Thursday, February 7, 2019

Half My Type Regents notes :: essays research papers

The louvre Themes of GeographyGeography The study of people, their environments, their resources and the interactions among themThe Five Themes of Geography are 1. Location2. straddle3. Human environs fundamental interaction4. Movement of sight Goods and Ideas5. Region1. Location Where something is located on the countrys SurfaceRelative Location of Something in relation to something else (Ex A ho utilise in relation to the street address)Absolute An exact placement of something on the earths surface using the lines of latitude and longitude.Longitude The angular outgo east or west of the prime meridian that stretches from the spousal relationship Pole to the South Pole. Latitude An Imaginary line joining points on the earths surface that are all equal distance north or south of the equator. It measures 0o on the equator and are parallel lines. 2. Place Is and area defined by its physical and/or human characteristics.A) somatogenetic Features Things that would be in a n area if serviceman never exited (Ex Wildlife, Forest, Volcanoes, Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, Hills, Valleys, etc.)B) Human Features Thins humans build, create, or influence. (Ex Buildings, Crops, Cars, Roads, Cloths, Schools, Dams, Languages, Political Systems, Economic Systems, etc)3. Human Environment Interaction dickens things can happen when humans interact with environment.A) population Change The Environment Need to make easier lifestyle. (Ex Roads, Buildings, Airports, Tunnels, Bridges, etc Hidden Cost are Created Damage to the environment. (Ex Deforestation, Extinction, Overpopulation, Erosion, etc)People Adapt to The New Environment This includes Genetic Change The Eskimos ashes adapts to Alaska harsh cold by growing an extra layer of fat, they phthisis sleds for transportation, live in igloos that are created using ice, and wear heavy cloth.African Tribesman use little to no clothing, no body fat ascribable to the heat because body fat weighs you down, and they are fast and agile to maturate away from danger.Chinese stir-fry cooking was developed because minimal fuel is needed. This was created to use the limited amount of fuel they had. 4. Movement of People, Goods, and IdeasPeople Migration People start for different reasons, an example would be Refugees (war), Economy, Climate, Food, Shelter, Religion, Persecution, Political Problems, and so on.Immigration People move into a country.Emigration People move out of a country.Goods Trade Products that can be bought or sold. Import Goods brought into a country. merchandise Goods that leave a country. Interdependence Reliance on other nations to earmark goods which cant be produced in their own country.

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