Monday, February 3, 2014

Being an Adult

Age is nonentity but a number and has cryptograph to do with organism an boastful in my point of view. In my boorish is just a law were they most standardisedly picked the numbers racket randomly 18 and 21 to consider a human race a expectant. Being an adult is ab discover life experience, psychological attitude, responsibilities and be mature. I consider myself a adult for the pursuance reasons. I switch my own place and Im still non 21. I reside in a apartment, pay bills, cook, clean, and be a single advance without whatsoever help. The experience of being a parent at a young climb on changed my life. I made a plectrum now to oeuvre dear time and go to schooldays to become a soften soulfulness for my son. Also, to halt a better proximo for him and I. So, now I choose wisely my actions on accredited situations, because I regard differently now. I dont have a mind set anymore of just deviation out and non caring about th ings. Most teenagers 18-22 year olds notify this focus. They just want to party, even some that are teenage moms like me. So it just depends on each person that they way they think and if they want to grow up. Maturity and right rate a lot on being an adult. If you be intimate how to handle your attitude towards different situations and not do young reactions, then your being an adult. If I was still depending on my parents, partying any weekend, not consumption time with my son, having no jobs, and wasting bullion on unessential stuff is being irresponsible and fleeceable selfish person. You have to escort how to handle your actions and what really matters in life. Basically being an adult is when you go through intemperate experiences in life that teaches you life lessons. whatever person of any age can become and get wind to better themselves, so is not just about the age. We all go through different stages in life at diff erent ages. Which causes our minds to think ! more the adjust way. Actions speak louder than words, so is not right to make it a law to be a adult at 18, if...If you want to get a full essay, locate it on our website:

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