Thursday, December 19, 2013

Family Law

MEMORANDUMTOFROMDATERE : QUESTIONING THE LEGALITY OF CHANDLER AND MONICA S MARRIAGEQuestion PresentedIs Monica entitled to the 20 million win by Chandler in a drafting after the pop off mentioned s death when their union was keepd by an officer whose credentials of foul or ordering were non d to the fairnesscourt decision maker before the conglutination ceremonyBrief AnswerNo . Monica is non a logical wife of Chandler since the wedding ceremony is keep off from the beginning . A wedlock to be logical shall be solemnized , among others , by a license or enact pastor of any religious denomination and shall their credential to the court executive of the dominion court of the county of atomic number 25 . Joey who solemnized the marriage did not qualify the destinys of an veritable solemnizing officerStatement of FactsThe p atomic number 18nts of Chandler are questioning whether Monica is rightful(a)ly matrimonial to Chandler . Chandler and Monica were engaged to be married Joey , a mutual partisan of the two , offered to officiate the marriage Joey was ordained as a minister by a non- denominational church by filling up a form on the realise and received a certificate through mail . Joey did not a likeness of his credential of license or social club with the court administratorOn June 1 , 2005 , the marriage was formalized . On June 15 , 2005 , Chandler won 20 million in a drawing . On July 1 , 2005 , Chandler died in an automobile accident . In settling Chandler s estate , Monica and Chandler s parent cannot settle on who has the near over the 20 million because Chandler s parents are contesting the legality of their marriageDiscussionIt is mistaken to award the 20 million to Monica because she is not a legal wife of Chandler as mandated by lawA marriage to be law-abiding sh all be solemnized by one authorized . Chapte! r 517 second add-on . 01 atomic number 25 Statutes . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It is provided in Chapter 517 sec . 04 of the Minnesota Statute that marriage may be solemnized throughout the state . by a licensed or ordained minister . Further , the parties shall assign their marriage in the presence of the person authorized to solemnize marriages . Chapter 517 sec . 09 Minnesota StatutesJoey may be ordained as a minister however he failed to obey with the requirement of the law . Ministers of any religious denomination , before they are authorized to solemnize a marriage , shall a copy of their credentials of license or ordination with the court administrator of the district court of the county of this state . Charter 517 sec . 05 Minnesota Statutes . Joey , having failed to comply with the requirement of the law , at the time he solemnized the spousals , was not an authorized officer as mandated by the statuteThe care of authority of Joey made the marriage of Chandler and Monica void . Thus , the 20 million should be awarded to the parents of Chandler...If you want to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our website:

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