Friday, February 1, 2019

Mother Teresas Unconditional Love Essay -- Mother Tesera Biography Ch

Mother Teresas Unconditional LoveThe carry, One Heart Full of Love, is a conclave of speeches and interviews featuring Mother Teresa given during the 1970s and early 1980s. Its very axiomatic to me that Mother Teresa was a very simple woman. Each of the chapters in the book covers virtually the same(p) information. The stories discussed in her speeches were all very similar. She seemed to use the same stories but add a little different arch depending on the crowd she was addressing. I really dont know if the twist was to keep the stories fresh in her mind or to appease a given congregation. Nevertheless, the information she was putting out was basic, to the point, and spoken in a manner that is easily understood. Mother Teresa touched a lot of peoples lives in her time and I think this simple and basic approach helped her to get through this. Simple and basic is the life-time she chose and to help persons in need is the life commitment she made. One of the stories that Mother Teresa spoke of in her speeches touched me a little closer than others. She speaks of going out into the streets and gathering the poor, the diseased and the drunks and of transport them in and providing food, shelter and an opportunity to get clean. Many of these people would interrupt when they were in the care of the sisters. One individual who was brought in stated I have lived like an animal in the streets. I am doorbell to die like an angel, surrounded by love and care (Mother Teresa, 28). This is w...

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