Thursday, January 24, 2019


This check out will be kept entirely confidential and is designed to nobble honest and candid feedback that will be used as a baseline for further and on-going take that will be done to ameliorate overall constitutional climate.Dear Sir/Madam, give thanks you for taking part in this study. I am a MBA student in conducting analysis study on Training and Development in this organization. The basic purpose of this study is to break effectiveness of the reproduction and development imparted by you and its results in the performance of the employees. benevolent take some of your valuable time to fill out the questionnaire. Thank you for your valuable time.PERSONAL DETAILSName GenderQ1) Does your caller-up organises a gentility and development programme?YesNoQ2) Does your organisation identify the training needs for employees?YesNoQ3) How often training programmes organised in your company?QuarterlyHalf yearlyAnnuallyEvery 2 old ageQ4) How well do you participate in various trai ning programmes existence conducted in organisation?HighlyFairly wellnot everlastinglyQ5) Training programmes help to improve the performance of employees and productivity of organization? potently adjudgeAgreeDisagree strongly resistQ6) Do you agree that your company have well designed training policy? Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeQ7) Training programmes helps to subjoin your motivation?Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeQ8) Training programmes improved your confidence towards work?YesNoQ9) Do you recollect training programmes be helpful to you in gaining new idea?YesNoQ10) Who in your opinion should give training?Expert from outside infixed facultyPersonal departmentSupervisorsQ11) Training helps to reduce stress at work?YesNoQ12) Is there any emphasis given on development of leadership skills through training programmes?Yes of all timeSometimesNot alwaysQ13) Does the training programmes help you in good decision make at your jobs?YesNoQ14) In your opinion which method of training is utile for your organisation?On the job trainingOff the job trainingQ15) How did the training programmes benefit you during your service?Appreciation from superiorsImprovement in workQuality enhancementImprovement in attitudeQ16) Are you always motivated and looking forward for new training programmes after individually programme?Yes alwaysSometimesNot alwaysQ17) On the intact how will you rate the training programme being conducted in your organisation?Very goodGoodSatisfactoryPoorVery miserableQ18) Does the present system of training need any modification?If yes what are the suggestions to make future training programmes more effective?

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