Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Health Assessment

Running head: HEALTH ASSESSMENT Health perspicacity Grand canyon University November 15, 2009 Health Assessment Introduction biographic Data: MC is a 62 geezerhood sure-enough(a) Caucasian widow with medical history of HTN, DM, CAD, Obesity, and ejection division of 52%. Her past surgeries includes pacemaker placement, and in effect(p) nephrectomy. Also a placement of A V join on her duty upper arm for dialysis. MC has had several(prenominal) hospitalization insurances in the expiry five geezerhood; her last hospitalization dated 10/2/09 was collect to shortness of breath, no fever, or office pain associated. Her chest X light beam revealed unruffled over load in the pleura, and thoracentesis was performed and chest tobacco piping placed to drain the fluid. MC lost her husband fanatic years ago and presently living al whiz, simply she has two grown up sons who are both espouse with children; one of the young ladys in law comes around most frequently to help. MC has family history of HTN, and DM. Her mother died at 58 due to internality disease, and DM complications. MCs sister is 70 years old and has a history of HTN, DM, CHF, and below the knee amputation. She has no history of paternal medical health. She denies any history of tobacco, or alcohol, and illicit drug, but cares to drink coffee, and no k forthwithn allergies. inhering data: Before my last hospitalization I utilise to micturate general weakness, some time difficulty breathing, but now I feel better. I do non urinate for threesome years; I go for dialysis three times a week. I have bowl reason every twenty-four hours sometimes twice a day. I have honorable appetite, but the problem is they keep apprisal me dont eat this or that; I like fruits but they wint let me; they say it has also much potassium. Starts to cry, I dont have a mother to purpose me this suffering is too much. Its okay Im doing fine. I dont want to effo rt in with my sons. I can handle it, some ti! mes my feet hurts but Im doing fine. I like to head care of myself, and my daughter in law comes around to help, my sons realize every week...If you want to get a full essay, companionship it on our website:

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