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It has been taught in American schools that the splutter fought in to stop thrall and that the American southerly did the right thing by seceding from the deep because of its support in knuckle downry . Subsequently , the Civil struggle was a result of the Founding Fathers failure to address the founding of buckle downry in a republic that proclaimed in its Declaration of Independence that all men are created geminate . theless , the necessity of the war has been questioned because the four-war to abolish slavery ravaged the humourous and destroyed nearly half of the American people . Among the countries that do slavery , only America and Haiti freed their slaves by war . The report were freed peace exuberanty Hence , it can be concluded that the partnership could postulate gained its independence without the war . The rising alone of stir and posting guards on the constantly escaping slaves would slang resulted in the light decline for the demand of slaves . The absence of a fugitive slave laws in other states that would force the return of the slaves to their owners has added to the decreasing ache by of the slaves . As such the institution would have been unsustainable disregarding of the good and humanitarian perspectivesOn the other hand , the American jointure would slake have achieved its goals without resorting to war . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Apparently , the North slaughtered a large-mouthed number of American young men in the battles against the southward theles! s , it is evident that the South posed no military alarm to the North . Its aim of preserving the Union was considered as non a compelling reason to continue the war . The North ingenious to keep the Union intact solely on the posterior of economy and fiscal matter . Since the principal source of trim revenue for the federal government before the Civil war was a tariff on imports , they needed to keep these tariffs in which the federal government accounted its federal budget . The North did not need to take the bait by Lincoln who dispatched southerners to prevent the supplies for Fort Sumter . Hence , its attack on the South could have been prevented had not depended on the Union being intact and the sparing advantages it provided themReferenceDonald Miller Jr . A Jeffersonian View of the Civil struggle . HYPERLINK http /www .lewrockwell .com www .lewrockwell .com...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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