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1. Package Syntax: package [.]*; 2. Valid Identifier $Empko 3. Valid Boolean foster a) “true” b) ‘true’ c)true 4. Character datatype in java occupies –16-bit Unicode character 5. Which constitution is employ to set an Integer value autonomic nervous system: setInt 6. [pic] autonomic nervous system: C 7. [pic] autonomic nervous system: B and C 8. [pic] autonomic nervous system: C 9. Which keyword is utilize to come on exceptions -> Throw 10. [pic]. autonomic nervous system: C 11. [pic] autonomic nervous system: A 12. Which keyword is apply to indicate that mode cannot be overriden ? – final 13. Which method is utilise to change the layout ? – setLayout 14. Which keyword is apply to access the superclass constructor ? – super 15. Which is use to witness the length of an array ? – length 16. public synchronized void push() { } 17. [pic] Ans: C 18. [pic] Ans: B 19. [pic] Ans: A false B true 20. [pic] Ans: both(prenominal) are true up 21. [pic] Ans: A 22. [pic] Ans: B 23. [pic] Ans: Both are false 24. [pic] Ans: A 25. Which is used for executing a java file ? java MyApp 26. Which keyword indicates coercive overriding of methods and cannot create an reject for a class ? move up 27. UML – Which class is control class ? occupation MANAGER 28. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
UML – HR module-Leave CHECK ATTENDANCE 29. [pic] Ans: A,C,D are True and B is false 30. [pic] A! ns: A,B,D are true 31. [pic] Ans: A 32.Thread class is in -> java.lang 33. a) In switch statement rather subject statement await can be used b) In switch statement ……………….. return value is gearing Ans: Both are false 34. File surface -> Outputfile.txt is copied to Inputfile.txt 35. [pic] Ans: B 36. [pic] Ans: Both are True 37. [pic] Ans: A 38. Which is effectual statement for invoking a method ? Employee empDet= new Employee() empDet.getDet(); 39. Set/List [1,2,3,4]...If you indispensability to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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