Wednesday, May 15, 2019

California State teaching requirements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

California take didactics requirements - Essay Example on that point is also a PDF file which c all overs the teachers requirements in order to correct with the of the No Child Left Behind Act 2001. This is a well set out over 43 pages, blanketing everything in a bullet pointed of diagrammatical format and is very easy to comprehend.There are certain standards that must be maintained by teaching staff and these are position down both on a national and state basis. The National Board of Professional program line standards (NBPTS) website outlines the range of standards which teachers should seek certification in. These cover a range of areas -A number of the above are broken down into various age sectors such as 3-8, 7-12 and early adolescence. Each section is presented in an easy to follow format, which leads you through every step of the process of regulation and certification.Californias teaching standards are essentially based upon the NBPTS standards described. However in this case they are contained within six areas of outmatch teachers techniques. This can be view by visiting the California department of Education (CDE) website and following the links for professional development. In the section marked teaching. In this area there are PDF files available that cover the requirements of the No child left behind Act together with National and State standards. The CDE website also leave behind details of content (achievement) standards and curriculum frameworks. The content standards cover six key learning areas over, in issue forth 1038 pages. The curriculum framework covers eight subjects over a total of 1992 page. However, one does not have to con all of these documents, concentrating instead on the subject areas in which one is going to be concentrating.In frequent terms I found that both the NBPTS and CDE websites easy to follow and the subject matter contained within them produced on a step-by-step basis which made it a simplified system to follow. More detailed culture was available once one had selected the

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