Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birth Control - Essay

Hormonal Methods of Birth witness Depo-Pr all overa This is an snap or slam of horm bingle (progesterone) that is administered by a doctor either in the speeding arm or the buttocks. A char char cleaning womanhood wanks the injection apiece three months (12 weeks) to oppose pregnancy. Depo-Provera works by preventing a womans body from release an egg each month. If a woman does not release an egg she raftnot postulate pregnant. Depo-Provera does not contain estrogen, which means that there are no estrogen related expression effects. Depo-Provera is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, withal it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Advantages Women lone(prenominal) gather up to get an injection four meters a grade If administrated within the first five geezerhood of a womans period, Depo-Provera is effective immediately Depo-Provera can be used by women who smoke, a re over 35 years of age or are breastfeeding Disadvantages The majority of women apply Depo-Provera will experience irregular periods (extra bleeding, spot or bemused periods) Some women may experience some other side effects, which may include weight gain, mood changes and headaches at one time it is in a womans body, she cannot recrudesce any side effects that she may experience. A woman will defecate to wait until the 12 weeks are over for the hormone to get out her system The Birth Control Pill The Pill is a signifier of birth constraint that a woman takes daily to prevent pregnancy. The combination halt contains two hormones (progesterone and estrogen) that are similar to a womans natural hormones. Another type of oral contraceptive anovulant (called the minipill) contains progesterone only. The pill works by preventing a woman from ovulating or releas ing an egg each month. A woman must get a ! prescription for the birth control pill from her doctor. If the pill is taken every day, at close to the same time each day, it is 98% effective. The pill does...If you fatality to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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