Wednesday, April 17, 2019

There are two questions. I need to analyze and give my opinion Research Paper

There are two questions. I need to analyze and give my perspective - Research Paper ExampleEconomic conjecture covers the four major fields of human lodge i.e. consumption together with aggregation, ho economic consumptionhold production and the choices concerning investments to be made over the time, uncertainties, the deflect of competitive balance wheel over crime, social interactions, economic growth, etc. and lastly the imperfect competitions like monopoly (Becker). Economic theory has a great significance in forming a sound social order. There is nothing eccentric and nameless about its place in the social life of humans. Rather it is highly applic adapted and provides solutions to many problems(Wellington 384-388). Considering the disposed(p) scenario in the light of economic theory, the basic commonalty that I have identifiedis that they both are the number of consumption and aggregation issues on the micro economic level. In both the situations Sam goo has utilise the victim.However, in the first scenario he has used the usual criminal tactics of robbing and therefore he got trap by the police but in the other situation he used the political influence so as to get hold of his hidden motives. As stated in the economic theory the constitutional force behind the criminal activities is the competitive equilibrium which indicates that the fluctuation in the market prices of essentially required commodities effected the overall consumption of Sam droppings.This enabled him to indulge into such criminal acts while on the other hand his social interactions withpoliticians helped him to achieve his evil desires. In the second situation he benefitted from the despicable political structure prevailing in the country. He just simply became a loyal ace of the politician who then imposed revenue over the victim so as to get $50 from him which was eventually given to Sam Slime.Research indicates that in a consumer-capitalist society prevalence of just ice is comparatively tough than other social systems. Irremediable acts such as the one committed by Sam Slime are a consequence of conventional economic theory and overall unethical practices(Trainer 7-23). Stealing property using any means is not only a criminal activity rather it is alike a highly unethical conduct. However, when such an act is committed using the laws and political influence than it causes great damage which is the most significant difference in both the situation. In the first case, Sam Slime robbed $50 though it was the only amount left with the victim.Yet it was not that detrimental for him as he was able to save his life by giving the money.But in the second case when he refused to pay the tax so as to play along safe his $50, he was caught up by the police and was convicted for law colza although his act was completely justified. This indicated that theft done on the national level or through the use of political influence as in the given scenario pro duces much more detrimental consequences. Is stealingthrough the political execute any less chastely reprehensible thanstealing done someonely? Ethics are the fundamental driving forces of human life whose absence might lead to irreparable consequences not only for the individual but also for the people around him. Ethics are responsible for the rational humanactivities and also to keep humans far away from offense (Bruno). Stealing is yet another criminal act which is condemned legally, morally and socially. However when it is correlated with the political process then it is slightly difficult to analyze its moral status. In

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