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English Terms Simile - A figure of actors get involving the affinity of nonpareil intimacy with another employing the account books resembling or as or than. Metaphor a comparison where ane thing is compared to another. Personification- The attribution of a personal reputation or human characteristics to something nonhuman. Comparison- is the act of comparing one thing to another, in order to determine similarities and differences Contrast- describes the difference(s) between dickens or more(prenominal) entities. Alliteration- repition of consonants. Consonants- A basic speech sound in which the mite is at least partly obstructed and which target be combined with a vowel to form a syllable Jargon- technical diction of a particular subject. Synonym- A word or artistic style that means exactly or rough the analogous as another word or parlance in the same language, for example shut is a resembling word of close. Antonym- a word opposite in moment to one another. Hyperbole: everywhere exaggeration Onomatoepia : sound speech communication eg ping sarcastic: making fun of something or psyche eg sarcasm conversational language everyday language . haggle and phrases used in casual situations by the people Cliché over used expression rhetorical question- questions that dont claim an answer Tautology unneeded repition in idea of same sentence Oxymoron:figure of speech victimisation contradiction eg inhumane kindnees Analogy a likenees between two or more things Parody- the humorous imation of something , Euphemism- substitution of a spiritless term. Slang- is the use of informal manner of speaking and expressions that are not considered specimen in the speakers language Assonance-the repetition of similar vowels in the stressed syllables of incidental words Pun- play on words.If you want to get a generous essay, order it on our website:

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