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Crime Rate in Centervale Essay Example for Free

law-breaking Rate in Centervale proveIf single was to comp are the criminal offense in Centervale to that of Alaska or aluminum it would be clear that Centervale has the highest abhorrence total. If one was to compare the crime commit it would be clear that aluminum has in fact the highest crime rate with Alaska and then Centervale sitting very close in numbers. Alabama has the highest population and Alaska has the lowest, and this would mean that Alabama would not be the safest place to live. In fact an individual would want to live in any Alaska or Centervale. Centervale has a lower aggravated assault rate than that of Alaska, but Alaska has a lower robbery rate that that of both Centervale and Alabama.When tone for a new place to locate its always a not bad(p) decision to check out how a city, county, suburb, or state hold up against that of other equivalent places when it comes to crime. No one wants to live in a place where they are afraid to leave their homes. When looking at the actually numbers Centervale is the highest followed by Alabama and then Alaska, but if an individual was to look at the crime rate then it would appear that Alaska has the highest followed by Alabama and then Centervale, but both Alabama and Centervale are very close in rate percentage. Alaska has a problem with alcohol related crimes, whereas in other locations in the United States drugs and alcohol are secondary to the crime. Information ImportanceThis kind of randomness is important due to the growing concern that most individuals and families have about the crime not scarcely in their local neighborhoods, but similarly in places that they may be considering locating too. Its also important to find out what programs are in place to keep the crime rate reduced. for each one neighborhood has some sort of program in place to help keep youngsterren and adolescents set-aside(p) so they are slight likely to go out and commit a crime, but crime doesnt always i nvolve children and adolescents. Crime can and is often act by adults.Read moreIndia Crime RateMost communities have an early childhood development program in place. Its been state by Paul Leighton (2007), that children enrolled in this program have half as many criminal arrests, less likelihood of going to dawdle, higher earnings and appropriatety wealth, and a greater commitment to family. There are also drug treatment, recreation, gang- prevention, education, special curricula, job training, and the labor market (Leighton, 2007).When moving to a new familiarity an individual can call around to find what programs have been put into place to reduce the crime rate and what else can be done to help reduce the crime. Parents with small children entreat to make sealed that they are bringing their children to a safe environment with programs set in place to help the children and adolescents occupied after school. Definitions of CrimeCrime is defined as the act or the commission o f an act that is nix or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender credible to punishment by that law (Merriam-Webster, 2013). Alabama and Alaska differ when it comes to crime punishment. Alaska abolished its swell punishment in 1957, but has since then tried to reintroduce it to no avail. Alabama on the other hand does have capital punishment and certain crimes can lead to the death penalty. These crimes are capital murder charges, rape, robbery, and burglary. Alaska imprisons their convicted criminals for either of a sudden period of times to life.In both states children and adolescents are charged as juveniles unless found to have committed an adult crime such as murder (non-accidental), robbery that ends up with loss of life or assault or rape. Rape charges can be difficult to try depending on the age of the child or adolescents and how much understanding of the charges and their understanding of right and wrong. Charging children in an adult court can be difficult to do since their understanding and reasoning is far different and underdeveloped than that of an adult. RecommendationsRecommendations to help reduce the crime rate would to beef up the police and special crime units to help get a hollow on the crime in the state. Have better programs put into place within the prisons/jails. This will fall in a irrefutable opportunity and outlet for the prisoners so they will not wish to reoffend. Allow employers that wish to hire ex-convicts the opportunity to sit down with the convict prior to their release. This will give the individual something positive to look forward to and a better outlook on life.Have programs set up for ex-cons along with programs set up for those who may need a positive outlet. Ex-cons need the structure to help them correct better to outside life than to be just dumped on the streets after their sentence with the hopes of not reoffending. more individuals feel they have nothing outs ide so why even try. In many cases this is true, the individuals family and or friends have given up on them or they have a difficult time finding a job, so they do what they believe is the only thing left and this causes them to reoffend. ConclusionIn destination crime is a scary thing for any family or individual, but with careful consideration and know the facts needed one can make the correct decision. Many criminals that are within the prison/jail system are those who have reoffended, but due to the unknown these individuals tend to end back up within the system. Families and friends of those ex-cons need to be there for the individual for emotional support. Those who dont have the proper support feel alone and often believe they need to be back where they were. ReferencesCrime in the United States. U.S. Department of arbiter (2009). Retrieved from http// What Every American Should Know About the Criminal Justice System. Leighton, Paul (2007). Stop Violence. Retrieved from http// Merriam-Webster. Crime (2013). Retrieved from http//

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