Saturday, March 9, 2019

Planning a catch-up party Essay

I have not seen my heros for a foresighted time. Only the way we can find out what we are doing is environ call, face book pass along etc. Last night when we were on chat on face book we decide to have a small catch up political party. All though we computer programme for it , we were not sure whether all our friend will be available for the party. past we decided to address message to our friend about the party. We send message for more than 20 of our friends but only 10 can contrive it. The main challenging thing was venue. Where we can have a party. We plan to move over it at public park then we have to part it because of weather and public access. Finally we decided to make it at my rank because we have a big backyard.Before that I said that I have to conform to my house owner and other roomy and make sure that my neighbour are not disturb as there will be lots of sound. Then we start to calculate the cipher and ask separately other how much each can invest. In th e beginning we decided to buy all the things that are required for the party then we find that there will be difficulties for just deuce of us to arrange a party which will cost a lot for us. Then we start to calculate the reckon and ask each other how much each can invest. We also decided that me and my friend will buy the all the glossaries and share the bill. Its little firearm difficult. At the end we come to conclusion that everyone will invest affect amount. So finally it will be $60 per head. So our budget will be $900.Everyone agree to transfer $60 into my account by this week. Second week* give ring and ask for permission with roommate and owner* send text to all the friends about the party* send text of bank account to every one

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