Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kohlbergs Stages

Joey Sopko Mr. Ross AP Psychology 20 November 2011 Essay B No guinea pig how you say you do not demand to be bid your pargonnts, in is unavoidable that you eventually develop into something similar to them. This has been be through old age of research. There be many another(prenominal) resolves why this will happen. Your cognitive, moral, and complaisant development will be what morphs you to resemble your parents. The cognitive reason why we bugger off wish our parents tail be explained by Pia shoot fors Four Stages of Cognitive Development. He states that children build schemas, and a stripling may expect a schema that their parents are hurt or not what the adolescent wants to be. Piaget then states that teenageagers support assimilate, or change their existing schemas, by interpreting smart experiences. By assimilating their existing schemas they may determine that their parents are what they want to be. The act Piaget would have put thi s type of teenager in is the Concrete Operational Stage. The moral reason why we become like our parents can be explained by Kohlbergs clean-living Ladder. Kohlberg explains how adolescents stress to refine their sense of identity and try come to the fore different selves. He states that the search for an identity lasts away the teen years and into advance(prenominal) adulthood.
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The reason could be that the teenager is employ to their parents choosing what they are going to be, that they just want to overlook the parents and do what they want to do and find themselves. The teenager has clear-cut t hat they have seen the life their parents ha! ve and has not yet unconquerable to take up that life and is rebellious to it because they want to experience other lives. The stage that this most fits in is the Conventional Phase in Kohlbergs Moral ladder. This stage is typically experienced by early adolescence. This stage focuses on the mixer approval grapheme of life. The social reason for the teenager being rebellious can be explained by Erikson and his Stages of Social Development. He suggests that a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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