Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Freak Show by Robert Bogdan

agree to Dictionary.com the rallying cry monstrosity is specify as a mortal or animal on exhibition as an fashion model of a strange deflexion from nature; monster. The word that stands out the most is monster. Monster is a term one would associate with a dark, evil creature that lives infra beds. In Robert Bogdans news Freak Show, his chief of view of the term junkie is however somewhat several(predicate): Freak is a haoma localise of mind, a set of practices, a way of cerebration about and presenting community. It is the enactment of a tradition, the performance of a stylise presentation(3). Bogdan takes readers on an peril into a world non seen or understood today, a world that maybe all drug addicts could understand.\nThe freaks presented in Bogdans withstand were not born with freak across their foreheads. The term freak was a mixerly constructed, dis vie, and recognized label to categorize people who did not fit social norms. The freak shows Bogdan cov ers are from 1840-1940 varying from shows in dime museums, fairs, and circuses. The occasion of the freak was to put on a show and entertain, and the exhibits wreaked along. To begin, he introduces the reader to the disparate varieties of freaks that were once presented: born freaks, make freaks, novelty freaks, [and] gaffed freaks (8). Each typed had its stimulate presenting style. For example, a famous do freak was Prince Costentenus whom was [A] large, bear wish man cover from head to toe with reckon stains and presented with an unbelievable background of fight on pirate ships and tattoo torture (243). Just like actors on the big screen, freaks were apt(p) a role to play and were directed by showmen. Costentenus had tattooed himself from head, which supplied him with a hearty income. Their acts attracted many ginormous crowds and do large sums of money. Bogdan goes on go on to explain how many exhibits mother wealthy, ret...

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