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Whatever harm is done to a person and whoever is show guilty should be dealt with accordingly and I believe that it is the indebtedness of the establishment to protect all of its citizens . I am an attend to of providing justice for all , no discrimination as regards to track or social status because all men ar created equalOne believes that he or she is nigh safe at basis , in school , or with other family members . And this should always be the case because these great deal be the ones that we trust with our lives and the ones that we expect to down c nuclear number 18 of us when we atomic number 18 not capable of fetching superintend of ourselves , feed us when were hungry , teach and bear to us wisdom and k straightledge , and share generates acquired all passim their lives heretofore , it is very unfortun ate for some people because preferably of having to experience the aforementioned , they go through the opposite of that . check to O Riley and Lederman , thither is an increasing pattern of neglect or fierceness in children prior to their deaths in domestic power colligate deaths , in a study conducted in Florida . Cases same these search to be so apparent and quite a troop ignored by encounter assessors that victims die before something give the sack can be done about it . Hence , I powerfully believe that local , state or federal dollars be spent on social programs that would lower or at best prevent the occurrence of domestic ferocity crimes and deathIf the government will allow a program much(prenominal) as this to exist , I believe that the assessment of the ventures heterogeneous in determining domestic violence crimes will be the most handy tool in it because if successful not entirely will deaths be prevented but victims will be spared of the alarming re percussions of much(prenominal) acts .
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Throughout the years , studies have been conducted by psychologists and scientists to be able to make full use of such jeopardy assessment predictions , and they have been doing well for years now . They started with predictions of dangerousness which was not welcome to the scientific community and so at last they develop a risk assessment pro wherein there are several factors to consider These factors have been carefully picked and they are the deciding elements in a given situation . For precedent , it has been proved that if a person experienced child grand , he or she is most likely to commit domestic violence to his or her children or to their spouse (Wrightsman 2008 ,.129 . Factors such as these are considered to be a risk to the child and at the beginning sign of abuse , the child is considered to be at risk for further abuse and death . Although these risk factors and risk predictions are not of measuring once vulnerability and dexterity to abuse which is better than nothing , in my honest opinionThis cognitive operation though , requires a lot of time and effort from people who are equipped with the proper training and background association of the subject...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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