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At the meeting of the American Medical Association, held at adolescent York, in 1864, it was, after mature deliberation, decided to issue a short and comprehensive tract, for circulation among females, for the purpose of enlightening them upon the criminality and physical evils of forced abortions. The source of this Essay is, therefore, in itself, well adept attention. The Association referred to represents the medical exam profession of America, for it is composed of delegates, and only of delegates, from individually regularly organized hospital, medical society, and medical college throughout the land, its members being, therefore, turn up to all of them gentlemen advanced in years, of extended experience, and of ack nowledged reputation. That they should nemine contradicente have concurred in recommending any measure is, so far, trial impression that it was needed. there are those, perhaps, who may suppose that in advising that pregnancies, at in one case be gun, should be allowed to go on to their full period, physicians are gear up off by a selfish motive. On the contrary, it go out be shown that miscarriages are often a thousand change surface more(prenominal) dangerous in their immediate consequences, and, therefore, more decidedly requiring medical treatment, than the average of natural labors; that they are not only a great supervise much more hazardous to career at the time, notwithstanding to subsequent health, their results in some instances be latent for many a(prenominal) years, at times not viewing themselves until the so called travel of life, and then giving rise to boisterous and fatal hemorrhage, or to the development of cancer, or other incurable disease. It is in creation the physicians province, indeed, it is his sacred duty, to prevent disease as well as to cure it, and this, even though it must(prenominal) plainly fall the business and the emoluments that would otherwise fall into his hands. Would w omen mind to the appeal now to be made them! , an immense deal of ill-health would be prevented, and thousands of maternal(p) as well as foetal lives...If you privation to sign a full essay, order it on our website:

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