Sunday, January 19, 2014

Film and Culture : Definitions

Film and Culture. Definitions 1.)Motif: A recurring or ascendent theme. For framework a dominate theme would be in No Mans Land how Ciki and Nino come from contrasting nationalities who hatred each other,but they are so alike. 2.)Symbol: Something that represents or stands for something else, usually an inclination used to represent something abstract. In 110901 - family line 11, Sean Penns small film the flower represented rude(a) life. 3.)Metaphors: A figure of manner of s leveling in which a formulate or phrase is utilize to an object or reach that it does not literally throw to in order gravel in mind resemblance. 4.)Mise-en-Scene: The correspondence of props and actors on a stage or for film. In Mr. & Mrs. Iyer the set up of the shells on the bus were stratiegically set(p) that way by the director. 5.)Stereotype: A set of characteristics or a fixed thought process considered to represent a picky kind of person. Again in Mr. & Mrs. Iyer when Meenakshi discovers that Raja is muslim she mechanically thinks that he is a frightful man. 6.)Parody: Show, performance, or other expression making fun of something else. 7.)Realism: cognisance or acceptance of things as they are or bet to be, as opposed to the abstract or ideal. In glossiness of Paradse it was firm for Mohammads father to come to the fact that Mohammad was blind. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
8.)Doppel Ganger: A apparitional duplicate of a living person. Again in110901 - kinsfolk 11, Sean Penns short film, the man is always placing his wifes costume everywhere acting as if she is still there. 9 .)Narrative: An peak of events. In the begi! ng of Mr. & Mrs. Iyer we are told through a news womans character what is going on throughout India, all the horrible events that pay come to pass. 10.)Art-Cinema: A combination of art and films. To be subject to see art on screen. 11.)Auteur: The solutionator or origin of a work. All the films we have watched have these, the directors. 12.)Avant-Garde: each assembly of people who invent or...If you want to get a expert essay, order it on our website:

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