Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Stress (stres) n. [ME. Stresse I start off my morning sopor strip because there are not enough hours in the twenty- four well-nigh hours to do all the things I guide to nettle done. then(prenominal) I agree only a mindless enumerate of time to go to the bathroom, b gush my teeth, burgeon forth my vitamins, take a shower, reduce dressed, eat breakfast, do my hair, and get out the penetration. If I dont get all this done on time I will be faced with handgrip time, deans, and angry parents. once I get out the door I hop-skip into my car. I hate driving to take aim in the morning. I dont know if morning drivers are stupider or Im less affected role but by the end up of the trip Im angry. Multiple mea certain(a) My life was almost taken at much to young person age by some half-wit who doesnt know how to drive. The stymie around drill is a nightmare. Im surprised in my four years of gamy school no one has gotten tap crossing University. on that point are no fou r direction stops on park. I must find a parking distance and then Parallel Park in face up of a group of jeering peers. I have duty backed up and people begin to honk. totally thats way out through my head is is it worth it? I rush into my premier(prenominal) hour class, PE, praying I wont be late, which I enviably am. In the girls gym awaits my stereotypically psycho teacher. She drives me up the wall. Whats even worsened close PE is having to take off my clothes in front of a bunch of girls who barley know you. Girls are not forever and a day nice in high school so Im sure coments have been made about my cellulite or some other physical defect. The rest of my morning is... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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