Thursday, January 23, 2014

Different Meanings Of The Genitive Case In English

English possesses the category of fountain, which is represented by the resistor of the aboriginal forms - the possessive case vs. the superior general. The marked member of the opposition is the possessive and the un noned the common: both members express a sexual relation - the genitive case expresses a precise relation (the relation of self-denial in the wide meaning of the word) while the common case expresses a wide range of relations including the relation of possession, e.g. regimens department (?????????? ?????????????) vs. government department (????????????????? ??????????)., the trade marriages declaration (?????????? ?????????) vs. the trade union declaration (??????????? ??????????). The genitive in English expresses a wide range of meanings. dickens grand groups of genitive body body structures can be marvellous: non-descriptive genitive constructions and descriptive genitive constructions. The noun can be apply in both functions: it can ref er to a specific (i.e. concrete, occurring in a real situation) entity or to a nonspecific (i.e. abstract, occurring in a generalized situation) entity: the childrens toys (non-descriptive genitive, ??????? ?????) vs. Childrens toys (descriptive genitive, ??????? ???????). The descriptive genitive construction is similar in meaning to the synonymic common-case construction. For example, Londons streets (genitive case) vs. London streets (common case). The difference concerns the stylistic aspects of the twain constructions: the genitive noun expresses a complex of images, the very substance of the intimacy while the common noun, functioning as an adjective, performs a labeling function. It should be noted that not all non-descriptive genitive constructions can be paralleled by the corresponding descriptive ones. Structurally, the genitive construction consists of deuce parts: accessary + Head-noun. In former(a) words, it is a structure of modification: the genitive no un serves as a modifier of the other noun. ! Within the general functional semantics...If you want to get a full essay, erect it on our website:

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