescence Emma began to question her own self-worth as some friends were also making snide little comments whilst her back was turned. Emma began to hang around with men as she went into this life stage as she thought that they were a lot less cruel. The boys accepted her more as part of their group so she began to build up her self-image up again, giving her more confidence and self-belief.AdulthoodPhysical developmentEmma was affected by nature during her adulthood. During her adulthood she discovered that she was at risk of developing a variety of different genetic diseases (diabetes type one, lung cancer, breast cancer, asthma etc.). Emmaalso discovered that she may not be able to have children of her own because she has Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which sometimes genetic. If any relatives, such as your mother, sister or aunt, have PCOS then the risk of you developing it is often a greater chance than usual. As she began to get older her hair began to get darker and she began to get grey bits through her hair, she also has had more problems with her teeth as they are falling out or being damaged due to decay. As she got older she also began to put on weight as her metabolism started slowing down. During this life stage Emma became pregnant with Katherine and there were some complications during the birth as she had to have caesarean due to preeclampsia.Intellectual developmentEmma was less influenced by nature as an adult as she can make her own choices and decision. When she was deciding on what charge is she was going take after finishing secondary school, she knew what she wanted to do after volunteering in elderly care home. When she turned 20 Emma got her first job in a care home she was working double shifts because of the love that she had grown towards her job. After working in a care home for the terminally ill, my mother decided that she wanted a change her job outlook and she started working in a domestic pervert centre for women. When Emma became pregnant with me she started doing hairdressing from home. This was more of a hobby for my mother as she would only do family or close friends. She had had to give up her job at domestic abuse centre because it would have meant putting Katherine in danger and the people at the centre wouldnt allow it.Emotional development Social developmentEmma was both emotionally and socially affected by nurture. Emma was influenced by friends and new work colleagues in adulthood, as you grow more work connections as you get older. emotionally she be gan to ponder about life as a teenager, and recognized that the choices she made were the opera hat for her. When Emma reached this life stage she found love and spent 20 years with Katherines father which ended after attempting to assuage their relationship for 2 years. Their relationship had been very successful for 18 years, but after Emmas mother died he began to try to control her. Emma found it very difficult to deal with after her mother died as she had a fewregrets about the way their relationship ended. Emotionally Emma also found out that after her mother died that she could inherit a variety of genetic diseases. This made it hard for Emma to focus on the positives after splitting up with my father and her mother dying. Socially Emma relied on her friends a lot more as she got older as her family didnt really contact her after her mother had died. Emma had several best friends that were there to support after her relationship had ended and her mother had died.

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