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John Galliano for Dior Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

John Galliano for Dior Crisis - Essay ExampleIn ten years Maison Dior had become one of the around powerful design houses in the industry with Seventh Ave depending on Dior to lead them in a reciprocally beneficial relationship. In 1957 the company was grossing 17 Million dollars per year, which increased to 22 million by 1958. Yves nonp beil Laurant, Diors handpicked Head Assistant became the head of Dior, but soon left after only 6 collections when he was called to join the French Army. He had taken up the reigns of the Dior house when he was only vingt-et-un years old (Blaszczyk 93). Although the design vision of the company has had to change through the transitions of designers over the years, the company pioneered a concept that secured its position in the mould industry. According to Blaszczyk Maison Diors achievement in the history of the fashion industry lies in the creation of a format for producing profits while continuing to operate the maison as a viable business for licensing (105). What the House of Dior did was to create the first example of the power of branding and the theme of licensing was the foundation of how the profits for branding were established. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of the nature of the business is in the perceptions that the ordinary holds for the name of Dior. This is why the crisis that occurred with John Galliano had to be handled with care and surgical precision. The House of Dior Christian Dior is currently dupe by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, which is owned by Bernard Arnaul. Sidney Toledano, Dior Coutures chief executive, and the board of directors were responsible for the decision to fire Galliano during the crisis (Saltmarsh). The demographics for Dior are wide and varied, depending on what branch of the company is being discussed. However, the core of the demographics are affluent with an upper manikin income, varying from those who buy from the runway and are represented by the elite to those with upper middle kinsperson incomes that can afford higher designer level prices. The House of Dior includes Miss Dior, which is geared towards the younger woman, Jdore, which is currently the perfume that is represented by Charlize Theron, and Diorskin Forever, their skincare line represented by Natalie Portman. Dior lines include accessories, jewelry, watches, treat wear, mens wear, and of course, womens wear (Dior). Dior represents glamour, wealth, and couture. The house has always strived to serve the elite of the world. Christian Dior, in defiance of a restriction on fabric during World War II, created pieces in his collection that uses as much as 20 yards of fabric (Blaszczyk 93). While this suggests a sense of social defiance during a time when people were needed to band together, it also represents a belief in the luxury of emotional state and that to live in a restricted form is to limit the possibilities. Diors first releases also revolutionized the manifestat ion of woman. He embraced the large breasts, small waist, and long silhouette with skirts that ended at mid-calf that now still have power in womens wear creations. His company was run with smart business moves in mind, licensing the products in order to create lines that could extend the brand. Dior is a company to be admired for the products that they produce, the luxurious lifestyle that is the can

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