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10. Who owns the information owns the world.This great topic considered the structure of English voice communication includes many items. There be such as affixes, prefixes allomorphs and so on In this work I want to try to influence these pregnant lexical meanings. And I hope the hooey I poised with help of Arnolds book and other internet material get out be interested for readers and help them to pull in English better. So, handful I want to begin from the formation the Morphology. Morphology studies the national structure of words There be many words in English that are plum obviously analyzable into little grammatical units. For example, the word un standability can be shared into un-, accept, abil-, and -ity (abil- being a descriptor of -able). Of these, at least three are minimal grammatical units, in the sense that they cannot be analyzed into yet small grammatical units--un-, abil-, and ity. The status of accept, from this bode of view, is somewhat u ncertain. Given the cosmos of such forms as accord and accuse, on the one hand, and of except, exceed, and excuse, on the other, one might be inclined to analyze accept into ac- (which might subsequently be recognized as a variant of ad-) and -cept. The question is unexpended open. Minimal grammatical units same un-, abil-, and -ity are what Bloomfield called morphemes; he be them in terms of the fond(p) phonetic-semantic similitude holding indoors sets of words. For example, unacceptable, untrue, and ungracious are phonetically (or, phonologically) sympathetic as far as the first syllable is concerned and are similar in meaning in that each of them is oppose by parentage with a corresponding positive procedural (acceptable, true, gracious). This partial phonetic-semantic resemblance is accounted for by noting that the words in question choose the same morpheme (namely, un-) and that this morpheme has a certain phonological form and a certain meaning. Morphs that are in complemental distribution and...If you wan! t to get a full essay, line of battle it on our website:

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