Friday, January 17, 2014

Intercultural Communication

PrejudiceThe purpose of this is to discuss the idea that `prejudice can never be eliminated because it is so deeply rooted in charitable nature This idea seems to be accurate when reflecting on effortless events , which occur in society . Most quite a little intrust that they ar non prejudiced a crystallisest several(prenominal) opposites , solely more a great deal than non , they atomic number 18 prejudiced even when they be not aw atomic number 18 of that factFor example , it is a known fact inwardly the criminal justice system that members of ethic minority groups ar found guilty more often in cases where at that place is insufficient evidence . This situation is extremely common in particular when the jury is composed of Caucasians . More diverse juries , specifically ones that involve black and white me mbers are more in all probability to percentage training , trade name fewer errors in evaluating the facts , and perhaps stint fairer verdicts than all-white juries (MacGregor , 2006 . Moreover , ethnic minorities receive long-lasting prison sentences that Caucasians for the corresponding criminal offensesIt is human nature to commiserate more with multitude who are similar to us and to reveal them the benefit of the suspect . However , when dealing with people who are completely diametric from us we are more credibly to discriminate , subconsciously and sometimes consciously . Ordinary racism is very strong to see if you are white (Blee , 2003In full general , America is an ethnocentric country . When Americans travel all round the world , we willing notice that in most countries the people speak several(prenominal) languages and occupying unlike languages is something to be proud of . However , in America , we do not want to accept disparatewise languag es into the American culture . We think tha! t the English language is some guidances superior and believe that the rest of the world should try to conduct `our language . Even when we do business globally , we subjoin our global business partners to speak English while we progress to no effort to learn their languages . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
We execute comments such as `they drive on the wrong side of the street . How is it that they are wrong and we are correct ? We express disgust when we count on that some countries in Asia eat `dogs We do not gain that some cultures in Asia are disgusted with Americans because we eat ` overawe Who decided that dogs are superi or to cows ? Ethnocentrism often leads to jeopardy . We misunderstand others because we can only see the world through our eyes and we fail to realize that the problem is not the other culture . The problem is that we do not understand and we bear t know that we don t understand (Barger , 2004I believe that the best look to lessen the negative effects prejudice is through information and personal experiences . We need to learn more about different ethnic groups , other countries and foreign languages . The most effective look is to travel to different countries . If this is not possible , we can own by making friends with people from different cultural backgrounds and make an effort to understand their views of the world...If you want to get a expert essay, order it on our website:

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