Saturday, April 20, 2019

GENETICS ASSISGNMENT (GENOGRAM) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

GENETICS ASSISGNMENT (GENOGRAM) - Essay ExampleBelow is a three-generation genogram demo age, death, marriage, illness, abuses, and divorce status of the family.Genes, made of DNA bases, are the blueprint of inheritance (Skirton et al., 2005). Each individual has thousands of genes, with separately individual inheriting a replica of the gene from their parents. The organization of genes is along string-like edifices called chromosomes and each individual receives 2-sets of 23 chromosomes one from their father and one from their mother (Tranin & Jenkins, 2003). Apparently, John has transmittable the alcoholic habit from his father and Lois has inherited asthma from her father who had it as a recessive trait that developed from Lois paternal grandmother. A well-rounded DNA screening can be done to ascertain the exact level of alcoholism in John and maneuver on techniques of circumventing further alcoholism in the family (Jenkins & Lea, 2005).Additionally, John, Lois, and Rick can b e subjected to uncomplaining education program where John will be taught on how to avoid alcohol, Lois on how to handle her wheezing condition, and Rick on how to avoid becoming alcoholic or ascertain whether he is likely to be alcoholic in the future. John and Lois should learn on how to manage their situations rather than blaming their families for their medical conditions. However, it is ostensible that if the randomness generation (father in particular) had been subjected into programs that would enable them to effectively handle his conditions, the risks of asthma and alcoholism would have significantly been reduced in the ternion generation.Additionally, genetic testing for innate genetic variants should be performed to determine genetic risks for the third generations (Rick, Lois and John) progeny, diagnose the symptoms in John and Lois, and shed light on the appropriate treatment for John and Loiss condition. Gene products, DNA, or chromosomes

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