Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Devestating Effects of Popcorn :: essays research papers

One of the biggest threats to immunity in our world today is the ever-looming possibility that someone will accomplish the true power of popcorn and bring world leaders to their knees. popcorn holds a power that to this point has remained untapped. However, if placed in the hands of a terrorist organization, the true power of popcorn could be unleashed to wreak havoc on innocent men, women and children. Millions of people each year have the luxury of consume popcorn freely. Each night in this country alone, thousands of people upsurge to movie theaters to enjoy a large tub of popcorn spell watching a new movie. Month after month the movies on the screen continue to change, following and sometimes affecting world trends, beliefs and styles. by it all, the popcorn remains the said(prenominal). It continues to draw the movie patrons back to the theater with the corrosive taste of salt mixed with a golden layer of facile butter. Already, many around the globe have been blindly enslaved to the irresistible get down of leisurely consuming a tub of popcorn while tuck within the dark confines of a crowded picture show. expectant snack corporations have manufactured their own plans to cash in on the subconscious popcorn craze that is sweeping the globe. They perpetuate the popcorn security measures risk by delivering taste variations. With a light dusting of cheddar stop or a quick dip into a caramel kitten the popcorn is transformed, bringing new tastes to life that now fill the isles at every grocery store. In doing so, a whole new generation of popcorn lovers are captured who couldnt possibly know the grave condition they are placing themselves in. And proving that every movement has a following determined to do things their own way, some have taken to popping their own popcorn in the comfort of their homes. These renegades have tried to free themselves from a displace mentality by refusing to follow the crowd to a central office to partake in their favorite snack. They have still unknowingly resigned themselves to the same fate by falling under popcorns compelling spell. A terrorist organization armed with this knowledge could potentially seize command of the worlds supply of popcorn and do so without much(prenominal) trouble. Our world leaders are unaware or choose to give the sack this threat, and refuse to protect the supply lines of popcorn with the worlds finest armies.

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